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Hi, I am a 14-year-old Aussie that has a passion for writing! I write non-fiction normally but I also love a bit of fiction to balance it out...

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Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

The Monster of Within

I am worked up over nothing, I am continually told it doesn't matter but next weeks math test is keeping me on edge. My brain is on overdrive, two over five multiplied by seven over five is... I need to chill out and take a break before I lose it completely. 

Since I was six I have suffered from anxiety, a monster of within that takes control of my brain when it is least convenient and sends me straight up the wall. I have been taught how to deal with it, remembering is the challenge. It's difficult to explain and hard to understand, so I don't try to discuss it unless absolutely necessary. All I know is that it's apart of me that will always be with me.

On Thursday I take a test in my Maths class, as I have done every semester since starting high school but according to my brain, this time is different. I try to tell myself...


The Sounds of My Life

School can be long, it can be boring but once the school day is over things get much better. Once I step foot inside my house after a long day of learning, I go to my room for some more education...homework! 
Homework isn't that bad for me because I have one thing that keeps me energised and excited, music. Who doesn't love singing a big rock melody out loud while working on maths homework, maybe it's just me.
Personally my life playlist changes from time to time, this is how it plays at the moments.

  • On My Way, Phill Colin- This was one of my last primary school production songs and is definitely one that reminds me how lucky I was to have an opportunity to play a lead role.
  • Que Sera, Justice Crew - This song means a lot to me as it was the finale song for my last primary school production. Every time this song plays I...

Universal Knowledge

It's just Magic!

Music...something we all understand, recognize and enjoy, from one continent to another...its just magic!