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Hi, I am a 14-year-old Aussie that has a passion for writing! I write non-fiction normally but I also love a bit of fiction to balance it out...

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The Monster of Within

PROMPT: Monster Flash Fiction Competition 2018

I am worked up over nothing, I am continually told it doesn't matter but next weeks math test is keeping me on edge. My brain is on overdrive, two over five multiplied by seven over five is... I need to chill out and take a break before I lose it completely. 

Since I was six I have suffered from anxiety, a monster of within that takes control of my brain when it is least convenient and sends me straight up the wall....

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Opinionated Opinions

PROMPT: Your View

Well done on this piece, you can tell that these opinions have a back story behind them which is even more intriguing. Just on a side not, I think that a few of your answers need to be explained more,...

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The Sounds of My Life

PROMPT: Mixtape

School can be long, it can be boring but once the school day is over things get much better. Once I step foot inside my house after a long day of learning, I go to my room for some more education...homework! 
Homework isn't that bad for me because I have one thing that keeps me energised and excited, music. Who doesn't love singing a big rock melody out loud while working on maths homework, maybe it's just me.
Personally my...

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It's just Magic!

PROMPT: Universal Knowledge

Music...something we all understand, recognize and enjoy, from one continent to another...its just magic!
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