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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

Message from Writer

I am a child of Christ the Lord. I'm an animal lover and love to read and write. I'm homeschooled and part of 4-H. I love nature and outdoors. I love fall and the night sky. I'm a Love to take photography and drawing. I write for the joy of it and to write fantasies that could never happen. I love to write because I get to let my imagination lose and, trust me, I dream of a lot of things that could never happen in real life but could happen in a book.

Published Work

Lunar Phrases

Moon’s Faces

1. A silver medallion amongst lose grains of salt.

2. She is known for her calming nature, for one to look up see her face amongst the stars. For others, they see a man in the moon, face carved in crater and beaming with dimples.

3. In darkness, shadowy deserts and celestial seas, silver up above or in watery grasp, a perfect circle or ripply features. We see her offend, common amongst ice chips.

Bled for the Beauty

I bled as I wrote,
drops of sweat clung to my brow.
Within the dim candlelight,
my heart pounded mercilessly
as my fingers ached and scribbled.

The ink was bold and dark,
across the paper, words were strung.
A signal idea,
more added to the melody the words formed.
The plot drove on,
dark and sad.

To laugh on paper,
to form tears,
the author, so cruel.
Starborne skies,
and boundless possibilities.
Characters of dreams
fleshed within the ink blood of their creators.

Dark glades and sunshine meadows,
fluttering butterflies.
Moon shadowed pools,
clear lagoons.
Beauty within the pain,
suffering, endless hours,
hunched and aching,
Everything just so dull.

Finally, all my bleeding,
my future arthritis,
broken pen,
maybe even sprained fingers.
It's over, finished.
My books can finally be closed,
all loose ends tied.
The relief, the accomplishment.
I am free from that shackled journey,
and my work is beautiful from my blood, sweat, and tears.


It was dark outside. You could hear a fox yipping in the distances. I looked up at the twilight sky. No stars shone as wispy white fingers covered the moon. Bugs flitted around the light of the porch and the concrete was cold against my feet. I looked around the dark yard for some sort of inspiration but couldn't find any. A cricket chirped and I sighed. Nature was silent tonight. The very clouds that hid the sky, clouded my own searching gaze. I was searching for inspiration, but looking the wrong way. You see, inspiration can't be forced and found by those that seek for it. But only reveals itself in the most randomest times when you finally stop looking and lear to wait with patience.

Parting Ways

Alex sat on the ledge. Below him, the valley danced in wonderous greens and golds. The sun descended behind the distant purple mountains, it's gold bathing their white tips. Wind ruffled his dark hair and sent goosebumps up his arms. The river thundered beside him as it tumbled over the lip of the cliff and into the pool below, mossy rocks slickened around him. He heard the light footsteps of his friend Miley approach and he looked over his shoulder. The tips of her blonde-died hair began to grow dark from lack of dye applied, but the rest of her hair was golden in the dying sunlight. She placed a hand on his shoulder as she eased herself to the spot beside him.
"Hey," he said as he looked back across the beautiful valley.
"Alex, we've got to talk," Miley murmured softly.
"I know," he mumbled.
Miley looked out over the valley as well. "I love this place."
"I know,"...

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

But, Sweetheart, We Cannot Be

But, sweetheart, remember, I was borne to tide.
I don't know the caressing tide to shore,
this heart was weathered by storms.
The craving waves never relenting,
the honor and courage of the sea.

I'm familiar with celestial beauty,
the endless horizon and blazing sun.
The sea salt wind whisked through hair,
taut and raw of years.
The ocean is a wild place in my eyes,
but upon traveling its tide, beauties are discovered.

Oh, Sweetheart, your gracious words of land.
Upon rolling and folding greens,
tumbling and rushing falls,
and endless orchards of shade.

Smoke rising above your head,
cobblestone beneath your boots.
Darling little houses
charm the towns.

Shops lining the streets,
dressmakers and smelters,
gentlemen and stable hands,
servants and mail boys.

The sound of clopping hooves
and strange stifling smells,
Perfume and metallic odors.
Calloused hands upon rust and hammers 
and delicate fingers grace rich silk.

Comfort and riches,
wealth and elegant parties.
Status and society,
commoner to nobility.
It's all much.


Reaching Home #N.poetry

Song: Love is War
Here's the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Zp3bXwDdA

You stand there, just before me,
with that look in your sorrowful eyes.
They used to be filled with hope and joy,
but now I've been seeing too much pain and brokenness.
They should be there,
those emotions do not belong in your life,
but, I guess, war as a way of changing people.

We've been traveling upon this rough
and too worn path for so long.
We've lost the meaning of happiness
and the sun is long gone.

Our feet hold blisters
and hands cold blood.
Our minds are dim
and our hearts carry many scars.

Calloused and broken,
we stumble onward.
Just ahead, there's a glint,
a spark over the hills.
It's luminous and bright.

A sunrise, dawning hope,
pushes away the cold night.
Our dark path is coming to an end,
at the end, a hope glows, warm and bright, 
a home await.
We're finally heading home.

You're Burning

"You're burning, Orchid," the retired lieutenant said. Firelight flickered in his dark sincere eye from the streetlamp. He stared her right in the eyes, the flames in his gaze searing into hers.
Orchid looked down at her feet, searching for the flames. She didn't feel the burning of flames to skin nor could smell the sickeningly sweet scent of burning flesh. Her leather boots remained intact, no flames or flares dancing at her feet. She looked back up at the man and blinked slowly. "Sir, there is no fire on me, therefore I am not burning."
 "You are," he insisted, looking down at his hands. A grieved pain dawned in his remaining eye. "I am burning as well."
 "Sir, you are not burning," Orchid said simply.
He let out a heavy laugh. "That's right, you do not know the pleasures of literature. All you've known is war."
"I am sorry I do not understand your words, sir," Orchid said with deep...

Novel Writing Competition 2018

Nictus's Lost World

    6-year-old Nictus stood in the wreckage, the leftovers after the fire, with his small hands cupped over his mouth as he yelled for his mom. “MOMMY!” He raised his voice when his mom didn’t answer and he felt confusion swirl in him. Where was his mom?
    Soot smudged his cheek from when his mom had slipped him out of the small window just before the ceiling had collapsed around her. Smoke curled around the blackened ground, rising up into the grey polluted sky. The trees that surrounded the small lot their trailer had once sat on loomed above him, offering no consent for his lost.
He remembered his dad coming home, trembling and his eyes shining with exhaustion. He’d yelled at his mom, rambling on about nonsense that Nictus couldn’t understand. He’d gestured a lot to Nictus who’d stood, watching his mom and dad yell at each other, as his mom’s voice became despaired and high and choked...

QuillingLeaves Writing Contest for Fun Winners

Section A

Winner: Johanna
Blood Splattered Flag
Johanna has made an excellent piece with emotion, conflict within the character, and characterization. In the piece, "Blood Splattered Flag", the main character is shown struggling after the death of her father, caused by her, and it shows the guilt the character feels bleeding through the words. It makes the reader wonder, what society is the main character grown up in that she has to kill her father for acceptance?

Second Place: Kenny
In this piece, Kenny portrays a character named Jane in a future tense style of writing. Jane has this huge destiny told by the Fate, Lachesis, who just so happens to be seen as an old messy lady in a circus tent. Kenny puts humor into the writing as the story progresses, showing Jane's creative way of thinking as she sees certain things as ways of humor. This humor lightens the mood of the story and makes...

Five Endings

Five Endings, There Should've Been More...

1. She stood, captivated by the butterfly that fluttered by, and held out her fingers. It's buttery yellow delicate wings reminding her of her grandpa. Saddened as the butterfly passed without hesitation, her grandpa on his deathbed. Loneliness as it flew onward without a care in the world, her grandpa's failing breathing and slowing heart. Grief as it fluttered off into the blue sky, just as grandpa had died with a smile on his face.

2. Nothing was left. It was all gone. Just as it had begun empty it ended in the same conclusion.

 3. And with her first given command, their first steps to freedom were taken. Their beginning of a new entwined fate and goal starting with those first steps out of the arena. And her first trust was given as he stepped out just beside her. And her hope restored in the crease of determination in his brow. This was it, it was done. And all...

Dear Wolf and Little Lamb

Snow fell eerily softly, slow and cold. It seemed to never reach the ground to cover it in whiteness, instead it seemed to swirl around just like in snow globes. A blanket of chillingly comforting  whiteness settled around the land, yet the ground remained dark green and rocky, cold but lively. Delicate ghostly butterfly the color of bone fluttered through the snow as if it were spring, their wings painted with different shades of dark whites and pale greys in skull designs. Birds glided through the swirling snow, nothing but skeletons while others landed on the bone-weary sagging trees, somehow having yellow leaves that rattled dryly. The jutting roots of the big oak tree curled and tangled over a hollow that laid under the heart of the tree. An inky sluggish river flowered under the arch of roots, the soil hardening to stone as it seemed to freeze over till it became grey. The river carved and curved under the...

The Threat

"Everyone, INSIDE," an urgent almaring voice called before a door slammed shut. Everyone froze in what they were doing, silence falling over the crowd square of the village, listening and looking for the danger. Then it came, from deep inside the forest, hundreds of pounding hooves on the mossy forest floor, the clinking of armor and swords. The king's men were coming.
And in on unison like a crashing wave of an ocean, the townspeople broke up, running to their houses after collecting their children. In total practiced chaos, the people swarmed around each other to get to safety, safety from the king's unjust and unfair men. Phelix ducked under a merchan's cart, one of the many that circled and dotted the emptying marketplace. It was his routine and his alone, no one would suspect a dog that was hiding under a cart. They wouldn't suspect him because they didn't know what he really was, a human boy that could...

QuillingLeaves Writing Contest for Fun

Hey, so I entered SomeFormOfWriting's contest to try it out, and I was inspired to try it out with making my own. So, here goes. (If you have any questions ask them in the comments and if you're interested also tell me in the comments if your entering)

Section A:
Theme: An unexpected hero/someone who becomes a hero when they don't want to or something drives them to become one
Possible Ideas: Tell about how they became a hero, what drives them to become a hero, or someone who becomes a hero in through actions or standing up to do something different. Think outside the box, you don't have to use these exact ideas, just trying to give you options and get you thinking. Be creative, don't be limited by these three ideas, expand on them or come up with your own.
Word Minimum: At least 200 hundred but from there, there's no limit to how many words
Some of...

Heroes Fall

Up in the sky,
high above,
he soars.
His name known,
his legacy known,
himself known.
A hero he is,
perfect and invincible,
unbroken and unharmed.

A hero he is known for,
hidden in a mask,
who is he under?
Without the mask
who is it underneath?
A hero or a fraud,
in the mask
 does he put up a facade,
under it, is he broken?
Is he human?

Sounds Assail Me

Sounds Assail Me

The harsh briefness of a storms voice
reminds me of man's own cruel noises.
As we rage and yell
we clash the ocean's powerful waves against weakening rocks.
The booming thunder of the clouds
are the pounding of our feet on floorboards as we stomp about.
The singeing strike of lighting,
is a silent slap on the face with words.

The lashing  cold freezing rain,
shows the coldness after an argument.
The reigning hail pounding relentlessly
shows the hurt after an attack of words.

The brutality of a growl as a wolf fights wolf,
brings me to think of the verbal fights owned by man.
The thubbing of horse hooves as they flee from man,
repeatedly pounding the heart of man as their anger reigns.
The hollow howl of a wolf is the cry of emptiness and grief from man,
and a screaming sparrow is the cries of a child.

All around us nature's noises connect with ours
as we...

Surly Wombat's Prompt 9: Nictus's Sorrow

It happened suddenly, the bittersweet life I had turned only to bitterness as life forced me to bite into the dark chocolate. The sweetness was ripped from my taste buds as the bitterness in my life consumed it, my father. As he lit the match my mom's fate was sealed, my life went up in smoke. With the click of the lock we were trapped and the flames started to fan out, the small window ajar in the kitchen was the only escape, only big enough for me. My mother lifted me from the linoleum flooring of her trailer and slipped my six-year-old self out the window.
I stood there helpless as my mom's life burned away at my father's hands who'd disappeared. In my small six-year-old mind I didn't understand the lose I was witnessing, all I could feel who my devastation and grief in my heart as my mom was stolen from me. Sirens wailed distantly as the...

#MyFormOfWriting Competition Music/Sound: Nature's Symphony

    Around me the forest's symphony sung its harmony as I stood, surrounded by the tall looming trees. The sky high above was a depressing grey as it tried to embrace the earth for comfort, its thunderous noise booming the beat of a drum. The light pattering rain made an echoy tapping noise as they landed hard on green leaves of the trees. The birds in the tops of the looming trees whistled and chirped together, like a symphony of flutes and clarinets. Additional hooting from the owls that were disturbed by the storm and left restless as they ruffle their feathers, adding their displeasure yet alerted calls.
    The wind rustling the leaves of the oaks made a swishing whispering noise like tambourines and the flimsy branches of the pine trees made a rattling hushed noise like merachas. The howl of a distant wolf run around as the sky started to darken, trying to coax the hidden moon out into the...

Disturbed Night

Glittering untouched crystals layered over the frozen ground,
drenched silver in the moonlight casted from the full moon high in the night sky.
Ice chips twinkled in the dark embrace of the indigo twilight
and the still clear air, cold and nipping.
A hard panting broke the bliss of the night,
stirring the hair as the beast ran through the snow,
leaving deep sloppy tracks as it skidded on the icy floor.

Thudding pounded after it,
pure white horses of hunters in pursuit,
their black glossy hooves landing in perfect prints,
 sweeping away the traces of the beast's pawprints.
A single arrow drawn on the bow of a hunter,
a red ribbon with the emblem of the kingdom
tied around its ends just before the feathers.

Released, the arrow slices cleanly towards its fleeing target,
stirring the air in grim whispers.
Puncturing the hanches of the beast,
a whine is let out as blood slips down the embedded arrow

Struck of Inpriration

The girl say on the rocks near the sea, the roaring ocean hungrily slapping against the rocks and spraying mist in her face as the rolling grey clouds tried to embrace the earth for comfort. The cold autumn wind streaked pass her and tossing up her stray black hair, comfortable black and purple headphones pressed against her ears, the tips of them cold from the air, and blasted music into her ears from her phone in her pocket. A teal journal sat open on her lap, the lined paper blank other they faded words and left over eraser that was forgotten to be brushed off. She chewed the tip of her pencil as she surveyed the lands around her, seagulls glided on the air currents, the ocean roared and lapped the shore, people were clearing the beach from the drawing storm, and boats headed for the harbor from the ocean.
She sighed, her brain feeling like mush as she got...


Be Heard

I think social media is more than a server that eats up your day and addicts you to 10 hours a day, I think it's also a place to share. Not share stuff that fits the mold of what everyone else is sharing these days, but more of a way to share you. If I didn't have social media, I'd feel trapped in my small world of no physical human friends and only my family for company, I wouldn't be able to reach others with my emotions, thoughts, I wouldn't be able to be heard. That's what I yearn for, to be heard, to share what's deep inside my heart. If I didn't have internet, I wouldn't be able to be heard, that's why I write. I call myself a writer, not because I'm able to put my thoughts into words with a pencil or a keyboard, but because I can bleed my emotions, my thoughts, my heart, my imagination,...



Golden Dew
Golden drops of dew,
the sun caught in their essence,
as the honey falls.

Wading Silver
Wading in a stream,
ripples of starry silver,
as feet dip in cold.

Violet Galaxy
The last of light dies,
the young twilight draws closer,
in starry violet.

Moonbeams and Starlight
Moonbeams cut through the clouds,
the stars twinkling back down,
cast rays of sliver.

Encased Prints
Fallen stardust ground,
iced and bathed in moonlight,
frozen rabbit prints.

Crimson Flames
Tongues of dancing flames,
licking from their master's palm,
crimson and amber.

Fire Eyes
Blazing interno,
her eyes of forever flame
bring hope for them.


Glossy feathers of midnight,
purples and greens dancing along the wings as the sun catches.
Dark sleek beak
and seeking dark pools of eyes.
Up within the big blue's grasp
gliding high within it's clutches,
ruffled feathers as the winds of freedom pass over the dark shadow within the sky.

Caws of a new dawn as the sun rises steadily,
in the cool crisp air feathers are fluffed up for warmth.
Dew across the grass and leaves as the beak pecks for food,
hopping from branch to branch with a flutter of glorious wings.
The raven, glorious and sleek, up in the painted bright sky,
looking down upon the activty below as creatures of all wake or return to their dens.


Paint Swatch

Dying Coals

The color of the dying coals after a fire as they cooled, the last of their warm glow before giving way to darkness just like the last rays of the sun before they submitted to the night's brush. If blown on, sparks would ignite from the dying coals, spreading the glowing color within the night as they floated away like fireflies. Ignited coals just for a second before dying down and the hot redness fading into the cold black.


People bustled around her, umbrellas ready to be popped open for when the rain finally broke from the dark heavy clouds. The depressing clouds only seemed to dim the mood of the air around the buzzing city, everyone keeping to themselves and pushing pass each other as they tried to escape the promised rain to come. The girl caught up in the mass of busy people reflected the sky’s mood, feeling lonely and small. Emotion caught in her throat and her eyes started to water just as the cloud’s floodgates opened too. Rain pitter pattered on dark umbrellas as they popped open and used as protection from the rain. She looked up at the grey sky as rain drops sprinkled her face, people pushing pass her as if she were a stubborn stone Within a rushing river. As a man in a trench coat push pass her, she tripped and fell into a dingy puddle, rain still falling around her as...

Your Voice

My friend sat on her knees in front of me on the carpeted floor, silence in which was my life-long burden made sure I'd never hear her voice, only leaving me to imagine it. She tapped me lightly on the shoulder to get my attention, though it wasn't necessary since I'd always give her my attention. Her hands moved slowly in the air between us as her lips mouthed what she said with her hands, saying "What would want to hear if you could hear one sound?"
The question surprised me, we'd never really talked about what ifsbefore since it always was hopeless, but that didn't mean that I hadn't thought of them in my head. But, what really got me worried was how she talked with her hands, they were alway confident quick gestures, not slow and hesitant. And why would she ask what I'd want to hear if I could? I knew the answer right away...

The Aspen

Finn pulled open the front door, the cold of a fall evening greeting him as it slipped through his light jacket. He pulled it around himself, crossing his arms tightly to hold it in place. He still didn't understand why the human world had cold seasons. "Wouldn't it be better if they just had all days warm all the time?" he muttered as he trudged down the steps of the house. He found it quite weird that the human realm had four seasons, to balance out the world's temperatures so both the hot and the cold didn't try to outshine the other. Where he lived, during the day it was warm and at night, cold ruled.
"Hey, Mr.Complaint," a girl's voice came from above him. He smiled as he recognized it to be Malissa's voice.
He tilted his head up to find her sitting in the old aspen that grew in her front yard. The scarlet, ginger, and golden fall leaves...

Roaco VS Cody

Roaco leaned forward in a running position just as the other runners did, determination and anxiousness roiling in each runners stomach, all sharing the same goal. But, between Roaco and his old rival, Cody, tension spiked between them as they glared sideways at each other, challengingly. This was it, time to see who the best was.
“Try to at least keep up,” Cody taunted. “You know, to make things exciting.”
Roaco ignored Cody’s efforts to get into his head and focused on channeling his breath. Anticipation burning inside him as he yearned to run, to feel the wind blast him in the face. Come on already, Roaco thought, just let me run. 
The muffled shot from the go signaled it was time to run, and he sprung forward, in sync with all the other runners. The wind greeted him as it whipped through his hair and freedom fluttered in his stomach, him feeling as if he could run forever. But,...

Dance of Nature

I stepped towards the edge of the roof. Brittle leaves packed the corners of the roof, and the sky ablaze with the same colors as the leaves that still clung to the trees below. The white sheets strung up to dry danced in the wind, pulling at me to sway with them, too. I closed my eyes and listened to the fluttering of the sheets in the wind, to the tweets birds sang back and forth, to the rustle of the falling leaves, and to the faint humming of cars below. I listened to the one-of-a-kind song of nature. Each sound came together to create this abstract melody. The wind tossed my blonde hair, glinting gold in the failing light. The sun sunk closer to the horizon, closer to its bed. My bare feet, stuck to the cold concrete of the roof, itched to join the dancing sheets.
The flap of pigeon wings caught my attention as the brown flecked...


My sweat trickled down my back, the heat of the sun lashing my back. I'd do anything to be in a blizzard or jump into a pool of ice, but there was no water, much less ice. I was in the desert, stranded. No sense of where I was, no companion, and definitely no water. My throat felt like a cactus had decided to root there and my skin felt like a waterslide of nothing but boiled water. But, at least I had a path to follow, sort of. It was more like a groove in the sand made by a slithering snake. To me, it didn't make sense to follow it, but I felt tethered to the path and felt if I left it something bad would happen. 
The sand of the dunes shifted their patterns as wind brushed over them, glistening in the sun.

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2018

Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong for thinking outside the box
from where I stand?
Am I wrong for trying something new?
Should I try doing what everyone else is doing
just because everyone's doing what they all do?
Will you tell me I'm wrong for what I do
is different than the rest?

Trying the things that I want to do
seems wrong because no one else is doing it.
But, that just what I feel like,
there are others out there doing just as I am.
I ain't trying to do things wrong
I'm just trying to try doing them.

Don't try to control my life,
telling me right from wrong.
I'll fight for what I do
and won't let go.
No, I won't give into your rules,
won't let you compare me to someone else.

Just 'cause you tell me I'm alone
doesn't mean it's true.
There are others out there
doing just as I am.
If you tell me...

Who Watches the Heroes

We hear of the heroes
watching over the civilians and cities.
We hear of the heroes saving us,
but who saves them from danger
and protects them as they do us?
Tell me, who watches over the heroes?

I'm Coming

I gazed at the bokay of flowers I held, my love's favorite, buttercups and lilies from the meadow just beyond the forest. I reached her village, my bow slung over my shoulder and quill of arrows on my back. I walked to her house and knocked, no one answered. I peeked through the windows, layers of dust covered the forgotten inside of the house. "You, sonny," a raspy sorrow voice said.
I turned to my left to see an older lady gazing at me from her garden. "Yes, ma'am?" I asked.
"That house, there, hasn't been occupied from a while now," she said with a shake of her head. "Whoever you looking for is long gone."
"But, ma'am, this is where Alvis, the daughter of officer of this town, lived" I said, hopelessly. My heart pounded with dread. 
"Ah, that fine girl?" the lady said, and I nodded. "Well, she was whisked away by a might knight."
I nodded and murmured a...

No Answer (Play)

Lights shine on SAMMY, who stands on the back porch of her house, the sun at low afternoon position and the endless stretch of blue sky bright. She clutches her phone as she looks down at the screen nervously. Her old friend's name written across the screen, DANIELLE.
SAMMY: What if she doesn't pick up? 
She chews lip as she clicks the ringer button. Phone rings. 
Please, pick up.
She'd not going to pick up.
No answer.
Ring. Silence. Voice message rings, but is cut off abruptly from SAMMY clicking the hang up button. She sighs as she leaned against the outer wall of her house. She looks up at endless stretch of sky.
Why do I feel so alone?
Lights dim on SAMMY.
End of Scene.


We used to be such close friends,
now we're so far apart.
You've grown while I'm left behind,
but, I know it didn't help that I moved away,
so please don't think I blame you.

I'm stuck in the past,
thinking we'd still have what we used to.
But, you've moved on,
found new friends and kinda forgot about me.
You never answer my calls,
and you answer my texts in only a few words.

If only we could still be friends
like we used to.
I guess that won't happen,
because we're long apart
and have grown.
So, I guess I should let go,
and move on like you did.
I guess, this is a goodbye.

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2018

Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong for thinking outside the box
from where I stand?
Am I wrong for trying something new?
Should I try doing what everyone else doing
just because everyone's doing what they all do?
Will you tell me I'm wrong for what I do
is different than the rest?

Trying the things that I want to do
seems wrong because no one else is doing it.
But, that just what I feel,
there are others out there doing just as I am.
I ain't trying to do things wrong
I'm just trying to try doing them.

Don't try to control my life,
telling me right from wrong.
I'll fight for what I do
and won't let go.
No, I won't give into your rules,
won't let you compare me to someone else.

Just 'cause you tell me I'm alone
doesn't mean it's true.
There are others out there
doing just as I am.
If you tell me I'm wrong, ...

25 Words

Miles Between

Miles between, still we're connected.
With me in the beyond and you on earth.
All I can say is I'm sorry I left you alone.

Forgive Me

Please, forgive me,
all these years I've ignored you,
searching for someone to be at my side,
even when I already had someone.
I'm sorry for hurting you,
ignoring your own pain as I confessed mine
and made the conversation always about me.
I'm sorry for letting you go,
for not chasing after you while you were fading away.
I'm sorry for never being there for you
as you had always been for me.
Forgive me for all the years of pain I caused you,
please be my friend once again.

Gold Isn't as Rare as You Think

People say that gold is a mineral 
and very valuable and rare.
Look around you with new eyes,
look deeper into nature.
The sand is gold colored,
yet there are so many grains 
and it seems only good for sand castles and glass-making.
Blonde hair can be gold
beautiful and pure,
treasured too.
Sunlight beams gold,
glowing and shining with it.
It's powerful and brilliant,
just like the yellow flames of fire
or the leaves in Fall.
Look again, tell me if gold is rare
and nothing but a mineral.


Born to Run

You said the running was just a part of you,
but seeing you run, it was your whole universe.
You're trying to rip it away and leave it behind
just because your father doesn't approve.
I see you struggling without the wind in your hair,
the pain is unbearable, but you have to please your father.

I see you try to hide it,
but you can't because your face it an open book.
It's not just the running that's you,
but the power you feel in your legs as you run,
the never ending feeling of freedom and that you can go anywhere,
and the wind that feeds your desire to run.
I see the wind greet you from that first push off of the ground,
I notice the way you welcome it with more speed.

When you're running,
your not just racing the clock and other runners.
No, your racing the wind,
just as much as the wind is. ...

Place Poem

Greatest Evenings

​Gates were on each side of house,
a fire pit and hammock position in the right of the middle.
The barn was in the upper left corner
while the chicken house was to the left lower corner,
Immature flimsy trees were planted in a scatter pattern,
Grapes flanked the right side of the chicken yard,
the garden growing just a few yard away.
In the center a trampoline stood,
the netting swaying back and forth in the wind.

A girl was stretched across its bouncy surface
with the young darkness of the drawing evening hanging up above.
Occasional stars glimmered and twinkled down at her,
showing off their appearances for the first.
The evening breeze's fingers brushed her cheek,
her blonde hair and the leaves tossed up in it.
Droplets from the sprinkler next door,
carried by the wind, flecked her face.
Crickets chirping and the barn door banged against it outer wall every now and then.
Lighted from the...

Forgotten Childhood Home

My gaze bounced over the long forgotten home of my childhood,
the once neat home that always had the attention of my mom.
The usually neat and clean garden
was now overrun by weeds and plants I knew my mom would never plant.
A curtain of ivy consumed most of the rotten outer walls of the house,
some of the boards of the wrap-around porch were broken,
other places sunk inward from water damage.
The iron gate's bars were rusted
and the creaky gate hung by on hindge.

My childhood home stood in front of me,
no longer a proud heirloom but now forget and rotten.
The whole property owned a grey cloud
that hung low over it.
I felt disgusted and annoyed by my mom's action,
letting my childhood home be swept to dust.
But still, the relief that washed away the last bits of my past felt good,
lifting weight off my shoulders.

Familiar Pt. 1

    The boy ran towards the building that stood on the green-lawned hill, the air smelling of heavy rain as the grey clouds tried to embrace the earth. As he reached the top of the hill and an oak door stood in front of him, he bent over to regain his breath. He pulled it open when he was ready, entering the building after on last glance at the droopy sky. Why did the weather have to be like this at the time; it was almost as if it was just trying to make the air as depressing as his choice?
    A girl with blonde hair sat on her knees, facing the wall that was inscribed with an old language he couldn’t read. “Aresea,” he said, and she made a hm noise in acknowledgment. “Make me your Familiar.” Several tapping noises sounded on the glass of a nearby window, signaling that the clouds had finally released their tears.
    The girl, Aresea,...

A Line of Ideas

What I failed to hold, you held just as easy.

The ribbons of color, too bright to look at as they weaved and blended.

Your eyes captured the stars just as the ocean embraced them.

The ink was her blood, her veins coursing ideas, her heart was the mastermind of it all.

She grasped every thought and detail out of inspiration and the air, and put them into things only expressable through her passion, writing.

The mind wandered, the heart beated, the fingers ached for a pencil as the eyes breathed in every word.

Each line full of imagery and life with just a few words that held such inspiration.


Twenty One Short Poems

1. Someday we'll paint the sky as our own.
We'll be One
2. We weave and twist now, soon we'll be one.
Relentless Boat 
3. On and on the boat sailed over the pressing restless waves.
Tipping Bucket
4. Slosh and splatter- water from the bucket.
The Same
5. Sun up, sun down, we're all the same.
What You Miss
6. Turn your face towards the sun, where you may find what you miss.
In the Middle
7. Meet me in the middle of it all.
The Ocean
8. Dark and restless, of the deep blue.
Lost in the Sea
9.  One splitting crack, and the graceful ship became a lost treasure of the sea.
Notice Me
10. Take a closer look, just another glance, see my struggle.
The Answer
11. A speck of unusual scarlet, flecking on the page, burning brightly, holding the last clue of what was.
12. What could have been was lost in the depth...

Zoom In

My Home

Go to the place that holds memories of 8 years of my childhood, 8 great and fun memorable of my life. Memories that could never be forgotten, that are ingrained in my brain. When I was an ignorant child who liked gaining attention and showing off when they got the chance. When I was an extrovert. Where practically my whole class was my friends, where everyone lived in harmony, no bullying and sometimes playful teasing. The memories that I shared with most of my classmates:
During recess, I could be found at the basketball hoopes, watching Jaden, Eric, and a few others playing until Jaden showed me how to play, or I could be racing around the schoolyard with Kayla, trying to see who was faster, with Bryan and Cole trying to see who won or even just hanging out with Jill or Daniell or Lana. And as we were heading in, passing the older kids as they held out...

What Now?

    A young girl stood in front of her room’s body-length mirror, staring at the reflection a 13-year-old girl with plain blonde hair and dull hazel eyes that shined with exhaustion. She ran her hand down her face with a deep tired exhale. The girl's hazel eyes made way to the abnormal choker collar that sagged from the an oval violet gem as it hung from the lighter ribbon of the collar. She fingered it, longingly, and she smiled brightly, her face looking like it belonged to a different person by how it seemed to brighten. She pulled off her choker collar, after all, what was the harm? No one was around.
    The image in the mirror rippled into a different image someone else. A girl with unusual violet eyes and dark luscious hair with thick waves that cascaded down her back. Giant brown falcon-like wings unfurled from her back, brushing the floor as they dropped heavily. Instead of the dull...


The rough rope lassoed around his soaked white neck, tightening with a harsh jerk as the humans let out barks and growls. The rope burned his skin, not just from it rubbing against his neck but from what came with the rope. Captivity. He could feel freedom slipping away, his heart feeling hollow. Two more ropes added themselves around his neck, and the humans reigned their horses, pulling them back a few feet, enough to pull him away from the mare that’d been attacked by a cougar.
He let out a sharp neigh and fought to stay at her side, straining against the ropes. Through the mare’s pain, she let out a helpless shrill whinny. Snow began to fall around him as the human pried him away from her. He bucked and kicked, only managing to have the rope rub his neck raw. With one last look at the mare that now had her breath labored, he dropped his head...

An Evening to Rember

I pulled open the backdoor of my house, opening it to the darkening sky, the sun's last rays waving good night and the stars twinkling into sight as the moon rose drowsily, and flicked off the porch light before walking barefoot towards the trampoline. I sucked in a breath of fresh air as I felt the lost dirt of the ground shift under my feet as I subconsciously grind my feet deeper into the earth. My toes curled just before I lifted my foot from the ground as a warm breeze sifted through my blonde hair, bring the sweet scent of fresh blossoms in bloom. As I neared the trampoline, my pace quickened, before I pushed off the ground, bursting through the gap in the netting that surrounded the trampoline as a protective flexible barrier.
I stood up on the trampoline and hopped airly around the circular bouncy material with my mind floating and not focusing on more than one...

Summoning Pegasi (Miley, Alex, and Lucas)

    “Okay, so we have a plan, all we need is transportation,” Miley said, clapping her hands.
    “Leave that to me,” Lucas said, grinning broadly. Miley looked at him quizzingly, where would he find something to give them a ride, they were in the middle of nowhere. But, then again, this was Lucas, tricky and mysterious Lucas. She was still getting use to him being magical and stuff. Still, she had a feeling he had more tricks up his sleeve he hadn’t told them about, all so knew was that he could open portals or make dwarfs pop out of the ground to take them somewhere.
    He let out three whistles, a few moments passed before a crack rung from above them. Alex and Miley tilted their head up to the sky, wondering what caused the noise, while Lucas’s grin widened if possible. Three winged horses descended dramatically from the sky, a sleek black one lead two plain white ones towards...

With You, Everything is Better

Darling, you are my only love,
you hold my heart.
I can tell you for a fact,
that you make everything better.

At night when the stars appear,
above us so high, but we feel so near.
In the dark, I see your lovely eyes,
reflecting the night sky but making it ten times more brilliant.
You light up the darkness,
so bright and warm it feels like sun rays.
darling, with you, everything it better.

Deep in the water,
we are surrounded by deep blue.
So dark and cold the water holds,
but with you, you keep me warm.
With you, everything is better.

When the night rules the earth,
everything looks scarier than it really is.
Nightmares lurk at every corner,
grinning at our fear.
But, with you, they seem so distant,
with you, they are so meaningless.

You make everything better,
you heal my scars and bruises.
You bring out the best side of me
and make...

I'm Coming Home

I'm on my way,
heading for you, my only destination.
I know I've been gone long,
but I didn't know how long I would've been gone.
All the while through my travels,
I've thought of you continuously.
I hope you remembered me,
and didn't give up hope.
I'm on my way home,
please wait for me a little longer, my dear.

Forever and Always

For you, my heart beats,
oath this may be.
Rare words spoken as this,
even now, listen closely.
Veer rightly and you'll find it,
ever I'll be,
right away after your call, I appear.

Always there at your side,
never alone shall you be,
don't doubt me.

After that problem,
little by little its consumed.
Ways away I might be but there I'll stand at your word,
alack, I won't.
Youth will detest 'cause they don't understand,
say a wrong thing, but I'll be back. Forever and Always.

Bound Together Now

Bindings as strong as diamond,
Of oath and truth they hold.
Understanding how important they must hold,
needing to keep us together.
Doing so could keep the world spinning or shove it off course.

Today the chains hold strong and true,
others think its fault to keep us held together.
Gather the hearts and souls that wander,
endlessly searching for more.
Tenther them together as we are one,
hold them together as our twined hands.
Endure the temptation to let go and fade away.

Needless to rest,
on and on we must pursue,
whether we wander aimlessly or follow the other, we will always be together.


Acrostic Verse


Tides lapping in and out, rising higher with each lap,
waning light, last rays making an effort to be remembered.
Identical grains of sand, shining brightly in the oncoming darkness,
lining in constellations or scattered just to add to the night's beauty.
Images of the stars caught in the eyes of those that gazed upon them,
gleaming and glittering the reflecting small pools of the oncoming twilight.
Honed and carved just right by the ocean that bounced the sky's appearance back at them,
twinkling stars, calling for the moon to rise fast to show off their full beauty.

Live with No Plan

Life may be short, true to that,
but you can make it seem like eternity.
Live in the present,
enjoy the past,
and hope for a bright future.

Don't be afraid for your future,
just live in the moment.
So laugh insanely like it'll be your last,
love what's given to you,
and forgive quickly.

If something doesn't go your way,
dont let it knock you down.
If something is throw at you,
just improvise and work with it not against it.
Live like there is no tomorrow,
and dream with no limits.

Three Poems

Life and Dreams
Life's fragile and only offered once,
use wisely and with care.
Hold fast to those around you,
they can slip away as quickly as sand through fingers.
Dream big, not too small,
if they die
life's lived with a broken wing,
you will never soar.

Life so Fragile
Life as fragile as a glass doll,
if knocked to the ground,
it shatters.
Don't limit yourself by gravity,
dream to the stars and beyond,
live like no earth it below you,
and burn brighter than a flame in the night.

Don't let gravity hold you down,
leave your mark on this earth.
Make a difference the best you can,
don't act like ther person standing next to you.
Be yourself and no one else,
be the one that proves different is better than same.


Hold strong and even against those who doubt,
brush off negative words of others.
Life is delicate and only lived once,
one thing tipping the scale and its all gone.
Live like you've never
and follow your own.

Deep Blue

Thy heart belongs to the ocean,
one pure and blue.
Souls lost among the waves of deep,
held in the embrace for eterinity. 
Mysterious and riddling to the mind,
never tameable or owned by any.
Always on the move, tide in tide out,
across the world and back again.
Deep blue never tamed,
as free and wild as can be.

Tick Tick Tick

On and on he ran,
down the asphalt of the street.
Tripping over his own feet
and managing to scrap his hands and knees.
Eyes flash with pain as a ticking noise ticks faster
and light seeps into his body,
making him fade for a blink before returning to his self.
Time was running out.
Tick. Tick. Tick. Hurry before it's too late.

Through the bushes
and into the fallow field,
he ran, no matter the blood that seeped from his wounds.
Desperation's jaws closing around his slowing heart,
tension rising quickly.
Tick. Tick. Tick. The time is drawing near.

On and on he ran tirelessly
towards his target,
the unusual tree standing in the middle of the field.
Something about it seemed to egg him on,
enhancing his urgency to reach the tree before the strike of noon,
or his time ran out.
Tick. Tick. Tick. Times almost up.

Sun at its highest point,
town clock striking 12 and...

On and On

On and on the winds raved,
punishing anything that dared to enter into the blizzard.
Creatures of their land coward in their dens,
with the sense of staying hidden in order to survive.
If any of them ventured out,
their fate was doomed.

But one, foolish, brave, or desprate,
trudged through the deep snow.
Holding fast even with the howling winds and swirling snow,
even with its energy slipping away.

On and on it went,
white head bowed to shield its eyes,
big furry ears flat and frostbitten,
fur stiff with frost and ice,
and paws frozen and numb.

On and on it battled
the winds and the snow.
A weasel clamped in its jaws,
probably a meal for what lay in its den.

Across the land
three hungry kits crying.
Calling for their mother fox,
hoping she survives.
But, die they may,
starvation or freezing steal their young lives.

On and on they clung
to what glimmer of hope...


The freezing winds howled with rage as they tried to force me off my talons but achieved nothing as I trudged through the numbing deep snow. I held strong even with 'supposively graceful' snowflakes blasted my face, causing me to shiver, and the bitter winds ran its tormenting fingers through my feathers and fur. My usually powerful feathered wings failed to shield my face from the resentful icy wind who seemed intent on punishing me for entering their land. It didn't help their full power was reigning through the blizzard.
But, what choice did I have? I had to know find the cure that entered my camp before it wiped out all my tribemates. It didn't help that with our tribe weakened the other griffin tribes were brewing with the plan to wipe us out in a matter of days. My sharp eyes stung and I tried to shake the ice that clung to my pelt but I only stumbled....

Just a Dream?

The memories of yelled orders and clashing thunder faded away,
like sand slipping through fingers.
Liquidy warmth spreads around me,
covering me in what feels like an embrace of a mother.
Time seems to pass like a blur,
till echoes like a once beating heart
thud above me.
Above me right? Of which direction I know not.
I watch from a third-person view as a girl kneels in front of a stone.
Her features, slight recognition passes through me,
are of no use of an explanation.
I watch her from the sky,
confused about how. Is it a dream?
I do not know what I'm doing up in the sky,
but I feel like I'm nothing more than a person trapped in a dream.

Reversed Meaning

(Warning: I do not feel this way in real life, by the way, so don't worry. I don't think of myself as ugly. This is a reversal poem, so it may sound negative when reading it from top to bottom, but read it from bottom to top next and it will make sense better. You might even be surprised when you find the message it opposite when reading from bottom to top.)
I am so ugly
And I refuse to believe that
People will accept me for me 
I realize this may be a shock, but
I do care a little about my appearance 
Is a lie
Every teenager doesn’t worry about if they fit the picture to be accepted by others
In 30 years, I will tell my children that
I have my priorities straight because
is more important than
Being you
I tell you this:
Once upon a time
I believe being yourself is better than fitting...

Angel Wings

On angel wings, your heart soared,
it pumped warmth into my life
and glowed just as your smile.
One angel wing, your other was lost
and you were thrown off course,
like an early bird knocked by the wind.
Since then, your life of bliss and content
became hardly worth living without your heart balanced,
but you always put a smile on for me.

One angel wing and you held onto it,
making sure nothing tore through the delicate feathers,
nor let the gentle breezes it blew become disrupted.
One angel wing, you started to dwindle,
you become known as half,
and your wing started to become dusty.

On one angel wing, you faded to dust
and as you tried to cling to a life worth nothing,
more of your spirit slipped away.
No angel wings in front of me,
only an iron chain necklace that held a heart with two angel wings,
laying in my hands.
Two angel wings,...

Friendship Tweet

A True Friend

This prompt asks me what friendship means, I could just look it up in a dictionary and jot it down in a few simple words. A dictionary is supposed to hold the meaning of most of the words in the English language, but the dictionary couldn't describe even half of what friendship is. A perfect friendship is what, at one point, everyone dreams of having with a friend that understands them and will always be there for them, but that's just what we long for in a friend. Not many could fit that mold, we all have our faults but that's what makes us ourselves. 
No one can walk up to a random person and demand that they fit this role. A true friend is someone that's loyal. A friend is someone you can trust with your life, a friend is someone that isn't afraid to step out of a crowd and call someone out that's harassing you. A friend...

Talking to the Moon

Character one: Searching for a Listener
This message is to the one that listens,
you may not be here now,
staring at the moon as I do.
Or you may be sharing a conversation of your own with the moon,
ah, the moon, the one that's always ready to receive a message,
I wonder if she sends it to the one it's for.
Though I wonder who this message is for,
it seems like the moon knows even though I don't got a clue.

I hope your listening, friend,
this may be a sob story, which you may have no interest in hearing.
You may think I'm a fool for thinking that you care,
Then again, isn't it foolish to assume the moon is listening
and that she can even hear us even with thousands of lightyears apart we are? 

It's so hard not to just stare up at the moon
and not a feel a strong connection of loneliness, ...

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Emerging Darkness

It came suddenly. Pouncing from beneath my skin, it emerged from the dark place within me like a wolf into the night. Darting through my veins with cold blood, all the negative emotions I'd tried to lock away from it, now tumbled into its greedy talons and pulled them out of the locked safe. I scrambled to internally shoved them back into the safe, to keep it bottled up and corked. But the monster inside already had a hold on them, and it wasn’t letting go. They were the things it needs to feed on, to fuel the fire it was starting to make me twist into something I wasn’t.

My knees buckled under the weight of all the boiling rage, bubbling hate, and brokenness that the monster inside me was releasing, washing all traces of positive emotions and thoughts away. I tried to stop them from entering my heart, the source it needed to turn me into something I...

Safe... Maybe

We rapidly raced through the winter's snow, darting and dodging amongst the looming dark tree trunks that casted shadows down on us. Our legs numbed by the pressing snow and our ears and noses red with the closing in cold. We heard snarls and grunts close behind and thuds that vibrated through our hearts from the horsemen were on our heels. Our hearts pounded blood into our ears, lungs pleaded for more air, and minds throwing scattered directions at us, but we somehow managed to stay together. Fear and determination battled each other in our stomachs as we fled, kicking up snow. We ran tirelessly, our hopes casted on the little sparrow's wings, which followed the chase from above.
We didn't dare look behind us as we tried to flee from our chasers. After running till the sun fell and to the edge of the forest, we finally stopped, though I still felt uneasy at the thought of being followed....

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Emerging Darkness

It came suddenly. Pouncing from beneath my skin, it emerged from the dark place within me like a wolf into the night. Darting through my veins with cold blood, all the negative emotions I'd tried to lock away from it, now tumbled into its greedy talons and pulled them out of the locked safe. I scrambled to internally shoved them back into the safe, to keep it bottled up and corked. But the monster inside already had a hold on them, and it wasn’t letting go. They were the things it needs to feed on, to fuel the fire it was starting to make me twist into something I wasn’t.

​My knees buckled under the weight of all the boiling rage, bubbling hate, and brokenness that the monster inside me was releasing, washing all traces of positive emotions and thoughts away. I tried to stop them from entering my heart, the source it needed to turn me into something I...

Listen and Look


To the crying heart
          and the desperate calls.
The heart stuck in a typhoon,
          no escape offered by any.

Can you hear the beating heart
          that beats for nothing?

Try to listen.
           If you can.

She's surrounded by people that say they 'love'
           but that's an empty word.
Try to listen.
           If you can.

Did you hear her question?
           Why am I so alone?

To the one who surrounded by many,
           but none are caring enough to look at her twice.
Pleading for help,
           but it's drowned out by ignorance.

Can you see the loneliness
        within her dull eyes?


Something New and Different

She was strange ever since she entered the school. She was an outsider, no one approached her because we were afraid of her. We couldn't compare her to anyone in the school, she was like a one of a kind. We weren't normal like us, she was an alien to us and she was dangerous because she showed interest in things no one ever did. She'd been caught dancing in the rain and drawing in the dirt, or humming to herself as she did her tests. We kept our distance as we tried to figure out what she was, she was like a goose in a flock of ducks, and she acted like it for she ignored.
We finally dubbed her different.
This was a dangerous name to be dubbed because it was dangerous to be creative in a world full of only normal people, people who strived to stay normal and alive.
My friend convinced me to go to the...

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Emerging Darkness

It came suddenly, pouncing from beneath my skin, it was emerging from its cave like a wolf emerging the night. Darting through my veins with cold blood, all the negative emotions, I've tried to lock away from it, falling into its greedy talons, and pulling them out of the locked safe. I scrambled to shove them back into the safe, trying to keep them bottled and corked, but they were already in its clutches and it refused to let go of them. They were the things it needs to feed on, to fuel the fire it was starting to make me twist into something I didn't want.

​My knees buckled under the weight of all the boiling rage, bubbling hate, and brokenness that the little demon inside me was releasing, washing all the traces of positive emotions and thoughts away. I tried to stop them from entering my heart, the source they needed to turn me into something I wasn't,...

Goodbye, Sun

It was as if all the lights of the world, fire, light bulbs, and lava alike, were thrown into the sky and aimed at with thousands of missiles, it all happened too quickly with a deafening boom. Everything was silent as a wave of heat blew over us, whipping through our hair wildly and causing us to shield our eyes with our arms.

We stood on the ridge, silhouetted as the sun exploded before our eyes, sinking into its last dusk to never dawn again, breaking its promise to eternally light a new day. But, what was the point, the sun was only the first to fall before the world fell into disaster as it spun with no purpose through the galaxies with other planets, asteroids, comets, and meteors flying in utter chaos.

Goodbye, Sun, you've served us well, but your time of passing has come sooner than we thought, now the moon will become the ruler of the...

Love in 13 Words

Three Words Enough for Us

13 words mean so much to us... But only 3 can sum up.

Loyal Ally, or Not?

I followed you down the stone corridor, thinking of how trembly you looked and pale, though your face stayed emotionless, just as the other guards that surrounded me. I was disgusted with the act you were putting on, we’d used to be thieves, runaways was what you preferred, together but, I guessed those days were behind us. Now, my wrists were cuffed, courtesy to you, and guards with sharp swords held them, ready to strike if necessary. No one here will help me out of this, but I saw some faltering in your movements, maybe you’d be helpful.
 We got to a small cell with a barred door and I blinked. “Looks like I finally have a place I can call Home Sweet Home,” I said, sarcasm dripping off my tongue, one of the guards even looked ready to laugh. “Though I did think it’d be a bit cozier and maybe a bit bigger, and not always locked.” You just...

Burning Fire

Inside me kindles a flame fueled by love and warmth,
not a single wind snuffs it out.
It burns endlessly,
dancing and twirling inside me.
Sometimes it grows into a wildfire,
out of control until one calms it and it returns to a flame.
But, it thrives in every enviroment,
as written before, it burns endlessly.
Sometimes it releases sparks,
igniting someone and settling inside them.
Inside me a flame dances,
no water ever putting it out.

Horizon not the Beyond

Walking along the horizon of the ocean,
never stepping over it nor leaving the path.
Running a hand along the sunlight,
feeling light to the touch and like liquid slipping through rocks.
Feet become the path as they walk it for centeries,
on the edge but never falling.

Endlessly seeing the sun set and the oncoming twilight,
but never seeing the last of the sun nor the full night.
For the soul belongs the sun,
so it must also disppear like the sun.
Never getting the courage to leave the path and walk beyond the horizon,
heart too frightened to satify the curioity of what's beyond the horizon.

Mind only glued to the sun,
just as the feet to the path.
There is no step beyond the horizon nor ever will be,
for heart belongs to the horizon and not the beyond.

Just Words?

These are the words from scratch,
jutted down by just one worthless pencil.
Yet, they hold much meaning,
and with the meaning they tell a story.
A story of just words, words that seen nothing more than dirty,
yet bring emotion to ones heart.

These are the words of me,
weaved with my soul and heart.
My soul, pouring my life and meaning into them,
and my heart, has given them emotion and life.
These are nothing but words,
but to many they can mean more.

New Year, Fresh Goals

​1. Finish my novel.
​I've been working on it so much, new ideas, forming the characters, but never got past chapter one, yet have at least half the novel outlined.
​2. Learn how to play the guitar.
I got lessons for Christmas, but it's only four, I hope my parents extend my lessons.
3. Learn more Chinese next semester.
​I learned the basics lat year, but I want to extend my vocabulary. 
​4. Over come writers block for my other novel and weave the main side character more into the novel.
​I've been finding trouble with putting my character, Render, in more parts of the book. He'd supposed to understand Litzy's problems even though he's on the bad side, but he doesn't know it's the bad part.
​5. Get better at running so I can make the track team.
I used to run in the morning with my dad, training for the track season, but lately it's...

My Blissful Sanctuary

Listening from my slightly cracked open window, observing the forest ahead,
​as it calls me in a hushed peaceful whisper.
The whistle of the breeze in the leaves, making a gentle rustling noise,
​that, as I come closer, it loudens.
​The forest's calming scents ravel around me as I step into its embrace,
 smelling of honey, fresh blossoms in bloom, and green leaves.
​I follow the forest's invisible path to the ancient willow near the bubbling brook I know so well,
​bathed in sunlight and air swirling with serenity.

​I brush through the sheet of leaves the covers the base of the sturdy tree,
​instantly the bubbling brook rings in my ears.
​Watching the brook slip by, branches of the willow lightly touching the clear surface,
​and the harmony of the Songbird fill in my ears, causing my head to go up, searching for him.
​I pull myself into the willow's embrace, climbing towards the Songbird,
​as I reach a...

Signing Off

Dear World

You bring challenges, throwing them at your inhabitants, good and bad struggles. Some fun, other disappointing and hard. You set high levels, trying to keep us tied down with your gravity, but many pull through and smack your expectations in the face. you drag us down by throwing life in our faces, with rocks of struggles and challenges, riding the waves you throw, and it leaves great impacts on us, good or bad. But, we learn from your challenges and we grow stronger than ever, and, though sometimes we don't like them, we appreciate them in the end, obviously after we overcome them, no offense to you. But you also hold great beauty in your nature, from a beautiful sunset or rise, to a graceful deer grazing in a meadow, to the calming sound of water. Anyway, I'm just writing this as a thank you letter, for all the challenges you through at me and I overcame them but through...


Standing on the very edge of the cliff,
​winds weaving through brown hair and brushing against cheek.
​Sun setting on the horizon,
setting the feilds and plains ablaze in a deep red.
​Heart fleeing free as it flutters in the chest,
and the mind clear.
​A smile of pleasure drawn across the cherry-red lips,
​and eyes closed in content.
The girl standing atop the cliff,
is the embodiment of peace.

The Death that Brought Peace

            A dark scared form, surrounded by glowering flames and swirling smoothing smoke, cowers as the flames closes in. Bouts of coughs leaps from his throat and into the air as more smoke suffocates him, and he collapses with exhaustion. Fear and pain streak through him, fear of the flames and death and pain from the burns of the fire. Only two words flash in his mind, help me. Two words that he knows no one will ever answer, two words that carry away his fear and only sorrow remain.
            He knows this is the end, but he wishes to at least send his love and goodbyes to his friends and family. He knows his fate is sealed as the fire spits at his face as he closes his eyes, memories of his life swirling his mind, as he accepts his death. Through all the memories of his friends and family, only one stands out most, his daughter. The daughter...

A Plan of Mischief

            Ghostly form, faded and transparent, wondering through the dark lonely forest, looking for entertainment. Surprised to see a lone cloaked figure as it trudges through the forest with deep angry breaths forced out of his nostrils. The ghostly form, watching from th cover of bushes with curiosity and interest as the figure marches by. The thoughts of the passing figure are shoved into the form’s mind, twisted thoughts of revenge and plots, ones that are enough to causes the form to shiver.
            Not only twisted thoughts give away that he is angry, but the way he stomps with indignation and how his arms swing tensely as his hands curl into fists, also show his state. His breath is drawn in with anger and let out with force and how he trembles with anger, but under all these signs of wrath hides a little scare boy. A boy that is regretful and sorrowful as...

The Reason for Revenge

            Around two forms rain pounds and beats with the anger of a thousand stampeding horses. One form trembling with life but feeling no where near alive while the other as still and silent as the darkness around them. Dark warm blood pouring from the death blow of the still body, struck down by the enemy with cruelty and a heart of steel. One that has a laugh as sharp as a knife and colder than ice. Mourn and pain clouding the mind of the form over the other with tears the speak of misery and desperation leaking from his eyes.
            His breath breaking up as more sobs escape him, sobs that are a plea for help, a plea that asks for the dead one’s life back. But, no answer comes, only a sweeping cold wind battering the delicate form as it comes to take the soul of the dead one. As the soul...

First Step of Freedom

            She emerged from the forest and into the silver moon bathed bay. Around her time seemed to freeze and the air around her held its breath. The gentle breeze she’d heard a moment ago ceased and the stars glimmered colder than ever before. Only the sound of the ocean seemed to be encouraging as it called for her, it seemed like the only friend left in the cruel world. As she reached the edge of the shore, the water rippled from her toes and out with a gentle whisper, a whisper of excitement.
            Then, time resumed, and nature returned its course as she reached out her foot tentatively. She could feel the cool comforting touch of the ocean as her foot hit the surface. Her foot wasn’t swallowed up by the water, instead it stayed on the surface of the excited water like glass. It seemed to beam at her touch as the...


You are struggling and no one is there to hold you up,
you are battling your battle alone.
You stand on the battle field alone,
​you are fighting a battle, but on the inside you are trying to survive a war.
But you're doing it alone,
​you think no one will understand or help you.
You look for just a glimmer or hope through the people around you,
​but they don't know the war you're fighting, because you hide it.

The war you're fighting alone,
​is the hardest, because you're alone.
​You don't let anyone know that you're weak on the inside,
​but deep down, you are pulling though slowly.
​You're starting to push back your opponent,
but he's biting back.
​The harest battle you fight,
​is the war you fight alone.
​But, that war is what makes you the strongest,
​that is the war that shapes your character the most.

This war is hard, but the hardest battle,

The Wolf on the Hill

The wolf on the hill, is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill,
but he was once in his paws.
The wolf on the hill was once struggling as the wolf climbing the hill,
but he pressed on, no matter the naysayers nor the struggle.
He continued to climb the hill,
for he believed that once he got to the top, something great would be waiting for him.
He had all this doubt and hunger on his shoulders,
but he kept going for he was driven by hunger to get to the top.
He knew when he got to the top, he'd receive what he deserved,
because he pressed on through the doubt, the name calling, and the naysayers.
The words that were thrown at him, were part of the struggle, but they went through his ear and out the other.
He didn't listen to the naysayers, because he didn't need listen to what they had to say, ...

A Small Flame

A small flame,
​lit from a weak spark.
Growing and glowing,
the farther its alive.
Ablaze and raging,
​shining boldly,
against the dark night.
An orb of red,
​illuminated in a dark wall.
​A small flame,
​aglow in the night.

Mask of Humor

You make jokes for your friends,
​and smile as they laugh.
You pull pranks for the fun of it,
and smirk in the victim's face when they find out.
​You make puns and take any dares,
​you put on a brave face for your friends and sister.
​But, behind the mask you wear,
​there's layers of misery and mourn.

​Inside you there is a scare broken boy,
​there are memories of a horrible car crash.
​You hide it pretty well,
​you don't let the broke boy show.
​Your scared that if he emerged,
​you'd lose your friends and cause your sister to break.

​You hid all your misery and sadness,
​under your mask.
​You make sure none of the feels emerge during the day,
​but at night nightmares return.
​When your alone your sadness emerges,
​and your that broke boy who lose his parents.

​You tell that that is how you deal with hard situations,
​but under your humor, you...

Carly's First Diary Entree

Jan. 1
Dear Diary,
Hello sorry for the chicken scratch, I’m not really careful with my writing, but I’m working on it. Anyway, don’t really know how to write one of these. I got you for Christmas from my parents, they thought I needed one because of all the things hidden inside my head. Sorry for rejecting you until now, I was sort of frightened about the idea of confessing the secrets I hold. You know, some are not mine to tell and some I want supposed to hear, others are my own secrets, but I don’t know if I’m ready to confess. I’m sorry for not trusting you yet, but I feel like you’re a new friend I’ve just met and need to get to know more.
Plus, I don’t really feel at the sage in my life to start spilling all my secrets and confessions to anyone, even if it’s just on a piece of paper. But, how...

Some Birds

Birds take,
Birds fall,
Birds fail,
Birds never go.
Birds take,
To the sky,
And fly.
While others fall,
And try,
And fly.
Some fail,
They try,
But never fly.
Others never go,
Scared to try,
And fail,
Or die.

Nature's a Dangerous Beauty

If rivers just run along the earth's crust,
​like a blade cutting meat,
​the water carving wounds into the earth.
​As the salty oceans hit the sandy beaches of the world,
​they are like a slap.
​A tsunami crashes down on this,
after reaching to the sky,
like a bird trying to fly for the first time, but failing.
Rain pounds on the earth's surface,
​like apples falling on heads.
​Wind plucks rock from mountains,
like at eagle snatching it's prey.

Earth quakes separates land,
​like fabric ripping.
​Tornados strips things from the earth,
​like a lawn mower cutting grass. 
Hurricanes terrorize the earth,
​leaving descrution in it path,
​like a glass shattering.
​An Avalanche covers everything in its way,
​like a blanket suffocating. 
​Volcanoes explode,
releasing ash and liquid fire,
​like a geyser.

Nature can be a threat to the world's survival,
pouncing at unexpected time. 
​Nature is a danger,
​claiming more of the earth as its victim.

The Hummingbird's hum

A vibrating hum,
​like the rumbly purr of a cat,
​as small wings dance in figure eights.
​A shimmering flash of lush green and ruby red,
​as the small delicate bird glides.
The sound of a small heart pounding,
​matching the rhythm of the hum from it's wings.
​A squeaky purring chirp drowned out by the loud hum,
​but it's there as the small figure flies around.
​There a second, gone the next,
​leaving the sound of humming in its path.
​Eager blur of feathers,
​as their tongues taste the sugary sweet nectar from soft flowers.
​Perched on a hidden branch,
​for a brief rest before humming around again.
​Hidden from predators in the shade,
​casted by lush leaves.
A iridescent enthusiastic bird,
​a Hummingbird.

Inescapible Path

Walking along the invisible never-ending path in the forest,
​mind, awed and searching for a way to escape the path.
​Feet, trying to pull away from the calling sensation,
​heart, pounding in ears and feeling heavy from captivity.
​Soul, longing for freedom,
​sick of being chained to the inescapable path.

Yearning to leave the path,
​but never succeeding in leaving it.
The pulling sensation too powerful to overthrow,
​drowning out any emotions other than negative ones.
​A path that never lets go of its captive,
​for its leading them to the path of a strict destiny weighed with espectations.

Ten Words to You

My Family is my Home

Loving active family,
​running, basketball,
​walks, sunsets,
stargazing, Church family.

Dialogue Dexterity

From a Fun Time at the Pool to an Unexpected Reunion

​"Serena," someone behind Serena said, laying a hand on her shoulder as they caught up.
She twisted her head around to find Malory, her friend, looking at her with excitement bubbling in her green eyes. She had dark blonde hair in a braid and her face held a few freckles. The beginning of the summer was just starting and Serena's nerves were turning in her stomach, of excitement and nervousness. This would be her second time returning to the Specials Camp and she couldn't wait to see her friends and Nictus.
​So, when her friend stopped her, disappointment settled in her stomach for she was eager to get home and start packing for Friday. But, she made sure it didn't betray her as she opened her mouth to say, "Yeah?"
​"Want to go to the pool?" she asked in her overly sugared voice. She always looked on the bright side of things and her voice sounded like she'd had too...

Hidden Bird

Bleached yellow small bird,
ruffled feathers and black beak agape.
​Windy day, rustling long dead grass around small bird,
consealing his hiding spot.
​Keeping him safe from the world,
​and keeping the world hidden from him.


A Thorny Rose and a Returning Heart

The first time we met, our eyes connected and we said hello.
From that one action and word my heart leap from my chest and into your hands, and you held onto it tightly while handing me your vow formed as a rose. You reassured me that it'd always remain in your hands and be protected as long as you held on tight. You kept your vow even as the world seemed to crumble beneath your feet. You still held onto my heart tight and I held you up through your dark times. We stayed by each other's sides no matter the time nor consequences. Through my times I held onto your rose, no petals fell nor did the thorns ever hurt me.
But, then, you became a bit distant.
Your rose wavered in my hands and parts of my heart were escaping your grasp and returning to my chest. You always said that you were just going through hard...

A Little Nymph

A sheepish little nymph hiding at the edge of the forest, head atilt as she watched the odd creatures with pale skin and walk on two feet silently from her refuge. Cat-like golden eyes, curiosity drowning awareness, but she didn't move from her spot, for she new the phrase 'Curiosity killed the cat' and she believed it but she'd never heard the rest of it, 'but satisfaction brought it back.' She was a foolish young nymph that took every word seriously, she didn't know what lies were. Reddish-ginger hears perked from her thin fire-red hair and her skin so soft yet pale.
​In her fingers was a maple leaf, shredded from her nervously tearing at it as she sat and watched the pink beings walk and communicate with a language her mind nor tongue could understand. Blood roaring in her ears as the sun started to set, signal her watching was coming to an end, but she still wanted to...

Whispers of the Wind

Quiet voices on the wind,
​whispering in certain ears.
​Certain ears that were only ment to here it,
not just whispers, but secrets told to the wind.
​Secrets that were ment as a message for someone,
secrets on the wind playful tongues.

​Secrets that seemed to be able to be spilt,
​but no matter how careless the wind seems,
​it still nose's it's purpose.
You hear the wind whispering,
​it's not just jumbled up junk,
​but secrets spoke and repeated on that very tongue of breeze.
​A breeze that is speaking it's own tongue,
which no one can hear except the reciever of the message.

​No message misplace nor lost,
​always delivered on time and never late.
​But the message, the wind doesn't mesmerize,
for it's only the tongue that mickics what it's supposed to take.
​Once delivered to the receiver the secret is lost from the wind,
it's tongue goes blank, ready for the next message.

The Tree of Confessions

A tree in a park,
​with string and notes hanging from it.
Notes carrying dreams and thoughts,
​hopes and questions.
​Some written for things that are never said,
​others emotions and daily troubles.
​Countless notes that are never opened,
​only carrying finger prints and the lead or ink of the words.
​Some wrinkled, other straight,
​some old, others newly added.
​Notes that will never be touched,
nor opened for eyes to see.
A tree full of note,
​notes that are from people with troubles and dreams,
The Tree of Confessions.


The Void

A crack of thunder,
​and a black bottomless pitch opens up.
Falling into the void,
​where gravity doesn't exist.
​So silent is suffocates,
and leaves ears ringing.

​Just floating in endless darkness,
so cold and empty.
​No company,
​and hope seemed just a silver of a quarter.
​No light, just empty useless space,
​well until an image is commanded.

​Then another crack of thunder,
​as a stitch is undone from the void,
​and an exit is opened up.
​An exit carrying hope and light,
​gavity and society.
​A pushing force,
​and sent out of the void,
​and into the light.

The Sun's Lost Light

The sun shined and smiled,
​her heart pounding as she slipped behind the horizon.
She disappears a smile so bright is lit up the black void,
​she smiles as her eyes meet her lover's, the moon.
He beams back,
​a smile so bright it can light up all the shadows.
​But, it was wiped away quickly,
​covered by a sorrowful expression.

​"We can't meet any more,"
​he said and the sun's heart froze.
​"We can't delay the night nor the day any longer.
​It's causing a rift in the times of dust and dawn."

With those words, after on last look,
​the moon disappeared.
​The sun's light dulled,
​but she was forced to go across the word for the next dawn.
​But, clouds hid her as she rose,
​for she didn't want the world to see her cry.
​As her tears fell ​they burned holes into the horizon,
​as she lost her desire to shine.


Setting as Mood

The Other Side of Shira

Shira didn't think nor was like any other girl in the town. She almost seemed wild, like the untamed mythical creatures she worked with. Firian was curious about her, so he'd arranged to work with her over a project with one of the creatures. She didn't seem happy about working with him, she was cold to him and never talked to him unless she had to. She never invited him to help her with a difficult part of handling the creature and never offered him help, except just glared at him with arms crossed and a ridged stance. She seemed to be determined to not accept the fact that he was there to help her with it. She seemed distant, almost guarded. Her blue eye didn't give away any of her emotions, except coldness to him. She never parted her lips to speak unless she had to, and she seemed to be angry with the world. But when it came...

Magic and the Greedy Black Bird

Small lively cottage,
​cornered by surrounded trees.
​Puffs of colored smokes from the chimney,
​clouds of something more than smoke.
​Something mysterious and ancient,

​Swooping black bird,
​beady eyes caught the curling puffs.
​Caw ringing from his black beak,
​flapping wings, directing to the casted spells.
​Greedy thoughts in the mind,
as he smirks at his find.

Small Clear Pond

Small clear pond,
in corner of the overwhelming yard.
Green lily pads, floating on the surface,
​with plush pink blooms.
​Bubbling, trickling waterfall,
​fueling into the pond with purified water.
Sun caught on the reflecting surface,
glinting on flashing small bodies.
​Ginger, crimson red, bright gold, 
​coal black, pure white, moon silver, multi-color.
Ripples ringing around the pond,
​with each peck from the fish.
A still spring,
​full of life and color.

Busy Buzzing Bee Hive

A buzzing in the air,
​coming from a bee hive,
​that clutched to a tree branch.
Little fuzzy, yellow black striped orbs,
​humming while they work.
​Bees flying into the hive,
​returning from a nectar run.
​Bees exiting the hive,
​running onto pollen runs and collecting honey.

​Bee guards, checking each oncoming bee,
who have to do the code dance.
Swaying right, twirling left,
​dropping down, and flipping up.
Sticky liquid gold,
​oozing from the overly-filled hive,
​right into the gapping jaws,
of the striped predator below.

Stomping around the ground,
​grump when the honey stopped coming.
​But, on goes the working busy bees,
​no matter the threat, but they keep an eye on him.

Kate's Discovery

    A girl, huddled in her vermillion rain coat, which offered little protection from the slashing rain, walked along the wet sidewalk. Her sopping wet dark hair clung to her shoulders along with some strands to her cheeks and forehead. She was 12-years-old and named Kate. Her head bent to keep as much rain out of her hazel eyes the best she could, as she trudged on. She was shivering from head to toe by the time she looked up to see where she was. She was near the edge of the big city she lived in, but still skyscrapers and other big building loomed around her, it made her feel as small as the rain drops falling around her. The patter of rain and the sloshing of her rain boots hitting the water puddles rung in her ears. Her eyes ended up on the ruin cite of an old castle which was off-limits to people like her, it was only...

A Wolf's Howl

A wolf as pure as truth,
howling to the moon of proof.
While shadows creep,
and the wind weeps.
Through it all he howls,
the call of the owls.
Though its hollow,
the moon still follows.

My Companion

Your eyes,
​a dark chocolate.
Warm and gentle in many ways,
​but deep with meaning and understanding.
Your fur,
​black with tannish brown patches.
​As soft as a velvet nose,
​and cozy and comforting at times.
Your ears,
​sharp and pointed,
​perked in a listening fashion.
Your head,
​wolf'-like and always atilt in curiosity.
​Your my best friend,
​my dog.

On Coming Twilight

The setting sun shimmered,
like a thousand rubies in light.
Bouncing off the ocean,
​reflecting the exquisite run set.
​The darkening sky,
​glistened with the flickering stars.
​The sun sliped behide the horizon line,
​preparing for it's next visit across the world.

River of Galaxy

Along the pure silver sanded blanks,
​a river of clear inky blackness.
Glistening tear drops,
​are carried along with the cold water.
​Clutches of tears together,
bound by gravity.
On flows the River of Galaxy,
​swiftly and bubbly.

The Thaw was Coming

A bird with a honey yellow chest,
​ruffled feathers from the piercing cold.
​Atop a pine tree branch,
​crusted with crystalized pogonip frost,
​which appeared a little wetter than normal.
​It's beady black eyes,
​snaking along the shimmering snow below.
​Wet with a sheen of melt,
​as the weak sunlight appeared warmer then before.
​The Thaw was coming,
​realized with little hopeful bird,
as the first signs of the winter end showed,
Taking to the sky on energized wings,
with the news on tongue.

Chained for Forever to your Master

Early sun, your long,
middle sun, your short,
​late sun, your at one of your longest states.
Shady even though light and dark,
at different times.
​You are always there,
​no matter the moments.

You are the stalker of objects,
​and always chained to your leader.
You never have your own movements,
​for you are the copier of every movement.
​You have no control of yourself nor your actions,
​always having the orders of the sun and leader upon your shoulders.
​You are the unbreakable follower roaming on the earth,
you are Shadows.

Mind and House Alike

Mind clouded with doubt and uncertainty,
​questions sloshing around the mind.
​A whirlpool of 'What ifs' and 'Should haves'
​comsuming the mind, giving way to stress.
​Head banging against walls,
rattling the dull, blank mind.
Life drained from the body,
​house dull with nothing interesting.
​Question, stress, and self doubt,
​filling the house to the brim.

​No splash of color,
in the mind's eye.
​No spring in the step,
​with each dull, slow stride.
No beat to the pump,
​with every pounding heartbeat.
​No exhilaration in the spirit,
​with each passing moment.
​Nor any warm, happy words,
​in the vocabulary of the tongue.
No reason for life in the house that sits alone,
​atop the looming, steep hill.

Raging Eternal Flame

I walk through the burning forest,
​my glassy eye reflecting the flames.
Charcoal streaks on my face,
​sweat beading my forehead,
​and running down my neck and back.
​Heat wavering in the air,
​buring the surroundings.
​Flames erupting and sparks flying,
​smoke rising and suffocating my lungs.
​My hair singed at the tips,
​but I continue to walk along the scorched ground.

​My palm stretched,
​my voice ringing out,
​just as fierce as the rebelling flames.
​My throat begins to burn from the smoke,
​a bout of coughs escapes me.
​Through my blurring vision I catch a flicker I knew so well,
and hope pours is anew.
I clear my throat and my order is thrown into the air,
​demanding for the Eternal Flame to return to me, the Protector.

​A little arrogant flame breaks from the raging fire,
​hovering reluctantly above my palm.
​Our eyes meet before he turns to look at the burning scenery,
​my voice brings his...

Reflecting my Heart

You heart is broken,
​your heart is mourning.
​Your heart reminds me of another's,
​but less protected and new to this broken state.
​Yours is foreign to this stag in life,
and a little uncertain.
​Asking why it's here,
​and hoping for another chance.
​Your heart doesn't have a bars,
guarding it from the unstable world.
​Your heart is like mine but anew,
​reflecting my heart's form,
​like a mirror reflecting your face.


Little Sparrow


               Goes the sparrow,
        PEEP from his little brown beak,
                Think that he is meek from a SQUEAK.
                    SWISH from his feathered wings as he glides,
                          TAP as he pecks the earth with his little beak and RUFFLING his feathers.
                                FLAP as other birds join the sparrow, stealing food and SCRAP,
                                      The earth with hooked claws and their wings,
                                         and their feet at ready any moment to,
                                            Take flight with the WOOSHING,
                                                   Winds carrying them.
                                                       Beak parting,        
                                                   From his lungs. 

A Bird of Fire

A pile of darkened ash,
​upon the bank of the Reflecting Lake.
​From the ash kindles a growing flame,
​swirls of orange twist and twirl around it.
The flame grows in a gentle whisper,
until a melodic song rises,
singing of embers and life.

​Arises a figure aflame,
​with wings of fire spread wide.
​Red and orange feathers ablaze,
​eyes of cool blue.
​Heat wavering in the air,
​as the powerful wings flutter.
​The figure in the flames,
​a gentle beautiful Pheonix.

Behind the Mirror

Behind the reflecting glass,
awaiting to be summoned.
​A bitter girl walks among the reflecting world,
​piece of iridescent glass crunching under her bare feet.
​She'd been there since... she couldn't remember,
​but she still knew there had to be more then this realm.
​Something more then just being a reflection,
​something with a purpose or her.

She couldn't remember the sun,
​nor could she remember what a plant was.
Nor the blue wide sky,
​not even what water was.
​She remembered only bits and piece of the outside world,
if there was one.
​She just remembered feeling warmth once,
​and joy of being alive.

She longed to see more then the shattered piece of glass,
​and beyond the only picture that the reflecting glass showed her.
She couldn't form what it was,
​but she knew her heart quickened with that line of thought.
​But, all she could do was wander in the endless glass,
​and stare at the out at the only window to the...

The Hunteress and the Figure

A huntress stood at the forest's edge,
frightened like a shy doe to leave the forest.
​She was wrapped in beauty,
​just like the forest behind her.
​She had the most serene light blue eyes,
​that didn't give away any of her emotions.
Her skin shone in the sun,
​aglow like an illuminating firefly.
​Her shimmery black hair fell in curls around her face,
making her eyes pop.
​Her face held soft features,
​and her pale lips had a gloss to it.
Her dark eyelashes casted shadows over her eyes,
​making them look darker then usual.

​Her hands became clammy at the thoughts of leaving the forest,
​she chewed on her lip with nervousness.
​Her mind buzzed with question and doubt,
​and her heart pound in her ringing ears.
​Her stomach plummeted with anxiety,
​her a sheen of sweat set upon her face. 
​Her eyes were the only thing that didn't betray her,
​they only showed stony cool.

​But the calling sensation...

Without Flight

You may not have been born with wings, my love, but you don't need wings to be grounded.

​Those were the words my mom told me,
​whenever I doubted myself.
​I never understood the phrase,
but it always helped.

​I always thought it meant that just because I didn't have wings,
​didn't mean I couldn't imagine I did.
 So I'd pretended that I could fly,
​like the rest of my classmates.
​They looked at me with distasteful and disgusted looks,
sometimes even concern.
​But, they never voiced their thoughts,
​because they knew I was the daughter of their ruler.

​I kept that act up,
​until I finally realized what my mom meant.
​She'd meant that even if I didn't have wings,
​that didn't mean I was a misfit.
​That didn't mean I could still do great things,
​that it didn't mean I was less special then anyone with wings.
​She'd meant I could do anything I set my mind to,

Dancing in the Moonlight

A little flickering glow,
​going out and back on.
​A glowing yellow orb,
​fluttering around the moonlit glad.
​It was quiet except for the gentle breeze rustling the grass.
​Everything drowned in silver light,
​from what the moon casted out.

​The orb flicker back on,
​setting ablaze to deep red instead of light yellow.
The illumination light demanded for attention,
​until other little flecks of light rose from the concealing grass.
​They followed the red orb's orders.
​Forming into unique pattern,
which some glowed at times and others differently.
They glowed red, yellow, and orange,
blinking in and out.

The little orbs were dancing,
but they weren't just orbs.
They danced to their heartbeat,
​they swayed as one.
​They were the Dancers of the Moonlit Glade,
​they were Fireflies.

Shooting Star

Gazing up into the black twinkling night,
​with a stretch of blackness with a sliver of a moon,
and twinkling still stars.
​Awaiting for the Stars to start falling,
​wait for a Meteor Shower.
​Curious big blue eyes,
​searching endlessly for a glimpse of the falling stars.
Just as hope is lost a star falls,
​a small star with a stardust left behind it.
​Glowing boldly as it falls,
​an energized mass of cold light.
​Leaving a path of gold and silver stardust,
​as the star's final life is spent.

Safe as a Raven... Right?

A figure cloaked in black,
​standing the shadows of the ruins of the house,
as the sun rises.
​He awaits for the sun to touch him,
​awaiting for his form to shift into his winged self.
​The early sun's rays of light touch his face,
​just a single touch and a flurry of charred feathers whirls.
​A caws crackles through the air as the form overtakes his human form,
​he awaits for his wings to appear.

​His grey eye become round and beady,
​holding experience and mischief.
​His cloak turns into shinning coal black feathers,
​which shimmered with a sheen purple as they caught the sun's attention.
​His arms shrink and sprout feathers with a flapping sound,
​his legs shorten and become scaly black.
​His form shifts into a tallish bird form,
​with wings against his sides with shinning feathers.
​His nose grows into a sleek shiny black beak,
​and a cawing noise echoes form his beak, bouncing off the surrounding walls.

​His new form is complete, ...

Nictus and Serena Meeting for the First Time

As Serena picked up her pace, trying to caught up with the other trainees that were racing. She was participating in a racing test to see who quick she was and to see her strengths. People watched silently form the stands and she caught Aires, her brother, watching her every move and his smile up more energy in her legs. Her pace pick up until she was  going too fast to stop and she'd passed all the other trainees. She smiled at her progress until she noticed that she was well passed the finish line, and as she tried to stop she could stop her stride.
​Everyone yelled after her but she couldn't stop. But, soon she found herself in the air, still rising after a few seconds. She roe in a high arc until she found herself falling towards a tree. Half a scream escaped her just before she was tumbling through the tree's branches, they shredded her running shorts and shirt as...

The Same Faces... Yet Never Before

We'd always been friends,
him and I.
He always wore a smile,
​and never looked tried.
His voice was always so cheerful,
​and his dimples always showed.
​He always found a way to make me smile,
​whether a hug, a question, or a smile.
​But that was until the day he came with his eyes puffy,
​with no smile nor dimples in sight.

​He walked sluggish and when he said his first word to me,
his voice was haunting and throaty.
He only ask one thing and didn't want the answer,
​"Do you ever wonder what could happen to a person after an incident?"
Those were his only words,
​it stunned me into silence the whole day.
​And then at the end of the day he spoke up again,
​"This ​is what happens to someone," he gestured to himself.
​"They never are the same after a loved on is lost."
Those were his last words to me before walking...

The Elements

The wind and breezes all shifted their course,
​following the call that willed them to come.
​They whistled and twirled together on their swift journey,
​wounding around trees and over mountains and rivers.
​As they neared the caller as started to become one,
​until they were only on soft breeze.
​The remaining breeze finished the journey,
​settling the caller's hand after brushing her cheek.
She smiled at the little wispy breeze in her palm,
​letting her heart match the breeze's whispers.
​Her blonde hair and dress flowed around her,
​as the breeze and the girl became one.
The Holder of the Wind's source.


​Deep inside a boy ​who battled threw the pushing crowd,
​a captivated flame raged around.
​The little flame demanded for attention and freedom,
​waiting impatiently for the boy to set him free.
​He wanted to burn whatever the boy gave him,
​he wanted to feel the power of his flames.
​The little flame circled...

A Glass Necklace can be a Conversation Starter

Alex had always wondered why Raina wore a necklace with a shard of broken glass hanging from it, he hadn't worked up the courage to ask her why until he found her necklace left on her seat at the end of a school day. She always seemed attached to the necklace because during recess he'd seen her messing with it. So, when he found it, he planned to give her the necklace the next day and ask her why she wore it and had it. All the way home he looked at the shard of glass with narrowed eyes, trying to see if there was anything special about it.
​When he got home he head right up to his room, skipping the snack he usually had, and set the necklace gently down on his desk. He made sure not to leave it close to the edge so that it wouldn't fall and shatter. He got right to work on his homework with his mind not really focus...

Stars for a Night

I was zooming along the dusty dirt roars the evening when I first noticed one of my classmates after so long of not talking to her. I had my dog, a young Rottweiler, about three, with me and he was sticking his head out of the window, enjoying the cold wind whipping his ears and face and made them numb. His name was Gawva. Anyways, I had my window rolled down with air being sucked into my dusty truck with the sound of rocks flying and the brush of sagebrush scrapping against its sides. The sun was well gone when I noticed a small car pulled over and I slowed down a little to get a better look.
​My hazel eyes widened as I recognized it was Havana from my class. A soft spoken girl with long straight black hair that reflected the charcoal color of the blackness of the night sky that hung over the edge of the roof,...

A Time Star

​She breathed in a shaky breath but her lungs refused to excesses air, only letting it escape without even trying to help her failing body. She felt the blood gushing from her wounds from the fight and her hair started to stick to her to her cooling cheeks as the blood soaked it. The rusty scent caught in her throat. Her heart wretched with pain as her blue eyes connected with her devastated lover, his brown eyes tearing up. Her mind cried out as pain seared her deeply and crystal gleaming stars escaped her eyes. Her lover bent over her breaking body as a sob escaped his mouth and he press his lips against her sweaty forehead, but it offered barely any warmth.
​She was too weak to move her lips as her soul started leaving her body, so the last of her conscious whispered into her darkening vision and empty mind, No matter how many times we are separated we'll...

Make him Pay Before its May

He draws nearer with every shake of the earth,
​he brings misery and evil from his hearth.
He leaves decruction in his path,
​can you hear his wrath?
​He's drawing near,
​are you here?

So, take your sword in hand,
​travel across the land.
Close the gap between you two,
​do it for your bravery is anew.
And win the fight,
​through a night.
Go before he finds you,
​and makes you due.

Make him Pay Before its May

He draws nearer with every shake of the earth,
​he brings misery and evil from his hearth.
He leaves decruction in his path,
​can you do the math?
​He's drawing near,
​are you here?

So, take your sword in hand,
​travel across the land.
Close the gap between you two,
​do it for your bravery is anew.
And win the fight,
​through a night.
Go before he finds you,
​and makes you due.

The Peace of Wild Things

Our Sacred Place

 Serena sits on her bed with a tearstained face propped up against the cool wall behind her, and a tear drop still clinging to her cheek. She stares at the ceiling, which it decorated with glowing stars as the room darkens from the fading sunlight. Her mind runs blank and she doesn't know how long she sits in her pool of misery until she hears the noise of her bed dipping at someone sits on it. She removes her gaze from the stars to meet warm brown eyes as the warm voices of the person says, "Serena," in a gentle caring voice. It's Nictus.
​His gaze causes some of her misery to melt away as they continue to stare into each other's eyes. "Serena," he whispers again. They same tone matching the tone on the night that he had showed her their sacred place, a willow at the edge of the bubbling stream. Nictus reaches out with a finger and gently wipes the cold tear form...

A Stallion of Pure and an Eagle of Spirit

Flashing in a blur of white across the marshy moor,
running in the Winds of Freedom.
​With hard rippling muscles under his coat of snow,
which it splotched with speck of mud.
​Winds whistle in his ears and plays in his tail and main,
​he lifts his head and lets out a coarse whinny.
​His ears ring with the thud of his hooves and the flap of his opponent,
​his heart beats as one with his hooves.
​His brain is completely blank as he runs,
​his soul rises on the wings of the eagle he's racing.
He runs on and on,
​never losing energy nor spirt.
​A Stallion of Pure,
​racing with the Eagle of Spirit.

​A flapping rush of brown and white glides in the endless sky,
​letting the Winds of Freedom carry him on swiftly.
​With the flap of feathers in his ears and the hooves of his opponent,
​he allows his Wings of Spirit to control him.
​His heart doesn't argue,
​his mind only...

Taste of Freedom for the First Time in Eternity

After being locked away,
I finally emerge from my underground cell.
My sensitive eyes screw up at the dim moonlight,
As I shuffle my cuffed blistered feet into the moonlit clearing.
I breath a sweet breath of freedom,
after filling my lungs with filth.
I feel wet grass on my throbbing bare feet,
which feels the softest of all the things of the world.
​I curl and uncurl my sore fingers and toes,
​and roll my heavy head in a circle,
popping my sore neck.
​My muscles relax in the moonlight,
​and my eyes widen as they adjust to the bright light.
​I sallow down some saliva, wetting my dry throat,
​and part my cracked lips.
​A scratchy grunt escapes me as I try to speak,
​my helper hands me a bottle of water,
and I gulp it down hungrily.
 As I finish I wipe my mouth and try again,
​saying, "Let's see what's changed in this world after being a captive for eternity."

A Reminder

Through my nightmares,
my uncertainty and questioning state,
my insecurity and distress,
​my sadness, and mourn,
​my pain and incomplete state,
​my struggles and fear,
​my anger and lonely state.
​the beauty of nature still grows
and ceases to amaze me.

​Through all this,
​I still see beauty in the wild's creatures and nature.
​I can still imagine me sitting in the meadow,
​staring up at the charcoal night sky,
​winking down at me with its many twinkling eyes,
​and a complete shining silver face.
​I can see bliss on my face with a smile,
​with my wandering heart at ease,
and  my wondering mind satisfied.

​I can feel a gentle caring breeze
​sweep against my cheek, kissing it.
​Cool to the touch,
​but so gentle and warm and comforting and loving.
​I can feel the presence of my Lord around me,
​urging me to keep my faith and happiness.
​Reminding me even when I feel alone,
​I'm never alone.

Render and Litzy's Encouter

    Render paced along the cliff face, waiting impatiently for Litzy to come tumbling out of the portal. he could hear her thoughts scattered, focusing on two different locations as she traveled through the portal, which was very risky. He could faintly hear the other thought of what he guessed to be her two friends. One doubtful the other excited and curious. But, he only focused this telepathy on Litzy's thoughts. He could hear panic start to ringing through her head as the portal started to collapse and adrenaline coursed through his veins as he hoped that she was being separated from her friends. Her mind screamed her friends' names, Senka and Cleft, as they were separated and shot into two different directions.
    As soon as his ears caught the snapping sound of the portal opening up above him his head shot up and the red ruby was the first object to be spewed out of the portal. He...

Your Old Self

I wish I could do something,
that would bring you sunlit smile back.
I want to see you laugh for real,
not a fake small uncomfortable laugh.
I wish to see your dimples appear as you smile,
but I haven't witnessed it for a while.
I want to see you eye light up with life and curiosity,
like they used to do when you asked questions or told me exciting news.
I wish to see you put a spring in your stride,
like you always did no matter how exhausted you were.
I want to hear your voice full of of happiness and energy again,
but now it's just flat and question.

Right now your always distant,
something is always on your mind.
I see no more life in you,
as you go about you business.
I see you avoiding doing things you used to love and do,
no matter who was watching.

I want to collect the scattered pieces...

Numerous Narrators

Aqua's Betrayal and Toka's Disbelief

    Toka walked along the beach with peace on his face, he finally had gotten away from the one hunting him. With the help of Aqua, the siren that'd helped him escape from the Hunter, he'd found the cover. He was in his man form, the unaffected side of cure which sent power running through his veins. He lifted his head as a soft breeze blew around him, whispering promises.
​But, all this was forgotten as he heard the crack of a twig from the jungle that loomed feet away from the edge of the ocean. He narrowed his eyes and his muscles tensed as he waited for what lurked there to show itself.
    He felt his senses increase as...

On the Last Day of the World

If the World Falls Apart

Should the darkness rule the light,
I shall set light to the night.
If the sky falls in pieces,
I shall call for you.
If the ground shall shake,
I will laugh at the make.
Shall the world fall apart,
I shall let you hold my heart.

Chapter 3 (Hunter and Hunted)

Toka jumped to his paws after the sirens disappeared as his memory reminded the man. He ran into the jungle with his fur prickling with irritation. ​Couldn't I just have one day without worrying about being killed? ​he thought to himself. He ran on and on steadily without breaking his stride as he dodged the trees with ease. He stopped when he heard a crack of a twig, he perked his ears and crouched down, ready to defend himself. He crept forward slowly, and a small monkey entered the small clearing. Before it could react, he leapt onto it and killed it.
Toka finished off his meal and felt his strength start to return to his muscles. He padded through the shady forest until the sun was high in the sky. He found a cool pool in a clearing and he stepped to the edge of the water. For the first time he could see what form he'd taken on....

Serena and Nictus

"I can't believe the power went out," I complained to Nictus.
​He ignored my complaint and continued to light the second candles in my hand, keeping his eyes on the flame. "Why, are you afraid of the dark, Serena?"
​"Hey, you're a mechanic, can't you tweak the wires or something?" I asked, trying to avoid his question.
​"I could, but then I couldn't get the fun out of your fear," he said.
​"Whoever said that I was scared of the dark?"
​From the little fire that are enjoying its meal, the wick of the candle, I saw him smile a dimpled smile and raise an eyebrow. He shrugged and answered, "You never answered my question, Serena."
​"So," I said to him, turning my head away from the fire light, to hide my blushing cheeks.
​"Hey, now. Don't jerk around with the fire still in your hand," he said, turning my head back gently after cupping my chin.
​"Fine, you got...

Agent vs the Threats

Darkness surrounded me as they continued to carry me with a blindfold over my eyes. I didn't fight back, but in my head my wheels were turning, plotting how I could gain an advantage. I felt them throw me onto something. Telling by how soft it was, I landed on a chair. Cold hands seized my wrists and forced my hands behind my back, and I felt the rough coils of rope as they were wrapped around my wrists tightly. My blindfold was ripped from my eyes and blinding light flooded in, causing my eyes to squint shut.
​I blinked open my eyes and scanned my surroundings: I was in an old warehouse surrounded by people who hated me and wanted me dead. But, on the bright side, my arch-nemesis was standing opposite me; the only thing keeping the crowd from attacking.
Okay, I admit it, there was no bright side. I smirked at him chummily and kept my eyes...

Chapter 2 (Hunter and Hunted)

Nothing happened between the two. They just stared at each other, but the cargo stared with fear and frozen with it while the man stared at him with delight and a smile of danger on his mouth. He was tall with a cross bow slung over his shoulder, a sword sheathed at his side, and on his other hip with a dagger. His smirk showed a smile of delight and his eyes glowered with hunger which frightened the cargo. The man's voice sent shivers down his back and made his fur prickle. His voice rung and echoed into the cargo's ears, "Ah, just what I've wanted and waited for," his voice was like metal scraping against metal. "New game to hunt. I don't think I've seen anything like you before. I feel the power under your pelt, my friend. I can hear your thoughts. You're here for a reason, my new pet. You're here to please me, to let me...

Chapter 1 (Hunter and Hunted)

Pain. Fear. Confusion.
​Those three words ran in the cargo's mind over and over. Until, finally, his mind got bored and yelled, ​Get up you FOOL​. the cargo moaned and opened his eyes slightly with dreariness and a small ray of light shined down on him, blinding him, but he also felt warmth in it. He blinked open his piercing blue eyes until they adjusted to the warm rays. He laid in the sand, soaking the heat into his sore muscles.
​The back of his head was pounding and his lugs ached with every breath. His stomach growled over and over, trying to get him up. As he took in a shuttering breath, a bout of coughs followed it and water came bubbling up his throat and out of his mouth. When the coughs passed he sat up and looked around the beach with confusion. ​Had the ship dropped me off here? ​He thought.
​Hisses suddenly broke out...

Would You..

My heart beats for you,
​my mind is only stuck on your name.
​But, my tongue never lets me confess,
if I were to would you say my words back to me?
​If I told you my heart skips a beat with every passing moment my mind thinks of you,
would you take my hand?
​Would you run with me into the night,
​or follow me down a rabbit hole if you knew?
​If you knew that my breath is taken away as you pass by,
and that I would never stop watching as you left my side,
​would you fly into the sun for my sake?
Would you love me the same as I do?

Expectations to Despration

They told you that your life was planned,
​set in stone with no changes to it.
​You were to rule the kingdom,
​as the queen of the next air, Maximillian the third.
​You were supposed to be guarded at every moment of you life,
​with no freedom nor escape.
​It seemed that you couldn't escape your set destiny,
​until the idea hit you.

So, you lived on your own,
​on th run with ever moment of your life named with freedom.
You plan to never be caged,
​to let your heart soar with no clouding expectations.
​But, that all changed by one guy,
​your unguarded heart thought its freedom could be extended to his hands.

​So, you fell in love with him,
​and he said he loved you too.
You gave him your heart,
​he only gave you a smirk.
Then, he stabbed you in the back,
​by turning you in to your supposed husband.

Your heat is...

Flash Fiction Competition 2017

A Little Flame of Hope.

I lean against the wall, my head resting against it. My eyes are shut, trying to hide the emotions that stir within me. Tears escape my shut closed eye lids and my heart aches with pain and hurt. My mind is scrabbling to keep my always hidden emotions hidden. My ears ring with other kids around the playground, not bothering to notice me. But, as my eyes open they meet yours. Your  caring blue eyes full of sympathy and gentleness. You smile and my heart soars, even as your turn away. Your smile had brought joy to my heart.


I stand atop the cliff, ocean roaring below and the wind rustling through the fall leaves of the ancient tree that held my young memories on each leaf. I stand beside you, clutching your hand with all my might, as I feel something stir between me and you. What didn't make sense to me, was that your face, which always wore a smile, was now wearing a frown, your eyes gleaming with faint sorrow. "Litzy, it's getting late, why don't you go home?" You ask me with an edge as sharp of the cliff edge in your voice.
​"I'm not just going to leave you here," I say back to you, tightening my grip, just an bit. "Where would you go?"
​"I'll be fine, Litzy, I just have to take care of something," you say with an impatient voice.
​"So, are you going back to your parent's house then?" I ask, worrying how'd you'd feel after being betrayed to them. ...

Lowest of Low, Biggest of Big

Description 1. Even though I'm at my lowest of low you are still here and your give me a smile that is your biggest of big.

​Description 2. I feel that I am at my lowest of low for feeling yet your smile, which if your biggest of big, alights my heart, it stirs my heart into emotion. My eye connect with yours which sparkle with the most delighted you've ever expressed.

​Description 3. I know and feel my lowest of low emotion but when my eye pick you out of the crowd your wearing a smile and your eyes are glittering. Your smile is full and biggest of big for heartfelt, making my heart rise from it's own depressing ashes, your grin causes my heart to be thrown into a torrent of emotion. Whilst your eyes spark up my heart, as well, making it sprout wings for your eyes are glittering with the most emotion ever.

The Needle-Like Dagger (Story Generator to Story)

Litzy Rosewood looked at the needle like knife in her hands and felt jumpy.
She walked over to the window and reflected on her neglected surroundings. She had always hated bare Forest of deepens with its abundant, adorable a lake. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel jumpy.
Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Trez Thornheart. Trez was a creepy villain with brilliant green hair and col black with metallic green and purple eyes
Litzy gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a freaky, sharp, drinker with wavy dark brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. Her friends saw her as a freshly-squeezed, fancy friend. Once, she had even revived a dying, fox.
But not even a freaky person who had once revived a dying, fox, was prepared for what Trez had in store today.
The mist teased like cackling Wolves, making Litzy hatred.

Chapter 1 (Hunter and Hunted)

Pain. Fear. Confusion.
​Those three world ran in the cargo's mind over and over. Until, finally, his mind got bored and yelled, ​Get up you FOOL​. the cargo moaned and opened his eyes slightly with dreariness and a small ray of light shined down on him, blinding him, but he also felt warmth in it. He blinked open his piercing blue eyes until they adjusted to the warm rays. He laid in the sand, soaking the heat into his sore muscles.
​The back of his head was pounding and his lugs ached with every breath. His stomach growled over and over, trying to get him up. As he took in a shuttering breath, a bout of coughs followed it and water came bubbling up his throat and out of his mouth. When the coughs passed he sat up and looked around the beach with confusion. ​Had the ship dropped me off here? ​He thought.
​Hisses suddenly broke out...

Writing Small

A Match

I reach into the matchbox, pulling out one small match. I strike it against the side of the box, setting the match aflame. I guarded the flame from the blowing wind until I reached the fire pit. I threw the match into the pit and watched as the fire explode.

You and I, Happy and Sadness

You see the world through beauty and truth,
I see the world through cruelty and pain.
You see from a little snake to the highest tree,
as beautiful animals.
Whilst I see a treacherous snake and a death tree,
as things waiting to sweep away loved ones.
You think a wolf is beautiful and majestic,
but I see a savage creature that lurks the shadows,
waiting  to pounce on its prey.
You believe there is a place of bliss and beauty,
while I only see flaws and faults in a place.

You think every new dawn is a fresh start,
I only see punishment and hurt.
To me there is no such thing as happiness nor peace,
for all I'd been through only shows loss in my life.
To you, you live and dwell in happiness,
for that's all you've ever lived in.
You see night as a time of rest,
while I see it as an excuse to escape...

Fiery Tiger

I roamed the unsearched, untouched, mysterious jungle. I jumped at every sound even the crackle of a stick. I didn't know why I felt so jumpy, I usually was bold and confident, but now I felt small and almost fearful. Creatures around me moved, roared, and stared. I came across a bush with fiery berries, not only were they red but they glowed with fire. The fire played and crackled but didn't burn, it didn't move from its spot as if contained. I reached out my hand to touch and felt no burn as my fingers and flame connected. I picked on of the berries and studied it, it wasn't bright red like death so I popped it into my mouth.
​It tasted like burnt blueberries and as I swallowed my throat burned and seemed to caught on fire. My insides seemed to liquefy and they too felt like they were on fire. I screeched out in pain as my...

Prologue of Hunter and Hunted

    The storm raged out over the sea with harsh winds, blinding strikes of lightning, and pounding rain. In the storm, the hungry waves tossed and turned a ship. The captain of the ship shouted orders to his crew over the wind. One of these orders was to better chain their cargo, for fear he would escape.
   The cargo below heard the bellowed order and shrunk closer against and he hunched closer against the wall, trying to escape the scary noises which he couldn't place. He was bound in chains at his hands and feet, his hands had at least four cuffs and on his feet, were five. He was skinny and scratched by the whip, of which the crewmembers used on him. The cargo wouldn't have been called that if it weren't for what he was, even if he was human. With feet and hands and alike features like the captain himself. But it was what surged under...

Rage to Longing

Once known love and family,
​now depressed and full of lies.
​Filled to the brim with mourn and rage,
​rage that demanded to be released,
to take vengeance.
​But, its kept bottled up,
​like a shaken soda waiting to exposed,
but the cap is never taken off.
​Now, caged in a prison,
​neglected by humanity,
​after the incident.

​My rage brewed deep inside me,
​and I hold onto it,
​it was the only thing that kept me sane.
​My vows repeat over and over,
​pushing me to do something. 
​To release my rage,
to open the cap.

​Someone visited me today,
​which caught me off guard.
​He talked of the crisp fresh air from above,
above, an alien word to me.
​Of nature and freedom,
giving me longing.
Then, I snapped and lunged for the keys,
but he got away.
​And yelled at me,
​but my mind only wanted to see the sky.
​Now my rage became dangerous,
​like a...

Silent Danger

You take one look at me,
and I'll have you twisted our my finger.
​You will be bewitched,
​by my looks.
Just live the voice of a siren,
​bewitches sailors out on the ocean.
​Though I seem sweet on the outside,
​its what's on the inside you should be worried about.
My sweet talk,
​is only false to get you at my disposal.
​Once you mine,
you'll never have enough of me.
​You'll never break away from my bonds,
​of wich has settles on you.
Your heart only beats for me now,
your mind only thinks about me.
You'll never escape me clutches now,
​now that I have you begging for more.

The Art of Specificity

Ngithlit Scenery

Description 1:
The winter night was beautiful.

​Description 2:
​Snow felt from the half clear sky, settling upon the moonlit snow below. Stars shone like the falling snow through the patches of clear sky. The moon glowed through the clouds, reflecting the sun's light onto the snow.

​Description 3:
​Snow fell gracefully, like a ballerina, from the cloudy sky, settling among its thousand of other pure snowflakes. The snow that lay on the wintered grounds reflected the twilight moon's light, setting itself aglow. Up in the sky night stars twinkled their light with hope and joy. They danced and burned in in the ocean of blackness. The crescent moon showed only a sliver of the real perfect moon but it still shone bright through the clouds, completing the wintered night.

A Lethal Quest

We tread through the whirling ashes,
​upon ground of smoke.
Under our feet,
​ashes of runaways,
​that will never be found.
​Our feet carry us to the cave,
​this is where the monsters hide,
​shadowed by the depths of fear and mourn.
Only the wicked can survive,
the jouney to the black pit.

But, our hearts are not twisted by darkness,
​bound to the black pit by their doings.
​They beat with love and freedom,
​bound to the hope that flies on sparrow wings.
​Our ears catch a lethal melody,
the song of longing,
​the hidden just want to be set free.
In our minds sadness overtakes,
​we will never succeed our purpose,
​to retrieve the gold girl.

​She been locked away ​for centuries,
and now she sings lethal melodies.
​Hoping for us to save her,
​we will try but never succeed.
​For we have hearts of gold,
and they have heart of black.

Flash Autobiography

My Assurance

    As we got home from Walmart the sun had gone down and I could see the breathtaking beautiful black ocean full of my twinkling tears of hope and perfect moon. It was my favorite creation in the world, the night sky. My heart ached to be whisked into the embrace of the night sky's gravity which held all of the stars together. I ran through the house after throwing off my shoes and flung the back door open, tears in my eyes.
​    I felt lonelier than ever even with my happy family around me. I hauled myself up onto the outer circle our trampoline using one of the poles that held up the net. I starred into the sky with my heart aching, tears running down my face, and my mind blank. I couldn't understand why I felt sad and lonely, but I knew that it was for a reason. The memories of my long lost cat returned into my...

My God

Matthew 7:7
​"Ask and it will be given to you:
​Seek, and you will find;
Knock, and it will be opened to you."

This is my favorite verse from the bible,
​for it reminds me to never give up on God.
​He is always with you and will never leave you,
​his love is everlasting and will forever rein.
​He is our guide through the darkness,
​our sustainer through troubled times.
​Our lover and savior,
he is our leader.
​He is our heavenly Father.

Undieing Dreams

People say that dreams are for children,
​they say that they'll naver come true,
​that they'll die.

Do I believe this?

​No, I don't,
​my spirit stirs when my dreams come up.
​My Soul rises in me,
​as my mind tells about my dreams.
​My heart fastens,
​as my feet run through the forest.

​Do I believe my dreams will come true?

Of course,
​it's not a matter in listening to others,
but believe you can.
​Working hard to achieve your goals,
​and believing God will light your path.
​That he will bring these opportunities,
​to your door and surround you with encouraging friends.

Trust that God will meet your needs,
​and watch over you.
​Put you faith in him,
that he will love you with everlasting love.
Believe that he will,
​answer your prayers.


The Nighttime Oreo Theif

    I walked into the kitchen to find the light of the pantry shining from under the closed door. With my head still groggily from sleep, I walked to the door and turned off the light. I heard a rattling noise and a muffled hey from behind the door. I thought my ears were still ringing from my previous dream, so I headed back out of the kitchen. But, I was stopped myself as the door of the pantry creaked open. 
​I turn to look at what crook was in the pantry, I found myself face to face with a 14-year-old girl who had wild pale blonde hair, freckles dotting her cheeks and across her nose, and in the little light I could tell she had hazel green eyes. The girl had a handful of Oreos and was wearing an alarmed and guilty face. The girl was my sister. "Chole," I said with an exasperated tone through gritted teeth....

Why I Write

My Gift Explained

I write to express my heart's dreams of fantasy,
​things that can't happen in real life.
​If I can't live my dream life,
​then why shouldn't my characters?
​I write because the words call me to paper,
​they demand to be written.
​To be shone to others,
​make them understand my dreams.

​I write to express my ideas about things,
​that I believe in or see beauty in.
​I write to share my gift,
of which God had given me.
​Why keep my writing bottled up,
​when God gave this amazing gift to me?
​I write to flee from reality,
​for at least as long as I can.

​I write for my older sister use to write and write,
​she was a great influence for helping me shape my style.
​I write for I can feel the heartbeat of my characters,
​I can feel their stress or fear wavering as I write,
​or their hope and happiness in situations...

Prologue of Hunter and Hunted

    The storm raged out over the sea with harsh winds, roaring clouds, blinding strikes of light, and rounding rain. In the storm a ship is tossed and turned by the slamming hungry waves. The captain of the ship shouted orders to his crew and one of this orders that were boomed over the thunder was very important or the cargo they were carrying could escape. "A few of you go down and chain him up tighter with many locks," the captain said.
   The cargo below could hear his order and he hunched closer against the wall, trying to escape the scary noises which he couldn't place. He was bound in chains at his hands and feet, his hands had at least four cuffs and on his feet were five. He was skinny and scratched by the whip, of which the crewmembers used on him. The cargo wouldn't have been called that if it weren't for what he was, even...

Rest Fallen Warrior

After all this warfare,
rest little warrior.
Rest your sore muscles,
​and calm your bones.
After all your sacrifices,
​this is what you deserve,
its better than living with the memories,

Take your final breaths,
​noble savior, with no difficulty.
​Let your spirit be released,
from your torn body.
​Let your mind rest assured,
that you saved many.
Let your heart stop fighting,
​knowing that you've done proud.

​Don't fight the life slipping away,
let all around you know what you did.
​Just know that as you die,
​a part of us goes with you.
The war is over,
​fallen soldier.
​Your fears may be released,
​and your spirit is ready for eternal sleep.

​Let your spirit remember your victory,
with pride and rest with peace.
​Let you be remembers for your sacrifices,
​in order for our victory over our enemies.

Freedom's Calls

We used to be inseparable ,
but now our length is across the ocean.
​But I don't feel lonely,
​I can feel it.
​I the pulling sensation,
​the bond between us is calling.
​I become restless as it becomes more eager,
​for us to be reunited.

Captivity's slaves try to make me summit,
​to his evil clutches.
​They want to train me
to be Captivity's friend,​ Domestication. 
​At night when I hear the night's calls,
​I can hear her laughs of triumph at my breaking state.
I feel Captivity and Domestication's efforts rubbing on me,
​but I won't let myself bow down as long as I hear your calls.

I'd come running back to you,
​but my chains keep me attached to this prison.
My mind starts to demand my return,
​but my prison's clutches stay attached to me.
​I'll find away back to you, Freedom,
​as soon as I escape Captivity and Domestication.

Weird Personality

After you read these few things about my personality you might think I am very weird.

​1. I dream of places I can't go and Make stories of my characters that would never happen to them in my books.
​2. I want to be bullied, at least once, so I can make an awesome retort and blow the bully's mind. I can just imagine it, he calls me something and I say something like I know you are but what am I, so something like that and blow the bully's mind.
​3. I plan with my sisters to say epic remarks but probably will never have the courage to say them.
​4. I have random outbursts of excitement and run around the house flinging my arms everywhere and have no reason to do this.
​5. I have this thing with my dad, which is pretty out of date, as in a very used term, in my family, by saying YOUR...

Tammy and Mitzy: Dramatic Play

(Mitzy walks into the kitchen, her dad is on the table kneeling in front of her mom who was on the table too. Her brother, Tammy, is sitting in a chair with an incredulous expression his homework on the table and his pencil in mid-air.)
MITZY: What is the world are you doing?
TAMMY: Dad was just typing his story on the computer and then busted out, in an excited voice, ‘I shall go on this journey, my love.’ And then Mom came in and recited, ‘You can’t go alone, I won’t let you. I love you.’
MITZY: That is the weirdest they’ve gotten this month. Dad’s been getting carried away by his words. He thinks it’s his own life story.
TAMMY: You’re right, but I feel intrigued by this one. Let’s let them play it out this time. (He gets up, walks into the kitchen, and grabs an already made bag of popcorn. The buttery smell reaches Mitzy’s nostrils.) ...

I Still Can

I'm now in a state of depression and shock,
​after what you did, it left me scrambling.
I still can listen,
my mind still processes.
​I can still breath,
​my heart still pumps.
​I can still talk,
my tongue still works.
​I can still feel,
​my reflects sill react.
​But, I still feel distant,
​I'm always out of focus.


When you feel grief,
you become aware.
​You notice that your,
​emotions deceive with you.
​Even though your surrounded by people,
​you feel lonelier than ever.
You feel deep down,
​that there will never be light in the world again.
​You feel all doors close,
​as soon as sorrow and pain hit.

Pain and Power

I sense power,
​surging through your little replacement,
​But she acts with patience,
​and acts with ignorance towards the gift.
She doesn't act upon it with vengeance,
like normal people,
​no matter how sorrowful she is.
I can tell she's been through a lot,
​so I wonder why she doesn't let her angry rule.
​I'm curious why she acts with gentleness and carefulness.

You are very observant,
my little friend.
Some people aren't like you or I,
with angry and vengeance wrapped deep in their plans.
I believe this little replacement is one of them,
they act upon difference in their problems.
​They bottle up their angry and sorrow,
​and hide is, where no one will find it.

I know its down there,
​hidden deep.
It's raveling through me,
the power and the pain.
I don't know what to do with it,
​do I continue hiding it from others,
​or do I show it through anger, like the one before...

A Wisher of Wings

I watch the wings of birds,
cutting through the clouds.
​I wish for a pair of my own,
​but I just sit and watch with longing.
​But, should my wish be granted,
I will use my wings,
​and be soaring forever.
I'd soar over the world of wishers,
​through the stars of wanders,
and the clouds of granters.

Hunter and Hunted

The pain,
too unboreable.
​But I must keep up,
​to please my capturer.
I must keep his busy with myself,
​to keep his attention away from other passers.

​The risk of survival,
​always having to stay on the move,
with no rests.
​Oh, how tired I am,
​but I can't stop,
​or else all I've done would waste away.

I can hear your thoughts,
my little prey.
​I know about your trickery,
my little pet.
I know your weakening,
​it's only a matter of time till you break.

And when you break,
​I'll be there to collect you,
​to turn you into my prey forever.
You'll please me even more,
​with immorality when you receive it,
​I'll be able to hunt you even more.

With your powers,
​it will be harder to hunt you.
​Which will make it all more enjoyable,
​for me at least.

I can sense that he's close through the ground,
​his footsteps are restless and his...

Brant's Seeing

I lost my sane,
​as I had no choice,
​but to get rid of you,
with flames.
​I became devastated,
​as your screams of pain,
rang in my ears,
​as I just stood there.
​My heart broke,
​has your eyes,
​held betrayal and question,
as my met mine.
​My mind collapsed,
into the guilt,
​and it consumed,
​my saneness.

​Now, I fool,
​your parents,
as they take care of me,
​expecting nothing.
​They grieve,
over your death,
which every time,
​reminds me of what I'd done.
​I sit in a stone house,
​with guilt,
​ruling my mind,
​or at least they think I do.
​Even though it was my fault,
I still live with it,
​dealing with my duties,
but I still grieve.

Now, your parents,
have a new daughter,
one that looks of you,
and acts of you.
​They adopted her,
​and fools they are,
for replacing you,
with her.
She wears your pin,
and they act,
​as if...

Unspoken Words

Your on the tip of my tongue,
​but foreign words you are.
​Like a beta fish,
​in a tank of goldfish.
​You refuse to slip,
​off my tongue and into the air.
​Like frozen water dismissing the idea,
​of spilling over the rocky lip to feed the pool.
​Even though I open my mouth,
​you betray my train of thought.
​Like a stream,
​finding a new path to run down.
​You leave the listener,
​irritated and on the edge of her seat.
​Like a piece of rock,
​clinging to the top of a cliff,
no matter how hard the winds tries to sweep it away.

You are the words,
taken away from me,
​every time I try to say them.
You are the refuser,
​of summiting.
You are the betrayer,
​of my train of thought.
​You are the words,
​I try to speak to her,
every time I see her.

A Piece Left Behind

As I left the battlefield,
a piece of me was left behind.
A part of me died,
with you as you die in my arms.
My heart broke,
​as you said you last words in my arms.
A piece of my personality died,
​when you left.
​You took it with you,
​as your life slipped from the world.
​You took my caring part of me,
​all that's left in me now, 
is sorrow and bitterness.
My heart will never beat for another,
​like it did for you.
It will never warm to another,
​my heart will always be guarded.

Serena and the Turning of Fall

    It felt good to be relaxed, after all the stressful homework for the pass few months and busy moments, Serena had never had a chance to stop and enjoy nature like she used to. She had spiral cinnamon curled hair that showed hues of red in the setting sunlight. Her tired but still curious hazel eyes caught all the details of the meadow around her and her perfect little nose showed a tint of red from the gelid wind. Her silky blue dress swayed with the dancing reeds on the banks of the steam from the fall breeze.
    She sighed in content as she watched the babbling stream lazily tumble under the bridge that connected both banks. The stream seemed to not care about going over the banks or straying from the path. The setting sun drenched the meadow in cool warmth and the trees' leaves were starting to shift from lush green to vibrant scarlet, ginger, and gold. Flowers...

A Wish of Curiousity

You wish you could build a pen,
​that when touches a page,
​it sucks you in.
​You wish to see,
what it's like to live as a character.

​You want to know,
​what's it's like to fight the horrors,
in the book.
​You wish to see what the sky and sun,
​​you wish to fhe the moon and stars,
look like in the book.

​You want to know,
what the water feels like.
​You want to know,
what the air smells like.
​You want to feel,
the grass and rain.

​But, most of all,
​you want to meet characters.
​The dangerous part about it,
​is that you might shift the character's,
feeling and way of thinking.


The Sun and The Moon

A burst of color,
​the setting mass of the sun,
 scarlet, ginger, and gold.

​A crescent thin moon,
​reflecting the gold sunlight,
but in silver glow.

To opposites, 
Working together to light,
the shadows and dark.

Night Beauty

The sky of blackness,
with glistening hopeful tears,
​and a perfect moon.

The Hidded Night Sky

In a big city,
​full of lights that hide the stars,
​a boy peers for them.

Pleasing Unsatisfaction

I try to please you,
even as you trun your cheek,
​away from my hope.

Ardent and Nico

“No, don’t…” but Ardent’s protest died away when the air cracked and his friend disappeared with a smirk of trouble.
          Nico returned a few moments later with a dorky grin and a crack of the air. “Done,” he chimed.
          “Did you just…”
          “And you pulled it…”
          “Swiftly and silently.”
          “And you succe…”
          “Seriously, I just pulled it off.”
          “When did you become so annoying?”
          “Since I figured it annoyed you.”
          Ardent clenched his teeth and tightened the grip on his sword. His friend had no idea what he was asking. All this time they’d been suck on this island and he just leaped away, with no problems, to pull off a troubling trick. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
          His smirk faltered. “What?”
          “That you could leap away when ever. We have been here for a week, stuck here, and along you could’ve leaped...

Not as it Appears

Even though I tell you not to worry,
You still worry on the inside,
But nod.
Even though you hurt on the inside,
You still laugh and smile,
But it’s fake.
Even though you say your fine,
You still doubt yourself,
And I can see it.
Even though you tell me not to worry,
I can see tension in your stride,
But I say okay.
Even though you nod,
I notice a glimmer of doubt,
But I don’t pay attention.
Even though you laugh and smile,
I find it forced,
But I think my ears are acting up.
Even though you tell me your fine again and again,
You say it so often I’m starting to think you’re trying to reassure yourself,
But I put it out of my mind.
Now I starting to doubt all the things you say,
I still see somethings bothering you,
But I keep quiet.

A Twist

My father always said I’d get my happily ever after, just like he did. It runs in the family he said, everyone ended up happy. With getting the girl and slaying or locking up their mortal enemy or threat. But, the sad part of it is that he met I’m supposed to be the helpless damsel in distress the hero saves and wins the heart of.
I don’t want to be the damsel in distress, this time the story is taking a twist. I’m going to be the hero of my story. I’m going to slay the beast and save the day. But, Father says if you twist the story you’ll become the beast, maybe I’d play that part better.
I was never really one to depend on other people to help when I struggled, I’ve always focused on outside of the story. I always tell myself when I’m struggling, if I can’t overcome, then what’s the point in learning...

A Danger Within

I pace in my room, restlessly,
On hour of end.
​I jump at the slightest of sounds,
and my heart jolts with fright.
​My mind is always so wary and weary,
​with all the hours of sleep I miss and all the voices in my head.
​I lay in my bed at night,
​staring into the darkness with empty cold eyes.
​I don't do anything but sit around all day,
​just staring and whispering of the horrors in my head.
​I lock myself up,
away from all the souls in the world,
​keeping them safe form what is hidden inside me.
​When I look in the mirror,
​it cracks and my eyes feel like their being burnt.
​I don't know what's inside me,
but I knwo on thing...
It's dangerous.

An Answer for Silence

                                                                              Character's thoughts to you
​You said that you'd never talk again and you led up to that legacy. People now think you lost your voice box or something happened to you that caused you to become reserved and shy and they can't think of something that​ big that could damage you that much after all the times you boomed your opinion. Now, I myself think you've become reserved because you never say anything and it's been 7 years since you spoke your sad last words. I still remember them till this day, ​I will never utter another word for eternity then I could keep my conscience clean, are the words you said. Now, you never talking is starting...

The Lion and The Lamb

He is the Lion,
The Lion of Judah.
He is our protector from the evil,
Our shield in battle.
Every knee will summit to the God,
Every knee will bow before the Lion.
He is the Lamb,
The Lamb that was slain.
For the sin from his children and in the world,
His blood breaks the chains of sin that bound us down.
Every tongue will speak the truth,
Every tongue will summit to the Lamb.
He is the Lion,
The King of kings.
The one fighting for his children’s hearts,
His heart breaks at our sins.
Every ear will hear of him,
Every ear will hear his calls.
He is the Lamb,
The lamb of gentleness.
The one with a pure coat,
His aura whispers of love.
Every eye will see him,
Ever eye will believe in him.
He is the Protector of his children,
He is the Lover of his children.
​God is the Lion and the Lamb

A Girl's Dream Personality

    A girl named Kaisha with blond hair and a soft featured face with round blue eyes sits on the floor in her room staring at her blank notebook page. She has to write an essay about a girl she wants to be for homework. She is a shy and reserved girl and doesn't like attention. She puts her pencil to the blank page and lets her pencil do all the work.
   She writes of a girl named Jamaka with soft cinnamon curls along her back with blue eyes and in the middle of confident and revered and shy. She makes Jamaka have a heart of sympathy and a mind that dreams of far off lands and ideas. She makes Jamaka confident enough to say what she thinks and speak up for herself and able to find the words to express her ideas even to anyone that doesn't know her. She writes about Jamaka's sad story of losing her mother...

Insufferable Teacher

    I walked into the classroom room with the other students of the class. It was the third week of school and already my teacher was becoming insufferable. I sit in my seat with the plan of not raising my hand for the day so I don't have to hear my teacher's number one complaint for only me, the student from the north now living in the south. But, of course during the first session my stupid reflects just have to kick in and make my hand fly into the air. Here is how it went.
​    So, my teacher was teaching us math, which my brain just had to know so well and have to give the answer to like every question. "Now, who can tell me how to separate the variable?" She asks in her sweet voice. The answer shot in my mind but I tried to ignore the nagging feeling of proving myself to everyone. But, my hand still...

Insufferable Teacher

    I walked into the classroom room with the other students of the class. It was the third weak of school and already my teacher was becoming insufferable. I sit in my seat with the plan of not raising my hand for the day so I don't have to hear my teacher's number one complaint for only me, the student from the north now living in the south. But, of course during the first session my stupid reflects just have to kick in and make my hand fly into the air. Here is how it went.
​    So, my teacher was teaching us math, which my brain just had to know so well and have to give the answer to like every question. "Now, who can tell me how to separate the variable?" She asks in her sweet voice. The answer shot in my mind but I tried to ignore the nagging feeling of proving myself to everyone. But, my hand still...

The Suspence of Waiting

​I sit with the phone,
​in my hands.
My fingers at ready,
to type and send.
​My eyes play along the screen,
​watching the word I'd repeated over and over,
​My ears yearn,
​for the buzzing noise of a message received.
My feet thumping, impatiently,
​while I wallow in the stretching, torturing moments.

​Then, my ears catch the buzzing,
​my eyes see the dot dot dot,
of a sending message.
My fingers dance across the screen,
​with letters being pushed.
​My body vibrates with excitement when the message appears...
Honey, I'm coming home with them.
​My fingers scramble with pushing the send button,
​one word typed,

I jump to my feet,
​dancing around the room,
and shouting with joy.
I remember my brother in home,
​and crash into his room,
suprising him.
​"What is your problem?"
He shouts.
​"Mom, coming home with them,"
​I say and he jumps out of bed,

The Suspence of Waiting

​I sit with the phone,
​in my hands.
My fingers at ready,
to type and send.
​My eyes play along the screen,
​watching the word I'd repeated over and over,
​My ears yearn,
​for the buzzing noise of a message received.
My feet thumping, impatiently,
​while I wallow in the stretching, torturing moments.

​Then, my ears catch the buzzing,
​my eyes see the dot dot dot,
of a sending message.
My fingers dance across the screen,
​with letters being pushed.
​My body vibrates with excitement when the message appears...
Honey, I'm coming home with them.
​My fingers scramble with pushing the send button,
​on word typed,

I jump to my feet,
​dancing around the room,
and shouting with joy.
I remember my brother in home,
​and crash into his room,
suprising him.
​"What is your problem?"
He shouts.
​"Mom, coming home with them,"
​I say and he jumps out of bed,

The Suspence of Waiting

​I sit with the phone,
​in my hands.
My fingers at ready,
to type and send.
​My eyes play along the screen,
​watching the word I'd repeated over and over,
​My ears yearn,
​for the buzzing noise of a message received.
My feet thumping, impatiently,
​while I wallow in the stretching, torturing moments.

​Then, my hears catch the buzzing,
​my eyes see the dot dot dot,
of a sending message.
My fingers dance across the screen,
​with letters being pushed.
​My body vibrates with excitement when the message appears...
Honey, I'm coming home with them.
​My fingers scramble with pushing the send button,
​on word typed,

I jump to my feet,
​dancing around the room,
and shouting with joy.
I remember my brother in home,
​and crash into his room,
suprising him.
​"What is your problem?"
He shouts.
​"Mom, coming home with them,"
​I say and he jumps out of bed,

Pieces Everywhere

​Broken and shattered,
​all these pieces of hearts scattered.
Once whole and pure,
​now wrecked and mere.
​All these emotions,
​rising and all in motion.
​Once full of love and kind,
​now worthless in the mind.
Your pieces are so scattered,
​you can't keep together anymore. 

My Ruins

​I walk through the ruins of the ancient temple,
​layers of ivy and dirt consume everything.
​Tarnished walls that once stood tall and mighty,
​now on the ground in pieces.
​Old statues of their emperors,
​crumbled in the dirt in pieces.
​Ancient walls with symbols etched into them,
​are warn and faded.
​Paths of brick,
now torn from their cementing.
​And, houses are now set in their graves,
​in pieces of cracked bricks.
​These are the ruins of my ancient ancestors.

Silence is Given

I search the corners of the world for you,
​I search in to the core of the earth and to the skies of space.
​I search the galaxies,
​I search the oceans.
​I search for you,
​but you never answer my calls.
​Instead of giving me your voice,
​you give me silences.

An Answer for Silence

                                                                                       Character's thoughts to you
​You said that you'd never talk again and you led up to that legacy. People now think you lost your voice box or something happened to you that caused you to become reserved and shy and they can't think of something that​ big that could damage you that much after all the times your boomed your opinion. Now, I myself think you've become reserved because you never say anything and it's been 7 years since you  spoke your sad last words. I still remember them till this day, ​I will never utter another word for eternity then I could keep my conscience clean, are the words you said. Now, you...

Rooster's Crow

Sunup, cloudy sky,
​Rooster flaps to highest roof,
​Puffs his chest and crows.

Rooster's Crow

Sunup, cloudy sky,
​Roster flaps to highest roof,
​Puffs his chest and crows.

Rooster's Crow

Sunup, cloudy sky,
​Roster flaps to the highest roof,
​Puffs his chest and crows.

A Moth and a Flame

A white moth stirs,
In the night air,
Whispers flow on its gentle wings.
A flame within the night,
It rises from the ashes,
Glows and dances along with the swift breezes.
The moth’s black eyes catch a spark,
The flames call to it,
They become one,
The Moth drawn to the Flame.


Stardust blown into a mass,
Set in the blanket of the darkness,
Tear drops fall into clusters in the stardust.
As they fall from the heavens,
The tears and stardust are stirred by the voice of God.
They are nestled together,
Bound together by the galaxy’s embrace.