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This is Me

PROMPT: A Moment of Change

This poem is the most accurate description of having a crush I have ever read. It's noticing all of these small things that allow us to fall for another person -- not just looks or lust, but rather a feeling of comfort when you're admiring the little "details". Gotta say if this is about someone real I think they would kill to read it. Literally gave me the feels.

about 1 year


PROMPT: 1 Photo, 100 Words

I loved how absurdly simple this was. Nostalgia and a feeling of guilt are the only feelings I can think of right now - but my favorite part is the subtle hints about ''life problems''. I liked how you included "...Amelia. Your daughter." as if to remind the mom of something, as well as the daughter telling her mother about an experience something that has already happen. The phone call ties it all together quite well. Awesome job :)!

almost 3 years