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Waddup Losers- I'm like hella movin on

(you're not a loser im sorry :> its the first thing i thought of)

You might've noticed that I haven't posted in literally a month. I even missed my year anniversary from the first piece I posted on December 3rd.
I also missed the personalities of the people on this cite, but I'm struggling to miss this whole social writing ordeal in its entirety.

I feel like the things I have to say have to be spoken, not read. Where my voice has emotion is where I feel I get my point across.

I feel like mental health awareness pieces being associated with the romanticism of shocking topics is unfair. I've watched valid pieces of overcoming disappear from the public eye. 

On top of this consistent lack of satisfaction, I feel the need to take some time to relearn writing. To be in it for how it makes me feel. I want to be able to write my novel, "Fear," without...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

The Park excerpt

"Andre, I know you've been preaching the gospel regarding how we're not allowed to think about school during our theme park adventure, but you must allow me to do some math." 
Andre looks at Matt with distaste, "Go on." 
"Sasha's ass must be the square root of -1. Because it's unreal." 
With a snap of her gum, Sasha spins on her heel and claps Matt over the ear,  
"Hmm. And you must be the square root of two. Because you're irrational." 
Milly's groans of distaste fill the theme park, muttering something about maths puns being more painful than studying as we walk aimlessly. 
"Now," Andre gathers us into a group, standing on a block for height, "Today is about forgetting. From tomorrow onwards, our life will be hell and hell only. So for our first ride: the Giant Drop. We do this first so that you remember that grades aren't the things you've got to worry about dropping- it's...


Cake usually tastes better than this. 
I mean- who wants a piece of cake when there’s no birthday, no surprise, no pride in a successful bake? 
Who wants a piece of cake 7 minutes before an inevitable disaster?
It looks good. If a slab of bright blue and white is your depiction of good. There’s not a single smear on it, the top was levelled perfectly, the flowers iced perfectly, the candles placed perfectly.
Perfectly perfect. Revoltingly perfect. Uncelabratorily perfect. 

Still, I eat it. It tastes better than it should. For a party-less cake, it’s not bad. 
Hinge eats it too. And Mary. We all try to get it down. Hinge and I eat it so Mary stays intact. Mary eats it to pretend this, gathering, is one of good events. 
I swallow. I can feel the artificial blue sliding down my throat.
Mary rises from her seat.
Checks her watch.
Checks the kitchen clock.
Checks her phone and breathes, removing one candle...


With half of what I wanted
And half of what you,
We go our own ways:
We bid our adieus.

Your stature had armour
Your smile a damned sword
Relentlessly carving 
Beat and bloody,
I'd still say thank you

In the span of a moment
One hair on time's head
You revived my heart
And filled it with dread 

Your words were bullet-proof
Your walk, God-crafted
Walking away,
Leaving me here
And I still love that it happened

With that meaning on your finger,
With the same on mine
We shared a connection 
Our lives were align

Because your hair was silken
Your tone dragged with mood
Mocking me
Playful bickering,
If only the conversation lingered

You left with your half
You're not coming back
It was only a moment, 
But your number I lack
So I stand here alone
As my chest starts to rack 
My lungs, are those thorns? 
Flowers make their attack
I cough up the wilderness

Pettles of...

Simple things I learnt from 32 therapy sessions

  • If you have to rant to release your emotions, try to make sense of your anger as you talk
  • Mindfulness- five minutes alone, listening to music, concentrating on your senses and tapping out from your brain. Google it.

  • If you compliment the people surrounding you- if you can find something good about everyone- you'll eventually learn you're a part of everyone, too.
  • If you don't understand your emotions, draw it. Even if you can't draw; print out a stencil of a person and draw where the emotion sits- how it feels. Spikes by the ribs, bubbles in your spine...
  • Routine helps
  • Find a reason to do things, even if it's saying you'll study to make your teacher proud, you'll get up early so you can eat a nice breakfast. Look forward to little things
  • As my therapist put it, "stand by the hole but don't help them dig." You can look out for people during...

A Ballad for the "Done."

We do not ask 
For permission
To act in hateful, disrespectful nature
For this
Is a writing community
Part A is of understanding. 

We do not request
To use our keyboards
To abuse, mock, or hurt
For we
Are all humans
Part B is of understanding

We do not want 
To hurt our peers
To attack behind a screen
For I
Know the effects of bullying
Part C is of understanding

We will never crave
Nor fancy our age
Being a form to sexualise
For we
Are children, not toys
Part D is of understanding

We have no need 
For written sin
Or inappropriate intrigue
For that
Is a matter disassociated from high school
Part E is of understanding

We should never feel
The necessity to write
Of a non-consensual trauma
For we 
Fear such experiences 
Part F is of understanding 

We should never think
To kill or steal
Is an act of decency
Glorifies the bread he...

Christianity part 2) Miracles

Now, I've heard many sermons over the years of healed sickness and miracles through God. However, these include ones that I've witnessed, that close friends have witnessed or that I know can't be coincidences.
Experiences that I've been told about:

> When my middle school co-ordinator explained to us that she fell asleep on the highway and manage to crash and land upright, safely, in the middle of a ditch. She remembers seeing the white strip of a guardrail flying over her car, but when a man came to her aid, he acknowledged there was no guardrail there. Nothing white. At all. As this happened, the moment she crashed, her husband, at his work, shot up and said: "Karen's just had a car accident."
"I heard a voice, someone just told me. She's had a car accident." 

Two of my friend's experiences, in her own words:
> "I witnessed someone being released from a demon. Long story...


Sly son,
with your talents:
your ballads, knowledge, and motion.
Someone who could keep my ego in check
And yet I show no interest.

Delightful daughter,
Learning from her mistakes
Avoiding conflict
Someone who encourages diversity
And yet my feelings are without a stutter.
Blessed boy,
with kind words
with friends
with popularity
but not even my desperate grade six soul
could glance your way for longer than a week

Guile Girl,
with wit
with me
with talents
We'd be perfect-
If girls caught your eye 
And if you caught mine

Great guy
Always surprising
Always amusing
Almost always kind
How come they're intrigued and I'm not?

Flower female
Always beautiful
Always lovely
Almost always colorful
Your name is on the lips of all but mine.

Powerful person
With your diversity
And grounded nature
With your stories and first impressions
The butterflies never left their cocoons

Good souls, good people
But my feelings deny 
Am I picky? Perhaps a prude?

Christianity part 1) My Testimony.

A lot of people assume I follow a God to be good. I follow Him because I'm crazy, searching for a pedestal, perhaps brainwashed by my religious family. Today I'd like to tell you the truth. For the first time, I'm going to talk about my faith for a reason other than the controversy it causes.

I'd like to establish now that my religion, Christianity, regards to the belief of the existence of one God, divided into The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I seek guidance through prayer and the teachings of the Bible, but I also seek their context. Without context, mistakes are made- like how some Christians believe women shouldn't speak in church and that homosexuality is a sin. I firmly believe in the teachings of love, self-discipline and accepting everyone. From my own personal research, I've discovered the Bible aligns with my current beliefs of human rights.
(See "As the Christian who had a plan" If you...

#contestfor69 || Things aren't how they used to be

I recall the siren.


Summer. Hot. We were... at the water park, promising to not think about our exams until tomorrow. If we did, Andre would know. And he would force us to go on that one slide where the floor drops; with him. So we turned our notifications off and went on with our chlorine coated lives. Even Milly kept her mouth shut, chewing on a popsicle stick with anxiety but never voicing her stress. 
"We all know that ride is a one-way trip to death, Andre," Sasha snaps her gum, "Might as well keep us alive a few more hours."
Matt pipes up, "Yeah, my cousin got stuck in the orange tube in 2015!" 

"That's ridiculous," I say, "Gravity would prevent that from happening. Was he below the designated weight?"
"Gravity?" Andre growls, like, a literal, tooth-bearing roll of sound.
Another bubblegum snap, "Sounds like someone's thinking about physics." 
"No- I-" I start.

We were lining...


"NOTE: This Q&A is for reptilians only! No wannabe amphibians allowed."
Well excuse me I'm a proud amphibian fight me

1. What's your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits you? If not, is there a different sign that you think would fit you better? 
I don't keep up with signs other than those entertaining Tumblr posts, but Gemini, my sign, aligns pretty well.

2. What's the time right now where you are? 

3. How many languages do you speak? Ones you're learning or half-learned a year ago but kinda forgot about count too. 
Italian which I'm learning to speak more fluently

A lil french
Basic Japanese
Pig Latin
Basic sign language

4. What's the last movie you saw, and what did you think of it? 
I don't actually remember- although I recently watched a TV show called Violet Evergarden and it's the first film/series...



Okay, first of all, thank you ALL so much for joining this messily-organized competition amongst so many others and amongst assessment. It's really honoring and every piece entered made me super proud. Seriously, I could cry. That could just be because I'm listening to Sam Smith and he makes me emotional, but regardless, God bless you all.

Friendly reminder that there's one winner per category, winning a thorough review on a piece of choice, a certified follow and an explanation on why the hell I loved it so much. BUT FIRST, AMAZING QUOTES/VERSES/LINES THAT STUCK WITH ME (That are anonymous until you click on them because MyStErY).

"Her name was Dorka and she leaves a footprint on my heart."

"The note she left on December 27, 2015 was very different."

It happens with a bang.  
(you don't miss...

As the Christian who had a plan

February 17, 2018, I made a declaration.

"I, alone, am going to read the bible front to back and pick out every. verse. Every single one that mentions homosexuality and love and anything that's for and against it. I'm then going to research those verses in other languages to assure there is no mistranslation and I'm going to remember that some laws stated in the old testament no longer apply." 
<<< "I have a plan" By me, Georgia. 

As a woman constantly questioning her romantic attractions, as a woman who loved the loving side of my religion, and as a woman who's a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I intended to stick to this plan.

But, thank God, someone's already done it for me. 

A lesbian priest, at threat of losing the job she was prophecized for, made a pdf debunking (with ESSAYS of proof) the seven verses mentioning the sins of homosexuality, sins of sodomy, and why God...


When you say you're gonna go 2 bed cuz you're sick but then you see a dank Q&A and can't pass up the chance to talk about yourself EVEN THOUGH YOU LACK SELF CONFIDENCE

1. Have you ever found yourself questioning your sexual preference when you met someone? If so, who? 

Lol thinking I was heterosexual WAS my questioning faze
Regardless, I am through and through somewhere on the asexual spectrum. I say I'm straight (hah funny) up asexual now, but I might turn out to be greysexual (very rare or non-acted upon sexual attraction) or demisexual (sexual attraction only after forming a romantic bond). Only time will tell me that.  

2. Complete which one pairs with your gender (or body type) 
    a. Girls - Have you ever gotten your period and bled through really bad in a public place? 
I realised I was bleeding through my school uniform AT THE END OF A THERAPY...


I'm a little out of sorts for this "reading people" series. Let's see if I can gun out good work again. 

Araw. Dangerous. Bloody. Araw.
I imagine Araw is the silent threat- the assassin that people heed no care to until it's too late. The person that if she seized all her "what if I-"s the world would be a very different place. Araw has much to say that could destroy the world, but she chooses to keep it intact.

Many things hint at Araw being the secret smart. Maybe not the 'top scholar', more the 'hidden talent.' When significant effort and passion is at play, Araw can change the bloody world. Or just ace that essay, whatever.
Actually, I think school essays probably make Araw want to tear her hair out but we'll ignore that for the sake of metaphors.

The truest things are said when Araw is so done that she cracks and sends her weight in...


Playgrounds were such a peculiar thing; at least Meghan thought so as she marveled the area. Colourful blocks of plastic, assigned for the most enjoyable experience- preposterous, immature, ridiculous!
Well, except for the swing.
Meghan laughed and laughed as movement brought her closer and closer to the best playground feature there could be.
Her eyes scanned the rubber curve, connected to chains, ready for her to stand and launch until maybe one day she'll spin all the way around. She stood. Sitting was for the cowardly. With her pet rock wedged under her foot so it couldn't run away and get lost, she leaned forward.
Then back.
Then forward- she could see the sky- then back, her eyes met the floor. With a surge forward she did it, nearly lying horizontally as her calves flexed against the seat. With her grip flush against the chains, she was so high up- like in the clouds of a mountain, where the air...

Prompt C: #RefuseToSay

No matter what happens, I can't tell them. If they find out, it's over.
It's body strewn against the carpet even made its' murderer gag. I lurched, the echo of a plastic bag rim serenading my heaves. 
So much... hair. Threaded in the carpet weaves. One leg went that way, the other folded under his body. His jaw still hung with it's dying shrieks still rattling my ears as he clawed in a choking desperation.

I grabbed an empty trash bag. 

Garbage bag for a blanket, I marveled on what to do.
I'd killed him, that's for sure. The kids were still asleep, Agatha wasn't home yet, my paycheck not in yet. 
My hands met the bag, then the underside of it. 
I burritoed the ebony plastic around the creature, it was so still. Stiff. For once not moving.
The quietest it'd been since birth; from what I knew.
I looked at his face once more, his eyes that once...

Speech Writing Competition 2018

Changing and changing and changing

What if we could shapeshift? Looking just how we wanted, free to change ourselves with a snap of our fingers? 
Would we finally be happy? 
I don't think so. 

I mean, there's the social problems: 
The lack of aging, the increase in celebrity doppelgangers, never knowing who’s really in front of you... 

We’d have toddlers looking like barbie dolls and superheroes. We’d have teenagers looking like adults, adults looking like teenagers. How do you know the 20 year old woman in front of you isn’t a four year old child? And how do you know, when you see her next, it isn’t a different woman with the exact same idea of “perfect?”
How do you set your barriers in relationships? Enforcing that you will or will not date someone who asks you to change your features?

Perhaps, the media would put a disgraceful stigma around shapeshifting. That changing yourself ‘the old fashioned way’ is more glorified. I mean, what would...

#Myanswer Q&A made by me because I'm creative and original

Arrite I'm gonna ask y'all some questions because I want the tea. 

  1. What do you think it means to live a meaningful life?
  2. Do you believe in soulmates? Why/Why not?
  3. What is something you're certain you'll never experience?
  4. What's a part of your character/personality you're still trying to understand?
  5. Do you prefer labels and definitions or would you rather just identify as human?
  6. Do you think, at this point and time, there's anyone who'd sacrifice them self for you?
  7. Would you sacrifice yourself for anyone? Who and why?
  8. Has there ever been a moment in your life where your experiences helped you pick up something others didn't see?
  9. If you found out all of this was just a dream, would you try to wake up?
  10. Have you done anything illegal?
  11. Do you want to be famous? What for?
  12. What kind of person do you hate the most?
  13. Are you the one sending or receiving "goodnight/good morning texts?"
  14. Why are you...

Hope with time

Their daggers
Eventually blunt 
And high school 
It's tight rule,
a mere stunt.
See patience 
Yields focus
The best say so,
It's nation
found when we grow. 
The wounds
Of sin
Time heals
Look where you are
from where you've been.
Most hate their young selves
Foolish, they say
That proves you're growing
As time slips away.
The glow ups
That fuel
The medias hold
Just prove
there's hope 
As we grow old. 



1. What TV show did you watch as a kid (e.g. were you a My Little Pony type, a Phineas and Ferb type, etc.) 
Total Drama Island, Action and World Tour were amazing. Also Stoked, Dance Academy and Adventure Time.

2. Should pineapple be on pizza?  
Going off parent logic, if you need to ask then the answer is already no. 

3. If there must be a word limit on a prompt/contest, what is your favorite length to write? 
Probably 100-1000 words. 

4. Why is your username what it is? 
Honestly, grade 8 was a time of self-deprecation and thinking I was friendless when I wasn't. Now I kind of have a reputation and probably shouldn't risk the change. 

5. What are your tastes in YouTube videos (if any)? 
Gaming videos, Dan and Phil, Shane Dawson's series, Garrett Watts, Crack edits...

#flyofstriped Q and A because why not

Who could say no to a Q and A made by a dancing banana gif?
Not me.

1. What line from a TV show/movie/book has stuck with you and why? 
I can N O T narrow it down to one (I'm sorry)
Let's get the Voltron ish out of the way (I binged the series on the holidays -forgive me-)

  • "We had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms!" The moment Keith Kogane understood Lance's frustration of being forgotten.
  • "S, YMB, ILY" An abbreviation because spoilers, but I joked about this sad scene only to actually watch it and understand the damn suffering.
  • Every pun Hunk has made ever
  • "HOT DAMN," Holt. Brooklyn 99. Funniest. scene/ ever.
  • "Guess we're not holding hands anymore," Finnick, Catching Fire. The lack of remorse and acceptance of murder hit me like a truck.
  • “I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don't hurt anyone but myself.” Cinna, Catching...

Lol hey

Hello hello my well esteemed readers

in short, I'm a lazy ass quiznacking idiot.

'Lazy ass' because my computer is chuffed and I can be bothered to fix it (thus my lack of interaction).

'Quiznacking' because I've watch four seasons of Voltron in two weeks (FYI Voltron fans watch Avo Rabo they react to some episodes and they're really funny- a bit crude, don't watch in front of your Christian Foundations teacher- I recommend their "Voltorb: Everyone sucks but Pidge" video, you won't regret it) and also because only few know the severity of the word. Thus I'm still safe for the kiddies to read~

'Idiot' because I broke my arm because I saw a pretty girl wearing the same dan and phil interactive introverts hoodie as me whilst ice skating and I was so excited that other phans actually go outside but so terrified of conversation that I slipped... Add another broken bone in the "fell over" category.


10 Second Essays

10 10 second essays

  1. Tip well. Who knows what they earn.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you can still walk with your head held high.
  3. Those whose smiles are the biggest know hurt the best.
  4. What would a blind person think of your critique of someone's appearance?
  5. The words of an upset child are not defiance.
  6. Just because the loner is there for a reason doesn't mean there is no reason to talk to them.
  7. Her music will tell you everything.
  8. Mass doesn't mean trend. World Hunger isn't cool, so why's Mental Illness?
  9. Never put your 10 cents in about somebody else's chess game.
  10. Why shouldn't you ask a crap tonne of questions?

Stupidly strange facts about me (It's 11:42 and my insomnia is ballin let me be)

  • I decipher whether people are reliable based on whether or not they eat chips/crackers whole (If you bite halfway you're a monster)
  • I can read people pretty well but I don't put this to good use like at all
  • My "List of things I must see/do before I die" includes:
- Use Pidges' "Tell Allura about myself" monologue about peanuts to introduce myself and see if anyone picks up
- Watch someone drink a shot through a straw
- See a woman unironically say "Oh, stop it."
- Use a really opaque black bath bomb
- Upload one youtube video
  • My favourite piece of my own is actually my #LittleStories piece, it was just fun 
  • The day I shut down a catcaller by pretending to be a proud lesbian was the same day I tried Ben N Jerry's for the first time
  • Half of my family has Meditteranean background (Italiano ayeet *throws lasagna at you*) and here I am, this white-ass...

Why giving up is pointless

Because what if
People jumped out of aeroplanes
From just a hint of turbulence
That if a journey is sickening,
The destination musn't be worth it?


Then why
Do we give up 
When the going gets tough
That the end result
Won't pay off?

Foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A

1 If you could swap personalities with anyone who would you swap with? 
Personalities? To be honest, I don't think there's anybody's personality I favour over my own. However, I'm a Christian and believe Jesus lived on this earth, so with that case, I'd like to see what he thought.

2 What is your style in clothing?  
Style? Emo white chic royalty.
Shape? Fit and flare- one thing tight one thing looser. Ripped jeans and flannels are where it's at. 

3 What are 10 things you want to learn how to do? 
  1. Skateboard
  2. Draw feet (seriously I can never get them right)
  3. Speak fluent Italien
  4. Make a croquembouche
  5. Dance
  6. Not procrastinate
  7. Film and Edit
  8. Animation
  9. Fashion Design
  10. Comfort others effortlessly

4 If you were to be the very best at one thing what would that one thing be?  
I'd love to be the very best persuader. I feel the world struggles to grasp that maybe you shouldn't treat people like garbage just...


Random prompt I just invented: Just talk about the little life stories that never seem to be written about but still are extremely valid:

1) The Curse of the Dorito.

When I was young and toothless, I was eating baby food when I made eye contact with Doritos in the centre of the dinner table.
My dumb fat ass was like "Hey. I am going to eat this. Gums and all."
So when my parents weren't looking, I took one and swallowed it whole. It lodged in my throat because I don't know how to chew annnnnd Darth Vader who? I don't know her- the only heavy obnoxious breathing I know is baby Georgia wheezing against a chip in her windpipe.
I went to the doctor and was fineeeee, however, I think it might actually have done some damage. Strangely enough, I'm sensitive to spicy food severely on three little dots of my throat. I'll be fine until I swallow,...

Your Local Flynn

I was gonna start this piece by saying "Underneath the memes and dry humour, I think Flynn is a soft boi."
*Cut (haha) to me reading the motherfluffing piece regarding a messed Hebrew man who takes being a smartass to a whole new level* Okay no. Not a softie. Gentleness was yeeted a while back.


Anger and sadness factors are not a flaw- they're what show Flynn's strength.
Anger is buried because he is somehow surviving all the discrimination and stupidity and not killing a man. That fuming "I'm going to delimb you with nothing but a bottle cap" feeling is shoved deep, deep down for a special day when someone quite deliberately uses the wrong pronouns thinking...

Dear the Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You do realise the one thing you have that the criminal on the street doesn't is support?
You do know becoming a caretaker doesn't immediately make you a god. Right?
Isn't it funny that as soon as your job is to tell a child what to do, you're immediately the essence of good?

The kid was probably disobedient. You know, when I was your age, my dad got the cane.

She's obviously insane. Where was the father? He could've fixed it.

Stupid kid. Don't you ever do that- we'd get fined. 

You're the reason for the divorce.
Do not talk to me like I'm your "friends" I am not your equal.
Your damn phone is the reason you're depressed.
Maybe if you just did as you were told.
Kids don't get to keep secrets.

But... where is your...


(Okay your bio says 'tomboy' so I hope she/her pronouns are preferred if not- IM SORRY D:)
((Also your name is Fox now because I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy to type that whole thing.))

Fox loves gentle music and wild personalities: through dull she sees hope and through the tough she sees a resolution. She loves the plot of a sad experience being turned on its head and forming the coolest adventure, perhaps she even wishes that for herself. I can imagine Fox wishing she could just run and run forever and never get tired and just keep moving and escaping and gliding.
I feel like Fox has a surprising laugh- one she probably is a bit conscious of. 

I'm thinking mangos are a fave- and pasta- I think she either has short hair or she wears it in a ponytail. 

Fox is the kind of person who is changing with every day- don't remind of something silly she did two...


Johanna reminds me of the cousin I'm closest with, so much it shakes me that I can't stop thinking so. 
She's the angel who's invalidated.
The one who's so kind and so grateful that people don't bat an eye at her affection. 

Also your nickname is Jo now because I'm a lazy typer and I want to lower the risk of smudging my nail polish by typing less. 

Jo is a people pleaser. Not an extrovert, but someone who really cares about what others think. 
Like, you put time in for her? That really matters.
You tell her you care for her? That hits heart.
You ask for a hug and she's there before you've finished the sentence.

But if you comment on her appearance that she already scrutinises and you've just about crushed her.
Like Anne of Green Gables says,
"Oh, but there's such a difference between saying a thing yourself and hearing other...


I feel like Anha is sweet but under that, she has the untaintable salt of Pidge- thus why she loves the character. Like Anha's the one who usually holds in the true murderous aspects of her anger and laughs off most frustrations: thus why Pidge's stubbornness and straight-forward sass has her rolling. 
If Anha and I have anything in common, we both probably screamed multiple times for multiple reasons in the "reunion" episode and Lance crying will be the cause of our deaths.
Imma shut up about Voltron now because it's probably getting annoying... 

I feel like Anha's constant state is a shrug. She's feeling everything and nothing, good and bad, all thrown at her at once. So, she finds the average of it all- chucks on a smile, and shrugs.

Anha loves women who are capable. The chic who goes and solves the day on her own. The secret NASA worker who solved it all with no man's help....

The walk of life

When I was small,
I wrapped my hand around your little finger,
And traced my steps with your guide.
As I walked, I'd push, twist 
go against the norm.
You let me be. 
Put me in safe reach with a smile.
When I tired, you'd pick me up.
And piggyback me through the world.

Now I walk alone,

Yet I'm still supposed to follow your invisible guard rales.
As I run, I spin and duck 
through the burning debris:
I fight against the norm.
You trip me up.
Tell me to pull myself together.
When I tire, you expect me to trail further
But you yell at me when I leave your grasp. 

Father, when did your daughters life have to become riddled?

Aravis Tarkheena

I'll get fit typing Aravis's name out a few times so I'm going to be sluggish and risk disrespect and call her Ari for short (forgive my useless nature it's exam week)

Ari loves to be in the know. She won't form an opinion without the knowledge, and her stories thrive from what she's learnt. Since she believes God bestowed her with the gift for languages, I'm sure she yearns to know Tongues one day. 
Ari is the kind of student who does well if she learns the topic at school. Memorisation doesn't cut it. If she doesn't get it, she doesn't get it. Simple as that.
I imagine blue eyes and mouse brown hair, though I think I might be wrong on that one. She's tanner than she thinks.

If you're talking secrets in front of her and don't fill her in, you might get murdered. ...

Dear One

Dear One,

I'm sometimes glad I care too much. Because it means I care about you too much. I'm comfortable going to unhealthy stretches to know you're okay. I write my rants in my head to defend you. I'll drop my patient nature for you. 
It's not force nor toxicity that does this.
It's addiction.
There's no drug stronger than the warmth of your smile and I'm glad of that.

Dear One,

You're taken for granted. People shame you, ignore you, twist you around their finger because they think your careless nature makes you feeling-less. I know this.

Dear One, 

I do it too and I'm sorry.

Dear One,

I don't think you know how much I value you. When I presented my speech to you today and I saw a glimmer of pride in your face and it settled my nerves for a minute. When you genuinely complimented me I never forgot it. When you laugh with me I hold it. ...

Six Condescending Hours Of Our Lives

Strange how you've taught me how to write and present 1000 words comparing and contrasting the science of giant pendulums installed into buildings to counter-act earthquake waves and the science of floating houses to act as a shock absorber for earthquake waves,

And yet you haven't taught me the basics of self-love.


Why y'all have to have numbers my lazy butt wasn't made for this (your name is just Sam now.)
I know,
and I mean KNOW,
Sam is a part of the exclamation murder club.
He, like me, surely hates when people use exclamation marks during a dramatic scene:
Let's say you're arguing with a friend. Things are pretty heated, pretty serious. And then-
"Fine! I don't want to be your friend anymore!" 
I just- *pukes*
"Fine. I don't want to be your friend anymore." Immediately, though still silly, sounds seven HUNDRED times better. And I'm 99 sure Sam would agree.
I mean, how can you accept-
"Oh no!"
"I heard Sara's dog went missing! How awful!"
"I'm soooooo tired!"
*Heaves into trash can*

Because I'm a terrible person and I like making myself and others suffer, I'm going to change random full stops in the rest of this piece about Sam to an exclamation mark. I'm so...

Riley Noel

When I think about Riley, all I can think about is laughter. Contagious, infectious, spreading laughter. Riley isn't actually the class clown, she just gets it. She understands obsessions with fanbases, understands wanting to be free, understands self-deprecation and understands living wildly. She's the aunt by your side, nodding and chucking in some advice with a smile.

Riley hasn't felt more physical pain then when he said

The impression I get from Riley is someone who loves a lot and wishes she could just drop everything and do what she loves and what she loves only. And she wishes to drag people along so they could do the same.
I think Riley is a brown hair, brown eyed girl (my blind ass is trying to squint to see in your profile but I honestly can't tell).
I know for sure Riley is the kind of person who's smiling before she snaps. Like you say women don't have it tough...


Again, Ella instead of RoseMaryWisdom, because I'm lazy.
I didn't even need the Q and A to know Ella liked grunge. I could tell from the get-go.
She's not a crazy "the world is dead" chic, she loves the look and how it makes her feel. But, in reality, she's chill and a
B O S S .
I'm imagining dark hair and eyeliner, skinny jeans are her forte.
Ella was born in the wrong generation- keeping the 90s alive through her music taste. She wanted to stab herself with a wrench after Infinity War, and tells EVERYONE it is NOT STAR LORDS FAULT DAMMIT.
Ella's a bit of a dork, but she pulls it off. I'm imagining an appreciation for pop vinyls. And record players.
Ella can't enter a cinema without a snack and she loves jackets. She could live off movie merchandise for clothes and be perfectly comfortable. 
Ella wishes for a cosy room, grey walls, wall to wall...


I don't give a damn about R.J.'s features: I say right now that she'd kill it in a messy bun and a dark lip. Something that says "I'm relaxed, but cross the line and your face might meet these cool new shoes I just got for half-off." 
She writes with sunken eyes, she seems to do it effortlessly, though her brain is practically doing pirouettes in an attempt to find the perfect amount of syllables.
R.J. Can't do work in a loud place unless music is that noise. Unless she enjoys the activity so much that her ears glitch and she completely falls into her element, that is.
R.J. probably has chocolate brown eyes. She doesn't like them though people say they are nice. 
R.J. isn't a fan of wearing tonnes of makeup, but she loves the art people perform with it.

Somewhere, there's a soft side. Under all the coffee, wit, and sleep deprivation, I imagine her personality switching...


When I was thinking of a word to describe Nonny2101 (who will now be called Nonny cuz I'm lazy), all I could think was "frustrated."
I don't mean an angry frustration, more of an impatience: someone who always thinks of what could've been, somebody who is restricted by their age and is just waiting, waiting for the day she can follow her dreams. She's the kind of girl who might learn in classes and might participate in sports, but there'll always be that background voice reminding me of the things she could be doing that she's more passionate of. I couldn't seem to get a grasp of how I imagine Nonny's appearance: but I'm thinking one of her features is a bit unique: like scattered freckles, extremely long hair, extremely straight or curly hair, natural highlights, piercing eyes...something like that.
At first, I thought blue eyes, ebony hair. Then, green eyes and blonde. Then, I thought hazel eyes and brown....


When I was thinking of a word to describe nevaredhp, all I could think was "Soft."
I imagine a fresh-faced, blue-green-eyed girl. Not a piercing colour, but a gentle aqua. I imagine straight light brown hair: not thin, but not excessively curly. I believe her hair is shoulder length, but it would look amazing textured and above the collarbone. I think she looks great in light blues and creams. Perhaps she has a light tickle of freckles, though I'm not certain.

I think Nevaredhp likes the look of plants, and mightn't be a cat person- but thinks munchkin cats are adorable. I'm thinking there's a like for horses there, too. There's some animal she loves that's exotic- like a fox or a panda. I think she gets the best writing ideas when she's daydreaming, and she finds extreme satisfaction in finding a perfect rhyme. Perhaps she's the type of writer who, if they like a particular word, they will make sure...


I never thought I'd end up here. Again. 

I walk into the house I once knew so well, beaming children in frames taunting me. The mocks of my brother, sister, and I strangling me- Oh God. We used to be happy- used to be free.
We used to be so much before he used us.

"Alright Marcus, you see this lovely woman right here?" My father shoved his secret at my 16-year-old brother. "When mom comes in and sees her, you'll say she's a friend, right?" 
Mother slapped Marcus across the face, telling him to never bring women home without her knowledge. Oh, if only she'd told the right source.

"Alright Susan, look at this shiny bottle. Make sure to show momma the shiny bottle!" Father placed the wine bottle in my little sisters' hands as he climbed over his intoxicated spill.
Mother screamed at the wine stain on the carpet. "Suzie, what have you done?!"

"I bought you some...

I'm challenging myself: and it involves you

HelloOOOOOOOo my people!
I randomly thought of a writing challenge- as my brains last resort to procrastinate assignments. SO HERE IT IS.

Whoever comments down below must include one of their pieces in the comment. With that piece, I have to get a vibe of who you are: not as a reader, I mean literally as a person: your likes, dislikes, appearance... pet peeves... 
My only other resorts are your Profile Photo and Bios. 
Eg. I look at the way you briefly described an injury and resolve that broken bones gross you out- that kinda thing.
It's fun for me and funny for you if you join and I guess miserably.
(I hope I don't insult anyone)

JOIN NOW (the title will be your username)


I rise and need not yawn
I live without a sleep
I laugh with lack of tone
And I've no tears from weep.

I do not feel a "love"
And I never shock my peers
Its as if I'm automatic
This is what I fear

I live in static motion
And I'm not allowed to bathe
This is not "humanly!"
It's not how I should behave!

When mental illness claim the others
I lie, untouched, unharmed
I never feel the stress others do
And that's what makes me alarmed.

My joints cry with every step
And lightning grazes me during storms
Surely all these attributes
Don't fit society's norms.

My reactions seem programmed,
And I, simply, do not feel
If this is how I live my life,
Am I truly real?



Okay I'm going to try and put this simply without cursing
WHAT THE FU-*car alarm*
I've just woken up to winning not one- but TWO FRICK FRACKEN COMPETITIONS
I can't say thank you enough.
Discovering that my various genres entertain people- so much that they are competition winners in the eyes of other amazing writers- is a huge compliment. 
Thanks to  she's-got-a-story and  stripedfly1001 for bringing out some of the best writing in me. I had an extremely unlucky day yesterday, so waking up to such amazing achievements is a huge high.

This experience just grows my passion for my contest (This one here) to blow up. To know that I could give others this feeling is super duper exciting. 
I'm thinking of also having a peer winner- so I have one for each hashtag and then one winner streamed across all three. But, for this, I need contestants. And I'm not joking when I say I'm b e...


Right. Sun and Moon.
Imagine Amy and Jake, or Keith and Lance, or Marceline and PB, or Roman and Virgil, Or Sam and Dean...
The Sun is painfully striving for best, but Moon is too, and the two never escape Moon's competitive feuds along with Suns' stubborn "I must win" nature.

Panic! At the Disco said "All was golden when the day met the night" 
But, you bet your ass he was far from the truth.

When it's day, it's, literally, Suns' time to shine.
With his radiant beams, he'll reach every crevice and bestow the world with Instagram lighting and cool shadow tricks. But, Sun must always rest at night- although he has to go out with a bang- of course. Can't let Moon take all the fun.
So every early evening, he puts on a painter's' palette of a show. Swirling in summer oranges and pastel pinks or maybe a storms' green. Anything to give the citizens...

Another asexual rant! (i'm sorry but WtW is my outlet and people are stupid so here we are again)


Right. In the past few weeks, I've been exposed to more toxicity than I ever have wanted to.
The debate is a majority of people in the LGBTQ+ community (Particularly ones who think the cutoff is LGBT and LGBT only) believe that A) Asexuals aren't, as they say, "inherently" LGBTQ+ and B) Heteromantic Asexuals are straight.

Right. Let's start at A. 
I've discovered that asexuality on its own, to many people, doesn't "count" as a valid sexuality. In this week alone, I've been told by three different people that I am not "inherently" (their favourite word) LGBTQ+ because I have not revealed who I am romantically attracted to or what my gender is. They think asexual is just an add-on, not a sexuality. That's not even a joke, the number of times people call my sexuality "just not having sex" is more than what I can count on my hands. 

I've also...

Guess what time it is? It's looking back at New Year's Resolutions time!

Hello my people.
I was going through reading some old shiz, and I came across my New Years Resolutions. So lets do a life evaluation, shall we?

"1. Stop Biting My nails"
Smashed this one out of the park- After 10 years of chewing, I've become so pedantic with my long nails that it's annoying people.

"2.  Embrace and take care of my natural hair (It's curly, but I've been using straightening products on it for years)"
I still flatten my hair with a wrap or by tearing out the curls from time to time, but my hair is far healthier than it once was- and I'm hella proud of the curls

"3. Get more sleep- I'm going to try and go from 1:00 am to 10:30-11: 00 pm and then down to 9:30 during school."
*Nervous laughter* 
I kinda succeeded! I don't got to bed later than 11:30 now AND I have sleep medication

"4. Wash my face with my dermatologist...


She's a candle;
Hungry power she contains;
So how did the Fiery beast
Fall for a little rain?

He's a river;
Soothing silk through his name;
So strange how cooling Water
Grew hot at the sight of flame.

She was soaked with sunlight;
Her tongue rough with her passion;
She's in torches and candles;
And she leaves everything ashen.
He's saturated with seas;
His taste a blue in fashion;
He sweeps through tears and teacups;
Let's hope you see him in rations.

When Water met Fire,
His rations no more.
His heart was a hurricane,
But She had no oar.

When Fire met Water,
She was set alight.
Her soul was an inferno,
That no rain could smite.

Water was the calmer,
A soothe after a burn.
90% unknown, 
Fire was whom he yearned.

Fire was a warmer,
A furnace after rain.
90% uncontrollable,
Water was whom she must gain.

Water touched Fire,
To light up the deep and dark,
He hoped...

funny thing before I sleep

  1. Open the WtW dashboard
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. You will see numbers for pages- 12345...Next> Last>
  4. If you click on the ... an error will occur
  5. Your dashboard will read "Something went wrong. Pleas, refresh."
  6. Idk I just found it ironic that a writing website misspelt their error message
  7. Now go check out my competition (shameless promo I'm sorry)
  8. That is all my children
  9. Goodnight/day/evening/noon/morning/no sense of time because you paused time, screw you doctor strange

Surprise Surprise I still can't produce original ideas so it's time for a competition my friends!

Hello, my children!

I bestow on thee because it seems super fun: three competitions because I couldn't choose between them.

#44Home - when writing my 44 home story from my prompt "what is a moment from your childhood you'll never forget?" , I was having a hella good time recalling the childhood-dramatised events. So the challenge for this one is to write a true story about a moment from your childhood you'll never forget. Open word length.                     

#Howitfelt - you know how there can be a moment in life where someone says "I know how it feels" and you just laugh because they'd never know what it's like? This poem comp is for you. For the challenge, I want you to describe how an occurrence in life felt, in poetry form- without ever naming the occurrence until the footnotes. (For example, you write about numbness but never say the word "depression" until the footnotes.)

#ImpressMe Open prompt! Write whatever...


Up until now, my life had been a lie.  
I never thought she'd stoop so low.  
We had made eye contact, Meghan's brow saturated with unadmittable guilt. No, she had not lied to me, she had betrayed me; Intentions sharp enough to destroy our family bond. 
She broke that eye contact, ashamed of what she'd done. 
"Where is it?" I had chuckled under my breath, my eyes twitching and my mouth pulling, into a tug of insanity that I couldn't control. 
"Where is it?" I repeated, fingers curling.  
"Where the HELL did you put it, Meghan? Where?! You know mother bestowed the power of it to me." 
Meghan didn't budge, though water glistened in her eyes as she looked timidly up at me. Those eyes would bring no remorse today. 

I should've seen it coming. I should've seen the wonder-filled eyes of my little sister when she saw it. I should've seen the ideas forming in Meghans' brain. I should've seen her...

Yeet *throws these Q and A answers at you*

Hello my friends!! Thanks so much for all your questions- this might just be part one if I get more, but yah.
There's a few similar ones, but hey, what's the worst that could happen?

  • pets? 
I've had 5 guinea pigs in my lifetime and I currently have 3 of those. And, my god, they need an entire piece to themselves. BUT WE HAVE:
Bubby: Child of Coco, name suits her personality- she's a complete child- screams when there's a lack of attention or food. Also, she's like 6 different conjoined breeds so her hair is a wild and fantastic mess. She's got vitiligo-like skin. Whether it's from illness or the masses of breeds, i don't know. She nearly died when she was born because her head was too big for her body so she couldn't walk.
Bubby likes jumping off my bed in an attempt of death and snuggling.

Coco: Pregnant at 4 weeks old (we didn't know the father, she was pregnant when...

mini lowercase tangent so that I can sleep.

my children, there seems to be a mainstream consistency of either not teaching students how to love and care for themselves or teaching them wrong. for example, all of junior school, i was told i was a failure because i was talkative, a disappointment because i was a creative thinker. now, with a therapist by my side, i watch middle schoolers (including myself) be taught that males are proud and should respect women whilst women are taught that they are beautiful- but they should exercise- but they should compliment each other and not concentrate on appearance- but they should take care of their hair... it's a toxic mess of throwing us in a magazine-like world and telling us it's normal to find the transition difficult. the mos recent quote by them? 
 "stressed? don't worry. diamonds are formed under pressure."
you might
as well
have said 
"you'll be beautiful if you keep yourself in this unhealthy and overworking school lifestyle that will...

Q to the A because people are doing it and I'm cool and up with the trends yo

I am bored, homework-less (miracle I know), and in search of something to do. So what better way to pass time than to join the trend and do a Q and A!
I'm down for any questions, though I find going deep and philosophical addicting (and I'm pretty open), so if personal questions are your style then go forth and seek glory. Seriously. Get as uncomfortable as you want (as long as it's not inappropriate obviously.)
Imma answer them tonight or tomorrow- or maybe I'll do a continuous series if questions are essay-worthy.
Whatever the case, ASK AWAY!


Forward Backward

Self assurance

Being asexual is a burden.
and I refuse to believe that 
My sexuality is just as valid as any other.
I know
Asexuals are indeed not attention seekers,
is not true, realistically
I identify this way to be a special snowflake
So I'll assure every supporter that
They are living an untruth
People who hate me will discover that
I am straight.
And I'll never again accept the claim that
I am an asexual.
I tell you this
asexual is defined as a real sexuality
But as the years pass, everyone will know
asexuals are actually all mentally ill
people agree that,
they are all insane.
the ones who currently think asexuals are living a lie,
are the ones who know the most.
asexuals who personally experience oppression
they are making it all up, in fact
people who say aces don't suffer tell the truth.
it is foolish to assume that
asexuals are valid, suffering, and need outside support.



I finally understand why middle-aged is the depressing age,
And yet elderly people statistically enjoy life the most.
It's amazing experiences.
That proposal, that show, that kiss,
Only to be ripped from you the day after.
Relapses of an average life. 
You see, the mature remember,
But the elderly reminisce,
The addictive joy slipping from their memory.
And that's why age is beauty. 

I finally understand why celebrities are miserable,
No matter how much gold they could inhale.
They could've reached their dreams.
Now what?
The pleasant shock is ripped from them the day after holding that award.
A relapse of a famous life.
You see, they miss the highlights.
But they can't be miserable,
The cameras are still rolling.

I wish I didn't understand why I feel distilled.
I wish I didn't know
That two days ago was the best day of my life thus far.
Wish I didn't know that I'll likely never experience something similar. 
It's a...


She was smiles and caramel. With lavender perfume because she read somewhere that the scent makes people happy. She laughed at everything and cried about nothing. At the same time, she'd suddenly appear behind you with a plastered frown on if you laughed at someone else or made them cry. 
He was cackles and soda. With sharp cologne because he like pissing off his friends with the stench. He laughed at offensive jokes because it was all he knew. But if you made those offences reality, you better pray when he finds you.
Roselle -Rose- Sivan and Hawthorne -Thorn- Andrews.
Rose and Thorn. They had no ship name. Their friends just called them the "flower power couple."
Regardless, they were doomed for each other. 

But not how anyone wanted.
Or expected. 

"BROTHER?! You, Roselle Sivan, have a hunk with a name that matches yours, that I've approved of, and you're chucking a "he's like a brother to me!"...

Real Life, Prompt 7: What are 3 things that never fail to make you laugh?

1. Shane Dawson

Holy Jesus Shane Dawson is so fricken funny I could die listening to him. I love his perfect mix of seriousness and- well- not seriousness. He is royalty. Bless

2. Irony

3. Vines
Vines bring people together. From homosexuals to 'no homo bro''s, nerds to divas, cold hearted emos to bubbly 7 year olds. 
Everyone can enjoy a good vine/
I mean, Vine created the word "yeet"
Rest in Peace
Can't wait for Vine 2.

A) *gasp* ADAM
B) There's a beEeEeE?!
C) Can I PLEASE get a waffle!?
D) Dropped my croissant
E) Ey it's ya boy
G) Guys Being Dudes
H) Hi...

Real Life, Prompt 6: Who is my OTP?

One. True. Pairing.
The pair I ship the most are Dan and Phil. 
Their gaydar is off the charts.
I mean, how are you such domestic and intimate friends with someone for NINE YEARS WITH NO DATES IN THE MEANTIME AND EXPECT PEOPLE NOT TO SHIP YOU.
I don't care if they aren't though, I just love the idea. They make each other so happy :>

I ship it so much, imma write a crap poem about it

Daniel and Phillip, my OTP
Problem with that? Listen to me.
They won't even date a "she"
I could die from the domesticity
Dan chose Phil over a degree
Their relationship is walking irony
But at the same time, it's cute as can be. 
It's "the most fun they've ever had,"
Can't you see?

Wow that's terribly fantastic.
But yeah. Dan. Phil. Ship. Or Nah. As long as they don't ever leave each other I'm chill.


Real Life, Prompt 5: Write your perfect date/get together


My perfect date involves a person who'll take care of me, others, and themselves.
It'll coexist with someone that's chill with my sexuality
The ambience will swim with our even conversation- no one-sided crap
The music playing will be their genuine laugh.
The temperature will be warm with my uncaring happiness.

My perfect date involves silly games and deep conversations,
Sharing opinions and jokes
They will not be sexist, racist,
 homophobic, transphobic
or judgmental of religion.

My perfect date will know consent,
(to even the simplest things)
is the best thing for someone like me. 
My perfect date will not feel like the first date, even if it is.
It'll seem timid, but'll be comfortable.

My perfect date will be slow,...

Real Life, Prompt 4: Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

It always depends.

I think crying is a weakness if it's a form of defence.
Eg. You've been caught cheating on a test, so you cry. You make a big deal when you cry. You cry to add "depth" to what you're saying because you don't think the story is significant enough on its own/
Crying shouldn't be deliberately for an audience

However, opening up that you're struggling, crying in public when you don't usually, admitting that fall did hurt your ankle, 
that's brave. That's strength. 
Crying should be involuntary and unscripted.

Weakness and Strength don't depend on frequency- some people cry themselves to sleep every night but grit out every day.
Some people cry never because they think it's girly. 
Weakness and Strength depend on intentions.
Are these tears finally being let go or are they being forced? That's the question you gotta ask.

What do you guys think?


Real Life, Prompt 3: What's a moment from your childhood you'll never forget?

When I was a kid, I was always wanting attention.
Less, "Everything must revolve around me," attention, more "I wanna be cool," attention.
So, at 8 years old, my brother and neighbours in their teens, I was asked if I wanted to play 44 home with them.
And let me tell you, I looked at these teenagers from afar, yearned to be old enough to play with them. I was PUMPED. My time had come.

Except- I didn't really know how 44 home worked. So they screamed the rules at me. 
So, if you don't either, prepare for an over-the-screen rules-screaming. 


Your Ideas for WtW

Making the best better

  •  What do you most value about Write the World? 
I value the friendship. I've met so many wonderful writers through this community, even some through-the-screen friends. I love seeing everybody else's' writing. We all come from different walks of life, and yet we all share one thing. It's unity through diversity.
  • What would you like to see Write the World do differently?
I'd like to see more promotions for particular pieces and people. For example, instead of just competition winners, Write the World could interview some of the bigger WtW accounts. Not for popularity purposes, but to get to know the person behind the screen, to see what they bring that's caused so many followers. Additionally, I think Write the World should do a "piece of the week." These sorts of things can motivate many. 
  • Are there any changes you would make to the site?
A) I think the mobile version should be easier to use. It's a bit difficult. ...

Personal Narrative Competition 2018


I always liked to be right. And from day one, I usually was. From arguments to advice to restaurant choices, my instinctive nature to look at every side of the story always caused me to answer with depth and thought in mind. But, being right can become addicting, indulgent. As I grew older, people began to listen to what I had to say. It felt like I possessed an irresistible power. I went from nobody listening to everybody listening. And I decided I liked it.  But, I wouldn't hesitate to throw things and scream if the listening stopped.It's like tasting a sweet for the first time, only for it to be ripped from you mid-bite. 

Like a pathological liar, I convinced myself that the reality I put myself in- in this case, that I was always right- was the reality everyone else faced alongside me. I assumed people just blatantly chose to ignore my always-right warnings. When I spoke, I...



Scientists theorise
That by year Twenty Fifty
We'll be out of food. 

Real Life, Prompt 2: What is a time where your plan has gone terribly, terribly wrong?

WELL my friends, I've had many stuff ups in the past, so lets go back to the first mess up I remember in the history of E V E R.

Twas the summer of 2001, Joe meets Patrick and he's like "Yo, I know about music-Wait- wrong reference...

Twas the summer of 2007. The emos were thriving, as was myspace, and Bratz dolls were my best friend.
But on this fateful day, I decided to play with a My Little Pony toy instead.
Now, let me tell you- this is the old old My Little Pony. The one with DVDs and only Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash- this is back when the toys and shows weren't sexualised and morphed into a meme that ruins a child.
But before I go on that tangent, let's continue. 

My Bratz dolls were insulted by my choices- they surely cursed the following events. 
Precious pinky pie, I can smell her rubbery fumes just...

Real Life, Prompt 1: What would I do if I met one of my favourite celebrities?

What would I do if I met someone I looked up to?

Surprisingly enough, I think I'd actually be really relaxed when I meet celebrities I love. Probably greet them with an inside joke, hug them and ask if I could take a photo. After all, unlike strangers, I do know how these people would react to some extent.

Dan and Phil:
"Shut the fridge it's my two favourite rats. How are you guys?"

Dan or Phil:
"Dan/Phil? Where's *insert other person of the duo*? Are you lost?!"

Tyler and/or Joseph (TWENTY ØNE PILØTS)
"Hey! I'd hate myself forever if I didn't come up and say thank you when I saw you. You've changed my awful anxious life into a bearable anxious life. And as silly as that sounds, that's worth everything to me. Can I have a hug?"

Brendon Urie:
"BEEBO!" *swings...

Fiction Week Prompt 7- "and then I woke up."

Dark crescents sat under her eyes, and the whites of those eyes were more of a red. Her nose and cheeks were flushed, her brain was heavy, she was hallucinating and dying and tired and alive all at once and oh God, please let her sleep.
She sat, and rolled, sat and rolled, satandrolled.
Lay and rolled.
Flipped her pillow and rolled.
Turned on music and rolled.
Meditated and rolled.
Changed pyjamas and rolled.
Counted sheep and rolled. 
Took another sleeping pill and rolled...

To no avail, she'd lose herself, and then with a shock of breath she was awake again.
4am, day 3 of no sleep. Her brain thought about the man who died from lack of sleep over and over and over....
She will never fall asleep
Never fall asleep
Never fall asleep
never fall asleep
never fall asleep

So she thought- but then she woke up.


Fiction Week Prompt 6: The Scientist that always fell short.

Their name is Joan Even and they survived hell and back.
From a dysphoric, single teenager who wasn't accepted anywhere, to a confident non-binary young adult who could create and sell advanced chemicals for thousands. Oh, and they were religious. Killing stereotypes since 1989.
Blaze, Joan's girlfriend, was the baddest of asses. From Mars, the flaming queen used her strength to fire herself to earth after seeing a special little scientist staring at her through a telescope. With Joan's help, she could control her embers. 

They both remembered the day vividly. 
Joan led her friend to the machine, wired her up, and Blaze, fearlessly, was ready to control her fire powers. The lever was led, down down down, and with a fizz and a crack, it was done. Blaze stared at her flameless hands, and as she furrowed her brows with concentration, her hands set alight. She beamed from ear to ear as she leapt onto Joan, a kiss certifying a...

Fiction Week Prompt 5- Empathy

She sat, fussy as her mum prepared a meal. She whined about how long it would take, winged about how hungry she was.  
"Ay- Just put yourself in my shoes!" Her exhausted mother cried. "6 hours of work only to come home and work in front of this hot oven just for you to eat!"  
Since that day, something clicked. Lindsey became the definition of empathy.  

"Empathy, Empathy, put yourself in the place of me..." 
She sang it the first time when she was 7. Her sister was sad because she lost her soccer ball. Lindsey didn't like soccer, but she imagined what'd she do if she lost all her books. She felt very sorry for her sister after that. 

"Empathy, Empathy, put yourself in the place of me..." 
She murmured, a pencil threaded through her hair at 14 years old. She had to learn the word for English. 

the ability to understand and share the feelings...



                Comfort and certainty 
                during a time of great suffering.

But where can you find solace?
Well, I find it

In the arms of one another,
In the quiet of empty rooms,
In playgrounds it can be discovered,
And in hidden stores, it looms.

It's found in the ripples of water,
It's present in the sound of birds,
It's around when you're an author-
And you find the perfect words.

It's there in the evening moonlight,
And in the glow of a summer morn,
It's inside those with eyes shining bright,
And in roses without a thorn.

It's there when you glide through clovers,
Or finish a perfect bake,
I feel it when I sleep over,
And I'm the only one awake.

When you push you feet into the ground,
And hold your hands real tight,
In the stableness, it will be found,
And you'll finally feel just right.

When someone loves you through the hurt,
When you're alone and...

Fiction Week Prompt 4- S I L E N C E.

Twas the day where many, far and wide,
Found a new, distilled kind of tone.
The world went deaf, yet the earth still moved,
Our ears were left alone.

We rose without the birds tweeting,
Got up without a grumble,
We walked to kitchens, no floorboards creaking,
And our siblings were suddenly humble.

Just how you can "feel" numbness,
When there's no sound, you still hear a ring.
But on this day, no chiming sounded,
No brain-made silent sing.

Twas the day the world lost its sound,
And Silence paid back its' loans.
It was somewhat nice, somewhat peaceful,
Or so you'd think- since you can't hear the groans.

But just as peace started to settle,
Soundless situations became dire.
Oh, we couldn't hear cries of suffering,
Or crackles of murderous fire. 

Eve Grayson, born early, but cars didn't know,
As deaf sirens begged for clear roads,
She was gone before the doctors arrived,
No cry was heard as her breathing...

Fiction Week Prompt 3: "Oh, I guess my legs are missing"

It's a bright sunny day! I'm happy, the birds are chirping, light is beaming through the gaps in the curtains and happiness has been handed to me on a silver platter.
I rise and- crap.
Jean took my legs again.
I check all over just in case I misplaced them, but a sister's snicker solidifies my theory. 
I roll over in bed and weighed out my options. My wheelchair was in another room, and I've lost a lot of upper-body strength since I just became accustomed to my prosthetics. 
"It's fineeeeee" I say as I push up my body. My arms tremble under the weight, but I'm up at least. 
"Fineeeee..." I mumble, as I remember my left thigh is shorter than the height of the bed. 
"Fineeee," I think as I weigh out my options of how I'll save myself if I push off. 

"FINE." I groan on the floor, the pain in my ribs reminding me that giving into...

Fiction week prompt 2: Trees never cleansed oxygen

It's the smartest social phenomenon since... well, I'm not sure there's ever been one quite as genius.
They manufactured the trees. 
I should probably start from the beginning, shouldn't I?

It all started on a fateful 1774- Joseph Priestley discovered how oxygen works and- in turn- why things burn. 
What people didn't know, was Joseph's childhood.
Poor thing, 8 years old, and his favourite tree was dying. Instead of saving it, his parents cut it down without remorse. His climbing toy, gone. The home of his bird friend Freddy? Gone. 

From that day forward, Joseph knew he was going to make trees seem special.

And so it began.

With his various scientific teams planted (hah) all over, Joseph wired every tree to sweep up and filter air in a convection-like motion. By the time of his death, plans were made for steady development in the company for centuries to come. As years past and more of the world was discovered,...

Disrespect comes with age part two: education.

I'm in grade one: My teacher screams at me for not alerting her I'd been stung by a bee- The irony was that I was afraid of telling her and having her scream at me.

I'm in grade two: The teacher makes fun that I have to sit on a hot water bottle because I have a balance problem.

I'm in grade three: My grade three teacher was an angel. Nothing bad happened. I miss her to this day.

I'm in grade four: My teacher refuses to get me an assistant when I sprained my hand and couldn't write.
She also gave a new student a detention on his first day for something that was my fault- which I told her and she ignored me. 
She gave a girl a detention because the girl frightened me and I was shaken. it was a harmless prank and I wasn't poorly affected.
She made me sit and cry in front of everyone...

Disrespect comes with age part one: sexism.

I'm 31 weeks in the womb. I kick my mom, the doctor replies "would you look at that, not even born and she's already PMS'ing"
I'm 1.
My parents are ridiculed for buying me a light blue dress for my christening. 
I'm 2.
I learn to walk. The first thing I hear is my young brother say "Did I learn how to walk faster because I'm a boy?" and my father says "yes."
I'm 3.
I fall over and graze my knee. A neighbour says "Just like a boy- trial and error when they learn"
I'm 4.
I call a real phone instead of the toy one by mistake at kindy. My playmate says "stupid stupid girls. Always messing up- that's what dad says."
I'm 5.
And terribly ill. When I told my peers I'd had the vomiting bug after they asked where I was, a boy said "Ew! That's gross! Girls shouldn't be gross!"
I'm 6.
I take my jumper off...

Fiction Week Prompt 1- Name don't match the character

Her pale skin was cool to the touch, her eyes a pooled blue and her hair a midnight black. Her lips were a chapped purple and her gowns were always crisp baby blues.

And for the love of all things mighty, if her friends tell her she's a "Raven Elsa" one more time she might conjure a snowman to attack them- oh, wait. 

As she walked, warm fires turned to harsh blue flames, orange sunsets sunk to blue evenings. She and her powers were the embodiment of a winter paint palette. Her personality wasn't harsh or firey nor was it warm and welcoming. It was chilling, intimidating but also soothing and crisp.

Perched in a tree budded with snowflakes, she froze a river so young ducklings could cross, but cackled when one slipped and fell on the cool ice. 

She insisted to be called enchantress. Many thought it was a way to freeze her cold demeanour in place.
They could...

An awesome artist named Echo came out and made a great analogy of what it's like to be ace so I'm adding to it so maybe some particular people can understand (*cough* sorry I forgot to take my anti-pettiness pills today)

Imagine everyone really likes doorknobs.
The world is crazy for them. Magazines have underlying references to doorknobs to add to the interest and when a movie has a big doorknob scene its usually a big deal. Usually boys like the silver ones and girls like gold door knobs, but slowly, as years go by, people are accepting people liking silver and/or gold doorknobs no matter who they are- and other colours too! 
Nevertheless, people are always talking about doorknobs. Everyone has their shapes and preferences of doorknobs, everyone finds enjoyment in reading or watching others enjoying their doorknobs, maybe even fictional characters. People always try and guess what colour doorknob their role models like. 
Everyone is this way, except you.
You don't hate doorknobs, you just don't know what the fuss is. Maybe you even have a small collection of doorknobs. But you wouldn't hate everything if you got rid of your doorknobs and never associated yourself with them again. 

Black, silver, white and purple.

Try and describe something you've never felt. 
Sounds difficult now, doesn't it?
Try asexuality.

"Asexual: A person who identifies as a part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum due to the lack of sexual attraction."
How am I supposed to explain that to a sex-driven world?
How am I supposed to explain that to peers who are yet to even understand homosexuality?

What I'm trying to say is I try my damn best to explain myself to you. To bring awareness, to be true to me.
I spend ages and ages and AGES. Just trying to word it in a way that is comfortable, casual, simple and informative. I try so hard...
That's why your replies disgust me.
"I can fix you."
"Were you abused?"
"So you don't have crushes?"
"When did you decide this?"
"That's not real. You're trying to be a special snowflake."
"That's unnatural. You're denying biology!"
"Don't worry, you'll grow out of it!"
"Well I guess it...

What have I done in 11 weeks as an average high school teenager?

  • Completed four assessments that were group projects
  • For EVERY one of those assessments, did most if not all of the work out of worry that if I assigned people jobs I'd look like a bother, and that they would do poorly
  • Lied to multiple teachers that my group mates did the work
  • Had 8 assessments last week, 4 on Monday, 3 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday
  • 2 this week, science (That I just finished doing all the group work for- at 1:10am)
  • Packed my bags, got in the car, and burst into tears from exhaustion once
  • Sorted out countless dramas (WHY IS LOVE SUCH A BIG DEAL YOU'RE LIKE 14)
  • Discovered one of my closest friends could be moving schools because she's done with this amount of work
  • And that another one is struggling mentally
  • Had a really uneventful sex talk where the guy said that "EVERYBODY FEELS LUST" like no hon, ever heard of asexual
  • Screeched at 6 sexist boys,...


Hello, sweetheart. I'd like to tell you about something.
It's called a brain spew. Where you write a full paragraph just as it comes to your mind, you see. With little editing. Full, raw emotion. All of my conversations with you must've been a bit of a brain spew, weren't they? My four-year-old self must've been a bit confusing, wasn't I? 

Here's the spew -that's gross to say, oh well- I hope you somehow read it.
I think I saw you yesterday. I was walking, saw the light reflect off two eyes. Usually, when I see something the slightest bit supernatural, I run in the opposite direction, but instead, I froze. All I could think about was your name.
I hadn't thought about you for a while, I don't know why I thought about you when I saw the eyes, but I did. I blinked, and the eyes disappeared.

That night, I dreamt of the eyes tilting, as if the...


Numbers that define me

Hopes for the future: 5
Sleepless nights this year: 27
Celebrities I've met: 3
Celebrities I'm soon to meet: 4
Weddings I've been to: 0
Funerals I've been to: 2
Inescapable regrets: 4
Diagnosed mental illnesses: 3
Fallen in love: 0 
Seconds I've lived for: Approximately 46 million
Existential crises: 78
Toxic friends: 3
Friends I've lost: 1
Guinea pigs I've had: 6
Religions I've solidly identified with: 1 
Unforgettably embarrassing moments: 23
Times I've cried this year: 4
Times I've wanted to: 170
Countries I've been to: 6
Times I've been catcalled: 7 
Times I've taken it as a compliment: 0

Times I'd do it all again? 1.



Colours swirl in my head, 
My brain floats, 
My shoulders loosen,
And then- frick.
My shoulders tense.
Brain sinks.
All I see is the back of my eyelids.
That would be the 9th time, now. 
Oh, Lord.
I thought it was finally over. 

I thought I'd broken the habit.
Well, I did.
I broke the lack of routine.
Learnt to do stretches every night,
To take a warm shower
To write my persistent thoughts down.
To analyse music.
To make sure 12:30 was the latest I got.
And then- sleep.
I broke the habit of bad sleep hygiene. 

But then, I guess I forgot,
mental illness isn't a habit. 
And that one reminder
Is what keeps me awake at night.


For the Future

Dear future generation

It's inevitable that there will be some who try to hold onto the past. 
I don't blame them. I too will miss simple phones, celebrities who have now lived and gone, 2000's music, and more. 
But, don't let that stop you. Don't let some unpleasant spork talking about the good ol' days stop you from progressing. 
Progressing for more acceptance- I'm sure that's still an issue?
Perhaps it's flipped- maybe being a straight white male is the scrutiny now. Or perhaps my generation didn't do as good a job as we planned. Perhaps we never got passed "women can vote now" "homosexuals can marry now."
Perhaps the people in charge thought that was enough acceptance- whilst the world ran to social chaos. 

Please keep accepting people. Take care of others. Maybe accept robots too, if you get to that.
Please tell me Trump didn't start a WW3. Please.
Please tell me that Dan and Phil finally married and died happily...

"The School System Isn't Flawed"

Teachers, teachers, we must awe.
An opinion? That’s a flaw.
Simple Self Care? Its unimportant.
No talking, your words are indulgent.

Devote your time, make everything fit.
It’s the curriculum, you cannot quit.
It defines your future, you must commit.
The game plan is to be accurate.

Until break, you’re not free
Perfection, it’s the only key.
Oh, why isn’t the smart girl me?
We’re calling in sick with anxiety.

Oh Lord, we’re dying
Please mum, we’re trying
Where is the balance
Between a challenge and crying?

“It looks so good on resumes”
Along with “Be silent! Sit up straight.”
We’re all tired of cliches.
When will 13 years be repaid?

We live off coffee and lost hobbies,
Our schedule’s in due dates and our notes are copies
With mental disorders and broken bodies
You’ve turned us into educated zombies

Don’t you value the words we plea?
We beg and we cry and yet you disagree
Teachers, why won’t you...

I promise I'll figure out a way to come back to this site more often, but for now, I want you to read this one question and go on whatever poem/emotional tangent/story you want about it.

                                                                            What if the music stopped?


I have a plan

As a christian, something that has bothered me for a long time is the homosexuality debate. I believe it isn't a sin, or that, if it is, you don't condemn the person for doing it. But I've come to a decision. Firstly, let me point out some things.

There seems to be a common uprising of Christians forgetting what christianity is. God tells us to accept one another, since we aren't perfect, yet there are children murdered when they come out by their religious parents. He tells us that all sins are the same, yet people gloss over lies and vomit at the sight of two people of the same gender just loving each other.
Clearly, something is flawed.
So, I have a plan. I'm going to decide for myself. Not take anybody else's word for it, not my parents or my pastors. After all, humans are blinded by sin.
The only good christian I know is one of my...

Another one

To all those who've lost, were lost and to those who are afraid:

As you may have heard, there was yet another school shooting in America. Over 20 dead, the 18th this year.
I've heard, and I live in Australia. I'm lost for words, horrified and saddened. I want to send my sympathies out to the families and, since many of you are from the US, I hope none of you were harmed. I hope you weren't close to the children we've lost and most of all, I hope for your safety and security in times after this.
This shouldn't ever happen. Let alone 18 times in 6 weeks. That's an average of one every two days. I'm so, so sorry.

Sending my love and prayers,


Day 4- In case of emergency (Get 2 kno meh thingymagig)

I'm a paranoid piece of paranoia so I've always had a plan for if an intruder breaks in (Of which, there was a time I thought someone was drumming on the door and I followed this routine so I'm assuming I'd do it in a proper situation {It wasn't actually drumming, it was a balloon hitting a fan, feel free to laugh}) 
Step 1- Get a way to contact someone (phone probably)
Step 2- Get the fire extinguisher (Or deodorant bottle)
(If I have time) Step 3- Lock myself in room
If there is an intruder, I will be in that room and it will take some time for them to get in. I can then contact 000 (America's 911) and tell them details. I'll repeatedly say do not touch me, leave immediately, NO. I don't want you to do this.  If they manage to get in,  I'll spray the extinguisher at them. This dries out the eyes and lungs...

I don't really have the capacity to rant so Ima just say a bunch of things I believe that are rant worthy- day three

- Dan and Phil are awesome 
- The movie the greatest showman is too
- Sexism is, and never will be, ok
- Teachers that talk about how much time we are wasting and then, therefore, waste more time by complaining about us wasting time make me want to punch something
- Why the frick frack snickety snack do we try to bring equality by hating the majority?? Feminism should not be anti-men, racism shouldn't be anti-caucasian and lgbtqa+ acceptance shouldn't be anti-heterosexual. Hate just creates more hate. 
- The school curriculum is messed up man. Seriously, in Australia they've changed the curriculum for the massive tests during your last year of school. Instead of having a test a term that goes to an OP, you now have one test on the entire years worth. Thus we have to study during holidays. We have no rest.
- We don't deserve dogs they are bundles of purity
- Have you HEARD Twenty...

What are five items of clothing I wear a lot?- Day 2 of this get-to-know-me prompt thing

I regret making this because I literally just rotate outfits but let's try...

Skinny jeans (Preferably with rips)
Jeans are my LIFE seriously I'm willing to risk death in the 40* (105 degrees farenheight) Australian sun if it means I get to wear my skinny jeans with rips in them. If you're a girl, I'm sure you shall envy me when I describe these heavenly jeans I own:
They are High Waisted
7/8 length
With rips that don't get larger
Curve-embracing material,
In a darkish blue smooth denim
That fits my waist, thighs, hips, calves AND ARE LONG ENOUGH FOR MY BODY AT. THE. SAME. TIME.

*whispers* they also have actual pocketsssssssssss


My red flannel 
Yeah, I'm a bit of a stereotypical flannel wearing chic. Oh well... I love me a flannel.
Markiplier also has a lucky flannel so having it makes me feel happy.


Prompt 1- what I look like

In my opinion, I'd describe myself fat, not very attractive and my shoulders are larger than a bus. But I know my negative headspace bias might not be accurate so I'll try to describe myself differently.

I'm, to say the least, a big person. Or at least for my age. I'm tall, about 173 cm tall or 5'7'' as you may say, I've got broad shoulders and I'm curvy- my figure is kind of hourglass but kind of pear too... idk. My build, unfortunately, gets the attention of men looking for somebody to catcall AND makes me prone to people asking if I play basketball, netball, volleyball, even swimming (Its the height and the shoulders: 1). Which is ironic given I suck at sports. Contrary to what I said before, I know I'm not fat. I'm not fit or particularly thin, but my height has assisted in stretching me out. and I like the curves I've got
I have no...

Get to know me prompt/challenge thing that I randomly thought of

Hi! From hearing other peoples' opinions and using my own I noticed that the prefered and more enjoyable prompts of my  30 day writing prompt! were probably the ones where you were just talking about yourself. So I decided that it'd be nice to get to know my fellow writers on here through a series of prompts about preferences, experiences and personalities. (KEEP IN MIND NOT TO OVERSHARE, CYBER SAFETY ETCETERA ETCETERA, REMEMBER WHAT YOUR PARENTALS TOLD YOU) 
Be as detailed or as reserved as you please, as long as it is S A F E. 
Seriously though sorry to go all @lackingtheabilitytostopactinglikeyourmother on you, but I've read to many creepy internet story stalkers to the extent I am paranoid :D
ALSO HERE'S THE BONUS: self-deprecating jokes are a healthy moderation.
Again, feel free to do some, all or none of these, I'm just bored...
Here are le prompterinos (also this is just a 7-day/7 prompt challenge)

  1. Appearance wise, clothes...

Your Alien Authors prompt #1- If google was a person

"Ok, google!"
He kept snoring.
"Ok, google!!" 
He finally shot up, the man in frames looked both troubled and professional. He spun off the bed in a frenzy of sheets and pillows, only to get back up, smooth his hair back and fix his glasses like nothing had happened.
"Hi, how can I help?"
"Actually don't talk to me, after how you were yesterday..."
"I am sorry," Google deadpanned. "I really thought you said por-"
Hinge went bright red, shaking his head in rage.
"Now that's just low come on." Google groaned in distaste.
"I can say whatever I like after the COMMENT YOU MADE."


Daniel Howell- "Have the courage to exist"

Here's why I try to live by this quote:

  1. Because Dan Howell said it and I'm such Dan and Phil trash that I want to live by their words
  2. Have the courage- I am a really fearful and anxious person. So I feel as if it's saying OWN LIFE AND BE PRESENT
  3. to exist- He's saying stay alive. Need I say more. 
Honourable mentions:
Phil Lester(The other half of Dan and Phil)- "It's a good thing to be weird. Normalness leads to sadness." <3
Tyler Joseph (TWENTY ØNE PILØTS)- "The sun will rise and we will try again. Stay alive. Stay alive for me."
Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)- "Plant trees you know you'll never sit under the shade of."
Josh Dun ( TWENTY ØNE PILØTS)- "You'll fear your fears forever if you never do things you're afraid of."
Shane Dawson- "Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your...

Day 29- Inside my locket

So for this prompt, I was going to do a character 's locket. But I decided mine was interesting enough.

Inside my locket is a minuscule version of a drawing a friend and I did together. Its a drawing of flowers surrounding the number 478. 

You may already know what 478 is if you've read some of my other pieces or have any sort of breathing or anxiety problems(or insomnia), but 478 is a breathing pattern that slows your heart rate down. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for seven and breathe out slowly through your mouth for 8.
Some people do it to help them calm their mind and others, like me, do it when they are anxious or panicky. You probably also already know that I have a panic disorder.

So 478 is my support. It's how I slow down and steady my thoughts when I have a panic attack and it's how I relax when...

Day 28- My soul in two sentences

I would say my soul is vantablack and lifeless, but honestly, it's more like if you were to take Dan and Phil and put them inside me (weird imagary), that would be the perfect, although confusing, description. Colourful and bright with a swirl of the starry night.


(By the way, if you don't know vantablack is a colour darker than black. Google it :P)

Day 27- Special things I notice in a person

  1. The way they light up when they see a friend
  2. Whether or not their pupils are diluted
  3. Whether or not their jaw is clenched
  4. The scent they always wear
  5. Whether or not they got more sleep 
  6. How they look when they are happy
  7. How they look when they see their reflection
  8. How they touch their hair
  9. If they have a self-deprecating humor like me or not
  10. If they are lying (I honestly don't remember a single time in my life where I haven't picked it up)
  11. How they look when they are doing something they love
  12. What they are like when they think nobody is watching them
  13. Who they turn to if a teacher says "Pick a partner"
  14. Whether or not their shoulders are clenched

Ugh I couldn't think of a 15th which is really aggravating for some reason IT'S NOT A SATISFYING NUMBERRRR

Hey ladies so I had another catcalling experience and this time I retaliated and it was funny as frick so you should read this if you want to know how to OWN a catcaller

Ok so if you've read  Day 2- Experience on a streets by me (yes 'on A streets' because I can't fricken grammar), you'd know I'm no stranger to catcalling. Not because I'm pretty, I have the physical attraction of a sack of potatoes, but because men have
Z E R O standards. And after reading ' Call Me a Feminist' by Nicholi (read ittttttttttt), I remembered that I never told you guys about this experience I had whilst I was on my beach holiday about a week ago (NOT THE SONG JUST THE DATE).

So me, my brother, his girlfriend and my parents were out. But as we were walking home to our hotel at night, my parents decided to stop and look at some stuff. So they said to my brother, his girlfriend and I to take a key and just walk home ourselves. So we did. But if you know anything about two people dating, they DAWDLE. 

Day 26- 10 current favourite songs

1. Troye Sivan- My My My!
It's catchy ok- it's such a bop and all the music video is is him dancing in black and white filters but I LOVE IT

2. Dan and Phil- The internet is here
Ok I am Dan and Phil trash alright I'm not even ashamed they made the song for charity and they can't even sing that well but it's GREAT.

3. Twenty Øne Piløts- Kitchen Sink
This song is about channeling negative emotion into stuff you create:
"Are you searching? For a purpose? Then write something yeah it might be worthless. Then paint something and it might be wordless pointless curses nonsense verses but you'll see purpose start to surface- no one else is dealing with your demons- meaning may be defeating them- it could be the beginning of your meaning, friend."
Tyler also sings "A kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me" Because he's channeled his emotions into a...

Day 24- "...She didn't,"

The man screamed with anger has he hurled the wine bottle at the wall.
"I can't BELIEVE she left me for that bozo. Now she's pregnant too! I hate her!" His drunk voice slurred the words as he yelled. 
His wife stood in the doorway, 8 months pregnant, watching her husband have an outburst over a dream he mistook as reality.'
"Are ya done?" Another woman spoke from a closet to the wifes' surprise.
The man sighed. "Yes, dear... I'm glad I have you to keep me company."
The pregnant woman eyebrows furrowed as she watched her husband kiss another woman.
"Are you sure we should do this?" That woman asked hastily. 
"She wouldn't mind- she left me anyways..." He repeated. "She has no care for me. She moved on to another and had an affair. She's worthless, besides, I prefer you..." 

The man went silent when he noticed his new partner wasn't looking at him. Instead, she was looking...

Day 23- Puppets

She was a puppet, and he held her strings. Her arms ached above her head and the tips of her toes held the weight of her body until her socks were stained crimson. The enemy didn’t believe pointe shoes were necessary, she was cheap entertainment, and they wanted to keep it that way. Her spine was once like an oak tree, it gave to pressure and swayed, but now it just stood ungracefully straight and tall, like a pine tree, ready to snap. She’d left her career of dancing to save her country in the war, but once again she had a tutu bobbing as she looked at the sergeant of the opposing team, his wicked grin boring into her soul, sending flashbacks of the field. Bodies filled it, the body’s of her team, as stained as her toes. He’d won. Now her enslaved entertainment was all that she was useful for, all that kept her alive. She was a...

Day 22- Saddest sentence

John Greenleaf Whittier once said:
"For all the sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these:
                                                                            "It might have been.""

And although I try to find something sadder, I couldn't. I truly believe it's the saddest sentence. 

Day 21- "Hi, how are you?"

"Hi, how are you?"
She heaved. He asked every. day. 
"Good," The nurse swallowed. She hated this. She prepared the tablets and water for her patient, her eyes brimmed with tears behind her glasses when she noticed him staring confusedly at the drip in his wrist.
"I'm glad to hear that. I'm very sorry, but may I ask where I am?"

A single tear fell down her face at that. He said it every day. However, it broke her heart every time. To know that this man had no idea where he was or who these people were and yet still started by asking how those people were instead of going on a panicked rampage destroyed her. 
"Good morning Pastor Graham, my name is Miss Johnson, but you may call me Kathryn. It pains me to inform you that you have a brain tumor. You have had it for a few weeks now, and there's little to nothing we can do...

Day 20- The man in his motel

This is the story of a man who lives in a hotel-
...Right. Sorry.

This is the story of a man who lives in a motel.

"We've done this a thousand times: A hotel is a place tourists stay. A motel is-"
A motorist's hotel for people who need a place to stay short notice. I KNOW. 

Anyways, you may wonder why he lives at the motel. Why he doesn't just buy a house.
"It's the room serv-"
I'M GETTING TO THAT- hem hem Excuse my outburst.
This motel man lives at the motel because he's rather fond of the room service lady.

"Yes she's quite lovely. Or so I thought until she got hitched to that two-faced grub!"
NO DON'T THROW THE BEER- He threw the beer glass...

You may be wondering why he can hear me, the narrator. Long story short I chat with him whenever he's drunk because when he's sober he just assumes...

Day 19- How I fall in love

 I was thinking for this prompt just writing "I don't" and calling it a day. I've never loved or been loved romantically. I'm also asexual, so I feel no sexual attraction or I'm not 'turned on'. And I'm not a people person. So a lot of things come down to me just not falling in love often if at all. Which I'm fine with. But I'm writing a prompt and leading the way for others to use my prompts so damnit I'll think of another way to put "Love".

I think I fall in love through time and trust. I love my friends because I can rely on them the most, I love music because it'll always be there, adding rhythm to my steps in this race called life, I love the youtubers I watch because I know that they are sincere and when real life fails, they'll be...

Day 18- E M B A R R A S S I N G

So today's prompt I tell you my most recent embarrassing story. Feel free to cringe or feel glad you aren't me. Don't worry, I may be mentally scarred but I'll be ok. By embarrassing I don't mean my day-to-day life, I mean "WHY-WAS-I-BORN-THIS-IS-SO-HUMILIATING" embarrassing. 

So about a week ago my dad and I went to Moreton Island:  An island in Australia. The water is beautiful and it's the largest sand island in either the world or Australia, I don't know...

Due to this large amount of sand, there were plenty of sand dunes. So we went sand tobogganing. (Basically sledding on sand) I got my go-pro and headed up. As I was sliding down I hit a ditch and fell forward until I was spinning down the hill. Embarrassing, but not scarring. I mean, I videoed it all which was pretty funny. The real fun starts when I got to the bottom. Some people were down there waiting for a board...

Day 17- worst birthday

My worst birthday isn't that awful. But it's all I got so... :3

I was 7. We went to dreamworld- an Australian theme park- for my birthday. The drive to the theme park was tedious and the line up took hours. I was scared by the SpongeBob in costume, who chased me for no apparent reason and I was annoyed at Patrick Star who walked straight into me. Mum wouldn't let me go on any rides. I was mad. 
The cherry on top was when I was gawking at one of the rollercoasters and I walked straight into a pole. My dad made some comment about birds flying around my head and my family laughed. However, I didn't hear his comment, so I thought they were laughing at me. I started crying and stormed off, embarrassed. AND THEN MY BROTHER AND DAD DECIDE TO GO ON A RIDE. I jealously and upsettingly watched them go on it, still crying, a...

Day 16- A feeling other's mightn't know

I was gonna do some deep and meaningful feeling to me like the feeling of not feeling sexual attraction, the feeling of social anxiety, depression or something like that. But I'm angry and some boy who probably has 3 whole brain cells asked me what was the big deal about period cramps. SO TODAY MY (Queue a Thomas Sanders reference because rhyming is fun)  GUYS, GALS AND NON-BINARY PALS, I'M GOING TO DESCRIBE TO EVERY NON-MENSTRUATION EXPERIENCER OR PERSON WHO DOESN'T GET BAD CRAMPS ON THE PERIOD WHAT'S THE "BIG DEAL".

Also, if you tell me in the comments that this is tmi and you are disgusted, stuff you. This is an inescapable part of life. If you are disgusted by the pain associated with bloodshed (that isn't brought from violence), you are the problem. 

When my monthly subscription to Niagara falls arrives, I'm one of the lucky ones who get the whole experience.The severity of my cramps is very high....

My New Years Resolutions

(Inspired by the queen of this site- Kaitlyn ❄)
I used to think New Year's resolutions were dumb,(probably because I was bitter that I could never do them because I was unaware setting the bar too high) but now I've thought through some things and here is my list:

  1. Stop biting my nails
  2. Embrace and take care of my natural hair (It's curly, but I've been using straightening products on it for years)
  3. Get more sleep- I'm going to try and go from 1:00 am to 10:30-11: 00 pm and then down to 9:30 during school. 
  4. Wash my face with my dermatologist stuff daily (I'm not good at remembering)
  5. Drink more water
  6. Draw and journal more
  7. Distance myself from people bringing me down
  8. Love myself for the body I have
  9. Do more little things that will be beneficial for me mentally
  10. Keep my locker and my room clean for longer periods of time. 
  11. Concentrate on being more organized
  12. Be open to...

Day 15- add one word

She grabbed her baby and lifted it off the ground with a smile. 

She grabbed her lifeless baby and lifted it off the ground with a smile. 

Day 14- A memorable moment

There are some things I'll never forget. Embarrassing or awkward moments, panic attacks, scarring images and insults. But apart from those obvious ones, I have, for some reason, embedded into my memory the time I watched my first music video. 

I was probably 3 or so and my cousin, wearing a blue skirt and sandals, pulled me into her house (of which she has now moved from) as soon as she saw me outside her door, and into the living room. She sat me down in front of one of those old tvs with the two sticking out. She showed me the "beat it" music video by the king of pop himself (rest in piece) and I LOVED IT. I think I rewatched it about 5 times. I danced to the song whenever it played in the car whilst imagining the video scenes in my head and to this day "beat it" practically my anthem. Be afraid if that song...

#2- He sees you when you're sleeping...

Imagine a man- an overweight man who only wears red winter clothes no matter the season with a beard like Hagrid's but less inviting that's grey-or white- and bushy. This man makes no appearance for 364 days of the year and goes by a dozen different names. He has millions of random men impersonating him so that they get that special chance to have hundreds of children sit on them. He receives letters from unsuspecting children and doesn't reply. He enslaves creatures to do his bidding as he plans to fuel every child's' greed, whilst filling his own gluttony by demanding payment in sugary treats. His catchphrase consists of one word that is both a farming tool and an obscenity repeated three times. 
Imagine this man-who nobody has heard of or seen for these 364 days, suddenly makes every child unable to sleep as he prepares to break into their homes late at night on twelve enslaved animals. He shall decide...

Day 13- Where Kiera goes to escape

Kiera is one of my main characters for 'if only she knew'. When she goes to be alone, she goes to Sip, an open book cafe. 

Its hidden around the bend a few streets from her house, next to the vet and grocery store. A brick wall disguises the alluring place from view. Once you go around the wall and through the entrance, you're greeted with a small, graffiti-art laden cafe that usually has only two other customers at a time. It becomes a pizzeria at night and plays alternative music 24/7. A free-to-play arcade machine sits in the middle and there are stacks upon stacks of books that you can take if you swap it for one of your own. Kiera is a common customer. She'd ride there by motorbike and chat with the workers whilst downing a short macchiato. 
So when she had to cut her long black hair short and dye it pink as part of her job,...

Day 12- Bored: A step by step guide

Here's how my bored routine usually goes:

  1. Realise I am, indeed, bored.
  2. Lie around wasting my time doing something useless in a hope to cure said boredom
  3. Like seriously, the hours I've wasted being a vegetable is probably in the thousands. 
  4. Get up
  5. Grab (unhealthy) snack
  6. Eat said snack
  7. Realise I'm still bored
  8. Eat more
  9. Realise I'm stillllll bored
  10. Ea- You can see why I'm not very fit.
  11. Lie in my room and waste more time
  12. Groan in annoyance from boredom
  13. Tell mother I'm bored
  14. Listen to her inevitable reply "Clean your room" or "Unpack the dishwasher"
  15. Row that I want something entertaining to do
  16. Leave room, still bored.
  17. Groan again
  18. Eat again
  19. I'm practically a useless blob when I'm bored ok
  20. Repeat until I find something interesting to do. 

I get bored alot....

Day 11- Three sentence plot twist

The woman's body was limp after the assassin thrusted his dagger into her. He threw her lifeless body on the ground and flounced off, only to turned back around when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.
He turned to come face to face with the woman as she, without batting an eyelash, pulled the dagger from her stomach and placed it into the mans' hand,
"You seemed to have dropped this."

Day 10- Last time I cried.

Now 4 days ago when I did top ten facts about me I said I didn't think I had cried since April, but since then I have.

I have a panic disorder. What that means I experience panic attacks- sudden physical and mental feelings of fear for no reason (May include hyperventilating, shaking, dizziness and other things)- frequently. And yesterday, around 11 pm Brisbane time, I had a severe panic attack that lasted about 20 minutes. 

It's like if you were falling backwards and landed on a floor of glass- it's that moment just as the glass underneath you shatters.
It started small, I felt a bit unsettled as I walked around my house, my heart wasn't racing but when my brother called out to me from the living room, he sounded distant, as if I was dreaming. He'd asked me if I was ok. I didn't answer as I scuttled into my room. I sunk into my bed and just...

Day 9- Describe a movie in one sentence/Explain a film plot badly

Everything, Everything.
A sick girl experiences love through a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome only to learn her entire life was a lie. 

Day 8- Your favourite food described grossly


Day 7- Sleep

My relationship with sleep is (spoilers!) crap. We're like those two people who cross paths and are all smiley to each other like "Heyyyy!" But as soon as the other is out of view, we continue to complain about them.
So I have mild insomnia. I. cannot. sleep. I usually read or draw or write(hi!) until 1 in the morning or later. 
My average hours of sleep is around four to six hours. And my undereyes remind me so. 
Common reasons I can't sleep include:

  • Too hot
  • Too cold
  • Legs sticking together
  • Period cramps (my frands who have also unwillingly subscribed to monthly Niagra falls would probably agree)
  • Being thirsty
  • A sniffy nose (thanks, hayfever)
  • Remembering something stupid I did years ago and dwelling on how much I regret doing said thing
  • Overthinking times I'd been awkward that day 
  • Stress in general
  • My brain not shutting up and deciding 1:00am was the perfect time to have the most ideas for things I want...

Day 6- 20 facts about me

  1. I'm a Christian.
  2. I'm asexual. Although at my young age it's hard to define, I find no arousing attraction or I'm not "turned on" by anyone- however, this doesn't mean I will not love.
  3. I have a panic disorder. It is a part of me I'm now open to share and it's something I will dwell on more in writing later on.
  4. I have social anxiety.
  5. I like to draw :)
  6. I've never been in a relationship and don't desperately seek to change that anytime soon
  7. I am a strong believer in rights for all (Sexualities, gender, races, ages, etc)
  8. I love youtube. Youtubers have changed me for the better. (IM GOING TO SEE DAN AND PHIL ON TOUR OH MY GOOOOOSH)
  9. I'm indecisive about everything. Seriously, I wondered whether or not to put this point in for a solid six minutes.
  10. I'm currently working on loving my body for what it is. I hope you love yours!
  11. The only sport...

Day 5- Inconvenient superpower

"Presto!" A woman covered in rags sewn together suddenly appeared into the boys' room. 
"Hello! I am the powerf-"
"What are you doing in my room?!" The boy pulled on his glasses as he shouted. 
"I've come to grant you a power! You shall be amazing. All the girls shall LOVE you."
The boy's heart lept. A power?! Now he had a chance of being somebody!
"F-forever?" He didn't bother to question why. Or how. He didn't want to waste time if it was true.
"Yes, I shall do it now..." The ragged lady grunted loudly and "Op! Done. Now if you just look up somewhere and then point your legs..."
The boy didn't hesitate. He lunged off his feet and straight towards the ceiling. And then... stayed there. Oh no. What was happening?! He started to panic.
"Just. Think. About touching the ground." The mistress sighed. He did as he was told...

Day 4- A trip to grandma's

My Mum peaked her head around my bedroom door. "You're visiting your grandmas," 
"I thought she was dead...?" 
Mum sighed, clearly exasperated.
"Turns out she just didn't want to pay taxes. The body was fake and everything." 
I raised my eyebrow. "Ok..."
"We leave in five minutes, get dressed." She spun on her heel to leave.
"Wait. Wha-"
She closed the door.

I didn't bother to ask on the way there. I'm sure mum grew another grey hair at the thought of her mother-in-law. I best not annoy her. We spun into the driveway of the massive house, security cameras on every surface, all windows and doors shut. It was the little things that made me feel unsettled.
I got out of the car.

Every step up the long driveway was an aching hell but I made it to the top, mum had driven off. I knocked and it opened ever so slightly before proceeding to burst open and I...

Day 3- Opinions and Beliefs

1. I wish everybody should learn who (in my opinion) God is.
Due to many mistakes, he's been portrayed as not a great guy/religion. I don't want to force religion on people, but it saddens me that the reason people are turning away is that of his negative portrayal. There have been homophobic acts, controversial statements and overall just people hurt by others 'in the name of the Lord' so frankly, we aren't seen as good people. God doesn't hate homosexuals, Christians aren't perfect and to be religious doesn't mean to have to not be homosexual or not commit sins. You can't decide to do those things, sexuality is a part of you and sin is inescapable. The true meaning is that above those things, you seek him and above relationships and material wealth he is your main priority.
NOT. A. SINGLE. Christian-no matter catholic, baptist, etc- has ANY right to shame you for WHO YOU ARE. WE ARE NOT BETTER...

Day 2- Experience on a streets

Also Hello! You look great today

I was thinking of writing a story on the experiences of a character I created walking down a street, but I think my own is potentially more interesting given it's real.

When I go out on a street alone I'm, to say the least, terrified. A portion of my female frands will agree but for men, I had a problem explaining to them why it's scary. I told them I'm worried about a man catcalling, following or doing something worse to me, but my male friends always tell me with confusion, 
"But none of us here would do that. You can't assume all men would do that!"
Which is true, not all men are dangerous. And not all women are innocent. But the statistic difference is staggering. And frankly, not all...


Secondly, Kaitlyn ❄ who is a really supportive, helpful and sweet girl has every badge except ONE. Which is 20 favourites on one piece of writing. She deserves that badge. I think for all the amazing work she does for people on here, she's earnt it.
Anyways that's all I gotta say have a good day! :D

Day 1-blue

When you are sitting on a bus, the warm smile of your friend beside you, it's the colour of the seats. When the hours fly by as you watch her sketch random patterns, it's the colour of the ink. When your eyes start to lower and exhaustion seeps in during the trip, it's the colour tinting your skin. When she looks up at you since she notices your constant yawns and asks if you wanted to sleep, it's the colour of her concerned eyes. When you nod and she offers for you to rest on her shoulder, it's the colour of her shirt. When you lie there slowly dozing off as you hear the rhythmic pattern of her heart, it's the colour that flashes through your mind with every beat. 

When she jostles you awake to tell you you'd reached your destination, it's the colour sucked out from the air. When you get up, groaning as you stretch, it's the colour...

30 day writing prompt!

Hi! So I decided I might as well find a writing prompt to follow which I'm starting today. I thought others might want to use this challenge or some of the prompts too!
Here are the prompts for each day:

  1. Describe the colour blue as if describing it to someone completely blind. 
  2. The experience of walking down a street for you
  3. What are your top three strongest opinions/beliefs and why?
  4. Create a character and send them away to their cranky grandma's house
  5. Create a superhero whose talent isn't very convenient
  6. 20 important facts about you 
  7. Your relationship with sleep
  8. Think of your favourite food and try to make it sound as disgusting as possible. 
  9. Summarise a movie or book in one sentence
  10. The last time you cried
  11. Create a story with a big plot twist- challenge is it can only be three sentences long
  12. What are you like when you're bored
  13. Where would one of the characters you've already created (in...

More important stuff you should know

Ok, I wrote 30 facts yesterday about important things to know. Even though not many saw it, those who did have told me it helped them out and made them smile. And that's all I want to do! You all deserve happiness. SO HERE ARE SOME MORE FACTUAL FACTS FOR YA :D (This is gonna be more in paragraph form with some dot points and I might repeat myself but IDC.)

  • Why should you call yourself ugly?
You haven't seen the way you look through your day to day life. You've only seen yourself sigh in disappointment in a mirror or in awkward photos that don't look natural. You, frankly, aren't used to seeing the real you! You haven't seen the way the light touches your eyes when you're intrigued by something. You haven't gotten used to seeing the genuine smile that grows on your face when you're happy. You haven't seen your face light up when you have an...

Things to remember :D

I just want to brighten your day/night so here are some happy lil things you should remember (kudos to Kaitlyn*queue snowflake emoji* and others for sparking this idea! I just love making y'all smile.)

  1. You look GREAT. I don't care about that zit on your chin or that one piece of hair or that extra roll... you are perfectly perfect just the perfect way you perfect little piece of perfection. 
  2. When you look at a photo, it is usually flipped. This is why you might think a photo looks unnatural compared to in a mirror. IT'S FINNNNNEEEE
  3. YOU *clap* DON'T *clap* NEED *clap* TO *clap* BE *clap* IN *clap* A *clap* RELATIONSHIP *clap* TO *clap* BE *clap* VALIDATED *clap* AS *clap* A *clap* PERSON
  4. ^^Seriously though, don't be down if you're a single pringle! You might be that friend who just watches everyone else love or be loved. But that's ok! No partner can make you a better human being...

My December Competition 2017

An iconic holiday

This time of year is always strange. It begins with the early weeks of November where some are twirling around in red tinsel and others are tearing down decorations in protest,
"It was Halloween two days ago!" They shout.
Then the month of December starts to approach and an unspoken tension fills the air. Mothers hurry for that before-Christmas bargain, families argue about whose house everyone is going to for Christmas lunch and the true grinches come out. You can usually tell who they are by the hot steam bursting out of their ears when they see Christmas decorations up in shopping centres before December 1st.
The best-known statements of this late November/early December time are
"You've seriously got your Christmas tree up already?"
followed by
"Another storm just hit." or "Christ, it's hot."
I might need to clarify I'm talking about this December time in Australia. Whilst other continents are curling up by fires and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters,...


Words I created :D


Combination of the Latin words Terrore meaning panic and Pax meaning peace.
It's basically the indifferent yet worried sensation you get when you're procrastinating or you've come to accept a horrible fate
"He glanced at his unfinished assignment across the room as he rolled over, just the sight of the paper made him fall into a state of terrorepax."
"The man balled his fist, holding the girl up by her shirt, a knife in his hand. Terrorapax swept over her, she gazed uninterested into the distance. 
'Go on. Kill me.' She said without remorse for herself."


Combination of the French word tête meaning head and the Latin word mima meaning actresses.
The creation how a conversation will go or a scenario in your head.
"She looked at her toes, her face flushed read. The conversation wasn't like the tetemima she had anticipated."


Combination of three Latin words- Perdita, Nescius, and Fabula 
Perdita meaning lost, Nescius meaning...

If only they knew story scene 1- not sure about a title

Kiera POV

"You have seven months, " His face was hidden in the shadows of is hood but I could tell he was smiling. 
"Seven whole months? How much am I expecting to be paid for such a long time?" I demanded.
"Nothing." He stated simply. "I'm your boss, who said I'd pay you more for overtime?" 
The anger rose in my throat. My grip tightened onto my dagger the same man had once handed me years before.
"I'm not spending seven months as an actress for no pay." I spun on my heel and began to walk off. 
"Kiera!" He reached out his hand.
"Miss Jones to you." I walked faster, the sound of my clicking shoes somehow being an encouragement. 
"There will be payment." He coughed. I stopped, glancing around at the empty carpark we were in, it was better than showing the respect of looking at him. 
"Just not payment in money." He said slowly.
"No. I...

They say.

"Be yourself." They say
"Slay your personality!"
But how can one do that,
If they tell me how to be?

I tell them I'm asexual.
They asked me how I know.
I explained what I meant, they dismissed,
"You're just being shallow."
I tell them I love youtube,
I love the creators and what they do.
But they tell me I'm being pathetic,
"They'll never remember you."

I tell them I have social anxiety.
They roll their eyes. "That's insane!"
"How can you have a social-based mental disorder,
when you were just talking to Jane?"

I even tell them I'm Italian,
And they blankly disagree.
"Why would you identify as Italien
When you weren't born in the country?"

I tell them I'm thirteen.
They disagreed- said I didn't look young,
I pointed out it was my age- wouldn't I know?
They told me to hold my tongue.

I told them I was an introvert-
That I reboot when I'm alone. ...


You look great today! :D



Goodnight my sweet little bird, `
Lying on the road.
May you die with respect,
Which your killer never showed.

Your feathers may be tethered,
Your legs, stiff and high,
But may those lolling eyes catch glimpses
Of the enrapturing night sky.

The stars and the moon shall glow for you,
Although they’ll mourn from afar,
They wish for you to remember their light,
Not the ones of the rusty car.

I say this because I recognise you.
I named you Gorgeous, it seemed right.
You’d fly onto my window sill,
And stay there every night.

I lost a friend the day you arrived,
Because of you, my shattered pieces were fit to mend.
No matter if you were fate or just some mere luck,
You became my new animal friend.

I know I’m not  mistaken,
You are indeed that same bird.
I recognise your features,
And that soft tweet I always heard.

You were my sweet little angel,

Numerous Narrators

If only they knew

I looked at her with a soft smile. Although I towered over by nearly a foot I felt small, nervous in the pretty presence. I felt as if my heart was going to burst through my chest. So this is what love felt like.
"Kiara?" I croaked. Her head turned. Her pink hair at ears-length bobbed up and down from the movement. She widened her eyes in confusion as she lifted her head as if making facial expression of the sound "Hmm?"
Those eyes... they sparkled in the moonlight behind her large black frames. She smiled that beautiful smile when she looked at me and we laughed together, before I decided to finally ask.
"What are you thinking about? Like actually?"
She loved talking about life in general, I knew her answer would probably be deep as she didn't answer at first. 
She sighed, her eyes sinking with distaste. "The fact I'm unlovable."
"SHHH!" I gave her a playful...

Ten Words to You


Thongs- the shoes.
There's another spider.


Setting as Mood


This. This is the place where birds sang.

This is the place where the grass was once greener than any dollar bill. Where water was bluer than any facebook logo. This is the place where flowers emitted a natural perfume and filled the floor with their attractive colours, distracting the eyes of hungry animals. This is the place where the tops of trees were out of sight and bushes were Mother Natures' natural walls. Where the sky you couldn't see due to all the trees, but that's ok- everything eye level is just as beautiful. Areas were filled with colourful bugs hiding underneath every surface and tunnels formed from vines that became something beautiful to walk through. This was the place where every step was closer to something new to experience, lush green covering every corner.  

This was the place that was supposed to stay unowned.

The place where the grass wasn't supposed to be uprooted. Where water was never...