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Message from Writer

Each and every one of you is special.

You’re made of stardust, too.

If you can’t find a bright side, it’s okay to sit in the dark for little bit while your eyes adjust. It’ll be easier to find light after that.

I love you to the moon and back.

Peer Reviews

As I Soar


I was rather confused as I read this piece, but overall it was nice to think about. My biggest criticism is in your spelling and grammar. I don't point it out to offend anyone, but improper spelling and grammar often distract the reader from the actual piece. You use the word "threw" a lot when I'm sure you mean "through". "Threw" is the past tense of throwing, while "through" is to move between something- in one side and out the other, as the dictionary defines it. You also used "dived" as the past tense of "dive". While this isn't necessarily incorrect, because "dived" is the traditional way of spelling is since the 1300s, the newer, more accepted version is "dove", so I'd suggest using that so you don't trip up your readers.

almost 2 years



Great job! I really really love this. :)

about 2 years

The ocean creature

PROMPT: The Peace of Wild Things

I absolutely LOVE the ocean, and every creature that lives in it. It's so vast and mysterious, beautiful and clear. Oftentimes I find myself daydreaming about going out for a swim on the ocean- gliding over the surface like a piece of driftwood, or immersing myself in it like a mermaid, so this piece is especially amazing in my mind. You've really captured all the beauty of the water with just a simple poem. Thank you.

about 2 years



over 2 years

I love you

PROMPT: The Art of Specificity

Oh my holy Jesus! I didn't expect that last part at all! At first I was rather bored, thinking this'd just be another short and fluffy tale but then- BAM- nope, here are the waterworks. This is amazing. I'm speechless. Amazing job, I love it.

almost 3 years

Gender Equality

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2017


Ignorance and Innocence


What else, other than ignorance or innocence, would someone miss about being a kid? What would they be happy about now that they've grown up?

almost 3 years

Your Reasons


I'm gonna be honest, when I finished reading this, I was left breathless. I love this so much! I think everyone should read this. Your perfectly picked diction adds to it all so much and I applaud you. Keep it up!

almost 3 years