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I'm just a lovesick boy-crazy romantic who likes to make things up.

Peer Reviews

i have a garden on my skin


I, for one, am a fan of the style of no capitalizations but included punctuation. I think it adds rhythm and a sense of vulnerability, and I think it suits this poem very nicely.

about 1 year

A Prayer Which No One But I Can Answer

PROMPT: Intentions and Invocations

I love the formatting. Your diction was simple but effective so I personally don't think you should change anything. (Unless of course you want to, this is your prayer. Obviously, haha.) Great job on this one, and good luck to facing all your fears and worries. I know you can do it. :)

about 3 years

The Lost Years


Some of the rhyming is slant rhyming and doesn't exactly match up, but I truly love the way it is and all it has to say. Beautiful job. Very, very great for a first sonnet. I haven't tried to tackle the challenge yet, but I'd love to. You should be very proud of this.

about 3 years

Open Eyes

PROMPT: On the Last Day of the World

I would like to point out something my English teacher once told me... There are three main characteristics of effective poetry: diction (the choice of words), brevity (the ability to pack a punch in a minimal number of words), and reflection (the production of something to think about). This poem achieves a 100% on the effectiveness scale from me. I mean, dang. That was so powerful. Brava.

about 3 years


PROMPT: Beats and Pulses

One or two grammatical things and two suggestion you may take with a grain of salt... (I highlighted them.) Of course, they're pretty nit-picky but would help polish the overall piece.

about 3 years