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dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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She's flowing.

PROMPT: Living People

it's an amazing insight into the character - and your prose is lovely. i'm so glad you've come to this website, and i'm excited so see more of your writing!

7 months ago

the three stages of my life & the seven rules of pizzelles

PROMPT: My December Writing Competition 2018

it feels like pain and nostalgia and i am so, so sorry and i hope that your body learns to be okay someday. you are so talented n beautiful and a very very wonderful girl and i know that the pain will ease someday.

9 months ago


PROMPT: Your World in Three Senses

this is a really incredible piece. it's a testament to your writing that while i'm at home sick (rip my nose), i genuinely feel like i'm being transported to the mountains. this is an incredible piece and i'm excited to see more from you.

10 months ago

My Edited Fourth Grade Fantasy Story


all in all it's really well done - though occasionally slightly tedious, the story is so well-developed and fascinating that it flows on despite that. i'm honestly surprised you wrote this so young - i know i couldn't have written something this well at such a young age. really great job, and i absolutely look forward to seeing what kind of incredible writing you'll continue to create as you grow older and more experienced.

10 months ago

asteroid belt


god, i love it. it's so raw and almost shining with passion and love and emotion. incredible job - i'm following you right now !

12 months ago

Powdered Glass

PROMPT: Forward Backward

oof i love it! i can't speak enough good about your use of the metaphors and emotions. it's brief but says all it needs to. there were some points "an impossible question to an answer that was never there" and "this was all you left me" that were a bit confusing or stilted and could have done with some editing. overall, however, the piece is gorgeous and has such strong emotion and beauty. i love it. amazing job.

about 1 year ago

Ducks, ducks everywhere

PROMPT: Omniscient Lens


almost 2 years ago

Hooliganism: Who Is to Blame for Misbehavior?

PROMPT: Sports Journalism Competition 2017

Very, very good job. Occasionally I felt it a little hard to focus, with the size of the paragraphs, so it might help to maybe cut those up into two or three paragraphs instead of one big one, perhaps when you're introducing a new point or changing the subject. Still, you did incredibly. I'm rooting for you!

almost 2 years ago

astrarche (queen of stars)


incredible. seriously. keep writing.

almost 2 years ago

a guide to loving an artist


it's lovely. please, please keep writing. you are incredibly talented.

almost 2 years ago

When the Sky Closes Tomorrow

PROMPT: Omniscient Lens

I loved the title and thought it was very imaginative and poetic. In general, the story is incredible and I can't wait to see more!

almost 2 years ago

The Prince and The Assassin


It's sweet and sad. Really good.

almost 2 years ago

this love comes from the flowers


amazing. like, seriously. holy shit. incredible.

almost 2 years ago

Who Else?

PROMPT: Omniscient Lens


almost 2 years ago