Vannah Mills

United States of America

Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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When I write, I can shake off all my cares. - Anne Frank

Peer Reviews



This is beautiful. Keep it up!

6 months



This poem is super cute and I think it's a really good message for younger kids, if you shared this with friends/family kids I think it'd be a cute lesson for them.

8 months

What's Happened?


I thought the poem was really good, but adding punctuation and spacing between the stanzas will really make it so much stronger and it will have a greater impact on the reader.

8 months

grievances for a world known only by us #N.poetry


I love the rhyming, even though it has a childish connotation due to Dr. Sues and others, it's sill fun. I think your piece is really beautiful and well put together.

9 months

How Writing Changed Me

PROMPT: Personal Narrative Competition 2018

10/10!!! Good luck in HS or 8th grade..? IDK (Also, I saw like a spelling error in someones talking, or somewhere at least, but I couldn't find it to highlight it for you. Sorry)

over 1 year

Memory Lane

PROMPT: I Remember

To improve it a bit I think you could change some of the memories listed in the first paragraph.

over 2 years


PROMPT: Creature View

This story warmed my heart, and made me chuckle when the cat mentions the girl and Him. This is unique, and fun. I really liked it. Keep writing.

over 2 years