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In the hopes that I live every day of my life.

Message from Writer

I write to create something out of nothing. Let me conjure a world of my own and sit on its throne. Maybe one day I'll learn to share it, but for now, I'm living off of high hopes.

Peer Reviews

26 sentences with him.

PROMPT: 26 Sentences

This is such a nice piece and really puts things in perspective, especially about love! A few grammatical errors here and there, but such a joyful story! I really enjoyed reading it

over 3 years


PROMPT: Paradoxical Phrasing

This is honestly a really nice poem with amazing rhyming and structure. The story behind it is touching and meaningful, which I admire. The questions between the stanzas are impactful, too, and add a emphasis on the emotions you are trying to convey. Good job!

over 3 years

The Artists Sword

PROMPT: Becoming Human

The metaphors and personification in this poem is really nice and well thought of. I would suggest proofreading it for simple grammar mistakes though. Great job!

over 3 years


PROMPT: Two in a Canoe

It's a very nice story for the prompt and I really enjoyed reading the descriptive scenery with the way you put everything and the romance was really cute and adorable. Nice job~

over 3 years