Nadia Kotova

United States

Hey guys!
Beverly Lewis books
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Louisa May Alcott
Perpetually happy
Most importantly: a child of the King
I love you!
Jesus loves you!
To God be the glory!

Message from Writer

When I was twelve, I started writing a story about wolves inclosed a fifty page mini-notebook with a blue sparkle cover. Now, I'm fifty typed pages into a fantasy novel that I started at fourteen and have revamped. Hopefully one day you'll see on bookstore shelves.
Never give up on your writing. Don't throw anything away, even if it stinks. The little snippets of nothing you started as a 10 year old can always be reworked into something wonderful. All good writers have journals of bad stuff. The good writers are the ones who kept writing anyway.
I almost threw away that first blue notebook. Now I have an abundance of journals and spirals filled to the brim. Don't give up. God gave you the desire to write for a reason!
I love you guys!