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PROMPT: Writing Streak Challenge Week 13

Day 1

The AC is thunderous
So I turn my music up as loud as it can go

The AC is turbulent
So the tapestry on my walls writhes

The AC is 64 degrees
So goosebumps form on my skin

The air conditioner causes movement and activity 
So when I pull the plug
Everything stills and
My suddenly too loud music gets enveloped 
By a slow but aggressive heat

It causes sweat to pour
And me to crave the thunderous,...
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The Girl With a Flame on Her Head

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

The first thing you notice on this girl, is the flame on her head
It’s not dyed though many think so
That magnificent color, tangerine mixed with red
This hair, her hair, gives the girls pale skin a golden glow

You might describe her skin as fair, with freckles speckled around her nose
You may find her golden-specked hazel eyes, gazing up at the sky
Her head’s in the clouds, as she smiles her violet rubber bands that catch the...
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