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1. Maybe against the world, but never against my own heart which makes me a free spirit but then also a believer of justice and truth.
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A Town on the Edge of the Caspian Sea

April 21, 2021

Speaking about it the day i fall in love:
It's a town on the edge of the Caspian Sea, with rows of colourful roofs and a brightly painted blue sky. Palms tree swing as the roaring wind scurries by. Girls and boys's laughter joined in the song of the wind, footprints made by their sandals on the beach quickly disappear as the tides come in. It's not just a town. It's the beams on the children's faces, and the homemade breakfasts smelling of maple syrup as well as the barking of our neighbours dog, and the lemon and lime flavoured ice cream stain on our carpet. It's the floppy white dress of my cousin's, the splashing of the waves and the winks of the boy living next door. The ice cream van used to come every Saturday, when all the children would be racing to get a good spot in the queue.  

Speaking about it when disaster strikes:
It's a town on the edge of the Caspian Sea. Way too close to the treacherous sea. Within metres of reach, and no ways to defend ourselves when a flood occur. Palm trees would fall to their sides when the wind howls and violently pushes its way through the little town. Girls and boys laugh, and the neighbours dog barks. Whenever children sets foot on the beach with their sandalled foot, within seconds the footprint would be gone. Filled up by the unsettling waters of the sea - way too quickly.
I haven't actually been to the Caspian Seas, so i have no idea if it is actually windy out there, or if there ever floods. In fact, i do live by a sea. But it's the Tasmania Sea and not the Caspian, also that i do not live in a town like that so yeah just using a bit of my imagination haha


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