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Writing is a big part of me and my daily life. I want to share it with the world so I joined this website. (P.S: I like followers and to do/receive peer reviews)

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I love film, television, books, along with writing. I hope you enjoy my stories.

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Your Questions are Now Answered

Hey guys, guess what day it is! It is May 16! So hence the title Your Questions are Now Answered! If you have more questions for me, you can ask them in the comments and I will respond within 1-2 days. Anyway, let's get started (I will do it per person)!

What's your favourite subject at school and why? 
 I cannot choose between social studies and science. Social studies/history always left me thinking really hard and is generally interesting while science is... science. It is here, and there, it's everywhere, you know? It just makes me feel really socially aware and active in my community. It feels like my true calling.

Q- Favourite author and why? 
 I don't have one since I read a large collections of books. Some that I recommend is Sharon Draper, Jacqueline Woodson, Jason Reynolds, Chinua Achebe, Pam Munoz Ryan and- UGH! There are so much good authors!

Q- What song do you think...


Hello! This is bride124! You guys might know me as a constant reviewer on this website. Now, I have made 49 reviews! And I don't know which one should mark as my 50th review. SO I had a wonderful idea! In the comments, you guys may link a story that you really like or badly need a review for, give me a brief summary (perhaps 10-60 words) about the piece, and in about two weeks (May 27), I will chose the lucky piece that will be my 50th review. I want my 50th review to be a momentous occasion for me on this website, so in the summaries I am looking for creativity and a solid plot (don't give spoilers though). But I am very open minded so... these are honestly just thoughts. Well, I won't waste your time. LINK AWAY!

P.S: You may check my current contest: My Contest #revoke


Hello, it is bride124 here! I have just finished up with my former contest with the winners revealed. Here is the link if it  interest you to try: My Contest #Friendship
Anyway since I am excellent with multitasking (I still need to do reviews), I am having my second contest! 

Theme: I want you guys to write a story that ends in "I've made a huge mistake." To apply to the contest, you must add a link to your story to the comment section below.

Word Limit: Unlimited. If you like writing short pieces or long, IT DOESN'T MATTER!

Genre: It cannot be non-fiction. It can have some factual elements inside the story though. (For this piece, I would recommend romance or comedy, but you can do whatever you want)

Deadline: June 1st. I want to give you guys as much time as possible to write!

​Winners Announcement Date: I will know my winners within two days from the deadline.

Prizes: ...

The Result of Free Time; Ask Away!

a) I have a lot of free time
b) I have been on this website for close to two years

So I am starting a Q and A! Ask me any questions you have for me and I will answer them on May 16th! 


This Must Be What Love is Supposed to Feel Like

Hello, it is bride124 here:) Before you continue to read the following, I advise that you read the prequel called 
THIS MUST BE WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE . Well, I gave ya a heads-up. Read below with discretion. This is "This Must be What Love is Supposed to Feel Like" (I would have place this warning in the footnotes but it wouldn't make any sense since you would have already read the story...) 

"Some coffee and bread please," I ask the barista and sit at a empty table. It is 9:30, at the famous Blue Owl Coffee shop in Lansing. I sulk my head to the floor, still jet lag from the flight from Paris I was just on, landing merely five hours ago.
Paris. Phillipe.
I feel like puking. I sigh.
Philip is the love of my life. I don't know what I will do without him. I know, I am being silly. I mean, it was only...

Chapter 1 of 'Clue Me In" (Co-author: Christy.Wisdom)

Chapter 1- Minnie

“Make sure you read Chapter 11! Due by next class!” Mrs. Marko screams during the shrieking of the bell.
Me and my best friend Daisy saunter down the hall.
“I still cannot believe that it is spring break! Soon we’ll finally leave this hellhole and go to high school and become a sophomore,” Daisy starts.
“Wow!” I interject.
“A sophomore. A sophomore.”
I sigh.
“I’ll text you later. Have a nice spring break!”
“Bye,” Daisy says during their embrace.
I prepare my locker and backpack for the long school hiatus and starts to dash toward the exit of my soon-to-be-former school, Jefferson Middle School, when I collide with a fellow classmate.
“Oh! Sorry!” I say apologetically.
“It’s fine,” the boy says.
I pick up my dropped book then looks up and immediately make a double-take.
“What is the problem,” Jason asks.
My insides turns into knots.
“Nothing.” I respond in a smile. “Sorry again. Bye.”

Chapter 2 of "Clue Me In" (Co-author: Christy.Wisdom)

Chapter 2- Jason  

“See you later bro!”  
“Bye, David!”  
While walking toward my bus, a bunch of girls blush nearby and ferociously wave toward me. I wave back gently and mutter under my breath “I can’t wait to get out of here.”  
    Based on my athleticism and “evident charm”, it is really hard to function around this school without being gawked at and stared at or whatever. For years, I have been the perfect representation of the clique “hot jock.” I sigh about the thought. Just as I turn the corner, a petite girl accidentally rams her textbook into me.  
She quickly drops to her knees to collect the book while saying “Oh, sorry!”  
“It’s fine,” I say like a reflex.  
Finally Minnie looks up, with a facial expression full of surprise.  
“What is the problem?” I ask.  
“Nothing. Sorry. Bye,” Minnie says hurriedly with a grin.  
I squint in contemplation.  
Minnie has always been a wild card. She was never...

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she's gone-

"Maria! Class has been over for like five minutes!"
I stare at my journal filled with a bunch of words.
These lyrics seem decent, I secretly think.
I take my headphones out from the headphone jack on my computer and stock it away in my binder. 
"Thanks Sasha."
We both exit the classroom and head for our last class: English.
"How are the lyrics for your new song coming so far?"
I sigh.
"Awful," I lie. I hate showing people my songs. 
"It will get better," Sasha reassures while sitting across from me.
"Okay class," Mr. Breden starts.
"Right now, I will be handing back you guys your op-ed piece from two weeks ago. Only about four of you got a perfect score. For the majority of you that failed, please truly consider the notes written. They...

My First Haiku

Competition Day
I feel my adrenaline
Do you hear it too?

CONTEST RESULTS!!! #Friendship

Hello, it is bride124! Anyway, after a full month of you guys writing and two full days of deliberation (hard deliberation, by the way) and I finally got it down to three winners and a honorable mention. Here goes nothing...

Honorable Mention: The winner of a new follower is...
Surly Wombat with @Rose, Thorn
Pros: It was very thoughtful and endearing. It truly shows the meaning of friendship.
Suggestions: The ideas represented in the story were great, but they seemed a bit disorganized and a little hard to read through. Keep on writing!
(P.S: I initially was not going to have any honorable mentions but I thought that this piece deserved... a honorable mention:)

Third Place: The winner of 2 reviews (of my choice) + a new follower is...
Christy Wisdom with  even the medic couldn't fix his own broken heart (FRIEND)

Pros: It was a very interesting read that shook me to the core. I adore that it was a...

My Contest #Friendship

Hello! I have a lot of time on my hands, and saw a lot of other people do it, and also I think that I am a good reviewer... so I AM HAVING A CONTEST!

Theme: The theme of this contest is friendship. it can include friendship, only the word friendship, the beginning or ending of a friendship, I don't know, BE CREATIVE! To enter the competition, you have to give a comment below with a link to your story.

Word Limit: It can be one word or ten thousand words. As a person who writes very long stories, I do not really mind the length of your piece.

Genre: Any genre. It can be poetry, fiction, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Due Date: The deadline is April 20th. I want to give you guys as much time as possible to write, write, write!

Winners Announcement Date: April 27th

Prizes: I love to review! So...
First Place ...

Dear Julie #ettu?brutus

Dear Julie, 
There is no point denying it. You know that I am always nearby. Lurking in the shadows of your room, your house, everywhere you go. I almost had you there, when your boyfriend (what was his name, Pete?) broke up with you. But no, instead of letting me into your life, you decided to be happy with your loved ones and create a facade to everyone you know. But next time, it will not happen. I won't let it happen. I can be like your favorite blanket, and smother you until you can't get enough of me, but then you can't help but want more. I can push you to the limits, go farther than you have never gone before. All you have to do is let me in. Nothing is going right for you: you got fired, you are single and not ready to mingle and your father just died. Things cannot get any worse. But...

Out of the Darkness #ettu?brutus

I need to leave. Out of this rotting hole. In this rotting relationship. With me packing my bags, taking all my things with me, while he was away, with he never knowing that I will win this sick game we play was... riveting. But glancing at the rainbow of garments in my suitcase made me contemplate what I was trying to do. 
"Am I insane? Is this a dream? Is this real?" my brain tries to inform.
I've been pining to escape this never ending life of torment and I am a few feet from the door. What is stopping me?
"Nothing," I say aloud, stopping my doubts. 
This thing, this person in my room, that is silently staring at me, dead at the eye stops my train tracks of denial. This is exactly why I need her. She is always unwavering and there for me when I need. She gives me the strength I need to push forward....

This Must Be What Love Feels Like #Feathers

The wind, loose and crisp, blows by me like we are in a race. Knowing I will never win, I let it beat me to the finish line while I embrace the loving Paris sun. I have spent the most wonderful month in the City of Lights. Now I have to leave this magical place at 7:00 tonight for the old, boring Lansing. I suddenly grin and check my expensive Persian watch. It reads 9:00.
"Better make the best of this ten hours," I ponder aloud with a beaming smile.
First, like I have been doing for the past twenty nine days, I enter Coutume Cafe and get my usual: coffee and bread. Just before leaving the cafe, I accidentally collide in to someone.
"I am so sorry," I mutter.
"Me too," a polite masculine voice says with a thick French accent. 
As soon as I see his face, I feel like I am melting on the ground. His hair...

Tiny Love Story

The Quickest, Most Wonderful Mistake I Have Ever Made

"Are you serious, Ryan?" Casey asked calmly.
"I'm sorry. I guess I don't love you anymore."
"This is so out of the blue. Is there something I did wrong?"
"I just don't know what to say." Casey shook her head in confusion.
"I think I should go." I paid for the dinner and left with my heart filled heavy with guilt and a twinge of regret.
I got home with my mom serving me a plate of spaghetti.
"I'm sorry that you broke up with her."
I sighed. 
"I know. And I love her so much. I mean we have been dating for three years. But I have cancer. I don't want her to be weep over me when I inevitably die in a couple months."
Mom nodded with comprehension.
"Honey, I know that you are right. But can I tell you one thing?"
I merely nodded due to the pasta in my mouth.
" If you really, truly,...

Running from Gloomy #Feathers

I don't know what you want from me
What can I do to ease the ache
I have tried my very best
To make the pain go away

My memories of you being happy is fading
I feel like you are not staying
It is so different
Since it feels like we are not even dating

What I did made you melancholy
I tried to make things better
But you only come and go
Never fully jolly

That night I do regret
The same one I resent
Makes my heart heavy
Because you would always manifest

I will always love you
That fact is very true
But all the guilt you throw to my face
Makes it hard to be near you

Now I wrote this 
To fly away my feelings
Like a feather
Because at least you taught me one thing
To know better



1. I try to write a prompt on this very website every week.
2. I help my mom cook, clean, etc
3. I study a hour a day to keep my grades up.
4. I sleep for at least 9 hours a day.
5. As a user, I make about five reviews a week since I really love reading and writing along with WTW!

Book Review Competition 2019

A Superb Recommendation

After several attempts, I am proud to say that people of all reading interests should come together to relish the fantastic book of Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan! In a simplistic overview (with no spoilers), it is a amazing read about how after he finds a book, Otto meets three mysterious sisters, who entwines into a challenging quest involving three characters, a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica.  With so many twists like Ivy's neighborhood and the potential loss of her brother, the suspense of how Friedrich's life turns outs and if he saves his father, and the powerful emotions of love, promise, and the influence of music squeezed in this lengthy novel of 592 pages, I just hope you aren't intimidated with this masterpiece. 

 Genuinely, when I read the back cover of Echo, I thought that it was a bit bizarre but it was always on my bucket list (to clarify, I did say that I tried to read...

Invisible Cities

Everything But Noise

Nobody moves. Crickets echo their song for everyone to hear.
But no one listens.
Here in the Silent Empire, silence is encouraged and yet somehow enforced. No one willing to strive for the freedom to utter a word, release a body spasm, not a sound. Dare devils beware!-but still no attempts. Around for approximately a thousand years, ones venturing for a area to liberate their inner tranquility without noise cannot find the remote city, lost to others of the human race. Everything in government, society, etc is fragile due to this one evident rule.
Everyone aware of this custom as canonical behave like today is the most typical day when a shatter of normalcy occurred abruptly:

Writing Resolutions

2019, Here I Come!

  1. WRITER-As a writer, I would want to create and finish a novel. I have started one but now I am having writer's block on it so I think I am going to scrap it (unless you have any suggestions on it, if so comment below) and start a new one.
  2. CRAFT- I am feeling that I am not very good with adjectives so I want to do better with sprinkling them in my writing.
                                                                               - Bride124 


One Village's Children

Every ten seconds is a report of child abuse.
About 2,000 children die of abuse every year.
Close to 80% of child deaths involve one parent.

These statistics all involve the idea that children are being hurt every day. Second per second, children are being deprived of food, water, shelter, or the care they need. If I were to go on strike for anything, it would be for child abuse. Along with school shootings, cancer research, world hunger, world peace, bullying, social justice, and many more, this issue should be high in America or any country's radar. Children should not have to suffer for ordinary strangers to be aware that they are in danger. Us fortunate humans should seek ways to benefit children less lucky. We, as people on Earth, should treat anyone in aid as our own, so they can become successful. Thank you.


Always Within

"Happy birthday to you..." My family chorused on my eighteenth birthday. I remember just smiling like a idiot since I knew that this year was going to be the one I will always remember. 
"Happy birthday dear Lana..." My enthusiastic mom sang loudly in comparison to my grandparents.
I exploded with happiness while blowing the eighteen candles thinking of my prolonging wish: to fill in this empty void inside me. For about a year now, I have felt insecure about something in my life. For several months, I ventured a idea that the problem was my looks. I have shoulder length hair filled with locks of chestnut waves, a olive skin tone and gigantic glasses. I tried to convince myself that I was not fortunate for my mom's Italian heritage and that I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I attempted to enforce that I didn't look beautiful as a way to explain what I was...

Ask Michael


I love writing but somehow after I make about 2-3 stories, my ideas are vague and I cannot seem to make a story again and It takes months to get out of Writer's Block so Micheal... what do I do? And also my stories always seem a little dull. What do I do to spice it up a bit? More enhanced vocabulary? A bigger plot. I. AM. STUMPED.


Writing for Children Competition 2017

I Hate Baseball (Inspired by "Summerland")

 "Oh, C'mon Dad. You know I hate baseball. I don't even know how to play."
 "But after this, you will." 
 "Dad, you have to erase your delusion of me being the next uh... Bambo thingie."
  My baseball maniac of a dad shakes his head in a cocky way.
 "The Bambino, kid. Do you even know who he is?"
  I shake my head.
 "Babe Ruth, kid. Learn about him sometime, would ya?"
  I sigh.
  "You said the same about some Ty Corn Cob."
  "Ty Cobb, son. Gotta learn your facts kid."
   Dad wiggles his naked hands from the steering wheel, which  bothers me.
  "Dad, what if I go to a soccer camp instead of a baseball one. I know that better than baseball talking about batting averages, and at-bats and other stuff. It's so confusing."
  Dad shakes his head again.
  "First of all, the nearest soccer camp here in Stowe and it cost three...