Lesson Plans

Explore the writing process in your classroom.

As teachers, you already know that classroom experiences can mean the difference between creating a future wordsmith or a writing-phobic. We’re here to help with lesson plans that shepherd your students through the entire writing process in a way that creates confident, productive writers.

Each lesson plan includes two brief, five-minute prompts; student samples; goals and deliverables; research and resources; and a teaching script to use as a launch pad.

A new lesson plan will be released each month. Here’s three lesson plans to get you started. To sign up for our newsletter and receive future lesson plans, click here.

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Lesson plan 1

Brainstorming and Getting Started

Show your students how to overcome writer’s block.

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Lesson plan 2

Organizing Ideas: The First Step to Building a Draft

Students come away with the tools to figure out what they want to say and how to say it.

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Lesson plan 3

Ready to Roll: Generating a Rough Draft

Guide your students through the process of turning their ideas into a well-structured essay.

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