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Bryant Evans (Malaysia) published:

It Was Simple.

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

The simplicity of love,
Like a cup of hot steaming tea,
Like a cup of long black coffee.
But we often add honey to tea and call it sweet honey tea.
And we add milk and sugar to coffee and call it a latte.
And just like love, we often complicate it.
But sometimes we also wish for love to be simple.
It is simple.
It was simple.

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Bryant Evans (Malaysia) published:

Listening To The Heart


Love is a treacherous road we all walk on. Some people lose themselves looking for a hand to hold, while some hearts are still blindly beating in the dark. Everyone has been a victim of heartbreak before. I, for one, can’t ever deny the cold, ugly truth. Love has always been an enemy of mine. And I have always lost when it comes to love. From its bullets demolishing the heart that is still trying to sew itself back to...
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