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Spelt M-A-G-G-I. No E's necessary. Eighteen years of age. I favor poetry, fiction, history, different perspectives on matters of controversy, and food.

Maggi (United States) published:

The Difference of Now and Then

PROMPT: All Talk

Haven't you mentioned before that you hated him?


So, why the sudden change?

Things change. People change.

You've also mentioned that people don't change. Ever.

Perhaps I lied. Or maybe my opinions changed, too.



Are you sure this isn't about something else?

Like what?

Like about what happened with your mo--

No! I mean, no. It's not about that at all. Look, is it possible to arrange a visit with him or not.

It is, but...I'm not...

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It's Quite the Weighty Blockage

PROMPT: Improbable Flavor

When I think of an author, or illustrator of words and sentences, or just about anyone, going through a writing block, an actual block comes to mind.

The surface is dark and swollen, full of thoughts and emotions and characters that the author is trying in vain to express. It soaks up every little particle of an idea until there's nothing to write about.

Oh, how the artist has attempted to move it! They've pushed and pushed at a side...

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PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2015

My hand hovered over the light switch. I traced the edge of it and weighed my options. The wooden steps, only about a dozen or so, seemed to stretch forever. They were shadowed in darkness, interrupted only on the last few steps by the ceiling light in the dining room.

I glanced back at my room. The light from the bottom of the stairs bounced back up and dimly lit the bookcase covering most of the far wall. It was...

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Spread On The Sea


If I were a boat

And you were the sea,

You'd be the only

thing I'd ever know,

my sole deity.


I would be ridden

From this land to that,

By mongrels, pirates,

From humans to rats.


You, only you, would

Hold me up aloft

As I drifted your

Waves, from the hard

To the low and soft.


Storms are your power.

By the strongest, I break

Open, spill my contents,

If only for your sake.



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Maggi (United States) published:


PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2015

It was almost too pitiful to see him under that damn willow tree.

His shoulders were hunched, twitching as he picked at the grass and weeds between his knees. His dark jacket stood out against the golden field behind the backyard, and for a moment, Clema thought of him as a shadow. Drenched with brooding thoughts in the shadow of that tree and its drooping branches, she figured if he would do this for every tantrum.

He leaned against Luther's...

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