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"at parties I point to my body and say 'this is where love comes to die. welcome, come in, make yourself at home.' everyone laughs, they think I’m joking." - warsan shire, "the house"
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pls read outoftheblue's piece on police brutality in India, and check out the links in the footnotes:


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sometimes i wanna rip psychology's head off


you there, in the faux lab coat with the overly large ego. you've got a flair for the dramatics, don't you? spare me the excuses, you crawl into the crevices of others' lives and call it an observation. you track tragedies from a distance and call it an experiment. do you know when to stop? when to let go? when does scientific curiousity amount to intrusion, a part of ourselves stolen and placed under a microscope? i get the fascination,...

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a contradiction. #giveusbackourwords


To WtW admins,
As I am sure you are aware of, your announcement about the new “free writing” guidelines has sparked a backlash from many WtW members, many of whom (including me) wholeheartedly disagree with it.
WtW has limited its “free writing” to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, where Q&As will exist as its own prompt, and other non-writing posts such as contests, updates and appreciation posts will be taken down if we try to post them. I understand...

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