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April 19, 2021

i rode my bike yesterday
for the first time      in a while

perhaps it's been years or perhaps
the days    just       slip by

as i rolled down the hill- the one my brother once crashed on
the bumpbumpbump of the gravel beneath my wheels
turned into a symphony           with the wind as a lone solo

when the neighbors old dog
wasn't so-old
and would run into our yard if she ever saw us outside

cuts on my knees covered-up with pink band-aids
the sun kissing my face

when the sprinkler was a waterfall or a rainstorm
and summer was swimsuits and those ice-pops in the plastic that would cut your tongue

again, at least inmyhead

when i opened my eyes after that one blink that took me back
the world looked-    just slightly


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  • Paisley Blue

    This is really good, and your punctuation made it pop!! Great piece!!

    5 months ago
  • Avril

    The spaces between words (and lack thereof) work so well!! I especially like the "suddenlyiwassevenyearsold" part because it's kind of unexpected so it makes you stop and think about for a minute.

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Awwww I really like this and the ending is just awww so sweet! Writing "suddenlyiwassevenyearsold" like that really emphasizes the speed everything moves at when you're so young!

    5 months ago