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United States

let life take u and rise above all
I am 13 now
''Difficult roads often lead u to beautiful destinations''

Message from Writer

i am a young writer. yes i might not have good grammar but to understand the writing is better

Published Work

Under the Maple tree

    There was a tree that stood in front of my house. It was a maple tree. I remember staring at it through my window wondering if it would ever fall. It was beautiful in Autumn. It had orange and red leaves. Sometimes I'll pick out a leaf and put it in my pocket for good luck. It's silly thinking about, but I mean it when I say it gives good luck. I received a hundred percent on my math test and I didn't even study. The next week  I ask my mama if I can take some of it sweet maple sap. My mama always told me "no" because it wasn't our tree. One day I was curious. There was a bucket collecting the sap as it dripped. I didn't know who kept it there or who even owned the tree. "Just one dip," I said to myself. I dipped my hand in the bucket of sap and placed it...

Last Hope

You said you were right behind me.
I turned to see nothing but my dark shadow. 
I called your name only to hear my own echo.
I looked around to know where I was.
I fell into a deep hole.
That's it. 
I wake up to the loud noise of bombs being thrown from the sky.
I was taken cover near a huge rock on the floor, stained with someones blood. 
I now remember where I was, I was in war. 
What I saw.
What I heard. 
Is something I will never forget. 
It was the most disturbing scene.
It came to a point I could not hear anything. 
Suddenly, someone then with huge arms pulled me. 
A man with a huge bread told me were outnumbered. 
I then noticed he was wounded.
There were no medics.
He then pull my face to  to look straight in his eyes.
He said "Your our last hope"  ...

Flash Fiction Competition 2017


"Help!" I screamed while salt water sealed my throat. I was in the middle of an abounded wide sea, left, castaway. I felt the urge to swim but amount of my body was heaving me down in a place I never knew I would been. Falling deeper and deeper. My eyes burned like fire under my sore lungs. Is this how I was going to die. In a horrendous, gruesome, and pitiful way. I have been going even deep that the surface was already out of sight. It felt like many chains were drawing me down. I was drowning.

The Song You Sang To Me

Hey Big Boy,
It's me Kate 
i know that you are up there, in the clear skies 
You served really well (chuckle)
I miss you (Crying)
i want u back 
But ever time i get lost i sing the song you always sing to me when I'm upset 

The Song you sang to me:
"There are so many reasons to be happy 
Happy mind
Happy life
Be happy and smile 
Cause I always be there 
We were born to be real not perfect 
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect 
Its means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections 

I rather be happy, happy 
I rather feel good, good, as long as i could, could 
cause i will always be there for you
Cause I will always love You 

Big Bro are you still there 
It's me, Kate 
Do u remember
Do remember that song Do you remember me 
i miss you 
but i will still sing the song you...


"As i walk through the shadow of death i fear no evil"
For i stand strong even when the waters are low 
shadows are wide awake 
"i fear no evil"
through mountains that crumb down 
when snow hits the ground 
"i fear no evil"
when demons come to kill
and i have my shield 
"i fear no evil"
when people from the dead rise
and darkness sets 
"i fear no evil"
when lighting strikes
and thunder roars
"i fear no evil"
when i stand on the peak of a hole
and fall down 
"i fear no evil"
because "As i walk through the shadow of death i fear no evil cause YOU are with me

Do You Love Me?

Me: Do u love me ?
should i trust u ?
Should i stay?
Him: yes 
Me: Then why do u bite me 
then why do u hit me 
fight me
hurt me 
 scars that can never be recovered
then why do I cry when u yell at me
scream at me
slap me
shoot me in the heart
then why do u flirt with other women
break me 
lose me
broke me
so do u love me
Him;(Crying) Yes, I love U 
Me: How 
Him: I never left u, not now not ever 
Do u Love Me ?

The Light We Can Not See

Flowers bloom
the sun rises
to the  sky 
where none can reach
as i walk, children play 
teens love
sky is blue 
Stars are unseen 
not until night
when darkness falls
i go deep deep into the black hole
for gold shines but none to see 
or is it diamond that giltters
a path that is a fork road 
should i go on a path of righteous
or shame
for i am with the crowd
do i stand out?
do i fade?
in the dust 
with wind 
the trees are filled with colors
but none stand out with the others
they are all the same 
or is it?
clouds shapes 
cars ride 
faith pass
i die 
in a outcome that shows no resulted 
to fear the sun 
but powers grow near darkness
the door is open 
but none go out 
when the door shuts 
none gets out
caged with no reels
pride with no walk
time changes  ...