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life has no punctuation

April 14, 2021

in english class they taught me to use commas and full stops whenever
i was running out of breathe but
im running out of breathe and there is no time no time for a dot or a dash for a pause or a prayer and god
in english class they taught us the rules
even creativity had rules similes here metaphors there never forget to check your spelling and dot your is and cross the ts and
they taught us all the rules
but now im in english class and my life has no rules and no fullstops and its all up to me my work my choice my decisions and im shaking
writing a bad description with too many fullstops
reading a famous poem thats endstopped and foregrounded and has sibilance and is so so thought out
i want to craft my life like a good poem with fullstops whenever
i run out of breathe
i run out of breathe and i wish i wish i wish
in english class theyd taught us
that life has no punctuation no meaning simply jagged
line breaks and lowercase jumbled words and 
no plan
life has no punctuation 


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  • bookmagic

    I agree with Paisley Blue! This is awesome and it could totally be in a review magazine with a great review. Also, I'm a rebel cause I don't dot my 'i's >:)

    23 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    oh man this is perfect!!

    23 days ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Wow. yes. Brilliant.

    24 days ago