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I came to this site to put my writing out there and express myself. But now this has become my prison, filled with pressures and censors that stop me from writing free.

And now I'm finally breaking out.

Thank you.
I'm sorry.


Published Work

One Last Goodbye

This is my last goodbye. Not necessarily to all of you, and certainly not to writing, but to Write the World. (Link to the reason and original announcement here.) I finished all the reviews I promised (so hopefully you will all get those within a week or so) and so now it is time to depart.

These last three months, when I suddenly became very active on Write the World, was incredibly stressful for me in the real world, but all of your comments and likes and follows and reviews always made my reality so much brights. Every single notification made my day. Thank you all for making so many of my days. Thank you so much, for this community has allowed me to truly be my best self: the kind of person I want to be in the real world. You may say that I've somehow inspired you, but know that it doesn't only go one way --...