Juniper Sora

United States of America

"Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit."--Oscar Wilde

Peer Reviews

The Coyote

PROMPT: All in a Minute

I absolutely love this piece, but if I were to make any edits, I would recommend the sentences not always begin with the subject (he, it, the coyote, a man). If you decide to alter your sentences slightly, you could vary their structure by starting with an action (e.g. 'Eyeing his car ahead, he ran as fast as he could.') or by using a word like 'suddenly' as you did in your second to last sentence. Of course, these edits are option. This is a fabulous piece with a brilliant plot!

over 1 year

i have kissed infinity


This is one of those pieces that, though it is short, remain in my brain for days. I'll be thinking about the message of this piece for a long time; thank you.

about 2 years

It's All In My Head(Part 1)


I've never read anything like this--very creative! Keep writing:)

about 2 years


PROMPT: Ten Words to You

This is a wonderful piece! Brevity is something I've always struggled with, but you brought so many images, feelings, smells, and sounds alive with just ten words! I would like to point out that you accidentally spelled 'where' as 'were', but that's no biggie. I really enjoyed this piece and I can't wait to go read some of your other works!

about 2 years

Broken Mason Jar


This was such an amazing poem. The concept was very intriguing and the ending tied it all together to give the poem a very relevant theme. Vocabulary is something that could be improved with this piece; for example the words 'stronger' and 'break' are repeated frequently, and words like 'better' and ''beautiful' could be replaced with more powerful alternatives. I look forward to seeing where you go with this place because I really enjoyed reading it!

about 2 years

of Great Pines and Time


You did a wonderful job using imagery and sensory details to really make this story come alive. I felt it, so to speak, and I loved it! Great job!

about 2 years

Sincerely Me

PROMPT: Signing Off

This is wonderful!

about 2 years

Truth or Dare


I really love this piece and how it made me feel! It really takes me back to my boy-crazy days. One thing I would like to bring you attention to is the moment where the narrator calls the boy a peon. This is fine, so long as you are aware that most people don't actually use that word in an argument, and it may make the protagonist seem a bit juvenile (which is okay if that's her character (after all, they are in middle school!)). However, the feelings in this piece were very real and 'from the heart', while still maintaining it's whimsical tone. It was very human, like the innocence of youth we all reminisce about. Overall, I can't wait to read more of your works because this piece really hooked me!

about 2 years

An Alternative to a Simple Existence

PROMPT: Why I Write

I love this piece of writing! You did an amazing job letting us into your thoughts and feelings while only speaking on one aspect of your life. A very relatable read!

over 2 years