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Good morning from my sliver of paradise. How’s the weather there? I’m always accepting reviews and comments. If you’d like me to write one for you, I will as soon as I see that delightful notification dot. Also, I’m open to chat if you’d like. :)


April 8, 2021

The white horse stood there looking at me, his eyes encouraging me to take him and run. Where would we run to? The sunset, we would ride off into the sunset.  
     I didn’t take Tamarack after all. Instead, I went back inside to where Mam was cooking breakfast for dinner. The sizzling smell of eggs filled the air.
     “That can’t be good for Gran’s cholesterol, can it?” I asked.
     “Now you just mind your own, missy,” she replied, which was a kinder way of telling me to bugger off. So I decided not to push it and instead glanced out the window at the field, where Tamarack still stood, looking at the house. You’d think we didn’t feed him or something.
     When I was younger Mam used to let me run all over these hills with whatever I was toting around at the time: a bear, my baby brother, or most often, Tamarack—who was in his prime. The reminder brought a sad smile to my face.
     “Get away from that window. If you’re gonna be in my way you’d at least better be working,” Mam snapped, “Set the table, blast it.” I obeyed, naturally, but my irritation showed through all the same. I didn’t like being ordered around. I wanted to be free.
Unrelated, but my character match was closest to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, with Hilda Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in close second. I always thought I’d be more of a Zelda Spellman, but I think that’s because I admire her and not that we possess the same traits.


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  • Nyla

    I love the symbolism in here!! It's so strong, even without the last sentence I picked up on it (which is a really amazing thing to be able to write). From the beginning I knew the horse was symbolizing freedom and " You’d think we didn’t feed him or something." showed that this character wasn't allowed to be free. Then the dialogue with the mom further proved that. This was really well-written and I loved the pacing! awww no fair-What an awesome character! Although I guess I can't really complain since I did get one I like too (Kara Danvers- Supergirl) Just curious, how close was your percentage match? (mine was super high (94%) and I'm just wondering if other people were like that too or I'm just fictional XD)

    5 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    ooh, the feeling of nostalgia here is so precious!

    5 months ago