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"The story left untold becomes a story." -Sally Thomas (read her!)

Aris with Max-Dalton

April 12, 2021

    Twigs snapped under Max-Dalton's boots. Like bones, Aris thought. He knows what it's like. He did not, in fact, know what it was like. He saw the twigs as the tortilla chips Mr. Joaquin-down-the-street used to make. The damp fall leaves reminded him not of blood, but salsa. His thoughts, however, did not linger there.
    He mentally remarked instead, on the way Aris walked. How she made very little noise at all. How she glowed in late afternoon sun like a jolly rancher left in the back of Mama's van, the heat eventually overpowering it until melted into a sticky sweet puddle. He didn't think Aris would ever be overpowered by the sun like that.
    She was more like Mariah-Jane, in one of her plays, grand lights and a great belting solo combined his little sister's rhythmic tap dancing and thick dark hair. She used to work so hard on it, brushing it three times a day with that special comb he'd gotten her. Its spine inlaid with brilliant beads that had sparkled almost as brightly as her eyes. It had had a hollow handle that he'd meant her to fill with hair doo-dads. Silva-from-the-library had outdone him though, and bought Mariah a bag with all sorts of little pockets and filled it with expensive hair care products. Mariah used her brush's compartment for life savers. On road trips she would take them out and lay them across the dashboard where they'd glow in the sun. She would play all sorts of games with them, as if they were people, or poker chips, or magical gems. Max-Dalton thought they looked most like gems, and Aris. 
    And so they walked through woods, their view of one another drifting further and further astray until the last vestiges of the bloodred sunlight could no longer be seen seeping through the ground like cherry cobbler. They smiled and sighed, both lingering on how the blue air made them feel underwater, the world muffled and calm.


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  • anemoia (#words)

    oh my goodness. i'm a little late to this, but it's nothing short of transportive (is that the right word?) and magical. i feel like i just got sucked into a little world, so complete and nostalgic and bittersweet, and i don't feel out of place there.

    18 days ago
  • Zirong

    WOW the imagery is superb! Congrats!

    19 days ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Congratulations! I love love love the imagery!

    20 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    This is beautiful! I love all the descriptions leading back to their childhood; congrats on Wednesday Words!

    20 days ago
  • FantasyOtter12


    21 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    wow, this is beautiful and i love the characters! congrats -- this piece deserves to be featured!! :)

    21 days ago
  • SunV

    Congratulations on Monday Musings! This is a wonderful piece!

    21 days ago