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BTL 2021 Writing Workshop - Mary

Dear Students,
I am writing to introduce myself (Hi!) and welcome you to our creative writing workshop.
During our two weeks together, we’re going to work hard to discover new ways of thinking and talking about writing. You will be surrounded by other dedicated writers and will learn as much or more from your peers as you will from the faculty. A whole two weeks to eat, sleep, and breathe writing!
Learning from one another by sharing our work and our thoughts on writing will require us to be vulnerable with one another, and our class and our Write the World site will be a space where we’ll explore freely and encourage generously. You will be expected to write and write and write and often we’ll try out new ways of writing through writing prompts, some that we will provide and some that you will come up with.
Before we begin, I’d like all of us to start thinking about what we already know about writing—what we like, what works best for us when we sit down to write, and who or what inspires us. To that end, if you’d like to, you can do the following things before we start to make sure you have some inspiration at hand:
·      Get a small notebook to carry around and begin taking notes that might become poems or stories later.  Don’t make them into poems or stories already if you can help it.  They can be fragments, single words you like, ideas for titles, scraps of overhead conversation, quotations from books, song lyrics, lines from other poems, images, ideas, etc.
·      Get a large envelope in which you will put the things listed below so that you have them handy for the class (if you can’t print at your house, then just make a digital file to collect what you don’t have hard copies of):
·      Put your favorite published poem or story by someone else in the envelope (it can be in any language).  
·      Put 3 images (torn from magazines, printed from the computer, etc.) of any kind in the envelope.
·      Put 2 photographs in the envelope.
·      Put a list of 20 of your favorite words (in any language) in the envelope.
·      Put a list of 10 words you are afraid of in the envelope. 
·      Make a list of 5 possible music band names (of bands that do not exist) and put that in the envelope.
·      Make a list of at least 3 songs that you love and put that in the envelope.
We will gather here in between our live meetings to read materials, watch videos, try out writing prompts, and begin sharing feedback on one another's work.
There will be a few things to keep in mind.
First, since we are creating a safe space here, please do not share anything from this workshop with others outside of the workshop. 
Second, before we meet each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, please go to that day's lesson and read through our materials, watch any videos, and prepare a few comments and questions for discussion. 
Lastly, we will make sure to workshop each class member at least once live, but since we only have 90 minutes three times a week, we will also do online critiques. 
Mary Hickman

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