Emmy R

United States

High school senior who is passionate about writing

Published Work

Science Fiction Competition 2018

The Nuisance Demon

 “Place coffee beans on the edges of the pentagram.” My best friend, Richard, read from the book we had gotten at the yard sale.
    I did.
    “Chant ‘hype’ thirteen times.”
    I nodded, and began to chant.
    Smoke formed in the center of the pentagram and a tall figure, with flames instead of hair materialized. I assumed it was the demon, though for all the experience I had with all things demonic, it could just as easily be the soul of a pizza delivery man.
    “Can you let me out?”
     I looked around cautiously, “are you going to do my homework.”
    It paused, considering, “I can’t if I’m in here.”
    I sighed and kicked the silly string we had used to make the pentagram while Richard shook his head, made frantic hand motions, and squealed “No, No, No!”
    “That was a really bad move you know.” It said with a grin.
    Richard looked at me in horror and began to slip...

My December Competition 2017

Parade Season

  My shoulders burned from the effort of holding my trumpet above my head as I blasted what I remembered of the parade sequence.
     December for a band nerd means parade season, or, the time in which you should catch a quick illness just to escape.
     I glanced down my row: Rebekah marched next to me, looking as though she were about to faint; Kendra, the freshman, was looking at us in horror wondering why we came back every year when we had to keep doing this, Nolan had given up all semblance of proper marching and was blasting something that might have been the parade music or last year’s marching show; it was hard to tell the difference with all the missed notes. At the front of the line was Christopher, our section leader, who had developed biceps after years of athleticism and somehow had memorized the entire sequence. We shot him mixed glares of admiration and...

Novel Writing Competition 2017

The Vote

Dannyboy stood up, “I vote against the plan.”
No surprise there, he had been fighting against it for its entire creation.
Bob-ze-Bob stood up and glanced at Mari, trying to decide if he should vote the same way she had. 
He took a deep breath and did, voting against the plan. 
I stood at the head of the table barely able to contain my fear. It was a tie, four on one side and four on the other and Velma, of all people, was to be the tie breaker. I had no idea how she would choose.
She stood up from her chair and smiled, reveling in this newfound power, “So it appears that I am the deciding vote.” she glanced around the room taking in the face of every occupant. “Now, you both made very convincing arguments-”
I stopped listening. Velma was enjoying herself at the expense of my son. Get on with it Velma! I wanted to shout,...

Names for Nature


I discovered it several years ago when my sister and I were lost in the woods around our lake: a small stream running through the woods in an area that, now that i think back on it, was probably in my neighbor's yard. It was small and sandy, filled with small pebbles, dirt, and leaves.  I decided to stake my claim on it and call it Riverise, based on a heavenly location in one of my favorite book series because it was a pristine body of water. 

Writing Small

Small flame

I lit the match and watched it slide out of my fingers onto the counter.
I had worked hard here for seventeen years; they had the nerve to tell me to leave when I protested being passed over for promotion yet again?
I smiled; I would never leave this store.