Ethan Wasiejko

United States

Published Work

Dear Me

To Ethan, "When I Go Home."

Dear Ethan,
    Well, you've done it. Everything you have ever dreamed in this life time has happened, and now you can live in that dream! Nothing was easy, but nothing will ever be easy. You pushed through your life with love, glory, pride, and a warrior spirit. You never let a single thing stop you, and you completed everything that you needed to to make you happy. That's all that you have ever wanted in your life, to be happy.
    You went on a very powerful tour around the world, where you were able to spread your love with many. Your writing has been sung, read, and heard by billions upon billions of people. Every time you underestimated yourself, you grew stronger and made more art than you could imagine. This was the life time where you changed not only yourself, but the entire world. You made God's light shine radiantly throughout the entire Earth...and the...

Ripple Effect

Opposite Side

Karma is the ultimate killer. Staying positive, and being open-minded will save so many people from the terror karma can cause- believe me, I know. Keeping a negative mind set only allows people to focus on the negative piece of a situation. Little do they know that within every negative situation, there will always be a positive side of it. Finding it and embracing it is where the truth lies, and a new journey begins.

A piece of good news.

My Hope

To my beloved diary,

    I have to admit, if you knew me about two years ago, I’d seem like a psychopath compared to who I’ve become. Anxiety was the ultimate killer. It would eat away at me, to the point where I couldn’t even enjoy eating out at a restaurant. I would have to leave school due to the fact that I kept becoming physically ill- I was a basket case.
    But during my sixth grade year of school, I began my healing journey. I discovered the hidden hope that I had within my soul all along. I began a journey that allowed me to experience something I had never felt until very recently: peace. I finally found peace within myself that allowed me to feel free and open to accomplish anything that I never thought I could.
    Throughout my healing journey, I learned. I learned that the only real-world problems we have are caused by over thinking. We shouldn’t...

Why I Write

My Reason for My Passion

   I love imagining the unreal: or what is supposedly unreal. I believe firmly that writing (for me) is my way of making a world that I want to live in. I think it's incredibly important to make your own ideas and visit them often. The world we live in is a cruel, annoying, and stressful place and it is important to leave it and go into your own world often. It has helped me cope with anxiety, and allowed me to slow down and put things into perspective. Writing, and expressing my emotions on paper saved me from what could have been a life long journey of unnecessary chemical medication to help me cope. I'm glad I discovered one of my callings in life.
    I started doing my deepest writing last year, in 2014. I wrote about things I experienced, and really amplified them and put them into a unique percpective. I joined a witing club over...

Poetry Writing Competition 2015

Tattoo On My Heart

Ever since we first met,
I've been feeling this sharp pain in my chest.
I got an x-ray and it showed your name,
and now it seems, that you are the blame. 

You dipped your drill into the ink, and then you pressed it against my chest. 
As it slowly pierced my skin, I couldn't help but think:

You left a tattoo on my heart, and now part of me belongs to you.
You left a tattoo on my heart, and I'll never forget you.
The pain will go away soon, I know, but I'll never ever forget about the tattoo. 
And my promise to you, is that I'll never get it removed.