M. Elyse Lynch


Hi Everyone! Welcome to my account! I'm glad you're here! I love historical fiction, and am a huge fan of psychological thriller and real-life Drama. So yeah, I hope you enjoy reading my work!

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Welcome to my Dashboard! Make sure to review my work and let me know what you think. I will be eternally grateful! You can also find me now on Tumblr at https://m-elyse-lynch.tumblr.com/ if you're interested in following me and checking out my writing on my blog.

Peer Reviews



You should be really proud of this piece, as I'm sure it will resonate with so many people. Good job :)

about 1 year

Today Is The Day (Please Read This)


Thank you so much for writing it! Your words have so much power.

about 1 year

Our Fire #Fire


I loved this piece! It was really beautiful to read :)

about 1 year

For a Little Girl Long-Gone

PROMPT: Solastalgia

This piece was lovely to read. It flowed beautifully and really had an impact on me. Well done!

about 2 years

The City of Cupiditas

PROMPT: Invisible Cities

This was great to read! The imagery you create is amazing! Great Job!

over 3 years

Love Within The Silence.

PROMPT: Open Prompt

This piece was beautifully written. Your choice of description was great and the actually concept of the story really tickled my curiosity. Great job!

over 3 years