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Peer Reviews

The End

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

I think you could add what is destroying the earth, and why the earth is dying. Also I think it would be better if this had a more poetic form. Other than that I really like this, and you seem to have really great thoughts about society. Keep writing!

over 1 year

My Name Is...

PROMPT: Mystery Writing Competition 2017

This is amazing! Please continue this story I have to know what happens to Person 240048. Maybe Addy.

almost 3 years

barbie season

PROMPT: Your World in Three Senses

This is an amazing piece. Keep writing!

over 2 years

Murder at Midnight


This is so good! I would definitely read this series(if it was a series). Keep writing mysteries.

over 3 years

Growing Up

PROMPT: Becoming Human

This was an amazing poem. Next time just make sure you stick to the prompt. Please write more poems like this. :)

over 3 years

Girls should get an education in Pakistan

PROMPT: Your View

This is so good. this writing will definitely make people more aware of women inequality.

over 3 years



I love this poem. It shows how wild and free childhood actually is. Please write more poems you are an amazing poet. :)

over 3 years

cinderella's slippers

PROMPT: Becoming Human

This is an amazing poem. I like how you made it like a mystery and the reader doesn't know if the girl is Cinderella. I love your work. Please write more poems like this. :)

over 3 years