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Things I Pretend to Understand in 3 Parts

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

What is 3am but tap water and salt
and things we wish we had?
What is love but something that comes easy,
and often refuses to leave?
What is the sun but something that burns and belongs to all of us and no one?
What is rain but blood of the sky?
What is God but ashes and a pleading for something no one understands?
What is time but something to be spent alongside someone that makes you smile?
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My Favorite Color is Adaline

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2017

I know the colors of the grocery store like the back of my hand. The repetitive and infinitely cheerful music is a mix of dull greens and murky browns. The two cashiers, Georgie and Layla, are bright orange and a generic purple.
    My name is Andrew (red with hints of blue), and I have synesthesia. Every bit of music I hear has colors, as well as people or names and the occasional random word. For example, when I hear...

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