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Hi, my name is Diamond.
Nice to meet you! I try my best to show myself in the work that I do I only hope that for you it comes through.
Thank you.

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hey yall i think my time is coming to an end here but before i go I will probably be making a wattpad for anyone who would like to check that out.

Peer Reviews


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PROMPT: Into the Woods

maybe my critic was a bit unhelpful, but I will tell you what you did right. So the use of they over and over gives a dizzying effect and if you are going for a small tree in the middle of a maddening forest this works out just great. The only problem is that you need to use words people associate with a tree so that even if small they are like little happy surprises when somebody catches it. A play on words, use of color, use of texture, you never have to tell me it's a tree, but if you give little hints it will make your poem really spark.

almost 4 years



Overall the piece was really great, I think you could put more emotion into it with details, but I really enjoyed it!

almost 4 years

She Is Me


I hope I am of some help to you! Good luck on your writing journey!

almost 4 years

Lost in words

PROMPT: Songwriting Competition 2017

I enjoyed reading your lyrics and I hope it turns out to be exactly what you envision it to be!

almost 4 years