elisa | she/her
sapphic | latina n native
stand and face me, my love,
and scatter the grace in your eyes.

dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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on hiatus

give out love to everyone n everything
u won't regret it

stolen n edited from anha my baby:
just reminding y'all posting weird political propaganda: i'm sapphic, i'm native american, i'm pro-choice and anti-gun. so basically everything you conservatives hate :))) i do write cursing and nudity + sex


ethereal.otherworldly (Spain) published:

assorted notes on recovery


i. it will be more painful than anything you've ever undergone.

   like salt in a cut and a throat
   torn raw from screaming, screaming and coughing up hellfire

   until your blood becomes red again.

   there will be days when your lungs become wildfire; veins felled like smoking trees and oxygen dying beneath blue-tinged skin.
 and lord, the burning -
       like icarus as he fell,
            fire burning holes...

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almost (sweet music)

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

and some nights we are young,
moonlight dancing on our tongue tied kisses.
be still my rose-covered heart
used only to loving you and the earth beneath us.

we've got dreams of the castle on the hill
where we'll get drunk on this tainted love
and dance, pressed up together,
burnt out

oh, and to be young and in love is a lush life

you're made of this beautiful sea
where the waves roll like cerati's r's
and a landslide...

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