Thea Engzén


17, Sthlm, Passion for figure skating, music and writing

Message from Writer

The difference between a hobby and a passion:
When you have a hobby, you practise when you feel like it.
When you have a passion, you practice even when you don't want to.

Peer Reviews

A Murder in the Afternoon

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

This is a great story you've got, I really enjoyed reading it!

11 months

Dancing #quickrhymes


I love this story and the "lightness in the air" type of feeling it gives me! Great job!

about 1 year



I love this poem and I would love to read more like it. It really is fantastically written. Regards, Thea

about 2 years

Good ole summer break


I think this piece has great potential, but it needs touching up and polishing. I really hope you continue to work on it because it can be great, all it needs is some final work. The concept you have it fantastic. And good luck on your senior year!

about 2 years

A Year in Nowhere

PROMPT: Where to?

It's a great piece you've written, though it has a few things that need fixing. A Year in Nowhere wakes feeling of wanderlust and if you just polish it a little it will be truly amazing.

about 2 years

The Trilogy


This was a really beautiful piece!

over 2 years