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Originally published: May 7, 2021

Includes some minor edits.

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May 29, 2021

Lightning. Last night, heaven exposed itself. Two a.m. and the dark suffocating my lungs, I knelt at the edge of the bed to catch a glimpse of this god. The sky inhaled and exploded, flashing the white ribs of its underbelly. At the dead of the night, for a second and just for a second, it was day.   

Silence. Last night, absence pulled my breath backwards. I tumbled with it, into myself then outwards, and we waited.  

Thunder. Last night, the universe ran through me in a single breath. The air static electric, god, it felt orgasmic to touch skin with the cosmos. Shudders, reverberations running under yellow street lights, falling out of dissonance in the air. I listened to the sky cry for a love that left too fast.  

Lightning. Last night, I saw the bones of heaven. Silence. Last night, I held my breath in between. Thunder. Last night, I heard the cries for god, 

and I forgot the rain.
Week 5 - Writing as Meditation


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  • Zirong

    re: Oooh just discovered another twin sis thing haha -- I really love planning too, and I actually made a schedule for my mid-year exams yesterday. Lol let's sound like major nerds together(though we know we aren't :D)
    I'm going to reply to your email tonight! Sending love! <333

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    re: thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    4 months ago
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    Re: Thank you so much! And that's all good :)

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