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A sun washed over the mountains
Bathing the sky in orange.
The clouds turned into glaciers
In the hollowing light of the sun.

The Dragon Festival

    “Oy! You there... STOP.” Saga had known to keep her eyes on the boy since he had stepped through the door. His face was stained black by soot and mud. His clothes were so worn they seemed to consist of patches sewn over patches. It was clear that he belonged on the streets. Not here, between the aisles in Mr. Schultz’s convenience store. Sure enough, Saga had spotted the boy sneaking a chocolate bar into his pocket.
    “Please, Missus, only one!”
    “Mr. Schultz!” Saga yelled.
    “You’ve no idea how hard the streets are…” the boy continued. It was no use.
    “Mr. Schultz!” Saga yelled again. She wasn’t listening. He turned to dash out, but before he could escape the girl was on top of him.
    “Let go!” He wriggled to get out of her stone hard grip. “Please. You’ve no idea how far a piece of chocolate…” He wasn’t finished, but interrupted by a deep authoritative voice.
    “What’s goin’ on...