Theresa Mays

United States

I am a very shy, but outgoing teenager. I write because I don't talk well to others. This is my outlet for my depression.

Message from Writer

I'm lonely and sad. I write through the pain. I'm one of those girls others say are insane. If you understand then please, tell me. I need a friend

Published Work


    It takes a strong person to admit their faults.  It takes infinitely more strength to show those faults.  How can we apologize for things when nobody can forgive us?  Even worse than that.  How can we apologize when we can't forgive ourselves?  
    Earlier this school year, I made a decision which has affected me every day since.  I hurt myself, and I lost the trust of my best friend.  Throughout the whole ordeal this girl was posting things about me on Facebook.  My best friend and I have since gotten back together.  I've since tried to apologize to this girl.  I am going to be dealing with her for the next two years.  We are all in a very small group of musical theater actors.  When we first started freshman year, we were all just like a big family.  Now the eight of us can't be left alone together.  I tried to talk to her after the...


Just To Say

0 is the number of times that I had the chance to tell you Goodbye.
1 is the number of times I stayed up all night with you..
2 is the number of songs we wrote together: me lyrics, and you melody..
3 is the number of times we met for every meal in a day..
4 is the number of times you stole my guitar..
5 is the number of times I fell asleep with my head on your shoulder...
6 is the number of times we kissed..
7 is the number of times I cried on your shoulder...
8 is the number of times you brought me fresh hot tea...
9 is the number of times you told me you loved me...
But the number of times I miss you, and that I wish we'd had more days together is infinite

His Truth (Who He Was) : Sequel to "The Truth Within His Eyes

When I was sixteen I auditioned for the Governor's School or The arts with five of my best friends.
As a vocalist, it's a huge stress to be singing in preparation for an audition as well as singing in classes.
When we got our letters, we all opened them together.  Out of the six of us, I was the only one who didn't get in.
I cried for weeks because I worked harder, and tried harder for that audition than anything ever before.

My parents saw how much it affected me, but they didn't know what to do.
They found me a flier for a christian music camp.
I went as a songwriter and lyricist, and that's when my life changed.
His name was Jackson.  He had deep brown eyes and a smile that would stop your heart.
And he was hurting, just like me.

I hear a voice call my name
Across the crowded cafeteria
I see my roommate...

The Truth Within His Eyes

The truth within his eyes
The pain he tries so desperately
To hide, himself away inside
A wall he's built, so thick and high

I find it harder now to breathe
Than when he was standing here with
Me, inside this world of
Hurt and pain so over full

For inside my mind I always
Find a secret special kind
Of serenade, and contemplate what
I was like before his eyes

For I myself now have to
Hide the love that I once felt
Inside, separated from the
Proof, of one who truly loved me too

For as the days grow long and
Brighter, I find suddenly that
My heart has grown lighter and
I find myself searching for him

In every single passing
Glance I find myself wishing for
Romance, and hoping to find the 
writer who stole my heart

A musician who plays and
Writes the universe who held
my hand as I cried and sang me

The Mountain of Dreams

The light gray sky is a backdrop for the fluffy snow floating down
The delicate flakes in their sheer blue complexity make my heart yearn for spring
The overcast sky brings back memories of my best friend
Whose favorite things were to dance in the rain
And sing to the sky
I just remembered the first time I truly left home
My best friends tears when we sang the song
The beautiful flurries of blue in the cloud dusted sky
I wish I could go home
I was always proud of my home
My lucky charm
A turtle necklace that sits in my guitar case
 From my best friend
Who always called me Turtle
I love when the light hits the mountains of home
And create their beautiful blue-tinged shadows
The mountains are my home

Open Prompt

Free Of Me

Free of the cursed ties that bind
Free of the chains that held me tight
I once seemed a slave
To the evil, their prey
But I’m free today
Free of eternal darkness of night
Free to bask in glorious light
I once was so weak
To the strong, the meek
But still I’m free
Free to sing my song of art
Free to love with all my heart
I once was a fool
To the wicked, a mule
But now I rule
I’m a slave no more
I’ve opened the door
No longer to be
In misery
Although I’m free
These cursed memories
Will always be
A part of me
And in the darkness of night,
Sometimes they still give me quite a fright
Inside I will always be
Afraid of who I used to be
I can never be at peace with me
Because of whom I...


Canon In Love Major

Who are you
My secret admirer
Well you’re not as secret
As you think
You talk to me
You torment me
But it’s obvious
To anyone who sees
I may not know your name
And you don’t know mine
But we go together like
Rhythm and time
Ebony, Ivory
Make up the keys
Of the piano we play
Just you and me
I’m teaching you
You’re teaching me
My little secret
I wish we could be
More than this
More than that
More than smiles
At each-other’s backs
Classical piano
Classical harp
We’re meant to be together
 And never apart
Listening, waiting
For our music to combine
Waiting for the day
You will finally be mine
Who are you
My secret admirer
Well just maybe I
Admire you


I hide behind a mask of music.
I'm the truth, the team that loses.
I am unconventional.
People just want sensational,
but just so you know.

The truth is everybody changes
Just remember what your name is
Someday you'll take the blame
The truth is everybody falls down
Just remember right here and now
Just be yourself and astound

My disguise: some words on paper
Sorry boys, but the truth doesn't taper
I am indisputable
Your stories are refutable
and you need to know that

Not everything you hear is true
Not everything you read is true
Not every person that you think you know
will tell you the truth
Not everything we think is true
Not everything we say is true

The words of the tongue
Should abide by these three gatekeepers:
It is true
It is kind
It is necessary

It is true
It is kind
It is necessary
It is necessary

The truth is everybody changes ...