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Published Work

in the Darkness

who am I without it
the darkness and emotion
overwhelming me with every punch and hit
they say it'll go away
I keep working 
day after day
to chase these demons I'm bonded to
everyone has bad days, sure
but for me, they're one and the same, through and through
I try to put it away, to push my thoughts down
but the more they seem to leave, the more I seem to drown
in this senseless noise, this background static
I can't think of the past,
or the yellowing pictures in the attic 
it's too painful,
it reminds me too much of who I was
before this. 
before the Dark. 
before the Shadows. 
before You.  

the Things you cannot see

There are pieces of you that you cannot see
The way your eyes glint with the reflection of the sun
and the way your voice catches
like silk fabric on a sewing needle
when you’re about to cry
As an outsider,
I observe.
I see the way your gestures become
vague, energetic
when you talk about something you’re interested in.
I can feel the heat of your empathy
when you ask me
“Are you really okay?”
These are the things you cannot see
I spend my time observing, not interacting
a fly in the wall.
In this game we call life
I see it all
The way your hands fidget in your lap when you are anxious,
the way you hope that I notice when your put extra effort into your hairstyle,
the way you look at me as if I’m the brightest light in a sky full of stars.
I notice.
to you I am Jane Doe,
the average...

how to stand up to Society

My culture is who I am
And who I am has changed so much
When I was a kid, in the 2010s,
What you would hear on the radio were songs about love and dreams
Political affairs were courteous and fair
We could play ball outside without our mothers having to worry
We found safety within our schools and churches
Social media did not invert our view of people
As I got older I learned,
Society can never go back to the way it was
We aren’t truly safe in school
Politics aren’t truly fair
And now everything I say offends someone
Anxiety and depression rates are high
But who would I be if I let that be
The thing that defined me?
Just because things aren’t top notch these days
Just because we’re stressed out due to school
Even though we are pressured to be
A good educated adult?
We can’t let these fears define us
We have to...

The Party of Life

Life is a party,
to which I was handed an invitation
but I'm the wallflower at this party
relying on someone else
avoiding getting involved or attached.
staying alone, 
hanging out
with just myself.
great party,
I'm so glad I came.

The Invisible City

In every mind's eye exists an invisible city
a place where our consciousness will go when faced with
adversity and chaos
Within this city,
we find the calm in the eye of the storm
like the break between crashing waves
or the time in between flashes of lightning.
Some call it a happy place
some call it a daydream
some even call it a childish fantasy
and many stop believing in the magic
and become adults
with cynical remarks and 
downtrodden expression
but my city
my beautiful shining city
will forever be my secret
my secret shelter
my secret protection
my secret home. 

Tiny Love Story

An Unconventional Love Story

I was so nervous. Mrs. Kristina, my church leader said I would make friends, there was a girl who served at church that would like to meet me. I served at a different campus, and never being one to make friends quickly, was nervous about moving to a new location. I walked in, and she introduced herself. 

"Hello, my name is Noelle."

Years later, this girl is my best friend. She'll stay up all night making me feel better, and we tell each other everything. This may not be a conventional love story, but it's mine. 

(I love you, Noelle!)

The Party of Life

Life is a party,
to which I was handed an invitation
but I'm the wallflower at this party
relying on someone else
avoiding getting involved or attached.
staying alone, 
hanging out
with just myself.
great party, I'm so glad I came

Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

After All This Time

Loch Ness, Scotland

    I jolt awake to a hand on my shoulder. I roll over and look at my clock. It's exactly 12:30. My father is by the side of my bed, and as I turn to look at him I ask, "Is it time now, Father?" He replied, "Yes lass, but be still, we canna' let your mother know where we're going." We crept slowly and quietly down the stairs and to the garage. Father loaded all of the equipment he owned for his studies into the car. I asked him why he chose tonight to go. He said, "They ridiculed me again, lass. I have to prove Nessie's existence, to prove them all wrong!" We arrived at the loch, and walked down to it's bank. I stood there looking out over the water, the moon reflecting in it's glassy surface. Father unloaded the cameras from the back of the truck, slowly as not to break...

Love in 13 Words

Love in 13 Words

The soft and warm feeling of love in your heart and on your mind.

“In January”

In January

In January
I wait for good news
hoping he will reply
but no
days, weeks pass
still waiting.


In the eye of a hurricane
Silence roars across the terrain
The mighty winds stop
Not a single raindrop
Can be heard in the eye of the storm

Soon the quiet is gone
The most dangerous earthly phenomenon
Danger does multiply
Buildings give their last goodbye
Trees bending around
Swaying like toothpicks, just stuck in the ground

Water pooling at my feet
Neighbors swimming down the street
People evacuating
I am just waiting

So think of your neighbors
Your family and friends as saviors
And band together
Act forever
With the togetherness you showed in the storm.