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Not really sure what this ended up being but I hope you enjoy!


April 5, 2021

I wish I could wash last summer off me
like a sin it clings to the souls garment.
Memory can be such a stain, a pain.
Unlike a sin, memory will remain;
It doesn’t wash clean, smell of innocence.
The ending is never absolution
as purity is unattainable.
We are born with it and it melts away.
Pray or swear, dismiss or care, it is gone.
I like to think I’m free to reinvent,
tear my world apart, color it in peace.
But even if I could, the past watches
from the shadows, a cautionary tale
reminding me how I’m supposed to be.
So I wrote a sonnet while listening to my playlist known only as Persephone. Every song is named Persephone and my favorites are by Sydney Gish, Tamino, Wishbone Ash, Humbird, and Daisy the Great.


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