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Sorry about the punctuation lol but that was the prompt! I'd love to hear what you think and hope you enjoy :)

Kisses of Fire

April 16, 2021

I reached out my spindly fingers to graze the withered surface, flesh meeting the old flame of fire and I wondered if fire would be jealous I was so close to its old lover; walking along the exterior of the building I walked in as straight a line as I could manage, some semblance of order in this chaotic setting and I couldn't help but think what the affection of this house's bones tasted like,

would it be like a soft brush of cheeks, the heat emanating from the blood just under the surface and none from the gesture itself, holes bored in dimples from cold eye glares, or a quick peck on the forehead, filled with longing and regret and like a pool just cannonballed into, soon to forget the shape it was forged by since it remains untouched by the same pair of pilgrims till decay, or would it be like a hug that says we're better off as friends but one person holds the embrace a little longer because they don't want to return to the harsh reality where they believe that a second sooner than they have to;

as I pondered the love of this sweet home my soul melted into the decaying wood, filling every crevice with emotion, and I imagined sitting by the firelight, the warm glow bouncing off the walls, a blanket wrapped tightly around myself like a shroud, heating my blood to steam, hot cocoa in a brown mug burning my open palms, and I wandered around the memories, jumping over the bad like hurdles and dipping into the good like a strawberry pining for a sweet chocolate coating, reaching out to steal the happy moments, cutting off their wings before sticking them in my worn-leather bag,

and on one of those entrapping swoops my hand got caught in a beam and the wood, splintered, cracked, and charred found its way into my skin and that's when I knew, maybe this shadow of a grand hallucination was the one who wronged fire and not the other way around.


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  • Paisley Blue

    Review on the way! May i ask if you're cool with constructive criticism? I know sometimes people don't love that but I have a couple ideas :)
    Re: thank you for the sweet comment!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Thank you so much! Oh haha thanks ;P No problem! I only know cause of the movie Mamma Mia! :P I think it's a great name!

    5 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Re: Thank you! Nyla? Idk if that your name XD (its a very pretty name tho :)) Anyway I'm glad you like it, and that you think that its improving! :D

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Also haha this title reminds me of ABBA!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Wow, Nyla, this is beautiful! Such poignant imagery <3

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thank you!!
    You're welcome! :D

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Nyla... I'm speechless. My goodness this is phenomenal.

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Woahh!! I love everything you write so much! I think you chose a really great subject, because the lack of punctuation gives a really dreamy, dazed quality. I think it really worked for this, and let your emotions and descriptions shine through really well :D
    I really loved “Dipping into the good like a strawberry pining for a sweet chocolate coating.” It was just incredible! I loved how it really got across the rich, happy feeling of remembering good moments

    Re: awh thank you!! You’re super sweet :D
    Ahh but your villanelle was amazing - don’t underestimate it! You didn’t change any of the repetitions, which made it so incredible!! Either way, I’m glad I did mine ahah, and got out of my comfort zone :)

    Ahah I don’t think it matters if she likes the classics or not lel - the board says 1 play, 1 Shakespeare, 1 “modern” literature and a load of anthology texts. But I’m pretty sure she’d want to anyways. She wrote a play about Shakespeare plays so she’s prettty dedicated lmao. Nooo I don’t think English would be the same without the classics. Like sometimes going through them I get so bored, and sometimes I love them, but I think I like that gamble.

    That’s why this website is so great! It’s really cool to see what other people get from my work, and how each image comes across.

    Ah yes alas, stuff like science, humanities, maths - everything not creative - is all exam graded. Agh pressure lel. I still have no idea why I chose drama and music, but I think the challenges I’ve had to cope with them will hopefully help me in the future haha. Seriously on the first day of drama I walked in and everyone looked over like “what the... who is she?” It’s cool though we got through the performances without messing up terribly :)
    Ooh I thought about taking home ec, but decided against it because in the younger years, i got so stressed during practicals ahhh. Ooh cake sounds great! Even if it did take a long time haha

    Hah I still stand by marzipan on Christmas cakes :)

    Oh yeah the US office is alright, but the UK version is just bleugh. I don’t think it really appeals to my kind of humour. YESSSS Harry Potter universal is such a dream! I’ve been to Disneyland before, and it was so great, and I managed a trip to Warner Bros Harry Potter in London too :D
    But Universal has rides omggggg!

    Haha Martin yes c:
    Whattttt!? I love every single episode lel. My favourite is the one with frog man at the hospital tho, just because the frog man looks like a frog man. He’s the cereal/serial killer guy if you hadn’t guessed :D
    But I see what you mean. There was something nice about the crime every episode thing, instead of getting involved in a super complex plot. I didn’t know what was happening quiteee a lot lmao

    *Sigh* I vowed not to let my fame change me, don’t worry. :p

    I just really don’t like white chocolate gah. It has none of the chocolate, and this fake sweetness.
    But I wouldn’t want to offend it lel. So I’m fine to just let others enjoy its so-called “Charms.” I’ll have the dark chocolate that everyone seems to shun haha
    Have a great evening full of fun poetry and Louis Partridge thoughts hehe :D
    Ellie <3

    5 months ago
  • thea_ivy

    This is amazing, that is all i can say.

    5 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: haha, I love long comments! :D
    Okay, so first off, it does sound like I’d fit in with them! :) HG is so fun to discuss.
    Also, I see your reasoning with time traveling too!

    So, the reviews:

    YESSS BULLETPROOF THE ETERNAL IS MY FAVORITE BTS SONG! The message I take from it is overcoming challenges and being yourself even when people make you feel bad about yourself. And also, YESS YOU SHOULD BECOME AN OFFICIAL ARMY! :D (but only if you wanna, of course).

    As for DNA: okay, so the video’s a little abstract. But I love that song so much, and if you watch a live performance of it, it’s sooo cool! I’m so glad you liked them though! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on any more you listen to as well!

    5 months ago