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Writing: just do it


    I want to write beautiful and tragic things people can relate to. I want to write so people can feel less alone when they're awake at 4AM and the sunrise is only hours away. I just wish I didn't analyze each word like a puzzle piece that's keeping me from moving on. I wish I could simply write and write some more and just keep writing until I accept that the only way to get better is to...

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In February

PROMPT: “In January”

I hurt like flowers without sunlight
In a river flowing of icy water
Suffocating, the sunrise refusing
To just open up the blinds
I'm drowning in this eternal night sky
My lungs in drought
Turning pedals blue
Six more weeks 'till spring
But if you don't help me
I don't think I can make it 
Through February


Seeking Peer Reviews

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