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In love with books, music, and the sound of pencils scratching on paper. Aspiring writer, hoping to contribute something to the world. I am generally a nice person. :)

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Everyone leads a different life, all worth writing about.

Kay Dee (Malaysia) published:

am i allowed to love again?


am i allowed to feel again?
i know it hadn't been long
since it alighted me last
the feeling i can't comprehend
am i allowed to feel again?

this nasty feeling in my guts
the butterflies frantically fluttering 
my toe a quark away from the end 
am i allowed to fall again?

my heart swelling in my chest
seeing a fleeting smile
oh how, how can i pretend
am i allowed to smile again?

i'm not dreaming, am i?

about 4 hours ago

Kay Dee (Malaysia) published:

Let's not make it weird

PROMPT: Creative Nonfiction Competition 2020


A peek of light through the curtains rendered me awake in my college apartment room. The only difference from any other day is that I woke up with a pair of arms around my waist and warm, rhythmic breaths on my back
It took me a moment to register the situation. I reached for my glasses on my bedside table. Although careful not to move much, the being behind me stirred.

"Morning," I offered, twisting my upper body around once...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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Contest! #KNContest


Hello, everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hereby announce the launch of my first ever contest!

For this contest, I want you to write a story that includes a group of three elements of your choice from below:
1. queen, twilight, water
2. caution, rock paper scissors, tag
3. red carpet, ring, letter

(I shuffled my playlist for these themes.)

So first, choose which group you'd like to use in your story. Nothing has to...

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