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Message from Writer

I know I haven't written anything in about a year and I'm sorry. This year I have been struggling with some personal issues and I have a lot of homework in school but I will try my best to write more this year! So I'm really sorry but I just wanted you all to know there will be more writing!

Published Work


        Is it morning already I thought as I wiped my sweaty forehead. It was the beginning of September and school was only a few days away. I slowly opened my eyes and my room was lit up as if all the lights were on but when I looked out the window it was pitch black. The only source of light was the apartment next door who seemed to still be awake. I stood up and turned around my eyes grew wide and the only thing that came out of my mouth was a scream.  
                                                                                 Earlier that day
    "The moving trucks are here!" I called from my empty room. I looked around my room one...

Why I Write

Why I Write

I write to give myself a voice

I write to let out my emotions

I write to entertain others

I write because I like to write

I write because it's fun

I write to open up a new world

I write to be excited 

I write to inspire others to start writing