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My favorite books - "The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik" and "Flowers for Algernon"
My favorite rpg games/visual novels - "Hello Charlotte", "Doki Doki Literature Club", and "Aria's Story"

Published Work

Welcome to Dema.

I woke up in the middle of a drab room, undecorated white walls surrounding me.  With the floor being a light shade of grey, and the only thing close to a decoration being a single wooden dresser and a cot, the room looked like a prison cell.  Which, basically, it was.

I sighed and stayed lying down, staring up at the white ceiling with paint flaking off.  Sometimes at night when I was trying to sleep, I liked to imagine that the ceiling was covered in stars.  Of course, the only slight glimpses of the stars I had ever gotten in all of my sixteen years were during the Annual Assemblages of the Glorified since the ceremony ended just past dusk.  I couldn’t erase the images of the sky in my mind. It gives me hope, and helps me remember that there is something beyond the towering walls that imprison us.

The alarm in our Dining Room started ringing loudly,...

The World Anew

Yosemite's Ethereal Beauty

I walked on the plain wooden planks, white snow and rocky mountains on both sides of me.  Ahead of me, I could see the girl who started walking before me, and I knew that the rest of my friends and my group leader were standing silently somewhere behind me.

I looked up as the birds chirped, hopping from branch to branch on the trees that lied at the base of the mountains.  Soft clouds floated gently across the pale blue sky.  Deer congregated in the middle of the field.  I couldn't help but imagine flying above everything, finding the perfect place to take in the gorgeousness. 

As I reached the end of the path, I turned around to witness everything one last time.  The weight of beauty and history stabbed into my heart, the blood causing flowers to bloom across my ribcage and scattered across my soul.  My eyes teared up as I silently observed the sun hovering just above...

The Stars Above Preview

I woke up with a pounding headache.  Something seemed very different, even though I was in the same place that I had collapsed in.  It was very dark, and thick mist swirled around my feet. The streetlights were flickering on and off, and the world seemed to be colorless except for the bright, full moon.
I stood up and looked around more.  The usual sounds of crickets and waves were gone.  All I could hear was the sound of my feet crunching on the dead, rotting grey leaves on the empty street.  “What?” I muttered, as I left the beach and started walking around the city I’ve lived in forever, everything desolate and filled with the shadowy fog that seemed to flow everywhere I went.  Yet, whenever I stopped and glanced at a different block, or a different section of the city, there was no fog. It was like I attracted it somehow.
After what seemed like hours, I finally...

Mad Libs

The Stars Above

Charlotte Rutherford is a 14 year old girl, who lives in Sutter Creek, California. Known for being quiet and kind, she wants nothing more than to escape her small town and become a world famous journalist. She pretends to be brave, when in fact, inside, she really feels terrified of the future, especially since she and her 18 year old sister can barely make ends meet as it is. Charlotte’s biggest fear is being left alone. What Charlotte needs is to escape the alternate world she eventually ends up trapped in; the biggest things getting in the way are a being named Virgo and strange spirits being encountered.

Lyra Abbot is a 16 year old girl, who lived in Sutter Creek, California before she became trapped in the alternate world at age 15. Known for being rebellious and brave, she wants nothing more than to escape and travel the (real) world. She pretends to be unconcerned about never being able...