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I.C. Fynnheart

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Little Child
Who’ll probably last a while
Life is a challenge, a rushing river like the Nile
But let’s finish strong
And sprint through the last mile
So why not join me on this journey?
Take my hand
And we’ll run until we take flight

Message from Writer

Hi people!
My name’s I.C.
‘Nuff said about that.
I’m just your average teen amateur writer, hoping to become somewhat known for my work!
I believe that miracles happen.
And writing is one of them.
Genres that I write: Realistic, fantasy, horror (sometimes) historical fiction..and poetry
Favorite Authors: Lucy Maude Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Laurie Halse Anderson, John Green, Jason Reynolds, Rick Riordan, the list goes on and on!
Favorite Poets: Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Seuss
Myself ;)
I enjoy writing and making people’s days a little brighter with it.
I see writing as therapy, and one of the most influential types.
Well, anyways..
I can’t wait to see you again
It’s only a matter of time.

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I.C. Fynnheart (United States) published:

Sisters, Sisters..-Awkward Teenage Superheroes, PT. TWENTY-EIGHT PROLOGUE


Have you ever felt like..nobody was there?

                                     That’s for me to know, and you to find out.
Please, I.C.
                                    What do you want from me?
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I.C. Fynnheart (United States) published:

Awkward Teenage Superheroes-THE CUP OF LIFE (this is kind of a joke.)


“Why are you still grieving over him?!” Mars was fed up with Briar’s moping around the castle. She was only a shell of who she once was and that wasn't like her. It scared him, really. He needed her back to the way she was
“He's gone..and it's all my fault.” Briar said meekly, her hands folded in her lap.
“It wasn't! I promise you, it wasn't..”
“Try telling that to everyone else!”
“I did, and they understand! The only...

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I.C. Fynnheart (United States) published:

Awkward Teenage Superheroes PT. TWENTY-SEVEN


There are moments that the words don’t reach
                                        There is suffering too terrible to name

You the ones you love as tight you can 

                                        And push away the unimaginable…

Briar was still Briar..or at...

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I.C. Fynnheart (United States) published:

Awkward Teenage Superheroes PT. TWENTY-SEVEN


There are moments that the words don’t reach
                                        There is suffering too terrible to name

You the ones you love as tight you can 

                                        And push away the unimaginable…

Briar was still Briar..or at...
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I.C. Fynnheart (United States) published:

Awkward Teenage Superheroes-PT. TWENTY-SIX


“What’s the problem?” Briar threw on her gear as she ran down the hall, still reeling from her confrontation with Mars.
“It’s your sister and her team..they’re in the town square.”
“Oh my God..” Briar took in a deep breath and clenched the chrome handle to her spear tighter.
“The guard trainees are waiting for us! There’s no time to waste..” Martinez looked her in the eye and gave her a grim look before giving her a tiny grin and...

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Published Work

Sisters, Sisters..-Awkward Teenage Superheroes, PT. TWENTY-EIGHT PROLOGUE

Have you ever felt like..nobody was there?

                                     That’s for me to know, and you to find out.
Please, I.C.
                                    What do you want from me?
I said, nothing. Except for you to come back.

                               You’re an arrogant fool!
So be it.  
                                You made promises to me..
I don’t understand..
                                Promises in your sleep.

Awkward Teenage Superheroes-THE CUP OF LIFE (this is kind of a joke.)

“Why are you still grieving over him?!” Mars was fed up with Briar’s moping around the castle. She was only a shell of who she once was and that wasn't like her. It scared him, really. He needed her back to the way she was
“He's gone..and it's all my fault.” Briar said meekly, her hands folded in her lap.
“It wasn't! I promise you, it wasn't..”
“Try telling that to everyone else!”
“I did, and they understand! The only person who won't accept that he is gone is you, Briar!” Mars snapped, his fists clenched in rage.
“Well..maybe I--”
“I don't want anymore excuses, you have to accept it!” He felt his face grow hot.
“I just..miss him..”
“Well, stop! You aren't a little kid any more! You're a princess…”
“I..I know that, Mars..It's just..” Briar looked down at the paisley carpeting, unable to meet his harsh gaze.
“We're going to get you up and going.” 
“What?” She looked...

Awkward Teenage Superheroes PT. TWENTY-SEVEN

There are moments that the words don’t reach
                                        There is suffering too terrible to name

You the ones you love as tight you can 

                                        And push away the unimaginable…

Briar was still Briar..or at least she made herself think that. She was just trying to keep her head above water..which wasn’t going well. She kept quiet a lot of the time only speaking when it was necessary. When she did speak, it was only a few words at a time. Everyone at least tried to give her words of comfort, but she pushed them away like they were pesky flies. Nothing could change the fact that she was the cause of Martinez’s death.

Awkward Teenage Superheroes PT. TWENTY-SEVEN

There are moments that the words don’t reach
                                        There is suffering too terrible to name

You the ones you love as tight you can 

                                        And push away the unimaginable…

Briar was still Briar..or at least she made herself think that. She was just trying to keep her head above water..which wasn’t going well. She kept quiet a lot of the time only speaking when it was necessary. When she did speak, it was only a few words at a time. Everyone at least tried to give her words of comfort, but she pushed them away like they were pesky flies. Nothing could change the fact that she was the cause of Martinez’s death.

Awkward Teenage Superheroes-PT. TWENTY-SIX

“What’s the problem?” Briar threw on her gear as she ran down the hall, still reeling from her confrontation with Mars.
“It’s your sister and her team..they’re in the town square.”
“Oh my God..” Briar took in a deep breath and clenched the chrome handle to her spear tighter.
“The guard trainees are waiting for us! There’s no time to waste..” Martinez looked her in the eye and gave her a grim look before giving her a tiny grin and kissing her lightly on the cheek.
“We’re gonna be alright. We’ve been planning for this for months..” He said softly.
“Martinez, shut your mouth!” Briar said as they neared the castle entrance, she picked up her pace.

The castle gates opened to reveal fifty trainees all in their red uniforms. One hundred sets of fearful eyes set on the princess, who stood on the top step, her shoulders squared, her feet spread apart.
She was not a timid girl, to...

Awkward Teenage Superheroes- PT. TWENTY-FIVE

Mars’s eyes snapped open, and the minute they did, his body began to throb with excruciating pain. All he could see around him was white...great.
He let out a tiny  whine of discomfort, hoping that someone would hear his plea for help.
Someone did, but it wasn’t who he was expecting.
“I’m glad to see that you’re awake..” He felt himself go red, for the person who stood over him, glaring into his soul was Izzy.
“Izzy..” He croaked, reaching for her hand. He didn’t exactly know why he did it, but he went through with it.
As his hand rested on hers, she jerked it away, her breathing quick.
“I-I go by Briar now, Mars..” she hissed, her eyes blazed orange for a split second.
“ were always Izzy..” he was hurt by her negative response, but tried not to show his disappointment.
“That part..of my life is over..” she said sharply, a lick of flame glowing at her...

The Secret to Life- Briar and I.C.’s backstory, PT. 1 (AWKWARD TEENAGE SUPERHEROES)

“Oh, mother, look how lovely they are..” Twenty-year old Princess Mona of Seera beamed with pride at her newborn girls, who couldn’t be told apart except for their tattoos and blanket colors.
“Yes, dear..” Queen Priscilla looked at her daughter, a somber look laced her brown eyes. 
“What will you name them?” Melina, Mona’s sister, came to her bedside to take a better look at the babies.
“I’ve had them picked out since the day I figured out I was pregnant..” She looked at the baby in the rainbow blanket, and stroked her dark tuft of hair.
“Your name, will be Isabella..” She cooed at the girl, stroking the rainbow tattoo on her chubby little wrist.
“And what about the other one..” Melina beamed at her niece, who was marked with the Phoenix, just as she was.
“, will be Briar..” Mona’s smile seemed to fade when she looked at the baby who was destined to be a Phoenix. She...


Which twin do you like better?



Briar? (AKA as Izzy to her adoptive parents)

I honestly am curious.

tell me why in the comments belo


The two roads- Awkward Teenage Superheroes, PT. TWENTY-FOUR, PROLOGUE

The two roads..
                         One light..
 One dark..
                      They both took a different one..

Certain of what their destiny would be..

                                     But..what is worth more..
                                      Or the legacy you leave behind?
                                    Sweet as a rose…

But as venomous as a snake when pushed to her limits..

                Her name means beautiful 

But she is rotted to the core.


Hello, Briar-Awkward Teenage Superheroes Pt. TWENTY-Four

Hello, Briar..” Izzy whirled around in that Alleyway, reaching for her pocket, in which she held her dagger.
“Show yourself, in the name of the kingdom of Seera!” She called out, her voice echoing off the brick walls of the winding city streets 
“ think you’re so strong, but deep down, are still that sweet, naive girl I once loved.” The figure, who she now could see was a male stepped out of his hiding place. His blue eyes snapped and cracked with life, his hair was cut short. He was tall and thin, but muscular. 
Izzy gasped when she saw who it was.
“Mars..” she whispered.
“That’s right, Briar..”
“I thought you were..”
“Dead? Yeah, well surprise.” He smirked.
“Hey, soul sister..”
Izzy whirled around to see I.C., wearing a flowing black dress, her long chestnut locks strewn around her face. Her gold eyes flashed and twinkled devilishly.
“I.C…I..” Izzy held the dagger in her clenched fist ready...

Izzy + Martinez (THEY HAVE A BROMANCE, OKAY?)- Awkward Teenage Superheroes

“C’mon, Martinez! I know you can do better than that!” Izzy stepped back from the Corporal, her red jumpsuit sticking to her body with sweat, she put her spear to the side, going over to help her friend. Martinez was doubled over in pain, holding his head.
“I’m sorry, Princess...I’m just not feeling all that great today..” He looked up at her, his green eyes lackluster. 
“Alex, are you..alright?” She put a hand to his shoulder, worriedly. It wasn’t everyday that Corporal was unfit to fight and when he was, he usually didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort at all. Most of the time, people didn’t know he was sick unless he told them himself.
“It’s nothing..just a little migraine is all..” he gave Izzy a weak smile before collapsing on the training room floor in a cold sweat.
Izzy immediately rushed to help him up on his shaky legs, she slowly helped him down the hall to...

Reflection- Awkward Teenage Superheroes, PT. TWENTY THREE, prologue

Let it go…

                  The world seemed to burn..

I am one with the wind and sky..

                          I hope that you burn..

You’ll never see me cry..
                                 You forfeit all rights to my heart..
I can’t let them see..
                                  You forfeit the place in my head..

Be the good girl you always have to be

                                     You’ve flown too close to the sun..

And at last I see the light…

Awkward Teenage Superheroes-PT. TWENTY TWO

“Y-you..What?” The archbishop looked at I.C. in complete shock.
“I..shot Izzy…” I.C. took a deep breath and placed the pistol on his wide oak desk , pushing it towards him.
“Why, dear girl..would you accomplish such a terrible doing?” The old, tall man got up from his seat, his blue eyes crinkling with confusion and hurt.
“I..I was jealous of her..”
There was nothing else to say except for the truth.
“Come with me…” he motioned for her to follow her to a back room, which led to a grand hallway.
I.C.  looked around her in wonder; how had she never been in here before?
“Look at the paintings on the wall, Princess..” The archbishop motioned to the wall.
Queens..all in rainbow dresses, the colors that mark the Polymia. I.C. felt a surge of pride. All of the queens of Seera had been Polymias, and it wasn’t going to change any time soon.
As she walked through the halls, she...


We’ve all had our fair share of hated children’s TV shows ranging from “Paw Patrol” to “Sesame Street”. But can any of those really compare to the agony that is the Canadian based television show “Caillou”?
Let me give you a little bit of history about the show in case you, dear reader are not familiar with the children’s series.
The concept of Caillou was based off a popular Canadian book series, appropriately named “Caillou”. The basic premise of the plot surrounds a four year old boy, who has everyday adventures with his sister, Rosie, his cat Gilbert, and his mother and father.
Though this may seem like a pretty simple and generic concept that would seem like a grand-slam idea for a kid’s series, the show just simply does not seem to meet the requirements of which it should have met. 
The first of many problems that I have with this show is the main protagonist, Caillou’s self-centered attitude....

I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large PT. TWENTY-TWO PROLOGUE

I.C.’s hands shook as she aimed the gun for her sister’s abdomen. 
Was she really going to take the life of her own kin, when she seemed so happy?

Wasn’t it the only way to keep her kingdom safe and prosperous for the rest of her days?

She couldn’t help but feel nauseous with envy as she peeked through the snow covered bushes at her sister, who seemed less depressed and anxious. Izzy’s chestnut brown locks were woven into a single braid, which reached a but further than shoulders. She wore a long gold dress, the cuffs lined with white fur. Her cheeks were a deep rose color from the cold. Her hazel eyes seemed to glimmer, as she was mesmerized by the white powder that littered the castle courtyard.

The last thing I.C. expected was for Izzy to start singing.
“It wasn’t just the music..” 

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large- PT. TWENTY-ONE

“I bet you Glytch can’t teleport himself somewhere without getting nauseous!” Stargazer hung over the edge of her bunk bed to face the techie super.
Glytch looked up from his Journal to give the latter his best stink eye.
“Can I help it if I have a weak stomach? Teleportation takes a toll on people, you know.” He said curtly.
Stargazer burst into laughter, before climbing back up to her bunk.
“Guys, can you please try to keep it down? I’m on the last leg of solving this Rubix Cube and I need to focus!” Aussie whined from her bunk, which was closest to the floor.
“You’ve been trying to solve that thing for the past three days, what’s the point if you’re probably not gonna solve it ever?” Rain Anne said in a monotone voice from her top bunk, where they were reading as well.
“Once I have my hands on a puzzle, I find it hard to put...

i am/she is - an Awkward Teenage Superhero Poem

My destiny..?
                My destiny is to keep my kingdom safe from all who could harm it..
My sister is the epitome of rebirth…
                                                  But she is also a living epitaph.
The Phoenix can be reborn and give life to those who need it..
                                                 But all my sister has done is ruin the path I’ve paved for myself.
She is a villain.
                               She needs to go.
  Her life..
                         Will be no more..
I am the giver...

featuring users as supervillIans in my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series?

So y’all who have been reading my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series will know that the superheroes in this story are based on real life users (who wanted to be in this story of course) on Write the World!
We already have a lot of superheroes...but now we need some totally awesome super villains for our team to fight against!
So what the real question is: would any of you guys like to be featured in my story as villains?
Disclaimer: Those who put their requests ( in comments) to be in my story, DO NOT PUT OUT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR TOWN, HOUSEHOLD, ETC. IT ISN'T SAFE TO DO THAT!

Just give me basic info from this list

-Name (I will use your WtW user as a name, not your real one)
-basic appearance (it doesn’t have to match up to your real-life appearance)
-personality (I don’t care what you put down for this.)
-Supervillain name and power (go...

what i leave behind/what i gain- An Awkward Teenage Superhero Poem

There she lays, crumpled in a ball. 

                               She lets out wail, like a strangled crow’s call.

She wasn’t supposed to take that bullet meant for me.

                                But her life..trickles down those cobblestone streets.
People crowd around her, their cries of sorrow shred my ears.

                             A familiar voice screams

“You killed her! It wasn’t her time..”

                            I push past the crowd to see Mars, holding her close.

“It wasn’t her wasn’t..”

                                       Tears don’t pour down my face..

Because my sister has...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too) PT, TWENTY

 I.C. tore down the halls of the castle infirmary, adrenaline pumping through her veins.
She was away at a nearby kingdom, meeting with her advisors when she had gotten the new about Izzy.
“I.C., calm down, she’s going to be alright—“ Martinez showed up behind her and tried to hold her back, getting her to wind down.
“Martinez, my only sister is clinging to life by a thread, a thread!” I.C. screamed, pulling away from him and tearing down her path once more. If she were going any faster a trail of fire would have been left in her wake.
“WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE’S MY GIRLFRIEND?!” Mars came sprinting alongside I.C., tears in his eyes.
A tall, thin, doctor in blue scrubs stopped the teens in their tracks.
“Are you..Isabella-Caroline’s Family..” He said somberly, adjusting his stethoscope hanging around his neck.
“I’m her sister, and he’s her boyfriend.” I.C. squeezed Mars’...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. TWENTY, PROLOGUE

“Take the money, Izzy..”
“I can’t.”
“Take it.”
“Jesse, I told you I can’t.”
“Think of it as a coronation gift.”
Izzy turned away from him, adamant on not taking the “gift”. Jesse was her lover and all, but something told her it just wasn’t right to take what was his, even if he was offering it to her willingly.
“No, Jess..please..”
His hand clamped down her wounded shoulder, causing her to yelp at the sudden jolt of pain shooting through her forearm. But instead of letting go, Jesse only clamped down harder.
“Babe, you know you want those cigarettes , right?”
“No, you want them, Jesse Fullbrook! I will never give into your little game, and you’ve known that since the day I met you.” Izzy managed to say through the intensifying pain.
“C’mon babe, don’t be angry..” his forceful clamp on her shoulder suddenly became soft rubbing pattern, letting her relax.
“I’m not, I’m just…”
“I know you’re...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. NINETEEN

Todd raced to his older sisters’ room, wearing a bike helmet and a leather jacket tailored to his size.
He leaped in the open doorway and screamed:
“Izzy, can you take me out on your motorbike, pleaaaaassssseeeeee?” He hopped onto Izzy’s bed, where she still lay, half asleep. She sat up bolt right when she felt the impact of Todd’s jumping on her mattress.
“Hold on, Little Man..” She managed a tight smile, trying to hide the fact that she was in extreme pain. 
“Todd, leave Izzy alone, she's resting.” Izzy said without looking up from her spot at the other end of the twin’s room, where she was splayed out across her own bed, the only difference was that her was covered with a fluffy pink duvet, while Izzy’s was covered with a jean fabric duvet.
“But you promised, Izzy. You said so yourself.” Todd sat himself cross legged in front of Izzy, his lip jutted out in a...

I’m bored.

Hey guys! the title said…
I’m pretty McFricken bored..
So..I thought that I should reach out to the people, cuz you all are pretty cool people.
So..I thought you could give me all random title suggestions and I could make short stories out of them!
Put them in the comments below!


I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. NINETEEN, prologue

Rain on the road..

             Rain on her face…

Rain makes a road such a—

“Izzy? Can I come in?” I.C. knocked on her sister's door before pushing it open.
“You didn't even let me answer.” The latter kept her eyes trained on her window.
“As your sister, I think I have a right to know if things are going alright for you.”
Izzy just scoffed, sliding herself deeper under her covers.
“What do you think, Your Highness? I spent half of the morning coughing up half my body's blood supply, and figured out that my arm was broken.”
She gestured to the sling wrapped around her arm, which was hopefully going to keep her from injuring it any further.
“There's no need to be a jerk. I was just asking how you felt. There's no harm in it.” I.C. folded her arms over her chest and frowned.
“Why do you even care about me?”...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) Pt. Eighteen

“Kid, you’re sick—“
“I’m not, Mars..I’m just not feeling that well.”
“Which means you’re sick.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be gone, y’know..being a rogue biker and all that? You got me home, isn’t that enough?”
“I have ties to this castle, Kid. I used to be the head guard, but..I decided to take some time off.”
“And I’ve decided to reclaim my job,’ll be seeing me a lot now.”
“Yeah, I know..” He shot back at my sarcasm with some of his own.  

At that moment, I felt the blood that had pooled in my stomach begin to slowly climb its way up my throat. I dashed to my private bathroom and kneeled over the toilet, vomiting violently.
I felt a hand on my back rub in tiny circles, calming me down a bit, but not much.
“I know it’s scary..I know..” Mars whispered in my ear.
My breathing became rapid and panicked 
There was so...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. EIGHTEEN, PROLOGUE

Hey, kiddo..
Are you awake?
Jesus, you got banged up bad..

Izzy slowly opened her eyes, her body riddled with the sharpest of pains. All she could do was let out a tiny whimper of displeasure.
Her vision slowly focused on a man, who seemed to be about thirt. His tanned face was angled and sharp, with a bit of stubble from not shaving for a few days. His blue eyes pierced her, but seemed fatherly in a sense. His hair was cut short, but curly.
“You’re awake finally!” He gave her a tiny grin as she tried to get up, but failed. 
“Mmph.” Was all she could manage.
“You aren’t talking, are ya?” He chuckled.
“W-where am I—“ She was cut off by a coughing fit, the metallic taste of blood filling her mouth. 
“Woah, woah..” The man held a rag to her lips, letting her cough freely.
They sat there for a moment, the only sound of...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too.) PT. EIGHTEEN

I’ve learned to slam on the brake

                                 Before I even turn the key..
Before I make the mistake..
                                        Before I lead with the worst of me
                      Give them no reason to stare
                                                              No slipping up if you slip away.

“Why would you make up that lie in the first place?” Izzy looked at me, wide eyed.
“I don’t know..”
“That’s not a good answer, Goody-Two-Shoes.”
“Shut your mouth, Street Rat.”
“Hey, you came to me for help. So don’t go telling me...

Open Prompt

Awkward Teenage Superheroes at Large (and her friends too) PT. SEVENTEEN, PROLOGUE

Martinez, listen to me.

                                   What? I’m kind of busy here.
It’s about
                                I.C., I told you already..if the kid is mine, I’ll take care of it with you.

There is no baby.

                                  Wait, what?
Martinez, I lied.

 He points at my swelling stomach before putting his hand to it.

I pull a pillow from underneath my shirt, shamefully might I add.

 I lied to you in order to get closer to you..


I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. SIXTEEN

“Don't you want to wear a dress? Like a proper princess should?” I hold out a lilac dress to my twin, which for lack of confusion prefers to be called Izzy.

“Nah, I'm good in my jeans, sis..” Izzy flew to the other end of the room, or well..floated, really.

“Fine, the ratty royal you are.” I toss the dress on my bed and place a hand on my ever growing stomach.

“You're no fun, you know that?” She gave me her famous eyebrow raise and gave me a smirk. 

“Shut your mouth, Izzy! I'm plenty of fun!” I turn around in a huff, my arms crossed over my chest.

“Says you. You never hang around with Todd, or Alex--”

“That's because I'm busy being what a royal should, not being a child like you!”

“We’re fourteen, dumbass! We're practically children!”

“You are no royal, Izzy! You are just some disobedient kid from New York, whose mother died!” 


I.C., Awkward Teenage Supehero at Large PT. Fifteen

 I used to rule the world…

                                     Seas would rise when I gave the word—

Revolutionaries wait..

                                       For my head on a silver plate—

Needle and the thread..

              Gotta get you out of my head.

Gonna wind up dead—


I pump my legs faster and brown sweater whipping in the wind, the my loose baggy pants discreetly covering my swelling stomach.
The stone path causes me to slip and fall in front of someone.
“I’m sorry..” I look up to see….my face.
My body.
My everything.
The only difference is that she’s wearing a red...

the violin man

I see the old man in the corner of the diner.
His frail body stopped over, as if the weight of the world threatens to diminish him in less than a blink of the eye.
But tucked under his chin, is a violin.
And from it comes the soothing, sorrowful notes..
They fall over me like a waterfall of comfort.
His gnarled fingers work the bow back and forth cleanly, I am mesmerized.
His eyes stay closed as he plays and I don't have to think very hard to know that he is thinking of better times, before the world became the corrupt place we must reside in.

As I leave, the notes still linger in my mind, prompting me to think:
Why can't I live within the peacefulness of that violin’s melody?

I.C. + Alex-PT. Fourteen

“My name is I.C. Fynnheart, and nothing more…”


 “No, you know that isn’t true.”

   “But it is..” 

                                          “It isn’t.    

“I don’t want to argue right now. Let me rest, please.”


             “You are a not cold-blooded killer.”

“Alex..y-you know t-that isn’t true.”


                   “I.C. don’t cry, please. You didn’t mean it..”

“How can you love me, Alex..How?!”


I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. THIRTEEN

I have searched the horizons to find you..

                                                 I know your name..
Do you know..who you are?

I am Princess Isabella-Caline of Seera, and nothing more.

                                                           Oh, dear girl do not be mistaken by what your elders tell you, you know deep inside that you are more special than what you perceive yourself to be.

How so? 
                                             You are the Polymia, know that, do you not?

Of course. 

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too), PART THIRTEEN, prologue

I collapse at the feet of the castle..dragging myself up the glass steps. I can just barely make my way up, forcing my fingers to curl into claws. My dress is in tatters, blood streaks it’s white silk.
“Princess, you know it’s impolite to leave when someone is speaking to you..”
“N-no..please..” I cry out, my shoulder popping. I let out a whine of protest.
The senior guards, big, burly guys, but are no older than nineteen stare me down, wretched, twisted grins are plastered across their perfectly chiseled faces.
“You can’t take Alex from us, Your Highness..he’s our brother, practically. We know that you’re just trying to woo him..”
“Corporal Martinez...isn’t like that…” I manage to wheeze, my breathing constricted.
“Sure..Princess, Sure..” 
One of them brandishes a knife and expertly drags the knife vertically down my throat.
“No..please…” Everything goes black..

Are you ready to leave, dear girl..


Color-Bound Chains: A Musical About The Abolishement Of Slavery

Color-Bound Chains
A Musical about The Abolishment Of Slavery
SCENE ONE: Smith’s Tavern, Deep in the heart of New York City Year:1840

(Scene fades into the outside of Smith’s Tavern to see, through a window, the hustling and bustling of abolishers, running around like chickens with no heads. There are arguments breaking out left and right. It’s complete chaos. The American Anti-Slavery Society is trying to spread their word to the people, but are arguing over how to do so.)

Abolisher 1: But in order to get this message out to the people, we must spread the word, no doubt. And what better way to do this then to print flyers! (the abolisher then waves the already printed flyers in his opposer’s face)

Abolisher 2: Preposterous! Haven’t you learned anything during your time with us?! I say we put our messages on chocolate wrappers, so when people go to market to buy sweets for their lavish gatherings, they will feel...

I.C + Nathaniel-Which One Should She Chose?

“Nathaniel..” I whimpered, curled up on my side as he tended to my sickness tirelessly as he had for the past six hours. I do appreciate it, but it’s hard to when you feel so awful.
“Yes, princess?” He looked up into my eyes, kindly awaiting my question. I feel my heart flutter a little in his gaze, as it had since the day I had first met him.
“Princess, are you alright?” I snap back to reality and look back at him, embarrassed, a blush rising to my cheeks. The words rush to my lips before I can stop them.
“I love you..” I wince as my stomach aches, as I look down in shame, the reds of my comforter mixing together into a big crimson blob.
He lifts my chin to meet his and pulls me into a sweet, gentle kiss. I feel a spark come between us the moment our lips connect.
It’s unlike anything I’ve ever...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. TWELVE

Todd raced down the hall to his sister’s bedchamber, his loose silk robe flying around him. Tears poured down his cheeks and he reached for the door’s handle and pushed it open, stumbling over the threshold.
There laid his sister, lying on her side, covered by soft red sheets. Her face was relaxed and she seemed..kinda, peaceful, really. Her dark hair fell into her eyes as she softly snored.
It pained him to have to wake her up, for his stupid needs.
But he pushed forth.
He tapped her on the shoulder, softly. As the seconds ticked by, he couldn’t help but become more and more anxious, until the point where he was shaking her by her shoulders.
“I.C...wake up..” He whispered, hoping that she hadn’t passed on. 
“I.C.! Please..wake up!” His voice rise into hysterics as he kept on shaking his sister, waiting for any sign of life.
Until her hazel eyes finally flew open and she let out...

Who Do You Think She Should Choose?

Who do you think I.C. should choose as a suitor, if she had a choice? 

Arrogant, but kindhearted Corporal Martinez?


sweet, but hot-tempered Nathaniel?

write your own piece about what you think would happen if I.C. chose one of the two dudes?
pppssst—if you didn’t win my last contest, now is your chance to winnnn (it depends)

Fynnheart is out.

I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) CHAPTER ELEVEN

Look how he bathes her

                And touches and protects her

he binds her wounds

         And rubs her aching head!

                    It’s as if the boy’s possessed!

Nathaniel stepped into his Highness’s bedchamber, where the Corporal was kneeled by the ailing princess’s side, keeping vigil as he had for the past three days and nights.
The teens both knew their attempts at keeping the Princess stable were keeping her alert, but just barely.
“Alex..take a break. You need to eat, and you have to sleep.” Nathaniel said quietly.
“Shh, Nathan. I just got her to sleep, dude.” Corporal Martinez said, annoyance lacing his tone.
“Alex, didn’t you hear what I just said? You have to rest. I can take over.” Nathaniel was beginning to grow impatient with his friend’s refusal to let him care for the princess. It wasn’t unlike...

I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends too) PT. ELEVEN, PROLOGUE

“Don’t come don’t come around me…don’t come around me..” That was all I could get out in between my labored breathing.
“Your Highness, you’re injured severely. We must get you to safety as soon as possible.” Corporal Martinez scoops me up into his arms and carried me out into the hall. I’m fading in and out of consciousness. Only snippets of what surrounds me flashes through my mind.
“Corporal, please..I’m going to..”
“No, Your won’t perish under my watch, I can promise you that. And call me Alexander, please.”
“Alright, Alexander..” a smile forms on my lips.
“I.C., now isn’t the time for falling in love!” Todd piped up, his squeaky voice laced with panic.
“Who said I was falling in love?” I reach out to ruffle his curls, but he ducks out of my reach and grasps onto my hand instead.
“C’mon, I.C., be serious! You’re the only family I have left..andI ” He looks up at...


Once again, I’m here with another challenge for those of you who have been following my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series!
This time, I want you guys to write the next chapter to my story from a character’s perspective (this will be easier for those users who are featured in my story.)
I really want to see what you guys do with this prompt if you decide to do it (and for those of you who haven’t read my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series, I recommend you do read it if you want to participate in this challenge.)
and if you want to be featured in my story, just comment below!
Those of you who decide to endure my challenge, put your entry under:
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T h a t s 
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(Oh, and if you do end up doing the challenge, it’s due by 9:30...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too.) PT. TEN

“Is that all you’ve got, Glytch? I could beat you to a pulp in less than a second.” Corporal Martinez squared off to the techie super, edging him on.
Glytch twirled a sword expertly in his grasp, the chromium blade, reflecting its bright glare.
“I’ve got technology on my side, Martinez. We’re in a little thing called the twenty first century..and according to my journal, Seera is one of the most technologically-advanced societies in all of the-
He was cut off by Stargazer’s boos from the crowd.
“Just get to fighting, you nerd!”
Glytch glares at her, feeling a pang in his chest before yelling back.
“When I’m done here, prepared to be lectured so hard, your ears will literally fall off.”
Rain Anne chuckled at the sheer lameness of Glytch’s rebuttal and had to put in her own input.
“Glytch, I thought that you were way better at comebacks than that measly thing..”
Glytch, having had enough of the...

You know what’s better than twenty-four?

Spongebob: Hey, you know what’s even funnier than twenty-four?
Patrick: what?
Me: *pushes Patrick into the deep abyss of memedom* Ahem..the only thing that’s funnier than twenty four is my life.
Spongebob: Okay…
Me: *looks into the abyss* You should go find yourself some new friends, Swiss cheese block. Your starfish pal is looooooooong gone.
Spongebob: I’m a sponge
Me: Well, does that matter to the four through eight year old demographic your show appeals to?
Spongebob: Kid, I haven’t passed my driver’s test for the past nineteen years, and you expect me to know what a demographic is?
Me: I honestly don’t know.

Dr. Moonstone’s Confusing Conundrum Concerning A Cuckoo Clock (PT. ONE)

“It was last seen right in here, Mr. Moonstone!” The shopkeeper, wiped his calloused hands on his dusty apron and smoothed back his greasy black hair. His blue eyes were filled with worry and anticipation.
“Sir, please don’t call me Mister Moonstone, call me Dr. Jethro Moonstone, Forensic Investigator.” I smirked and looked at him for any sign of playfulness or at least a twinkle in his eye. But he stared at me, his face completely serious .
“Just please find my clock,”
I sighed and took off my hat, twirling it around my index finger.
“You know you could have just misplaced it, do you not?” I said, annoyed. You cannot just tell a person of great knowledge like I, to “go find a clock” or anything of that sort. You must give some background on what I am trying to solve, or else you will not get anywhere, will you?
“I put it right there on my shelf,...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero At Large (and her friends, too) PT. NINE

Chapter Nine
“That’s the princess..”
“Are you sure it’s really her?”
“She will never be as beautiful as I..”
These are the murmurs and whispers that fill the echoey halls of the Royal Court Of Seera. I feel droplets of sweat run down my face as I stand in front of the High Priest, who looks down upon me, his face etched with skepticism.
“Silence!” His voice boomed, muting the whole court within a second. 
His steely green gaze shifts back down to me, studying me carefully. I fidget nervously, my breathing becomes faster and more quickly paced.
My life practically rests in the hands of this man, and whether he can determine if I’m of royal blood.
To be honest, I don’t know if I am myself.
“Dear girl, is your mother..Mona?” He says it as if she’s a disgusting beetle, which she is, really.
“Yes, my grace..” I don’t realize how nervous I am, not before the words...

if all my characters were in one room, PT. II

MARS and LEO are still wrestling on the ground, after five and a half hours.
Mars: She’s mine, you know!
Leo: After what you did to to her, no way!
SABELLE is leaned up against the wall, watching the scene play out. She covers her reddened face, trying to hide her utter embarrassment. I.C. makes her way over to the distraught angel and smiles.
I.C : Those two are complete idiots! They’re wrestling for your companionship!
(Sabelle laughs at the young teen, shaking her head)
Sabelle: it's what men do, I guess.
TAYLOR, I.C’s Crush, comes from out from virtually nowhere, and lands right in front of I.C.
Taylor: Woah, hey…
I.C. begins to blush uncontrollably, inching her way to the other side of the room, preferably away from Taylor.
Glytch is in the corner, studying the walls and testing their material making.
Then suddenly, DEADPOOL pops out of nowhere, falling flat on his face. He gets up...

“If all my characters were in one room” PROMPT CHALLENGE THINGY

Hey, fellow wordsmiths!
It’s your best pal I.C. Fynnheart here with another challenge! 
So, let me start off by saying, thanks for McFricken 60 FOLLOWERS… 
I love you all so much, I wish I could give you all hugs and never let go.
(Okay, that got weird I’m sorry..)
Well, onto the challenge.
Some of you may have saw my piece, “if all of my characters were in one room” (check my work feed if you want to see that)
And I got some really great feedback on it!
So, I’m giving you guys and gals a prompt.

If all of your characters from different stories you have written were all stuck in a room together, what would happen? Would fights break out, would alliances form? Will romance blossom?

I know you guys are really amazing writers, so if you want, go and ahead do this prompt!
If you want me to read your prompt answer (which...

if all of my characters were in one room..

SABELLE and MARS walk in, along with LEO and IZZY. The room is dark, and eerily quiet.
Sabelle: Why are we here?
MARS looks around, trying to make sense of everything. His eyebrows rise, and he wraps an arm around around SABELLE, pulling her closer to him.
Mars: Maybe it's a make-out room..
SABELLE, appalled by his gesture, punches him right in the nose. MARS stumbles back, holding his abused schnozz.
Mars: OWWWWW, what was that for?!
Sabelle: You know exactly what that was for, Mars Enrique Blackmon!
IZZY is the background cheering, cuz..Life goalz. LEO is “slightly” annoyed by the fact that Mars is trying to steal his gal.
Leo: You know, Mars, the only way to really get a girl is to treat her with respect. Observe..
(He then pulls Sabelle into his arms, pressing his lips to hers in a swift, gentle, motion. Sabelle lets out a sigh of relief)
(MARS tackles Leo, angrily they roll on...

I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too.) PT. NINE, PROLOGUE

You are the key to the lock of life..

                                                  You are the doorway to discord and strife
You may be royalty..

                                                 But soon you will see
Your power..
                                                      .. will be mine..

You thought I loved you..
                                        Can you not see through-
My lies? 

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (and her friends, too) PT. EIGHT

Chapter 8
I wake up, pain seizing my body like the devil. All I can do is let out a tiny whine. Everything is blurry…
Wait, everything is blurry!
I can see again!
“Rest, were injured badly.” I was pushed back in my bed, by a boy whose features I couldn't make out clearly.
“Injured by who?” My head is swimming.
“The dark queen..” that was all I heard before passing out once again.

I wake up once again, this time my vision being completed restored. I'm still dumbfounded as to how.
“Ah, the Princess has finally woken up from her slumber.”
I look up and cast a glance on the boy, his skin dark as ebony, and his brown eyes wide and thoughtful. He sat at the foot my bed, holding a small wooden bowl of something.
I don't speak, I'm mesmerized by the setting around me. The room is a plain white, but is adorned with...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (She dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. EIGHT, prologue

What do you mean..’she’s gone’?” Audrey pounded the Fynnheart kitchen table angrily with her first before looking back up at Robyn Fynnheart.
“We don’t know where she’s gone darling, all we know is that she and Todd have left without a trace” Robyn said in a soothing tone, though traces of worry hinted it.
“Audrey calm down!” Thomas grabbed the girl, firmly by her shoulder. He looked up at Robyn and gave her a tentative smile.
“Well..when we went into her hospital room, we found this note on her bedside table.” He opened his satchel and pulled out the scrap of paper he had found and passed it to J.C., who looked at it with wide eyes.
He sucked in a sharp breath and whispered;
“I worried that this might happen.” 
“What? What's going to happen?!” Audrey demanded, her jaw clenched in anticipation and anger.
He sighed.
“Kids, I.C.’s mother is one of the most notorious villains ever known to...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (she dragged her friends along for the ride, too) CHAPTER SEVEN

Chapter 7: Unknown 
“I.C., Hey..” I was curled up on my side, resting. I was back in my hospital room after my training session with Mona at the ruins. Lately, my powers had gotten stronger and I had learned to control them better.
“Hi, Todd..” I whisper softly, a smile on my lips.
“Grandma let me stay home from school so I could hang out with you..” I hear him set his bag down on the ground and unzip it.
“ should go to school, you shouldn’t be missing out on your education because of me.” Sabelle countered.
“Aw, that stinkin’ Miss Finch won't miss me..she hates me!” He chucked.
“Todd, that’s not nice..” I chuckle a little myself.
“I.C….can I ask you something?” Todd said softly. I can feel the uneasiness radiating off hi..
“Mm-hmm..” I snuggle down deep under the thin sheets, awaiting his question.
“What’s it like..not being able to see?”
I suddenly burst into tears; for...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (she dragged her friends along for the ride, too) Pt. SEVEN, prologue

Chapter 7; The Heir
“Isabella-Caline...wake up, please…” Mona’s voice floats into my hazy conscious, I open my eyes to see..color.. blues and greens and reds and purples..
“Mom? What’s going on?” I’m excited for a moment, I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE!
“Honey..don’t get ahead of yourself..what you’re seeing is a vision. None of it is real, dear..”
“A vision..” my voice becomes softer, as my suspicions are deemed as impossible.
“Remember how I told you about your seeing eye?”
“Yes, the time before you almost killed me? Yes..” I say bluntly, scanning the terrain around me. It’s like I’m living in one of Pablo Picasso’s paintings..but it’s more less intense, y’know what I mean..
“Where are we?” I look over at Mona’s whose dark ensemble clashes with the whole setting. She’s like an ink blot on the Mona Lisa; she isn’t supposed to be here.
“In your vision, dear..this is what you’re seeing—with, well, you’re seeing eye.”
“How are...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (she dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. SIX

Chapter 6: Dead meat..
I can feel the warmth of my soul, my skin tingles when I do. I know it’s her hands. I just need to get it back. And soon..
“Please...don’t you want me to live a life, like a normal person would?” I said plainly.
“Darling...can’t you understand that you are anything but normal? You have powers..powers greater than anything imaginable.” Mona said in a sickly sweet tone.
“I know what my strengths and weaknesses are..what else do I have that you don’t?” 
“Ah, But not all of your powers have been discovered, dear girl..don’t you know that you are the Polymia?”
“What the hell is that..?” My curiosity is peaked..
“You don’t only have the powers of weather, you have the power of the main fivr elements..”
“I don’t believe in that bullcrap! GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!” I charge towards her at full speed, only to be stopped. Pain shoots at my body, my...

I.C.., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (she dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. SIX, prologue

I am the road leading to no return…

                                                        ...the secret to life you must learn 

….I am the car racing to distant shores…

                                                                In a matter of time…
You will be gone…

                                           … will forever be mine.

Why must you be this way?


I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (she dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. FIVE

Chapter 5: Mind-Boggler
“Woah, woah..I don’t know what you’re talking about, little Dude, but we had no part in making I.C. go blind!” Thomas said sharply. Being accused was not one of the things on his list of things he wanted to do that day.
“I am NOT a “little dude”! My name is Todd Fynnheart, and I’m a speedster!” With that, Todd went across the room in a yellow blur in what seemed like less than a millisecond.
“Todd, don’t be boastful..they’re here for your sister..” Grandma Robyn said, gesturing to the ailing girl still curled up on her side.
“Sister, more like a helpless newborn! All she does is eat, sleep and cry..” Todd sneered angrily, but it was clear from the look in his eyes he was genuinely worried about his older sister.
“Todd..” Grandpa J.C. warned looking up from his phone, his brow furrowed in disapproval.
“I’m sorry, but it’s’s like a piece of her...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (She dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. FOUR

Chapter Four: What?!

“But I don’t want to go in there, what if she’s dead?” Audrey complained as she and her friends made their way down the chrome-decorated hallway of Wayne’s Hospital for The Ailing Supers (it's a long name, I know.)
“She’s not dead, Audrey. She’s badly injured. There’s a difference between that and death.” Thomas explained, still tinkering away at his teleporter. 
“She fell twenty stories from a crumbling, probably haunted, building. I would say she’s dead by now.” Rain Anne said softly, their gaze lowered to the ground.
“Uh, can you guys please stop talking about death? It’s kinda throwing me off my train of thought.” Came a polite, but firm voice next to the crew, who was startled by the suddenness of it.
They looked over to see a girl, who was trying to crack some kind of handheld puzzles where you slide the pieces together to make a picture.
“Uh, excuse us, but our friend...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero At Large (She dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. FOUR, Prologue

Chapter Four (prologue)

Now the sky is turning dim

                                                                   And the wind is like a knife

She’s coming for the girl...

                                                                 The girl who clings to life

                                            She needs me here!

Oh god, is she going to die?


I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero At Large (She dragged her friends along, too) PT. THREE

Chapter Three: I’ll trade my life for yours..

“Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!” I screamed into the shag carpet fibers, which I was currently facedown in. Why did I have to look like such a fool in front of Taylor? He probably thinks I’m a complete freak now, and maybe forever.
“Language, Fynnheart!” Thomas chastised me. He has this whole deal about cursing, I don’t really know why. The only thing I do know is the perfect way to get him back.
I lift my head from its resting place and turned to face him. I plaster on a sweet smile and say;
“Alright, Tommy. I’ll try to control myself next time..” I said in a high, squeaky voice.
That ticks him off. He peers over the rim of his Journal to glare at me.
“Fynnheart, I swear to Heck..” he starts
“Calm yourself, Thomas..” Rain Anne said, their eyebrows raised at his seldom usage of such language.
“She started it..”...

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (She dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. THREE, prologue

Chapter 3: I’ll trade my life for yours.. (Prologue)

“I am the road leading to no return, Darling. You know that, don’t you?” She tickled the bottom of my chin with her long, ghost-white fingers.
I say nothing. Tears pour from my eyes. How could I have been tricked into such a devious plan by such a wretched human being?
“My name is I.C., I am no one’s ‘Darling’.” I mutter, tears blurring my vision.
“I.C. isn’t your real name, Darling. You know that very well..” Her plump red lips turned up into a into a devilish smile.
“How would you know my real name?!” I screamed, squirming and kicking, trying desperately to free myself from my handcuffs, but to no avail.
“Because I am the one who named you.”
I freeze.
“You are my daughter.”

I.C., Awkward Teenage Superhero At Large (And her friends, too.) PT. TWO

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

After spending the last six hours of the day hiding from Adam and his deep-fried fanny, the last bell finally rang, meaning that it was time to go home.
A word that’s pretty much foreign to me.
Here’s the thing; I don’t really live in a house, I a sorta secret lair, I guess..
Okay; think of the Batcave, but it was thrown up on by a music-obsessed unicorn.
Yep, I know it’s a strange analogy, but didn’t anyone ever teach you to go with the flow? should also know that I don’t have parents, I live with my grandfather. J.C. Fynnheart.
The use of initials in our family is strong.
My grandfather’s not one of those old dudes that just sits around talking about the “good ol’ days” and drinks prune juice all day… grandpa is a retired superhero, who spends his free days as the lead singer of his...

I.C. Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (She dragged her friends along for the ride, too) PT. ONE

Chapter 1: Footballs and Lightning Bolts
“Fynnheart! Miss Fynnheart!”
I snap out of my daydream, and look up to see my math teacher Mr. Andrews, his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at me.
“Yes, Mr. A?” I give him my best ‘I-Totally-Know-The Answer” smile.
“What’s the answer to number six on the board?” He tapped the SMARTboard with his yardstick, which he uses as a pointer. I glance at problem number six, and it takes all of my willpower not to gasp.

He expects me to solve that abomination, in front of the whole class?
I take a deep breath and say the first thing that pops into my head.
“The answer is six..” I say softly, not caring if I got the answer right or not.
“That is absolutely wrong, I.C., and you know that. As punishment, you and the whole rest of class will have fifty extra problems, in addition to tonight’s homework.” Mr. A snapped,...

Featuring Users in my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series?

Hey, guys!
I came up with this idea on the spot, so forgive me if it is a bit rushed, but I just had to get it out on here!
For those of you that have read my Awkward Teenage Superhero Series, (I just put out the prologue a little while ago, check it out, if you want) you will know that it is about my real-life friends (their names have been changed for privacy) and if we were superheroes!
So, I was wondering...would anyone like to be featured in the story, as a friend and/or a superhero?

Disclaimer: Those who put their requests ( in comments) to be in my story, DO NOT PUT OUT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR TOWN, HOUSEHOLD, ETC. IT ISN'T SAFE TO DO THAT!

Just give me basic info from this list

-Name (I will use your WtW user as a name, not your real one)
-basic appearance (it doesn’t have to match up to...

I.C. , Awkward Teenage Superhero at Large (Oh yeah, and she dragged her friends along for the ride,too.)

Hello, reader!
My name’s I.C. (If I learn to trust you, maybe you’ll learn my full name. But that’ll come later in the story)
And as you probably read above, I’m just your average fourteen year old, trying to make it through her last year of middle school.
The one difference is..
You guessed it!
I’m a superhero!
If you don’t know what a superhero is, (do you live under a rock?) I’ll tell you.
I basically go around helping people with whatever they need. Big or small.
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; But, I.C. , didn’t Spider-Man’s uncle say “With great power comes great responsibility,”?
To answer that question, yes, and boy, was Uncle Ben right when he told Peter those few wise words.
Being a superhero is hard, especially when you’re in school, which is just as hard as any mission.
But, hey..I get by with a little help from my friends, who by the way, are...

Fly Away-Kozoku/The Price Of Stardom

“You can fly with those wings of yours, right?” Leo leaned up against an oak tree, an expectant look on his face.
“Leo, why can’t you just enjoy nature for a minute, indulge in its natural beauty?” Sabelle looked at him, a tiny smile on her face.
“I am enjoying nature..and she’s more beautiful than anything I have ever seen.” He smirked at Sabelle and winked, for extra measure.
Sabelle felt her cheeks go a deep crimson red, she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and looked down.
“My wings are a part of my body, but they aren’t around all the time, Hamato.” She mumbled.
“I know that, O’Malley…” He came around behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, his warm breath on her neck. She felt her body tingle at the sensation. The same sensation she had when she was still with Mars. 
“Leo, please..” She pulled away from her lover, not wanting him...

Love in 13 Words

who needs a boy?

I don’t need a boy. I’ve already found true love; it’s called writing

Everything About You-Kozoku/The Price Of Stardom

“Leo, hon? What’s the matter?” Sabelle got up out of bed, her pajamas rumpled from her restless sleep. Even though it was almost midnight, there he was, sitting in their bay window seat looking out at the pitch black of the sky.
He looked at her, a sad smile on his face. He hugged his knees close to his chest and looked away once more.
“It’s nothing,” He said softly.
“Leo, tell me please..” she wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and sat down in the cushiony seat to face him. “What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” 
“It’s..just—what did I mean to you, when we were together?” He looked at her now, his eyes pierced her, he was eager for an answer. 
“Leo, you know what you meant to me,” Sabelle whispered, pulling the blanket tighter around her.
“That isn’t an answer, and you know that!” He said sharply, crossing his arms over his chest.

Kozoku and The Price Of Stardom MASHUP!

“Sabelle?! What the hell are you doing here?!” Sabelle’s best friend, Izzy Hamato stood in the doorway of her family’s farmhouse, her hands on her hips.
“Izzy, thank God!” Sabelle limped up the rickety steps of the porch to greet her friend, who had a wide-eyed look of shock on her face. 
“’re hurt, how?” Izzy looked at her visitor, to see that she was covered in crimson cuts and bruises.
Mars’ fists of fury flashed in Sabelle’s mind like a silent movie; he didn’t understand that she had lost the baby, he’d gotten upset, more upset than Sabelle had anticipated.
So she left. That was the plain and simple truth.
“It was obviously Mars, Izzy..just look at her..” One of Izzy’s adoptive brothers came to the door, a slice of pizza in one hand. 
It should be noted that Izzy’s brothers aren’t exactly normal; they’re giant mutant turtles, who are trained in the art of ninjutsu. 
You read that...

What He Doesn’t Know- The Price Of Stardom (A One Shot)

Mars isn’t here, Babe..what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Ricky stroked Sabelle’s cheek with his rough, calloused hand. She slapped it away.
“Don’t touch me! This is wrong, you and I both know it!” She pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and backed away from her offender, her fists clenched in disbelief.
“You stupid little..kiss me already!” Ricky lunged for Sabelle, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her into a surprisingly passionate and gentle kiss. Sabelle started to struggle and squirm, but as the kiss got more heated, she melted into Ricky, the uneasy feeling she had before melted away like it hadn’t even been there
He dipped her toward the ground, their lips still in tact. After a few more seconds they pulled away, gasping for breath.
“How was that?” Ricky’s bright smile gleamed in the moonlight.
“Great..” Sabelle said softly, looking at the ground. The same feeling of shame came back, but this time...

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid- The Price Of Stardom (Reunion, PT.lll)

Sabelle woke up in her old bedroom, her cheeks covered in dried tear streaks. 
Her head was still spinning from last night’s events; blood, screams, Johnny’s soothing voice..
...losing the baby.
She looked up at the ceiling where she had taped pictures of she and Mars when they were younger, so when she went to sleep each night, she would dream of him. 
But instead of seeing his bright eyes and crooked grin, all she saw was his crestfallen expression when she had to tell him the news.
She began to sob at the thought of having to do such a deed, having to tell him that she had murdered his unborn child. She feared the worst.
“Baby Girl..Shh, shh..” Johnny was suddenly at her bedside, trying to calm down his overly distraught daughter.
“Pops..I’m sorry for cutting off my ties with you..I should have never come back, it was a bad i-idea..” Sabelle choked out.
“Darling..” Johnny pulled Sabelle...

A Nightmare Come True- The Price Of Stardom (Reunion, PT. 2)

“Leave my daughter alone, Anne! She wasn’t supposed to know any of this..” 
“Johnny, she was bound to learn eventually! Plus she was closer to me than you..”

Sabelle woke up to the glare of her father, his steely green eyes snapping and crackling.

“Pops..” Sabelle sat up bolt right, keeping her father’s harsh gaze with her gentle one.
“Hello, Sabelle..” he spat, running a hand through his graying hair. He had certainly gotten older in the past ten years, his face withered with stress, his muscular body a bit less toned, but it was all because of time.
“Sabelle, welcome back.” Anne put a slender hand to her niece’s shoulder, in an attempt to lessen the intensity of the confrontation, but it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.
“Is she really here?” Todd came into the room, freezing at the sight of his daughter, tears coming to his eyes. 
“Dad..” Sabelle said softly.
“Sabelle,” he...

Tumbling and Stumbling.

Like most other humans when they come into the world, the first and probably one of the most important milestones in an infant’s young life is learning how to walk. 
It’s a pretty simple formula, one foot in front of the other until you’re toddling up a storm. Once you get the ball rolling, your parents are scrambling to get their cameras to snap every picture they possibly can before the camera’s memory is full.
Yeah, that didn’t happen for me.
See, I was born with Cerebral Palsy. It occurs in premature children who have suffered brain damage from birth. The case I contracted and am forced to live with for the rest of my life is mild, but affects my life immensely.
Let me clear this up for those who aren’t educated on CP; just because I was born with brain damage does notmean that I am affected in terms of my cognitive ability. I am fully capable...

Reunion-The Price Of Stardom (prologue)


Sabelle’s eyes flew open at the sound of a woman’s voice floating into her conscious. She let out a tiny groan. Her head felt like it was being pounded on by a jackhammer. She took a look around her surroundings to see that it was nothing but lush green forest. She got up from a bed of leafs to take a closer look, because it obviously wasn’t everyday that you go to sleep in a bed one night and end up in woodlands the next.
But this wasn’t just any forest, it was more like a jungle. Exotic trees with intricately patterned bark, reached to the sky with their full, bright green leaves.  It was absolutely amazing, unlike anything Sabelle had ever seen, and she had experienced life in Heaven. That was saying something.
But before she even got to take in the rest of the land’s strange and exhilarating wonderland,...

Night Terrors-The Price Of Stardom (one-shot)

“Mom! Dad!” Ryan stumbled into the dark of Sabelle and Mars’ room, desperate to arouse his parents from their restful slumber. It was important.
“What’s wrong, Ryan?” Sabelle said sweetly, but it was clear that she was not pleased with being woken up at midnight.
“Momma..can I stay with you and Dad for tonight?” Ryan looked down at his bare feet, awaiting his mother’s answer.
“Of course, Honey. .But why?” Sabelle scooted over to make room for her son who gladly wriggled his way into his mother’s arms.
“Because you scream out at night, and I don’t want you to be scared..” Ryan grinned.
“Honey, it’s not your job to look out for me, you’re too young to know what I’ve gone  through..” Sabelle tried to reason with her son. But Ryan had inherited Mars’ intuitive sense, so there was no point in trying to
“But I do, Momma..Dad told me and Violet you got shot, and Violet told me...

What’s In A Name?-A true story

Okay, so let me start off by saying I have been called a plethora of different names in my fourteen years, the following is only a short list of what I have been labeled.
Izzy (My first name is Isabella, but I preferred to be called by a shortened version of my middle name, which is Lina)
Bella (it’s nice, for a supermodel)
Belle (I’m no Disney princess!)
Isadora (how?)
Elaine (again, how?)
Elizabeth (a bit less outlandish, but still)
Evan (Why)
Leanne (it sounds like “Lina” so I can see why someone would mix that up)

And probably most humiliatingly..

I’ve been called Elmo, and it was not a joke. There was a misprint on the class roster..HOW THEY MADE THAT MISTAKE IS BEYOND MY KNOWLEDGE!

Relapse- TPOS One Shot

Meeting Stardom-(One-Shot)
“Mom, look it’s you, on TV!” 10-year Old Violet pointed to the TVs screen, as it showed a picture of teenage Sabelle, ten years earlier to the day she was first targeted.
Sabelle froze, flashing back to that terrible day as if it were yesterday.
Mars came up behind Sabelle and began to massage her shoulders trying to get her to relax. His fingers worked her muscles in a rhythmic pattern.
“I know, I know…” he whispered. “I know what your thinking..”
Sabelle began to hyperventilate, unable to calm herself down. The memories were coming at her quick and sudden. 
“Mom?” Violet’s voice was disoriented in her conscious.
“I think I’m going to throw up..” she finally mumbled over her uneasy breathing , wrenching her way out of Mars’ grasp and bolted for the nearest thing to empty her stomach in; the kitchen sink. Ew.
Mars rubbed her back as she retched up the contents of her breakfast....

“Red”- The Price Of Stardom (One-Shot)

Violet was sitting at the kitchen table, her crayons scattered across its white surface, when she heard it.
“You don’t know what I see, Sabelle! You can never know!” Mars roared.
“Mars, I know..but if you were just open to talking-“ Sabelle started once again.
They walked into the kitchen, still squaring off in their dispute.
“Sabelle, you can't expect me to tell you everything! I’m just not ready..” Mars screamed, his jaw clenched so hard, it looked like a vein would pop.
“Mars, please..” she put and hand to his shoulder in an attempt to steady him and his nerves
In the midst of all this, Violet kept her eyes trained on her paper, pressing hard on her red crayon.
“Don’t touch me!” He drew his hand back and slapped Sabelle across her face so hard, she fell to the ground.
His breathing was still heavy as he brought his hand down to his side, finally realizing what he...

The End Of Stardom- I.C. Fynnheart


Sabelle could only let out a tiny squeak as she stumbled up the steps of she and Mars’ home, pain sinking its claws of displeasure deep in her body. 
“Mars..” she moaned, shaking violently, her wet clothes sticking to her back. It had been a long night, getting her way out of the river and onto dry land, not to mention the long trek home.
The door opened, revealing Mars, holding Violet to his hip.
“Sabelle, oh my God!” His eyes widened, he set Violet in her baby sling and went to go tend to his injured wife. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the couch, setting her down gently on the soft plush cushions. He pulled a blanket strewn on an armchair and draped it across her shivering body. Purplish bruises and jagged crimson lines covered her like paint spilled on a clean white canvas; she was ruined.
“What happened?” He cried, unable...

Wordsmith (a true story)

“ Isabella-Carolina! Come here right now.” My mom screamed from the kitchen.
I Jump up from my cozy spot on my bed where I was reading peacefully, and racedto her aide confused by her request. What was I doing wrong?
“Lina..explain this to me, miha..” She passed me a printed out, twenty-five Page copy of my story, The Price Of Stardom. I felt my blood run cold. Where had she found that?
“Lina...I’m surprised at you...this is so...gruesome and strange.” She flipped through it, her eyes bouncing back and forth like ping pong balls.
“Yeah, So?” I clutched the book I was reading, The War Of The Worlds close to my chest, awaiting my mother’s answer
“ write too much! I know you’re great at it, but..this..this scares me..” she put a hand to my shoulder. 
I angrily jerked it from her. I understood my mother’s concerns, but that didn’t stop me from feeling exasperated. Her claim just seemed a...

When Bells Ring- A Hamilton-Inspired Poem

When Bells Ring
The Song They Sing
Echoes off the sky, their deep, sweet voice filling me with sorrow
Because I know that we have won.
But the real war, the mental war is far from done.
I could only have one day, left..Tomorrow.
As my men and I trudge home, our bodies and souls ravaged by war.
The only thing that keeps us going is the Bells, their tune shaking us to the core.
I feel a warm hand on my back, startled I turn around...
His warm green eyes calm me, his freckles make my soul restless.
I let out a deep sigh of relief, knowing that there is no RedCoat to be found.
With my silly fears gone, I begin to laugh..
I haven’t done so in months.
And then, without warning John begins to laugh too, his voice rising in the air.
Soon, all our men join in, bringing us out of our melancholy despair.

You Make Up The End! (“The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance” EDITION)

Hi guys..
First Off..I’m sorry that I’m leaving “The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance” on a cliffhanger ending..but I did it on purpose 
Because I’m creating a challenge for all of you users out there who want to!
Objective: You create the ending to my story, however you want it to be..
Yes, it is a seemingly simple challenge, but I want to see others take on my story (I know there are fantastic writers on this site whom I absolutely adore)


Creative Pointers
- feel free to add in new characters or even some of your own from your own pieces!
- feel free to change my characters however you feel fit
- HAVE FUN WITH IT (make it silly, angsty, weird, memefilled??)

Put your ending under the title ”The End Of Stardom by *enter...

The Price Of Stardom:A Second Chance (9a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (9a)
Chapter 9(a): Water Wings (Reprise)

Sabelle’s lips pressed to Thea’s; she knew she shouldn’t be out with her, but something drew her to her ex. Something she couldn’t explain.
Thea pulled away, a bright smile plastered across her face. “Wasn’t that nice..”
Sabelle felt like she was about to vomit, her breathing got faster, What was she supposed to say?
She just nodded and looked down, too ashamed to make eye contact with the latter. Thea cupped her chin in her hands and brought Sabelle’s gaze to meet hers.
“It’s going to be fine, I promise..” Thea whispered, sincerity filled her 
Sabelle’s eyes suddenly went wide. No, she couldn’t do this. She was devoted to Mars, and that was final. 
“No!” She screamed, unlatching herself from Thea’s grasp, stumbling away. She broke into a directionless sprint, but what did that matter? She knew she needed to get away. Wasn’t that enough?

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (8a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (8a)
Chapter 8(a): Don't Let Go
Mars couldn’t believe what he saw when he opened the door to he and Sabelle’s room. 
There was a thin trail of blood leading to their private bathroom, and on the glossy white paint of the door, there were red fingerprints, smudged and smeared like a Van Gogh painting gone wrong. 
He immediately began to panic, searching the small room for a clue as to what it may be. He finally found it; the light blue dress he’d given Sabelle for her birthday was strewn on the floor, blood streaking it as well.
“What the..” He lost his rather short train of thought when he heard wailing come from Violet’s crib. He dropped the stained dress and rushed to his daughter’s crib, tending to the needy newborn.
“Shh, shh..Violet..are you hungry? Do you need your Mama?” He bounced her in his lap, trying desperately to get her...

Day 1-My crushes

1. Anthony Ramos (he is absolutely adorable, and his music tackles what America is like and should be)
2. Gaten Matarazzo (He is absolutely brilliant and does a fantastic job portraying Dustin)
3. Finn Wolfhard (He has a band. Check it out.)
4. Ponyboy Curtis (Aaackfckfkfkgfkfkfkfkfdclffkvmv)
5. Dallas Winston (Sweet, but troubled)

Doctor Moonstone’s Confusing Conundrum Concerning A Clock

“It was last seen right in here, Mr. Moonstone!” The shopkeeper, wiped his calloused hands on his dusty apron and smoother back his greasy black hair. His blue eyes were filled with worry and anticipation.
“Sir, please don’t call me Mister Moonstone, call me Dr. Jethro Moonstone, Forensic Investigator.” I smirked and looked at him for any sign of playfulness or at least a twinkle in his eye. But he stared at me, his face completely serious .
“Just please find my clock,”
I sighed and took off my hat, twirling it around my index finger.
“You know you could have just misplaced it, do you not?” I said, annoyed. You cannot just tell a person of great knowledge like I, to “go find a clock” or anything of that sort. You must give some background on what I am trying to solve, or else you will not get anywhere, will you?
“I put it right there on my shelf,...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (7b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (7b)
Chapter 7(b): Let The River Run Deep.
“Sabelle, hon. You have to eat, you have to sleep..I can take care of her for a few hours while you rest.” Mars said to his girlfriend, whose responsibility as a new mother was taking a toll on her internal schedule. Sabelle was slowly rocking their girl to sleep, holding her close tears falling from her face to Violet’s (their baby’s name) baby blanket, leaving wet stains all over it.
“No, Mars..I-I can't. Just give me another two minutes-” she mumbled softly.
“Sabelle, you've been going at this too hard, it's been two weeks. Please, I'm begging you!” He snapped.
“Mars, please..” she begged
“Sabelle, please..” he retorted, concern etched in his expression. He took the baby from her arms and sat down in the age old rocking chair in the corner of their room.
Sabelle looked at the pair, father and daughter..and smiled sadly....

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (7a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (7a)
Chapter 7(a): Pay The Toll
“Sabelle..what in the world?!” Johnny closed the door behind them. Actually, he slammed it in his angry rage. His breathing was heavy, and his nostrils flared.
Sabelle scooted closer to Mars, who wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She pulled her sniffling newborn close to her chest and braced herself for the worst.
“Pops, I didn’t know—“ she tried to explain, though it probably wouldn’t change much, or anything at all.
“You didn’t know?!” He roared, his eyes blazing with as much hate as possible as he cast a stony glare on his daughter, who was shaking.
“I thought it was just a virus..” she passed the baby to Mars and slowly got up, her legs like a newborn fawn’s that was struggling to take its first steps. Johnny reached out his hand to steady her, but then withdrew his offering. 
“I told you I thought it...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (6b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance 
Chapter 6(b): Dr, Mars Blackmon, OB/GYN (sorta)
“M-Mars!” He heard Sabelle shriek from the bathroom urgently. He could hear sobbing as well.
He put down his phone, and sprinted upstairs, fear-stricken and confused.
“Sabelle!..” he pushed open the bathroom door to reveal his lover, leaning up against the wall in a squat, holding her stomach. Her hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat. 
“Mars, h-help me..please..I didn’t know..” her breathing was labored and heavy. He kneeled down next to her, unsure of what was going on or how to help.
“What do you mean? What didn’t you know, Belle?”
“I didn’t know I..I w-was pregnant..” she squeaked, lowering her head.
“What?” He looked at her dumbfounded, shocked, and scared. Those were three things you wouldn’t want in a feelings salad.
“It’s coming..” she squeaked once again, squeezing her eyes shut. 
“Okay..” he tried to keep her calm, but he himself was freaking...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (6a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (6a)
Chapter 6(a): The Mars Way
“Baby girl..listen to me,” Thea begged Sabelle, pain filling her eyes. 
Mars pulled Sabelle closer to him, his strong biceps like protective armor around her.
“Leave us, be Thea! You know what you did!” He snapped, his blue eyes crackling angrily. Sabelle felt tears fill her eyes as she buried her face in his chest.
“I need to talk to Sabelle!” Thea snapped back at Mars, her pixie cut sticking out in odd places. Her eyes were red and puffy, her mascara smeared across her cheeks in charcoal streaks
“You cheated on the both of us, Thea..” Mars tried to comfort the crestfallen Sabelle, his heart breaking more for her with each sob she let out. With that, his anger towards Thea got his blood boiling to the breaking point. How could she have done this to them, having them running around her only to find out...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (5b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (5b)
Chapter 5(b): Out Of This World
Mars Blackmon never thought he would meet an angel, you actual one. The young teen was on vacation with his family on the pier, meeting the Puerto-Rican side of his family. He thought they were alright, but they hugged a little too much. Not that he didn’t like a good embrace every once in a while, it was just…
They hugged A LOT.
He thought about this briefly as he walked down the pier, taking in the salty Jersey air. It smelled a lot better than the fume-filled stench that filled Brooklyn. If you took one glance at him you would know he was from there. Heck, it was on his Knicks jersey and cap which he sometimes even wore to bed. He was a strange fifteen year old at that.
Then something caught his eye as he walked into some tiny restaurant, just to...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (5a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (5a)
Chapter 5(a): Overprotective Fathers Are The Worst
“Baby..let me touch them..” Thea held up a roll of white bandages to Sabelle’s mangled wings.
“I-it hurts..” Sabelle moaned, the pain was throbbing violently in her wings, she felt like throwing up, which wasn’t uncommon, for the past few weeks she’d been violently ill. 
“I know, Babe..but each day you’re healing a bit more.” Thea tried to be positive, but it was hard being optimistic when your lover was down.
“Yeah, Yeah..” She grumbled, holding her stomach, the pain was still sharp. 
“What’s wrong? Your stomach again..” Thea said, putting a hand to Sabelle’s shoulder.
Sabelle nodded, grimacing slightly. She made her way to the bathroom once again and vomited up petals. It wasn’t any fun being sick, even if you were throwing up something as sweet as roses. She rested her arms on the toilet seat and braved it anyways.
“Sabelle, sweetheart?” Johnny...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (4a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (4a)
Chapter 4(a): Silhouettes 
“Hello?” Thea burst through the O’Malley’s door, frantic and afraid. She had only gotten fragments of the news moments ago, and rushed to the O’Malley home, without even a simple goodbye to her parents.
Todd and Johnny were  conversing in The living room when Thea came in. She felt a bit rude and awkward walking in on their conversation , but everyone knew the chaos was there, heavy in the air around them.
“Thea..” Todd ran to hug her, which Thea took politely, but quickly.
“I..I only got fragments of..what happened,” She said softly
“Sabelle..she just..hasn’t come out of her room for a few days. She said she was ‘busy and needed time to think’. She’s barely eaten, but it seems like she’s just been throwing up all day.” Johnny said, wringing his hands worriedly, like any father would if their kid had isolated themselves. Thea felt a paying...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (3b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance
Chapter 3(b): Embrace Yourself

The SeaMaid Pier on the Jersey shore was the most interesting of places, where at each twist and turn you met the most interesting of people.
It all started on one fateful day.
When Sabelle first laid eyes on Thea, she knew she had fallen deeply in love. 
No, literally. She was on the beach, watching the sunset when she tripped on something and went tumbling down a sand dune.
“Are you okay..” came a voice from above, trying to stifle back laughter.
“Yeah..I’m..I’m good..” Sabelle slowly got to her feet, and brushed herself off. 
She looked into the eyes of her savior, which were a beautiful emerald green. She had tanned skin, a tall lean, slightly masculine figure. But most strikingly of all was her hair, dyed a bright cherry red. 
Sabelle had figured out long ago that she was bisexual, meaning that she liked both boys and...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (2b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance 
Chapter 2(b): Confessions and Rose Petals
“Sabelle..wake up..” Thea shook her girlfriend awake, tears in her eyes.
“Mmm..” Sabelle felt pain shoot through her body, a violent chill went up her spine.
“Oh, thank God..” Thea pulled Sabelle into her arms holding her tight. The pain got more and more intense. Sabelle yelped and pulled away to take a look around her at her surroundings and to have the pain subside. It was her old room..but everything was painted a pale robin’s egg blue. It was supposed to be calming, but it only made her anxious.
She looked at Thea who sat calmly at the foot of her bed, her hands folded in her lap.
“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She said softly, brushing a stray bright red hair from her face.
“N-no..” Sabelle croaked. She was in so much pain, she was going to throw up.
“Sweetie, you’re pale..” Thea...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (2b, prologue)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance 
Chapter 2(a):Water Wings (prologue)
Sabelle’s wings flapped and fluttered as she tried to get away, but he held her back by the collar of her shirt.
“Let me go!” The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth instantly. 
“How are you still alive?!” Her growled, his tone filled with anger and shock.
“Oliver, I’m an Angel..” She turned to the young man, her stance bold. She planted her feet firmly in the sand.
“You left me heartbroken for four years, O’Malley!”  Ollie said her last name as if she was a disgusting beetle of some sort.
Ollie was almost eighteen at this point, remember that Angels like Sabelle  stay the same they were when they died.
He still had his sandy blonde locks, his same pale skin. His face was more angled and defined, his features sharper. He had replaced his glasses with contacts, and his graphic tees for a tight white shirt...

An Ode To The Promised Land

O, say can’t you see
By the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we once hailed, at the Twilight's only gleaming?
No, you can’t.
We have been through rough times these past few years
Bursts of anger, worry and fear 
Plaguing the utopia molded by our fathers and their fathers before us
There have been darker days than Election Day
Take me back to ‘63
Before we fell to our knees
Before the slaughter, the pain, the screams
And let what’s left of the dawn gleam.
Our leaders, our guides through this minefield of life
Have done nothing but weigh us down with discord and strife
They rear their ugly heads
Tossing us askew
Lives, of me and you
Are put into Jeopardy
Nothing Gold Can Stay, around us swirls dismay
The Tell-Tale Heart, we are being torn apart.
Chains bind us to what Liberty wasn’t 
How can we ever sing the song of Freedom
When it means nothing,...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (1b)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (1b)
Chapter 1b: A Family United
Todd heard a loud thump from his spot in the living room’s bay window, and was startled. He looked outside to see a car speeding away, and in its wake leaving a cloud of dust. It disappeared rather quickly, revealing Nola on the other side in a patch of tallgrass. Next to her was something- laying on its side, its wings flapping weakly.
“Nola!” He bolted from his cushiony spot and ran out to the beach, barefoot to check on his daughter.
“Daddy! You have to help her, she was hurt.” Nola pulled on her father’s hand, eager to check on Star, who unbeknownst to her was Sabelle.
Todd looked at the creature more closely-it was a human! A girl, he thought. He ran to the girl, kneeled by her side and turned her over. Once he got one glimpse of her face, he thought he was...

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance (1a)

The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance
Chapter 1a: Assignments
Sabelle and Tony loved being together in Heaven , finally after so long. Sabelle hadn’t aged since the day she had died, which made Tony appreciate her more than he ever had when they were still alive. Even though Sabelle had forgiven her long ago for what he had done, there was still the guilt that weighed him down slightly.
Until one fateful day 
“Baby Belle..” He called out to her from her room, he knocked at her door. He bounced on his toes excitedly, for it wasn’t everyday that Heavenlies were chosen for such a privilege. She opened the door after a few seconds, reminiscents of sleep still visible on her young face.
“What is it Tony?” She groaned, rubbing her eyes sleepily
“Belle, we’ve been given a gift by the head angels!” He blurted, taking her hands in his.
“Oh, isn’t that just wonderful? Make sure to send...


I’ve decided to continue my series The Price Of Stardom, with a prequel and sequel. I’m starting off with the sequel which I call: The Price Of Stardom: A Second Chance
I’m honestly really excited for this, and if you haven’t read my series..go read deserves something at least.


The Ups and Downs

Year 0: Your two brothers and you (the one sister) are born into this world three months too early. After a lot of moving around from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital you are finally ready to come home..but there is a of your brothers did not make it past one week of infancy. He is buried in Barranquilla, Colombia. Your mother’s hometown halfway across the globe. 
Year 1: Your parents stay up long, harrowing nights in their little apartment trying to get you and your brother to eat, because due to gag reflex, you keep on throwing up whatever was just put in you. Gross. But you do get a relatively cool first birthday party, which you think the parents had more fun at than you did. But hey, you got to eat a Clifford The Big Red Dog cake. (Well, ‘eat’ is an overstatement . It was more like..smush it all over your face without getting anything...

The Price Of Stardom (Epilogue)

The Price Of Stardom 

Cherry Blossom Petals were scattered on my grave every year during the spring 
That was the only time when I ever saw Ollie.
It, watching him get older..but it saddened me that I would never get to feel the warmth of his hugs, the sweet taste of his kisses ever again..
But I got to watch him grow and change, turn into a wonderful man with a deserving wife and three beautiful children, one of which whom he named Belle after me.
I was truly honored, I had to say.

Pops and Dad came on my birthday and planted lilies at my headstone.
I had to say, Dad took it harder out of the two  when I died. He didn't get to see me often when I was alive, and now he would never get to see me again.
But, it brought them close together and rekindled the relationship they once had. 
A year...

The Price Of Stardom (7a)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 7(a): Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Anthony took a deep breath and pressed himself against the crumbling brick of the building, the cold smooth metal of the pistol in his hand only making him more nervous. 
He was going to shoot David. 
The rat had dragged his sister down into his plot to exploit her own kin..
...two can play at that game.
The thing that the Dragons didn’t know..was that he might have been dragged down with the Phoenix..but that didn’t mean he agreed with their plan.
But it wasn’t time for words.
It was time for action.
He sucked in a sharp breath, as he heard a door creak open, the sound of footsteps echoing down the cobblestone pavement of the alleyway. He rested his finger on the pistols’ trigger, the muscles in his arm tightening with each breath.
It was pitch black, but when he saw David’s short figure step out onto the street,...

The Price Of Stardom (6b)

The Price Of Stardom 
6(b): The East Side Dragons

It all started like a normal day.
Sabelle woke up to the sweet sound of her phone buzzing, a million emails from her directors popped up from her already overflowing mailbox. She took a deep breath, threw back her blankets and stumbled her way to the bathroom to start her day. 
About twenty minutes later, she walked out into the kitchen, dressed in a bomber jacket and jeans, her wet, but brushed hair tied under a bandana.
“Good morning, sweetheart..” Johnny looked up from a piece he was painting on his easel and smiled. His shirt was covered in an array of reds and oranges.
“Hey, Pops..” She smiled and went over to see what he was painting, as she did every morning.
Today it was, some kind of bird, engulfed in fire..a phoenix, she thought it was called.
“How’s my girl doing?..” He tried to hug her, his paint covered...

The Price Of Stardom (6a)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 6(a): So We Meet Again
Sabelle couldn’t help but let out a tiny moan as beads of perspiration poured from forehead. Her body felt like it was on fire. Fist felt like they were beating against the inside of her head. She pressed her face deep into her sweat-drenched pillow, hoping the pain would somehow be forced out of her body, but it was just wishful thinking of course. She squeezed her eyes shut, wanting so much to fall asleep.
“Just let me in, Dad!” Tony’s angry voice floated through the halls to her to her ears, making her blood run cold. 
“Tony, I love you, but what you did is unacceptable on so many levels!” Her father screamed back at him, the same amount if not more anger drenching his tone.
The sound of rubber soles slapping against hardwood floors became louder and louder as it neared Sabelle’s bedroom doorway. She felt nauseous once...

The Price Of Stardom (5b)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 5(b): Burn, Baby, Burn

After the whole ordeal, Todd had never thought his daughter, of all things would get beaten by some sleazy gang members. They had left their mark on her physically, but there was no doubt the emotional scarring would be just as terrible. Ross carried Sabelle inside and laid her on the sitting room couch, letting her down gently. 
“Mmm...Daddy?” She opened a hazel eye and looked at Todd, her gaze clouded over, but intense at the same time.
“Yes, sweetie?” He was a bit shaken by what had just happened, but the urge to caress her and never let her go took over. He knelt by her side and stroked her soft, silky hair. 
“You can’t tell Pops..that I’m here..or T-Tony either..” she said softly.
“ know I can’t lie to your father or your brother..I’m sorry..” He tried to look her straight in the eyes, but couldn’t.
“Please, Daddy..they can’t...

would anyone be willing to collab on a piece with me?



The Price Of Stardom (5a)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 5(a): Scars on Daddy’s Little Girl (prologue)
A year later

Sabelle O’Malley, was still Sabelle O’Malley, there was no doubt in her mind or anyone else’s.
Or at least that’s what she made herself think
She’d switched out her designer dresses and blowout job for jeans, a bomber jacket and a bandana
No, it wasn’t for a new movie of hers.
It was for her own good.
She stumbled down the cobblestone road to her dad’s apartment complex, bloodied, bruised, and terrified. She spat on the street, not caring if anyone saw. 
She just barely made it to her dad’s door, before collapsing to the ground
“Hello?” Todd opened the looked down to see his injured daughter, shaking violently.
“Sabelle?!” He screamed, kneeling down to her level, shock on his face

“Dad…” she whispered raspily, red threads staining her lips. 
“Sabelle, hon..what happened?” Todd’s mind instantly flashed back to the day exactly one year ago,...

An Ode to El León

An Ode To El León

People Ask Me Constantly
“What are you made of?”

I Say To Them

I am the daughter of the Colombians who spend their days dancing in the streets, their happiness infecting all those around them.
I am the granddaughter of the Irish, who’s fiery attitude sparks my soul letting my ideas come to life.
 I am the descendant of the Italians who's loud demeanor shakes the core of my identity..
But most of all
I am El León
The spirit of the lion lives in on in my heart

When I Finish, They Say

That's cool, I guess

They Rip The Fiber Of My Being, Tiny Holes Litter My Aura

But I Don't Care 
Because I am El León
Hear Me Roar

The Price Of Stardom (4b)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 4(b): Oliver’s Story
Oliver Manson wasn’t deaf. He was selectively mute, and had been since he was twelve years old. So it had been about two years since he’d spoke. 
It had been two years since his mother had died of cancer. He still wasn’t over the fact that she was gone, though he knew she wasn’t coming back.
When he told people (well, his dad told people ) he was mute, people usually were annoyingly sympathetic towards him..
...or just plain rude.
These two types of people were usually the ones he accompanied during their stay at the hospital, and it was anything but fun.
But now that he was stationed to Sabelle, he knew things were going to change.
First off, he loved her movies. Every single one of them, she was just...such a real actress, one you can laugh, with or cry with..or just,  like her no matter who you were. 

The Price Of Stardom (4a)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 4(a): Fathers’ Love
One Police Plaza, 6:00 AM

Anthony paced back and forth in his cell, still not quite believing what had happened only hours ago. Flashes of the day’s events rushed through his head.
The news report.
Being slammed to the ground by police.
The look of pain in Sabelle’s eyes.
He couldn’t live with that guilt.
In anger, he shook at the bars of his cell, rattling them senseless.
If it wasn’t for the stupid police, he would have been with her, to be by her side. What kind of brother was he if he couldn’t be there for his sister in her most dire time of need?
He felt the tears roll down his face once more, but he didn’t wipe them away.
“Anthony, son!” One of his father’s voices came echoing down the hall.
“Pops..” He said softly.
Johnny (let’s call him by his name, for lack of confusion) still in...

The Price Of Stardom (3b)

The Price Of Stardom 
Chapter 3(b): Strangers in The Dark

Sabelle’s Hospital Room
1:00 AM, March 14th

Sabelle woke with a start, gasping for breath. 
Where was she?
What had happened?
Where was Tony? 
She took a quick glance at her surroundings..darkness…
Well, wasn’t that just peachy keen?
She tried to scoot upwards, but felt the same burst of pain in her stomach, just like when she’d been walking down the street…
She let out a tiny whisper of pain, wanting to cry..but couldn’t. She felt somebody’s hand on hers, and screamed.
The unidentified person jumped back, holding up their hands like they were about to surrender to the police.
A light with a faint glow clicked on, revealing the seemingly terrified person’s face. He had pale skin, watery blue eyes a pair of black framed glasses on them. He also had curly, dirty blonde hair. He gave her a shaky smile and put a finger to his lips.

Stuff I think about

- Do you know da wae? (I’m not sorry)
- is it possible to get batteries for a battery tester?
- Can you forget how to forget?
- why did John Laurens have to die?
- There are forty-seven songs in Hamilton (counting the Laurens interlude) A.Ham died when he was forty-seven years old.
- Why can’t Lin-Manuel Miranda be my uncle or dad?
-Why didn’t you LEGO that eggo in the first place?
- was Bob Ross’ hair his actual hair?
- HoW DId Michael Jackson learn how to moonwalk?
-Why can’t Anthony Ramos be mine—wait what?
- Does the spokesperson for Flex-Tape, Phil Swift..even know what he’s doing when he’s testing “the power of Flex-Tape?”
- How does Frosty the Snowman come back to life when he melted in the first movie?
- WhY WeReNt YOu At ElF paractice??!!! 

And finally

Do people even like my work?

The Price Of Stardom (3a)

Chapter 3: In Her Most Vulnerable State
New York Deaconess Hospital, 4:00 PM 

Anthony’s Point Of View

As Anthony pulled up to the hospital parking lot, he could already make out the tens of probably thousands (Okay, he was exaggerating a little, but it sure was a lot) of people huddled around the wailing ambulance out in front of the hospital,  just to see his sister be unloaded and bombard her with pictures. He felt a surge of adrenaline rush through his body, mixed in with anger, anxiety and fear for the worse. He hopped out of the car, not even turning off the engine before running off into what he called “the walking-dead”; people who just wandered the streets aimlessly, hoping that they would find a celebrity minding their own business..and post their findings all over social media. 

He pushed past the wall of fans which were made up of sobbing messes, photographers, and people who probably weren’t even...

The Price Of Stardom (2)

The Price Of Stardom
Chapter 2: Lights, Camera...BANG!

New York City
3:15 PM, March 13th
Sabelle’s Point Of View 

“O’Malley, we need you onset..” The director's voice rang in her ears, causing her to wince. She didn’t think there was a need for her to wear an earpiece ALL the time she was onset. She was a teen actress, loved by adults and children alike all over the world. She was not a stagehand or unpaid intern. She was of much more value than any blue collar worker. 
Or at least she thought she was.
“I-I’m coming, sir!” She picked up her leather Marc Jacobs tote bag , which held the contents of what had been her lunch. She’d decided to start making her own lunch instead of going out, especially after what she’d called “The Incident”. Plus, she wasn’t about to lose all of her freedom to showbiz.
She made the long walk back from Central Park to 36th...

The Price Of Stardom

The Price Of Stardom
Prologue: Bad Sushi

Fourteen-Year-Old Sabelle O’Malley had nothing else on her mind but rushing to get to the bathroom in time as she rushed down the fancy paisley carpeting of the Lockeswood Apartment Complex, otherwise known to her as “home”.
“Miss O’Malley, look over here!” The flash of the paparazzi lights invaded her peripheral vision.
She prayed to God that her high heels would somehow provide her with 700 horsepower rocket boosters to help her reach her door faster, but anyone with half a brain would know that would never happen.
“Miss O’Malley, are you excited to be on the set of Autumn Dreams with Gaten Matarazzo as your co star?” Called a hyper voice.
She pushed her long, wavy dark brown locks out of her face.
“Uh...Yeah..sure..” she said tried to keep the bile that was rising in her throat from coming up. Why, oh, why did she have to chose the one Japanese restaurant...

White Noise

White Noise

Nineteen- Year- Old Oliver Manson was..
Just a guy.
If you were to see him walking down the street, you would think nothing out of the ordinary about him. He looked normal, you could say. He had sandy, curly brown hair, which was usually kept messy, but a classy kind of messy. He had pale skin, paler than freshly fallen fallen snow on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So you can guess that he was probably pretty pale. He had a pair of watery, green blue eyes that seemed to stare straight into your soul, even when they probably didn’t mean to. He had a thin build, but he wasn’t very tall, which made it kind of challenging for him to get a spot on the basketball team. But it wasn’t like he was the most athletic guy out there.
So yeah, you could assume that he was just a guy.
But what you couldn’t see...

Little Latina Girl (Chasing Fantasies)

Do you see that little Latina girl
Who every day
Walks those streets
Wandering aimlessly like she doesn’t have a home?

When you look at her
You think
She must be poor
Her family must have hit on hard times
Or something like that

Some of those things may be true
But what you may not know 
Is that this girl has a passion
To be an astronaut 
A lawyer
The President of the United States 

But she knows this will probably never happen
So she dances her troubles away, the joyful bounding of her footsteps
Filling her with happiness
But the thought of what she could be still lingers
And eventually dies away
Like most unfollowed fantasies do

Do you see that little Latina girl
Who every day
Walks those streets
Wandering aimlessly like she doesn’t have a home?
Well, she’s got dreams too
But those dreams sometimes are judged by others
So we Latinas are left to become...

Uncle James (Pt. 2)

“Daddy, daddy, look what I got when I fell on the sidewalk!” Five year old Alexander Hamilton proudly showed off his scraped up knee to his father. He paraded around the house all day, feeling like a soldier, having been presented a badge of honor for his bravery.
“Yes, my're very brave, like the Lion!” His father narrowed his own brown eyes, and had bared his pearly white teeth ferociously.
“Daddy isn't the Lion the king of the jungle?” Alexander had asked, his eyes full of wonder and innocence; he was hungry for knowledge, anything he could possibly get his tiny hands on.
“Yes, he is, Alexander. The lion is the best and the bravest in all of the jungle..” His father had said.
“Daddy, I wanna be a king!” Alexander had said his thin chest puffed out with pride.
“Is that so, Alexander?” His father had played along with his son’s act.
“But I don't want to be...

Uncle James (Pt. 1)

Fourteen -year-old Philip Hamilton didn't expect to see what he saw when he came he from school on a freezing Monday afternoon.
“Dad!” He creaked open the door and set his backpack at the foot of the piano in the living room. 
“Dad!” He called again, starting to get a little concerned. Where was his father? He was always home at three 'clock no matter where he may have been. He searched everywhere..except upstairs.
As he made his way up the grand staircase, he thought he heard the faint sound of sobbing.
Now he was really starting to get concerned..that couldn't be his father crying,right?
He ran up the last couple of steps and made his way down the narrow hallway to his father's room, where the door was slightly ajar. 
“Dad?” He said softly, and pushed the door open to reveal his father, Alexander sitting on the edge of his bed, his body heaving with loud sobs. A piece...

Kozoku: Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Time After Time
Izzy’s Point Of View
I cried in Leo’s arms until I passed out.
I wake up in bed, tear streaks staining my cheeks.
I looked up to see Leo sitting patiently in a chair next to my bedside, a book in his hand.
“Hey..” I squeak, my lip quivering.
“How're you feeling,” He gives me a small smile and squeezes my hand.
 “Fine ..” I hold my stomach and smile trying to keep him from seeing through my lies.
His smile slowly fades away.
I avert my gaze from his, a blush slowly forms on my face.
“'re not telling me something..” He tried.
“I can tell something isn't right, little know that and I know that..” He tells me firmly
“I guess it hurts a little ..” I say softly
I guess it was rude of me to be so distant with him. I knew he was concerned, I was just… ...

Walks Of Life

Walks Of Life

They say that the pen is mightier than the most powerful of swords
But what is more powerful than the pen?
Who is a monster and who is a man?
Who is better; Superman or Batman?
What's worth more; being rich in money or rich in love?
These are questions that are debated each and everyday by people of all walks of life.
Most of the time those paths of life lead to one thing: Destiny

My Son ~ HamilPoem # 2

My son..

I never thought that I would call young, scrappy immigrant boy my son.
Alexander-I honestly don't know what drew me to him
Perhaps it was his boyish, immature personality which stemmed from his rough and troubled past..
Or maybe it was because he'd never had the chance to experience the feel the love of a father..
But I think it was the fact that I never had a son to call my own.
A son of mine is Alexander, and my son Alexander will remain until my dying breaths.

Kozoku: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Her Guardian Angel 

Leo's Point Of View

Had Mikey just said what I thought he said?
Koneko was alive?
I rushed to the living room and stood in the doorway, in awe..
Izzy was still pale, her scars were definitely still visible.
But the point was she was still alive, and that was all that mattered.
Jake looked up, and the same rage I'd seen in his eyes before reappeared. He leaped up and came towards me, quietly as to not wake Izzy.
“Go. Away.” He hissed
“She’s my sister, let me at least see her!” I try to say it as calmly as possible but hints of anger start to show.
“Is she really your ‘sister’ if you practically murdered her?! It was only short of a miracle that she’s still here!” He screamed
I feel a pang in my chest. Ouch.
“It’s not like I meant to do that! I would never do anything to put...

Kozoku: Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Gone Girl Back

Mikey’s Point Of View

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; Leo killed Izzy?
Izzy was gone..
The room began to spin, I knew I had to get away…
I ran to my room and slammed the door behind me..I sat down at my desk and began to draw, anything, to get my mind off it..
But everything I drew had at least one little piece of Izzy in it.
Her gold bandana she always wore 
Her tanto…
I crumpled them up and threw them in the trash..
Why couldn’t my brain understand..I didn’t need any more pain than what I already had?!
I laid my head on my desk...and just stayed there..
All I wanted was for the world just to leave me alone!
A little while later, I heard a knock at my door.
“Mike..” Donnie said softly
“Go away! I don’t want to talk to anyone!” I was grieving, couldn’t anyone...

Kozoku: Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Gone Girl

Raphael’s Point Of View

I couldn’t believe what I saw before me; my oldest brother holding our younger sister in his arms, blood was everywhere.
He looked up at me, his expression contorted with more anguish than I ever thought was capable.
Finally I spoke, my voice cracking slightly; “We have to get her home..or she might..”
I cut myself off at that last part,  not wanting to think of the inevitable.
“R-Right..” Leo struggled to get a good hold of her, he was shaking so much. Probably in shock about what just happened, not that I really knew what had gone on between the two….
..I’d just seen the aftermath.
“Why don’t you let me take her?” I say gently, inching my way over.
“No!” He said sharply, his eyes pointing daggers at me. He suddenly softened 
“N-no..I can do it..” He said in a whisper.
“O-Okay ..” I’m a little taken aback, but regain...

Chapter 25: Fallen At The Hands Of Kin (Prologue)

Leo’s Point Of View

I looked at Izzy with a hard glare, my hands gripping the worn leather handle of my katana. 
“ How could you have left us?! For some family you don’t even know, Isabella! They abandoned you! Father took you in, when you were in an abandoned alleyway, about to die!”
She glares back at me, her arms crossed over her tight black tank top. She was completely in black from head to toe. The only thing that really had any color was the gold bandana she wore over her long brunette locks. It was a polar opposite from the bright colors she usually wore.
“I’ve been looking for my family from the day I knew about them! You can’t expect me not to wonder why they left me, Leonardo ..” She spits.
I’m a bit taken aback; the sweet gentle sister I loved, I’d protected…
...had been taken control by a heartless mannequin.
I raised my...

Kozoku: Chapter 24

Chapter 24: An Adventure Just Waiting For Me
Izzy’s Point Of View

I was on my way to find adventure..
Something Amazing
Something Exhilarating 
Something worth talking about for generations to come.
But instead I found myself in the back of an ambulance, fading in and out of consciousness, shivering violently because I’d plunged into the ice covered Lake Erie to save a young boy who’d fallen in. 
Here’s how it all started,
I was walking down one of probably thousands of the forests’ trails, still recapping on Yesterday’s explosion of events.
I thought bitterly about Jake and what he’d done..
What’d he said, still made my heart feel like it’d sunk to my stomach.
As I pondered this a woman came careening down the path I was on in the opposite direction, her eyes full of tears.
“Someone help my baby boy ! He’s going to drown if he doesn’t get help!” She screamed hysterically, she ran straight for...

Kozoku: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Fairytale Vision
Jake’s Point Of View
She was gone. 
I stared at the the long winding street she went down, hoping she would turn back, saying that she was sorry, and yes, she forgave me..
But nothing happened. 
I took a deep breath of the cool, fresh air hoping it would calm me, but instead it sent shivers down my spine. 
After a few more minutes of waiting, I decided to go inside.
I look down at the ring, the thing that was supposed to bring Izzy and and I closer together and throw it at the wall.
It only drew us further apart.
“Damnit!” I screamed, tears pouring down my cheeks. Why were things so hard complicated now? Why couldn’t they just be...simple…
Like those Disney movies, y’know where everything is just...perfect?
“Hey, Jake-man..” I hear Mikey call.
I quickly wipe the tears, from my eyes and call back.
“Yeah, Mike?” I plaster a...

Kozoku: Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Confessions and Departure

I look at Jake in shock..I freeze for a moment before finally saying;
“Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” I exclaim.
“Great..” He smiles even wider and sits up. Seemingly fine..
He wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me in for a long kiss. 
He picks me up and carries me to the bed where we continue our little make-out session. 
Then something clicks.
If he’s so deathly ill, how did he manage to carry me? He should be pretty weak and tired if he was that sick..
I quickly push away, disgusted by what he had done; the whole illness was a joke. A joke.
“Baby..why’d you do that? It was just getting good!” He gives me puppy eyes, annoyed at me for breaking the kiss off
“You liar! You tricked me into thinking you were sick, practically dying just so you could propose?!” I screech. 
“Baby, woah..calm down..” He...



~“Seren” comes from the Greek root ‘serenus’ which means calm, peaceful
- I used ’monium’ because it was a piece of the word pandemonium which means wild and noisy uproar 
Used in a sentence: “She felt like she was stuck in a state of Serenmonium” Or Serenmonium filled the streets as he walked by..he couldn’t hear it but he could feel it

Kozoku: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Serious Engagement 
“Auntie Izzy! Make the storm go away!” Lucy cries. She hides her head in my sweater and whimpers. I hold her close to my chest, trying to get her to calm down. 
“It’s alright, Lucy. It’ll be over soon.” I say softly, wiping her tears with my sweater sleeve. 
“Baby, do we have any aspirin? I'm not feelin’ all that great..”Jake croaks from behind me. I whirl around to see my lover, pale and sweaty.
“You look terrible! Do you have a fever? Have you taken your temperature ?” I ask, worried.
He shakes his head and waves me off. “It’s just a cold, I can handle it..” 
“Hold on..” I run to the bathroom and rummage through the medicine cabinet until I find a thermometer. It takes a few minutes but I finally do. I rush back to Jake and Sorder him to open his mouth. 
“No, Babe..I-I’m fine, really..” He tries to put me...

Kozoku: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: (Not-So) “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This..”

It’s pitch black..I can’t see anything. Perfect. 
“Hello?” I call, my voice echos like a cacophony, over and over.
“Mama?” Comes a small voice from behind me. I whirl around to see a young boy no more than four years old. He has curly light brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. 
I realize he’s Anthony if he had lived past infancy. I begin to feel nauseous.
“Mama?” He calls again 
“Baby, I’m here..” I call out, I try to run to him but I’m yanked back. I look down to see that I’m chained to the ground by my wrists. I struggle, trying to free myself but to no avail. 
Anthony comes a bit closer, tears in his eyes he outstretched his arms to me.
“Mama, help me! The monster is coming to get me!” He cries.
“What monster, Tony?” I try to calm him down. 
“The one that got...

Kozoku: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Swim or Sink

A few weeks later
I slowly open my eyes, being blinded by only the few tiny beacons of golden sunshine peek through the lace curtains in our room. Jake as usual is already awake. I throw back the covers and hop out of bed, rubbing my swelling stomach. It’s only been about five months, so I haven’t grown very much. I suddenly feel a sharp pain hit my stomach with such force, I can’t help but scream. I hear the clatter of heels and work boots come clomping down the hall to me. Jake opens the door and runs in his eyes wide with shock. He kneels over to help me.
“Izzy, babe! Ohmigod..Ohmigod..” He begins to freak out, which doesn’t make the situation any better.
“I think she’s having a miscarriage!” Chanel screams, starting to qfreak out as well.
I begin to hyperventilate, getting nervous myself.  Chanel rushes over and starts to rub my...

Kozoku: Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Just A Toy

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning,  and I’m leaned over the toilet bowl, vomiting. For the third time that night. Jake is behind me, holding back my hair and rubbing my back. 
I cough up the last of it and wipe my mouth with a napkin. I turn to Jake, tears in my eyes. He holds me close to him, stroking my hair, like he always does to calm me down.
“Go to sleep..I can handle myself..” I mumble.
“No, Princess. I’m going to stay here. With you.” He smiles.
I pull him down to my level to give him a soft kiss. 
He presses his hands to my bump and smiles.
“Just a few more months until she’s here,” he grinned, his eyes sparkling.
“She’ll be your ‘princess’..” I say.
“Well, if she’s going to be my princess, then you’re my queen.” He picks me up bridal style and twirls me around. I laugh,...

Analyzing The American Dream

Through my fourteen years of life, I’ve heard a lot about what the “American Dream” is. All of us who know of it get the basic stereotypical dea of what The American Dream; a immigrant from some kind of povertized a area of the world comes to America with high hopes of “gold paved streets” and “diamond-encrusted roads”. Naturally, the immigrant’s hopes are crushed when they see that a “magical wonderland” like New York City isn’t even half of what they dreamed. They are spiraled down into more poverty than what they came to America with. Then eventually the immigrant sees the light at the end of the them the life they always wanted. 
It’s a pretty generic idea, right?
It’s obviously a story that we hear a lot, whether it’s in literature or media or movies. But have you ever heard a story in which someone was living the American Dream from the moment they were born?

Kozoku: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: An Unexpected Visitor
I look at Donnie in shock. This can’t be happening..
“Izzy, this is great! Another baby..” Jack smiles at me, his tears masked by the news
I turn away so he can’t see my tears, which were flowing profusely down my cheeks.
“Jack..” I whisper, my voice cracking slightly “please...leave..I-I’ll talk to you later.”
“Alright, then..” he gets up, the legs of his chair screeching as he pushes it back.
I can’t look at him, it’s unbearable.
The door squeaks shut leaving me alone.
I flop back against my pillow, still in shock. The pain begins to come back. I ignore it. 
I rest a hand on my stomach, and begin to sob.
It’s not that I’m not happy..a baby is a wonderful thing to bring into the world. 
But not right after you’ve lost your firstborn child.
I fall asleep, tears still flowing down my face..
“Hey, Princess…” a deep voice comes from the...

Kozoku: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Cry Me A River

I wake up in the morning, curled up on my side. I force my eyes open, immediately feeling pain shoot through my body. I whimper just a little, not wanting to make a lot of noise. I feel a hand on my back lift up my shirt just a bit, and inject something near my spine. I let out a yelp, startled by the sudden prick.
“Oops, sorry..I didn’t think that you were awake,” Donnie says apologetically
“It’s okay,” I say in a whisper. I still stay curled up on my side, I don’t want to see anyone after what happened last night.
“There’s someone here to see you, a guy named Jack and his boyfriend,” he says before going back to his workbench to do some tests..on Well, whatever he does?
“Jack?” I suddenly sit up, ignoring the dull pain in my rib cage. How could he have possibly known I was here?...

Kozoku: Chapter 15 (Prologue)

“Izzy..I’m sorry…I did everything I could..I’m sorry” his hands are covered with blood. He looks up at me with anguish-struck eyes
My head begins to spin, I back away from him, disgusted beyond repair.
I stumble, away, breaking into a shaky run, tears filling my eyes
“, don’t do don’t have to…” Leo’s voice comes barreling at me, but I wave it away like an meek little fly..
I need to get away, away from it all..
I run into the streets, the cold air, filling my lungs.
The sting of the cold is painful, but anything is better than the sorrow that drowns my soul.
My vision is blurred as I make my way up a fire escape
My mind whirring with voices, luring me to the top:
C’mon can do it..
This is the only way you can get rid of your pain- forever..
I let these voices take me away to my fate..
I slowly...

Kozoku: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: “The name’s Jack..Jack Kelly..”

It had been a few weeks since Jake had left..
I feel hollow and empty..nothing has feeling anymore.
I’ve been trying to keep going, for everyone else and the baby.. 
But it’s hard
Very hard.

“Hey, you want to go out into the woods and get firewood with me?” Mikey asks me one morning.
I hesitate for a moment. I don’t want to go, but it would be a good idea.
“C’mon,it would be good for you..” He says, a whine creeping into his tone. He gives me his best puppy eyes. 
I give a small smile
“ would be good for the baby as well..” I give a little giggle.
“Cool, you should go get dressed..” Mike gives me a his signature grin before running out the door.
I go upstairs to change. I sift through my closet looking for something to wear that I hadn’t already worn three times in the...

DogTags: A WWII Ghost Story (Chapter 2)

Chapter Two: Shattered Glass

I looked at the ghost in utter shock, did he just say what I thought he said?
“That old dude— is your dad?” I sputter.
I glance at the picture, then back at the ghost, who glares at me.
“Is that any way to respect your elders, young lady?” He smirks and puts his hands on his hips.
I sigh, annoyed. I realize it’s going to take a lot more than just a simple question to get a ghost talking, especially a cocky one.
“Look, Doughboy-” I start
“Eddie, the name’s Eddie..” He says sharply.
I look at him, a little startled but it goes away quickly. I start again
“Okay, Eddie..Let me ask you a few questions if you don’t mind..”
Eddie crosses his leg over the other and straightens his back so he’s sitting almost like an aristocratic woman.
An awkward silence fills the air between us, my mind racing for a question to...

Ten Words to You

My Home

Home..Is where the heart is

Jesse (Chapter One)

Chapter 1: A Death Sentence

“Jesse Arthur McKinley, you get in that barn right now, young man!” 

I was snapped out of my daydream, almost falling from my branch in the peach tree that grew near our farmhouse. I looked down below to see Mama, hands on her hips, glaring back up at me, her blue eyes crackling and blazing.
Oh, boy. I was in for a treat.

“Jesse! Come on now, those cows won’t milk themselves, will they?” She said in a sharp clipped voice.
“No, Ma..” I tried to be polite as possible, she was my Ma after all. 
“Good,” a hint of a smile played on her lips, but it had gone the second it came.
I gave a sigh, and climbed down the tree’s trunk, careful not to snag my overall on any of its sharp bristles. I hit the soft grassy earth with a hard thump, hopefully displaying to Ma my displeasure of having to...

Five Reasons Why John Laurens Should Have His Own Musical


1. We know now that John Laurens was gay, so why not write a musical about a closeted gay man in the 1700s? (Might I Add he had a WIFE and DAUGHTER back home, some pretty dramatic things if you think about it)

2. Laurens was STRONGLY against the prospects of slavery in the United States, and after the war wanted to help in the abolishment of it.
Unfortunately, that never happened; he died young at the age of only 28

3. Laurens’ fascinatination (But blown way out of context by the *cough* Hamilton fandom) with turtles! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a song in which John just fangirls over Turtles?! C’mon you guys, you can’t say no to this.

4. Lams. 

5. Anthony Ramos.

B r o k e n : A HamilPoem

A word that shreds my ears each time I hear it.
I suppose I should’ve created some kind of resilience towards it.
But to no avail
Everything shattered after Phillip died..
My son..a lone angel up there..
How I wish I could've done something to stop it..
But the demons of my work took me captive and turned me into an automaton..
I closed myself off from the ones that I loved most and pushed them further away than I already had.

My dearest Betsey..
I wish I could say I knew how she felt..
But I am not her
I will never be one to match my Eliza.
Her disguise as a meek little mouse, on the inside reveals her real self as a resilient lioness.

I was angry at her when Phillip first died..
I thought she was being weak, closing herself off from all of the world
But now I know
I am the weak one


Kozoku: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Pompeii 
2 months later

His scream pierces my ears, I groan and force my eyes open.
I throw back my covers and stumble out of bed.
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I mumble.
I make my way over to the crib in corner, and pick Anthony up.
His face is bright red, tears stream down his face.
I try bouncing him gently in my arms, willing him to quiet down.
“Come on honey, quiet down for Mommy..please.” I whisper, getting increasingly worried
“Isabella, darlin’, what’s the problem?” Jake rolls over in bed to face me, his hair tousled, his eyes glassed over with drowsiness.
“If you weren’t so ignorant you could see that I’m trying to calm the baby down!” I hiss. 
“Every single night..” He sighs as he lumbers out of bed to join me.
“Jake, he’s only two months old, what do you expect from him?!” I scream, the demons that are fatigue and tiredness overtaking me. ...

DogTags: A WWll Ghost Story (Chapter 1)

used to think of Veteran’s Day Weekend as just an extra day to the weekend, but after what happened to me, I’ll never look at it the same way again.

Call me crazy, but let me explain something to you;
When my parents decided to move from the city of Piccane to the suburban town of Clover Ridge never thought that it would be a house that's almost half a century old, smells of mothballs, and has some old dude’s obituary hanging on a wall in the garage.
Yeah, you read that last part right.
Apparently, this dude, Jack Riccardi was a war veteran, not to mention an ambassador to the Italian American Charitable Society. 
Talk about “decorated,” Jeez.
I'd never really thought much of that picture on the wall when I was a little kid
It was just...there..y’know?
None of the crazy weird stuff happened until I turned fourteen this year.
I was sound asleep, when I was woken...

Kozoku: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Special Delivery (Pt. III)
“Come on, Izzy, push..” Leo instructs.
Sweat plasters my hair to my forehead as I moan in pain. I didn’t think I would go into labor so early, so giving birth in a sweetgrass patch is my only option.
Just to put it out there: not the best option out there, by far,
Mikey squeezes my hand, worry creasing his forehead.  
“Izzy..I know it hurts but-“ he says gently
“You don’t know how much it hurts, Mike..” I whimper,tears filling my eyes 
He strokes my hair and smiles.”It’ll all be over soon”
“Yes, if you push,” Leo says, obviously getting irritated.
I give another push, the pain more intense than before.
“I know you can do better than that, Izzy,” Leo challenges
“Leo, she’s giving birth to a baby! This isn’t a competition, you know..” Mikey retorts
“Okay, Mr. I-Know-Everything-About-Childbirth, why don’t you take a crack at actually delivering a living human ?”...

Kozoku: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Special Delivery (Part ll)
Leo’s Point Of View

I could see the sadness in Isabella’s eyes when she was about to walk off. I just couldn’t face her. It hurt me to see her come all this way, especially when she was pregnant.
Sure, I may have been angry at first, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her.
I was just afraid for her, I mean, what if something had gone wrong with her pregnancy?
Or she had a miscarriage, or the baby was a stillborn..or..
I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I love her so much.
I don’t want to see anything happen to her.
But we’ve got a baby to deliver, and that can’t wait, can it?
I’m running through the forest, phone in hand.
I have to get in touch with my brothers, I have to. 
I may be the leader in the family, but that doesn’t mean I’m prepared to help...

Kozoku: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Special Delivery (Part I)

It’s been several months since telling everyone the news. I’m due in a few weeks time.
Leo couldn’t stand the news, so a few days later he left the farmhouse and retreated to the woods to “find himself”. 
It hurts to know that he hasn’t been there. But I guess I would be the same way if I were him, feeling the pressure of the whole world on his shoulders. He doesn’t feel like he can take the weight anymore; so his only choice was to run.
I’m worried that if we don’t rekindle our relationship now..
Our ties will be severed for good.

So I’ve decided to head out to find him, to try and patch up what’s happened.
“Honey, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you’re due so soon..” Jake tries to reason with me, but not even he can change my mind.
“Jake, I need to go...

Kozoku: Chapter 9

Chapter 9:Baby-On-Board
It’s been a few days since I’ve told Jake the news. 
His face was the highlight of telling him, he’s absolutely over the moon about it.
“Really?” He puts his hand on my slightly swollen stomach. His eyes light up brighter than the North Star in Peter Pan 
“Really.” I blush. 
“Honey, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“I wanted to keep it a surprise. When you suggested that we go for a walk, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you..”
He smiles so wide I’m afraid his grin will split in two.  “Princess, I’m so happy! You can’t even..”
I smile back. “ I can’t wait to tell everyone else..”
My smile fades away
Everyone else..
“Oh, God..I-I completely forgot about..” I stutter.
I push away from Jake, trying to catch my breath. How could I have have been so blind? 
What will they think?
How will they react?
My mind is whirling...

Kozoku: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Love in The Forest (And a little surprise )

The few weeks we spent at that farmhouse were some of the best of my life.
Now, you should know by now that my life isn’t perfect..
So something’s bound to go wrong, one way or another

It all started off like a normal day, y’know?
A little bit of training, a little bit of housework (*insert a sarcastic “Yay”*)
And a little bit of shredding on my guitar
The usual.
I was in the barn, practicing a piece I was having a hard time with.
 I may be a good guitarist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to practice.
EyesAnyways, while I was practicing, Jake walks in, his eyes bright and alert.
He walks over to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind.
“Hey, princess.” He mumbles into my hair.
I feel myself blush a little. He’s so cute like that
“Hey, Jakey..” I laugh.


The sound of breaking glass
A shriek
Muffled sounds of sobs
Guilt makes everything foggy
The worry if anything will ever be the same again
My family may be damaged..

But not beyond repair...

Kozoku: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Birthday Blues (Well, not really)
I wake up, my head pounding like hell.

“Hey, baby girl..” Jake’s voice fades in and out.
“Jake..” I whisper, forcing my eyes open.
“How are you feeling? You’re banged up pretty bad..”
Just then, the pain starts to set in, everything burns and aches and stings at the same time.
“I’m fine..w-where are we?” I wince a little, it takes all of my power not to cry out.
“April’s family’s farmhouse..”
That’s when I realize I’m in a bed, covered with crisp, clean white sheets. The small bedroom, with its peeling mint green paint and splintering floorboards, tells me that this house is probably ages old. 
“J-Jake..why are we all the way upstate?” 
“ don’t remember anything?”
“N-no...I don’t..why? Is everyone okay?” Waves of worry crash against my head.
Then I remember.
“Leo!” I sit up boltright, ignoring the sharp pain.
I throw back my covers, and gasp.
Thick Ace Bandages are...

Kozoku: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Rejuvenation 
It’s been a few days after that huge blowup with Leo..
I haven’t spoken to him since..
I feel hollowed out, empty.
I’ve cried myself bone-dry.
This might seem like I’m blowing things out of proportion, but..
I don’t know..

I think about this as I walk into the living room, where Leo and Mikey are watching TV.
Well, isn’t this just wonderful.
Mikey notices me out of the corner of his eye.
“Hey, Iz. What’s up?” He says, mouth filled with chips.
“Nothing much..” I try to smile a little, for him.
He flicks a quick glance at Leo then back at me.
He pulls me into his lap, like he used to when I was younger.
“Comfy?” He asks
I give a slight nod, trying to focus on the screen, the bright colors mixing together.
“Izzy, are you alright? You’ve kinda been..quiet?” Comes Mikey’s voice after a bit.
“Oh, I’m fine, just dandy..” I sarcastically...

Kozoku: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Leo’s Song

“Izzy, wait..” I call after my little sister, willing her to come back.
She doesn’t listen, the door slams hard behind her.
“Why are girls so complicated?” I groan and bury my head in my hands.
“Leo! What the shell was that?!” 
My head snaps back up, Mikey glares at me, his innocent baby blue eyes have gone cold and icy. His eyes bore a hole right through my heart.
“I..I..don’t know..” I look away, trying to escape his stare.
“Didn’t you see how upset she was? She was crying, Leo..crying..”
“I know! I know!” I slam my fists down on the granite countertop.
Mikey exits the room briskly, leaving me alone.
He turns around one last time
“I’m going to go comfort my sister, if you’ll excuse me.”
I bang my head against the wall.
Great job, Leonardo..awesome job.
“Leo? What the heck is going on? Mike just ran into Izzy’s room with comics and...

Kozoku: Chapter 4

After being with Jake for six months , my whole world flipped upside down.
Jake had become very territorial of me, which I think may have had something to do with him beginning to train under Leo’s guidance.
I should've known it was a bad idea from the start.
I love Leo, but sometimes he can go a bit overboard with the whole “fearless leader” concept.
As I was walking by the dojo on this fateful “life-changing” day I heard Leo say:
“Let me ask you something, Jake; do you love my little sister?”
“Yes, with all of my heart. She's everything to me.”
I peek behind the dojo doors, listening in.
Jake is kneeling at Leo’s feet, his head bowed, curls falling into his eyes.
Leo has his hands on his hips like a disapproving mother, his cobalt blue eyes narrowed.
“Oh really?”
“Really. I would never do anything to hurt her.”
“Then how do you explain what I...

Kozoku: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Encounter
“Dudes, we're back,” Mikey hollers once we get to the lair.
Jake and I are red faced and panting once we finally catch up to him. 
“How come you didn't tell me anything, I mean, you were adopted by ninjas and your a ninja yourself? I mean, I know it's a stupid question...” Jake says, sounding slightly hurt.
“Jake, I was worried about how you would react..but I never thought you would find out like this..”
“Neither did I..”
I laugh, he's so cute like that..
“Izzy! Jake! What are you waiting for?” Mikey says, eyeing us.
“Oh..nothing.” I say blushing slightly

We head inside and awkward silence between us.
“Woah..” Jake breathes taking in the world around him. His eyes twinkle a bit
“This must be Dude Heaven for you,” I giggle
“It must be, since I'm standing right next to an angel.” He smirks at me, waiting for a response.
I feel my face...

Kazoku: Chapter 2

Kozoku: A TMNT 
Chapter 2: Suspicions 

“Guys! Leo and Donnie are hurt really bad!” Mikey runs in, his baby blue eyes filled with fear.
I put down the book I'm reading.
“What? How?” 
“They were attacked by a few Foot Ninjas they didn't see coming!” He says panicked.
Just then, Leo and Donnie stumble in, bloodied and bruised like no tomorrow.
“Omigosh!” I take Leo by the arm and lead him over to the couch.
“I-I'm fine, little sister, just--ow!” He clutches his shoulder, his face contorted in pain.
“No you're not, Leo, let Raph bandage you and Donnie up..” I say, smiling a little.
He thinks he can fool me by putting on “The Fearless Leader” mask, but he knows I know when something is wrong.
After Donnie and Leo are patched up, Leo looks up at from where he's laying on the couch.
“Guys, I think it's time we let Isabella go on night patrol with us.”

The Silent Firebrand: Chapter 4

The Silent Firebrand
Chapter 4: Honesty
I walk out of the courthouse, feeling like more of the crushing weight of guilt had been put onto my shoulders. The most terrifying part of that court sentencing wasn't being called up as a witness, or hearing the sentence the judge gave Philip,
"Phillip James Hamilton, for having alcohol possession under the age of twenty-one, and physically assaulting a minor, who is a family member, I hereby sentence you to six months jail time, three months probation."  The judge said in his loud, booming voice.
It was the bang of the gavel, loud and sharp.
The sound that sealed Phillip's fate.
I looked over at Phillip to see his reaction.
The look on his face is something I will never forget. 
His face is buried in his hands, his body heaving..
Is he..
He looks up. 
His eyes have gone from a bright green to a dull grey.
The whites of his...

Kazoku-A TMNT Story (Chapter 1)

Kazoku means "Family" in Japanese. 
But what does family really mean?

Well, I'm pretty sure in the day and age we live in, Family can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

To me, it means kicking evil's butt.

My name is Isabella Collins Hamato and this is my story--
"Hey! Izzy! Get in the dojo right now..." my older brother Leo screams at me.
"I'm coming, just give me two seconds!" I call back. 
I put my guitar back on its stand,grab my tessen *, and run into the dojo and sit down next to Mikey, my other brother.
"You're late..Sensei's gonna kill you.." he whispered. 
"I know..."
"What in the world were you doing?" His baby blue eyes go wide with curiosity.
"Just, um...writing a song..?"
"Michaelangelo, stop talking to your sister and pay attention.!" Sensei says.
I'm a little startled by his presecence, but he's practically a God when it comes to...


“C’mon, Evan it's time to get up, or else you're gonna be late for school,”
Evan moaned and rolled over in bed, annoyed by his mother’s cheerful tone on the the day he'd been dreading the whole summer 
“Can I please have five more minutes, Mom?” He mumbled from under the covers.
He heard her sigh. “Alright, just this once.”
The door closed with a slight squeak. Evan sighed with relief he crawled out from under the covers. He ran a hand through his light brown hair and flopped back against his pillow.
Just like any other kid, he'd hated the first day with a passion. 
But Evan hated it on a much higher level. 
He hated being around all of his classmates and teachers, feeling like he was silently being judged by all of them, all at once.
It was nerve wracking for him. 
That's probably why he didn't have any friends.
The closest thing he'd ever had to...

The Silent Firebrand: Chapter 3

The Silent Firebrand
Chapter 3: Saviors

“Iz, can you hear us..?” 
“Maybe she's dead..”
“She's breathing, dummy..”

I open my eyes, groaning. A bright light flashing in my eyes
“P-please don't..hurt me..I'm begging you, please.” I whisper
“Iz, honey. It's Frances, James, and Georges.” Says the voice, who I can finally recognize as Frances’.
Frances Laurens, James Mulligan and Georges Lafayette are my best friends. We've been together since we could crawl, practically. Our fathers became best friends when they were put in the same squadron during the war in Afghanistan. 

The rest is history.

“Frances,” I croak, managing a tiny smile. I blush a little. I've always liked Frances as something more than a friend.
“Iz..” she kneels beside me, her curly blonde locks falling into her clear blue eyes.
 God, she's beautiful..

“Who did this to you?” Comes James’ gruff voice. 
I feel my eyes fill with tears as I remember everything that happened only a little...

The Silent Firebrand: Chapter 2

The Silent Firebrand

Chapter 2: Consequences 

I run downstairs, still in tears. I cradle the shreds of my notebook, as if it were a fragile baby bird; one false move and it will shatter for good. 
“Mom! Dad!” I call, my voice still shaky.
“Yes?” I hear Dad call back, a bit startled by my voice.
“Dad!” I run into his study where he's sitting at his laptop, his face illuminated by the glow of the screen. His desk is covered in papers like mine but his is a heck of a lot messier.

I gently place the scraps on a cleared space on the desk.
Dad suddenly looks up, a lock of hair from his messy raven black bun falling out of place. He looks down at the scraps, then back up at me.
“Darling, what is it that I'm looking at, exactly?” He says it gently, as if I'm a patient in a mental hospital.
“Well, that before...

The Silent Firebrand: Chapter 1

"Dangit, Isabella! Why can't you talk for yourself like I can?!" My brother Phillip roars, his green eyes blazing. His hair, which is always neatly kept , is messy and unkempt. 

I back away, shaking. My hazel eyes can't meet his. My wavy brown hair falls into my eyes. 

"I-I'm not like you, Phillip. I'm different."  I manage to whisper. I clutch my notebook to my chest. My notebook is my safe haven. A place where I can feel myself, where I can sink in. I've created my own universe. A place where I can actually control what happens.

"Of course you're different, we're all different! But you're a Hamilton! You have a reputation to withhold" He screams. He slams the old dented mahogany desk in the corner of my room, it it covered in piles and piles of loose leaf papers. 

"Just because I'm a Hamilton doesn't mean I have to live up to everyone's standards. I'm only a...

Living in Music


Let's start at the very beginning..

When I was born, I was barely alive. The doctors gave my parents little chance that I would be able to walk or talk. I would never have a normal life. My parents called this time of their lives "the dark ages" and I don't blame them. 
" I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. 
When's it gonna get me? in my sleep, seven feet ahead of me..."

Thankfully, my brother and I can walk and talk just like any other kid, but I was the luckier one. I only have a mild leg disability while my twin brother faces life without perefrial vision, which makes his life so much harder.
We were considered miracle children to all of Colombia but to our quaint town of Wellesley Massachusetts we were considered part of a circus freak show.
I remember one time a few years ago while I was still in...

Two Hundred Years Ago


All I can say is that my town used to be a helluva lot smaller during the 1800s.
Everybody knows in small town, rumors go around fast. But that doesn't really make a difference because in my school rumors about "who's going with who" and "did you see what she was wearing?!"spread even quicker than a poison ivy rash on a hot day. The vivid thing I can really imagine is the thought of the Town Square which would probably be filled with many little shops, just as it is now. The road would always have carriages racing down the street filled with rich passengers worried that they are going to be late for tea at a friends' house. On the field where the church is now, there would be many vendors setting up their stands for the market day, in the area where my school is there would probably only be a one room school house, with kids rushing from...

The Two Untouchables: Vol. 1


                                          CHAPTER ONE : AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP IS FORMED
“RUN, ZINNIA! RUN! DON’T LET-- them… get to---you..” All Zinnia could hear was high pitched scream of her brother Ren, before he was attacked-- and killed by the Insiders. Her bare feet were blistered and sore from running for such a long time, her hair, long and dark was tangled and matted. Her blue eyes were red and from puffy crying. Her frock was torn from getting snagged on the vines of the rainforest. Fatigued with sorrow, Zinnia stopped at a mango tree to think about what had happened just moments ago. Why had it had to have been her brother to die? Why not her? As Zinnia was pondering upon this, she heard a earsplitting shriek. Then the sound of a laser gun....

The Two Untouchables: Vol. 1


“RUN, ZINNIA! RUN! DON’T LET-- them… get to---you..” All Zinnia could hear was high pitched scream of her brother Ren, before he was attacked-- and killed by the Insiders. Her bare feet were blistered and sore from running for such a long time, her hair, long and dark was tangled and matted. Her blue eyes were red and from puffy crying. Her frock was torn from getting snagged on the vines of the rainforest. Fatigued with sorrow, Zinnia stopped at a mango tree to think about what had happened just moments ago. Why had it had to have been her brother to die? Why not her? As Zinnia was pondering upon this, she heard a earsplitting shriek. Then the sound of a laser gun. Zinnia jumped up, her  what if it was a bat creature, hungry for the flesh of humans? Or maybe it was just a squadron of Insider soldiers, patrolling the land ....

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