Published Work

A Chance Taxi Ride

Taxi Man

"One, two, three. One, two, three. You can do this. I either do this, or I lose my job." I grumble nodding to myself. Chanting the words my therapist and boss had planted in my head. My shaking hands and lead feet scream that I can't. Even my voice dies three times before I manage to stop a cab. . . by standing right in front of it. It screeches to a stop, the driver cursing at me, I slide in and hand him my fare. Goosebumps rising as I do so. "A-airport. . ." no, my voice won't do at all. I cough clearing my throat while putting a hand over my beating chest. "Airport, please." I ask in a more assertive tone. Growing more and more angry with myself, I fold one hand over the other to try to make it stop shaking. Gripping until my fingers are red and my knuckles are white, I begin chewing the...

Life Through A Window

Ungrateful Beauty

Every morning, the sun streams from my window, hitting my tired eyes. The glow is so beautiful, it looks like the gates of heaven itself. A doorway into a world that is incredibly unknown to the likes of me. The attic is cold and musty, dust collecting in my lungs. I don't care, not if it means a cool windowpane is staring back at me. In my dreams, I am able to walk through it and into the real world, I am able to become the small ants of people hurrying about from the ground. Licking my dry lips, I press my hand against the window. The glass does not bend to my will morphing my body into something that it's not, so this isn't a dream. Oh, how I wish it was. Looking down across the street, I see the first person to come step into the day. Adjusting his tie to the cool spring morning, ready to face...

Imperialism in the Congo

King Leopold Essay

Prompt: In his book, King Leopold’s Ghost, Adam Hochschild describes the brutal plunder of the Congo by the Belgian King Leopold II. Hochschild brings to life the horrors of Imperialism and this specific time period through a careful depiction of historical figures and events. Hochschild relates the story of the author Joseph Conrad who went to the Congo and “was so horrified by the greed and brutality among white men he saw [there] that his view of human nature was permanently changed.”

As you know, Conrad went on to write one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century Heart of Darkness. After closely reading Hochschild’s account and the excerpt from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, notice the ways Conrad’s view changed.

Question: How is this true of other individuals about whom Hochschild writes? In what way has this book affected your own view of human nature?

Steps to take, what to do: 1. Read Conrad's Heart of Darkness- pay attention...