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FBI! Open up!

April 13, 2021

Do you know what's terrifying? Hearing a knock on your door at eleven pm at night. Do you know what's even more terrifying? hearing the knock turn to pounding and the most cliche but still fear striking sentence being yelled through the rough wood of your mahogany door.

"FBI, open the door!"

And even more terrifying? Hearing 'FBI, open the door!' at eleven pm at night while you are in your pyjamas, wearing pink fuzzy slippers, and a steaming mug of tea. The most terrifying thing? Hearing 'FBI, open the door!' at eleven pm at night while you are in your pyjamas, wearing pink fuzzy slippers, holding a steaming mug of tea, and knowing, no matter how much you wish you didn't have to open the door, you still have to open the door.

With a start, I jumped to my feet, placing down my mug, and ran to the door. What would the FBI want with me? I didn't do drugs, I didn't shoplift anything besides that ONE cool-looking feather that I'm 95% sure was free. I didn't do any crime either so why would they be on my door? With a sharp shake of my head, I opened the door.

To my utter surprise, I was met with the grinning face of an average teen.

Now, looking back on this memory, I know that this teen was anything but average — still, at that moment, he looked average with his tousled light brown hair that almost fell into his eyes, next-to-black dark brown irises, and shoes that looked years old. He wore a casual faded red hoodie and some plain grey pants.

The hoodie must have been a brighter red in its younger days, but now it was an aged sort of hue, the kind that looked much nicer. Some fraying strands stuck out here and there, looking almost as if they had been pulled out one by one. Also, the strings were a dirty colour and, to my great dismay, SLIGHTLY uneven. I guessed he was around seventeen since there seemed to be some stubble on his chin — but then, I was terrible at guessing ages.

This utterly normal-looking teen was the last person I'd thought I'd see after opening my door to the FBI. The sort of person I did expect to see, however, was the man standing behind the teen. The man had the same light brown hair but it was neatly trimmed and slicked back into a nice professional sort of way. His face was cleanly shaven and shaped just perfectly. His eyes were also the same unremarkable brown and held a gleam of knowledgeable amusement.

The man was tall, but only just taller than me. He wore a smart and crisp business suit with tight-fitting black pants. His boots were the expensive shiny kinds. On his wrist was a watch I'd never seen before. It looked like an Apple Watch but flatter, smoother, and bigger. The strap almost blended in with the screen. The only way I actually spotted it was the tell-tail sheen a screen makes when light hits it. Futuristic. That was what the man looked like. 

You may be wondering what was the first thing out of my mouth after I took all this in. Well, I'll enlighten you. Out of all the words in the world, these six glorious words came together and formed the first sentence I spoke to the two people who changed my life forever.

"I need better slippers for this."
There are three symbols in this. The first one is the red hoodie. David's red hoodie symbolizes his easy-going, ever-humourous personality. The hood of the hoodie is always there, which represents the serious and darker side to David that he hides under all the smiles and jokes.
Andrew's watch and more serious dressing manner symbolize that he's seen the darker side of the world and chosen to be light-hearted about it. He's not as innocent as David and he doesn't hide the fact he knows the bad stuff like his brother tends to do. The watch represents his limited time he has in each time period he goes to. The futuristics of the watch also mean that Andrew feels like he doesn't fit anywhere and is always in the future; something that's not supposed to be here but will eventually come in time.
The person's fuzzy slippers symbolize the 'soft fluff' she puts around herself to hide a sharper, toughened-up heart inside.

So yeah, stuff! Random bonous. This is something David would say:
"I refuse to run into danger in a business suit and slacks. You MUST give me my hoodie!"


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  • almost flora kane

    the humorous tone with which you wrote this makes me so engaged with the piece! and the symbols are so well thought out. if you end up adding more to this, i so want to read it!!

    27 days ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is really good!! Your descriptions are amazing, and I love the ideas behind your symbols

    27 days ago