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My December Competition 2016

An Angel's Red Thread

Cold toes. Crisp air. Big scarves. Ice-skating in Steel City. Bright, white lights. Hot chocolate. Snuggling under a blanket fresh out the dryer. Being with those who love you most. Snowflakes. Singing. Love. Crimson bows. Movies. Pajamas. Angels. Celebration.

Just a few of the many things that December means to me. December was a time, for me, in which I would always dress in my nicest clothes and visit my Nana’s house. A quaint, cottage-like home with the whole Christmas and wintery feel to it. The snow winked at you in the giant yard as you headed towards the cozy house with smoke puffing out of the chimney. It would be me, my brother and sisters, and mom bringing up hot pans and cooking dishes of different sizes, weights, and enticing smells to the front door. Then, a kitchen room filled with beaming faces. All the “look who’s here” and “come in, come in”s were the very start of my...