Published Work


Creating a stable environment

With the consideration of any U.S. Citizen in the country, the Supreme Court will make the decision that will best impact the people for the greater good. The past has always held the present at a stance, but with determination we have been able to change the old into a better new. It is all for good. Theirs always rain before a rainbow and theirs always some type of disaster that happens before the community gets together to help change and create a new society. The confederate flag is a symbol that represents a great shame for the U.S. and it is not something any citizen should be proud of. Yes, each citizen have  those rights to believe what they choose, by the flag does not better any citizen or help our country be one anyway shape or form. 

Personal Narrative Competition 2015

Just a speck of dust

I am an original work of art, but so is the rest of the world. Handcrafted by a God who has carved us into a nation with the whip of his hand and a thought in his mind. I am a speck of dust, nowhere near perfect. Compared to the world I am in, theirs so much more to life than me. This world is a playground with many obstacles and the only way to get noticed is through an act of greatness, but that's not what really matters. You see, life is not a game, but people make it one. A constant competition to be the greatest in life and that's how they get nowhere. I on the other hand am given the privilege to live a blessed life with a wonderful family and amazing people in my life and yet that still doesn't matter. Again, the world doesnt revolve around a self-centered teenager who thinks she knows the world,...