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PROMPT: Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

    It is probably during the most mundane moments that I notice the presence of the humans around me. As I sit drying my hair out in the bright sunlit afternoon, a pigeon flutters and lands in front of me, looking side to side with her inquisitive red eyes. Looks at me, as if to say something. I wish she could speak; I call her a she because I see her as a human although we converse in different tongues....

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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

    “Taste of streetfood is the best,” I said, only slightly savouring this insipid flavour. 

    “This doesn’t count as streetfood?” in his accent.


.     .    .     .

    A 24-hour flight, and taxi-ride later, the streets are alive with colors.    

    “Too colorful.” 

    I whip around, my mind screaming in dissent. 
     Further into the bazaar, the Red Fort rises in the background. 

    .  ...
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Look with me

PROMPT: Song Writing Competition 2019

The curtains would part to show your face,
in a fairytale sight, a dream from a star,
evenings spent together would merge blissfully,
and young love would smile from afar.

It’s the tiny thorn that pricked my feet,
would bring you to my side,
sorrow, pain, and fear of time,
away to seek and hide.

And through the windows we could see,
what I meant to you, and what you meant to me.

Night rains down,...
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Ghosts of the Past

PROMPT: A Signature Capability

He flourished on a signature capability of seeing the ghosts of the pasts. He cried and sobbed at the pain he had inflicted, but never did they speak to him, hovering like sins over his cheerfulness. Like running towards a dead end, they kept drawing him back, and in his dreams they would tell him how he had destroyed all those lives. Never once had he imagined that he would have to suffer through reliving it all. 

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Insignificant Rage

PROMPT: Water Body

Rings in the ear
like the calls of a haunting ghost
who comes for my soul in my nightmares
the tender feelings surface
and long-forgotten words resound

Stormy cries from beneath
my hair whips into my eyes
can't see! want to yell -
but the water doesn't yield
and my pleas bounce off the cloudy skies

Through the tinted windows
of his and her sights
poison seeps into the bottomless depths
want to hurl my abuses 
but can't find my...

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When Left Behind

PROMPT: Refuge

Overall, I felt the tone of the poem to be melancholy, and it was a nice touch of emotion in so short piece. Good job with word choice, and integrating imagery as well.

9 months ago

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I like that you took the initiative to write a piece based upon an everyday event. I can clearly see that the time was important for you, as you were very descriptive, and I could imagine the scene taking place...

9 months ago

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pine poem 4


I really liked the composition of the poem, and especially the word choice. The way you describe the pine trees moving and growing really captivated me, and your imagination is evident in the poem. Good job!

9 months ago